Winter 2014 Newsletter


Winter 2014 Newsletter
Pet First Aid & CPR Certification at Metro Dogstop. January 17 & 18, 2015.
Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm.
The first snow has fallen, and the
scarves and mits have been called
back into service. Winter
wonderland scapes are gorgeous,
but can end up a slushy mess to
tromp through with your dog! The
inevitable icy clean-up tends to
make many pet owners go into
hibernation when it comes to
outdoor exercise for their pups.
But it remains important for their
physical AND mental wellbeing,
and there are many ways to
minimize winter pet parent stress.
Boots are a necessity for many
dogs, as salt used for snow melting
can be extremely painful on their
pads, and some de-icer chemicals
can be toxic for dogs when they
lick their paws after walks.
Flexible rubber booties, like PAWZ
are well tolerated - even by dogs who may have rejected stiffer boots. They also keep
paws from becoming saturated with snowballs and slush,with all that mess being
avoided simply by removing the boot! Metro Dogstop carries PAWZ booties for your
convenience so give us a call for your set today. And if you still don't feel like
adventuring into the deep freeze with your pooch, remember that Metro Dogstop
offers group and private walks all year round!
We offer the following dog care services for you and your dog:
Dog Daycare – home-style, and cage free, where dogs can play or
relax in small groups.
Dog Walking – in both small groups or private.
Grooming – specializing in pet grooming for all dog breeds
Boarding – home-style comfort.
Puppy Visits – private visits specializing in puppy socialization and
Call or email us today for more information and set up your
complementary consultation.

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