Lynda Piercy


Lynda Piercy
Lynda Piercy
Dog Obedience
I was raised in Chico, CA and married my high school sweeth eart. I have loved
dogs since I was a little girl and always dreamed of owning a Mastiff. This dream
became a reality 25 years later when I not only got th e chan ce to own a Mastiff, but
owned several. My love for my dogs lead me to competing and finishing AKC
Championships and earning multiple performan ce titles which in cluded th e working
dog awards from the Mastiff Club of America. My Mastiffs are well known in the
Chico community for p et therap y and cart pulling. I have competed in obedien ce
shows since 1992 and sin ce then added agility, rally obedien ce and flyball to my fun
activities th at I enjo y p articipating in with my dogs. I fell into the roll of obedien ce
instructor when I w as asked to teach for Chico Dog Fan ciers in 1992. In 1996 I
started and continue to teach flyb all. I acquired my first Boston Terrier in 1993 and
have been competing with them as well as my favorite Chihuahua h eavily ever sin ce.
I have completed multiple performan ce titles with my Vizsla, Chihuahua, and
Fren ch Bulldog. My motto is to keep training fun and most of all, enjoy your dog,
as our time with them is too short.