Obey-U Dog Training Academy at Kenlyn Kennels


Obey-U Dog Training Academy at Kenlyn Kennels
Obey-U Dog Training Academy
at Kenlyn Kennels
397 Hemenway, Edgerton, WI 53534
(608) 884-6025
Owner: John Lawrence, Training Director
Training business started in July, 2000.
Directions: North on I-90, Edgerton Exit.
West on Hwy 59, Right on Hemenway Lane.
Our services include training all ages of dogs: puppies to adult, beginning to advanced. Training is provided in
class format, or private sessions. Behavioral counseling, house calls, and in-board training is also available. Dog
daycare is provided during the day (7:00 am - 6:00 pm).
We teach clicker training, a scientific proven method that relies on positive reinforcement rather than coercion
or punishment. Clicker training is more than a method, more than a set of step-by-step recipes to get behavior.
Clicker trainers who learn the underlying principles have at their disposal a powerful set of tools, which enable them
to modify or create new behavior in their dogs.
I fell in love with training dogs and their owners when I worked for a boarding kennel many years ago that
included training as one of their services. From there I continue to research and educate myself in dog behavior.
Most of my training experience is through 14 years of hands-on experience with dogs and people. I also
continue to educate myself through workshops, conferences, seminars, and continue to stay current on the many
books on dog behavior.
I’ve learned to have an open mind and to never think you know it all. There is always more to learn.
Because of the importance of early puppy education, we’re planning to expand our Puppy Head Start
program to include more courses and to devote more time to educating the public in puppy behavior.
Animal behavioral specialists, that have helped to educate us in the science of animal behavior and the
use of positive reinforcement, influence the way we conduct our business.
My favorite saying is “Educating owners . . . understanding dogs!”
It’s been a challenge to erase the many myths about dog training and for pet owners to understand that
dogs do not communicate the same way we do and do not necessarily understand what we are asking of them. This
will be an ongoing challenge and we will continue to educate anybody that wants to learn.
It’s very rewarding when a student truly understands the principles we are teaching.
Our customers are anybody who owns a dog and wants to learn how to get desirable behavior from their dogs,
or an owner who wants to resolve an already existing behavior problem.
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