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Glass Art Installation Detail
Hilltop Artists in Residence
Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital
The arts are essential to the
health of our community.
We’re proud to sponsor the Museum of Glass Red Hot Gala.
Evening Program
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Live — Dessert Frenzy
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Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of
your experience at Red Hot 2015:
Dear Friends,
Welcome to the thirteenth annual Museum of Glass Red Hot! On behalf of the Board of
Trustees, staff and volunteers, we thank you for attending.
Whether you are an artist, donor, member, sponsor or first time Red Hot attendee, your
presence and support are vital and greatly appreciated.
Every donation you make tonight supports our core education, exhibition and Hot Shop
programming. As a result of last year’s generous gifts we were able to welcome over 30
Visiting Artists, present amazing new exhibitions such as Chihuly Drawings, Kids Design
Glass Too, Patra Passage, and Lightness of Being — New Sculpture — Howard Ben Tré;
and continue with our innovative programs such as Hot Shop Heroes: Healing with Fire.
Tonight’s event features honey bee themes inspired by the Glass Distillery’s Nectar
Vodka which fills the honey dipper-shaped decanters at each table. We invite you to
take this golden opportunity to support the work of Museum of Glass.
Thank you for bee-ing here tonight!
Deborah Lenk
Executive Director
Susan Warner
Artistic Director/Major Gifts Officer
Gail T. Weyerhaeuser, Ph.D.
Chair, Board of Trustees
▶ Arrive on time and participate in Express-Pay.
You may register for Express-Pay on our website prior to the event. Express-Pay
allows you to bypass lines and participate in all of the evening’s activities with ease.
▶ Enter into the Chihuly “Glass Ticket” Drawing early.
There are only 200 tickets available for the drawing and the winner will receive a
fantastic piece of glass art by world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly valued at $15,000.
▶ Shop the auctions!
In addition to beautiful works of glass art, the Red Hot auctions feature wine,
jewelry, experiences and more!
▶ Enjoy the party!
Plan to stay until the end of the evening. Red Hot’s signature After-Party with John
Kiley begins in the Hot Shop directly after the close of the live auction!
Red Silent Closes
Museum Store
7:00 pm
Black Silent Closes
7:15 pm
Artist Awards
7:30 pm
Live Auction
Gourmet Dinner by X Group
with auctioneer Jeff Randall
and master of ceremonies Greg Owen
Jane Russell Hot Shop
8:30 pm
Raise the Paddle
9:00 – 10:30 pm
9:00 pm
John Kiley After-Party
Hot Shop
Glassblowing with John Kiley
Late-Night Desserts and Drinks
9:30 pm
gold Super Silent Closes
live preview
John kiley after-party
Item Pickup Opens
Good night & thank you!
Open at 9:00 pm
Closes at
7:00 pm
Hot Shop Balcony
10:00 pm
6:30 pm
Chihuly “Glass Ticket” Drawing
Museum Store, Café, Hot Shop Balcony
Vote for People’s Choice Award
7:35 pm
t s’
Closes at 9:30 pm
Cocktail Reception and Silent Auction Gold Super silent
t is
5:00 pm
Hot Shop Balcony
Evening Program
Museum Store
Event MAP
Note: See registration for final table
placement and seating assignments
& Bank Tent
Red silent
Closes at
6:30 pm
Martin Blank’s Fluent Steps
Red Hot Signature Goblets
Tonight’s centerpieces are available for purchase and
are a great way to sweeten up your home bar!
Each centerpiece includes the following:
Designed by Benjamin Cobb,
each hot-sculpted goblet
was hand-blown by the Hot
Shop Team. The 2015 Red Hot
signature goblet is a classic
martini glass with a modern flair
and features a honey dipperinspired stem. This goblet is the
perfect vessel for any cocktail.
▶ Limited-edition liquor decanter inspired by the 2015
Red Hot signature goblets and designed and handblown by the Museum of Glass Hot Shop Team.
▶ These unique vessels are filled with
Glass Distillery Nectar Vodka.
▶ Two handblown honeycomb-shaped
glass tumblers created by artists
Charlie Parriott and Dante Marioni.
Goblets are available for purchase
while supplies last. With only 50
available, you’ll want to bee the
first and purchase yours early!
▶ A vintage-inspired serving tray.
Bid on one or several! Place your bid
on any table in the Grand Hall for your
chance to take home a centerpiece. Act
quickly—they sold out last year!
▶ $250 each
▷ Bidding starts at $250 per centerpiece
Photo by Ali Daniels
Photos top to bottom: Ali Daniels, Phototainment
“glass ticket” drawing
▷ In celebration of Red Hot 2015, Chihuly Studio has
donated Onyx Soft Cylinder with Drawing Shards and
Russet Lip Wrap valued at $15,000 for the prize!
▶ Contribute $500 to Museum of Glass and receive
a Chihuly Cotissi.
▷ PLUS your name will be entered into a drawing that
will take place at Red Hot.
▶ A Cotissi is glass removed from Persian artworks
during creation.
Dale Chihuly
Onyx Soft Cylinder with Drawing Shards
and Russet Lip Wrap
8 x 8 x 8”
Chihuly’s Soft Cylinders, a series that began 30 years
ago, demonstrates a pick-up technique of drawing on
glass which uses a series of colored shards, carefully
placed on a hotplate and then gathered onto the
molten piece before the final gather of glass from the
furnace. These drawings reflect the early influence that
American Indian trade blankets had on his works, just
as the organic shape of each piece is reminiscent of
Northwest Coast Indian baskets.
Black melts into transparency, a transition that floats
the opaque color and provides a nuanced background
for the vibrant drawings. The intense orange shards
and subtle patterning weave an elegant reference to
the deep history of this series, while vibrant red caps
this piece with a unifying lip wrap.
Chihuly revisited these artworks in spring 2014,
pushing the technique and color in unprecedented
ways. This iconic piece captures this rich history with
an elegant, modern touch.
▷ Volunteers will be circulating during the
Silent Auction to record your donation if
you would like to participate.
Thank you
for your
John Kiley
Who will win the 2015 Coney Awards?
Without our generous donating artists, Museum of Glass would not be able to offer these spectacular auction items at
Red Hot. To honor these artists, we are thrilled to carry on the juried art auction for Red Hot 2015. Three awards will be
presented with the winners announced during the Live Auction.
After the auction, the party continues in the Hot Shop!
u Watch the drama unfold as a one-of-a-kind work of art is
created before your eyes and then auctioned off the pipe!
Red Hot 2015
Artist Grand Prize
u Don’t forget to visit the Gold Super Silent Auction on the
Hot Shop Balcony! The auction closes at 9:30 pm.
u $10,000 and one week in the
Hot Shop
honorary chairs
Lina & Lino
Photos this page by Russell Johnson
u Celebrating their ongoing
dedication to supporting and
training emerging artists.
Our panel of esteemed jurors—
Sarah Traver, Margery Aronson,
and Michael Monroe—evaluated
and scored each piece to
determine the Grand Prize winner.
Artists’ Choice Award
People’s Choice Award
u $5,000 and one week in the Hot Shop
u One week in the Hot Shop
Previous and current donating artists
were invited to cast a vote for their
favorite piece in this year’s auction.
Each artist was allowed one ballot and
they were not allowed to vote for their
own artwork.
YOU are all invited to vote for your
favorite piece in the auction. Just
pick up your ballot at registration
and peruse all the artwork in the
live and silent auctions. Cast your
vote for your favorite artwork—
but be sure to submit your ballot
before time is up!
Make sure your vote is counted!
u Drop your ballot in the ballot box prior to being seated for dinner at 7:00 pm.
tonight’s hosts
Sarah Traver
Margery Aronson
Michael Monroe
Director, Traver Gallery
Independent Curator
A Seattle native,
Sarah Traver has
been immersed in
the Studio Glass
movement and the
Seattle arts scene all
her life. She attended the University of
Washington, where she studied fine art
photography and art history. She then
moved to New York City to pursue a
degree in education, and worked as a
teacher through Teach For America. In
2004, Traver returned to Seattle where
she jumped back in to the arts, joining
her father in business at Traver Gallery.
She has been working as director of
Traver Gallery since 2006. She is currently
serving on the boards of directors of
Artist Trust and Pratt Fine Arts Center.
Margery Aronson
is an independent
curator and a member
of the Association
of Professional Art
Advisors who has
worked for The Museum of Modern Art
in NYC, the National Endowment for
the Arts and the Seattle Art Museum.
She guides her clients on the purchase,
placement, installation, documentation
and maintenance of works of art. Her
clients have included,
Microsoft Corporation and Verizon
Wireless. Margery is also responsible for
and serves as curator of the collection
of Northwest art at the Sheraton Seattle
Hotel as well as The Pilchuck Glass
Collection at City Centre.
Director Emeritus,
Bellevue Arts Museum
Michael Monroe has
been involved with
the contemporary
American studio craft
movement for over
50 years. Prior to his
current status as director emeritus of the
Bellevue Arts Museum in Bellevue, WA,
he served as executive director of the
American Craft Council. For twenty-one
years, from 1974 – 1995, Monroe served
as curator and later as director of the
Smithsonian American Art Museum’s
Renwick Gallery.
Master of Ceremonies
Greg Owen
Greg Owen is a creative and inspirational visual artist with over 28 years of
glassblowing and picture-making experience. He has worked at Pilchuck
Glass School, Penland School of Crafts, Vermont Studio Center and Virginia
Center for Creative Arts. In addition to being an artist, Greg is also the
Emcee for the Museum of Glass Hot Shop experience, narrating the creative
dance on the Hot Shop floor and providing a play-by-play of the team’s
efforts. He also serves as program manager of Hot Shop Heroes: Healing
with Fire, which offers glassblowing and flameworking classes to soldiers
and veterans.
Jeff Randall
Jeff Randall is one of the highly-requested auctioneers at Stokes
Auction Group, Inc. Since 2001, Jeff has conducted more than
325 benefit auctions for philanthropic organizations all across
the United States, which is an average of more than 40 per year.
We are incredibly honored to have his expertise at Red Hot 2015.
Photos by Team Photogenic
Live — Dessert Frenzy!
Tacoma, WA
Made from scratch here in
Tacoma, WA, this nine-inch round
cheesecake is sure to make your
mouth water. Indulge your taste
buds in the creamy, smooth blend
of cream cheese, chocolate and
Batdorf and Bronson espresso
paired with a scrumptious graham
cracker crust. This dessert, along
with all others made by Antique
Sandwich Co., is sweetened with
local honey. Prepare for a sugar
Thank you: Antique Sandwich Co.
Tacoma, WA
Fremont, WA
With three locations across
the Puget Sound, Legendary
Doughnuts makes award-winning
handcrafted doughnuts daily
with premium ingredients. This
massive cake is comprised of
three nine-inch doughnut rings
decorated with buttercream
frosting and bacon. It is served
alongside cinnamon sugar fries
with raspberry dip.
Thank you: Legendary Doughnuts
At 5:30 am every day, bakers in Fremont
begin crafting these delectable mini pies
with the freshest ingredients. With assorted
flavors to choose from, each person at your
table will receive their very own mini pie!
Ballard Bumble Berry Pie
pie bar ballard
Ballard, WA
Take home this scrumptious nine-inch
Bumble Berry pie, filled with Granny Smith
apples, blackberries, strawberries, and
raspberries with a crumble topping, and
enjoy it at your leisure. Buzz, buzz!
Thank you: Pie Bar Ballard, Pie
museum of glass mission: To provide a dynamic
learning environment to appreciate the medium of glass
through creative experiences, collections and exhibitions.
E m brac e t h e U n e x p e ct e d.
Slider Experience
bee the first
John Miller has been working in glass for more than 20
years, with a focus on blown sculpture. Miller is known
for creating glass sculptures of iconic American food
such as this unique Hamburger Slider and Cup of Soda
created in honor of the Museum’s annual Slider CookOff. In addition to receiving these sculptures, you will be
one of the first on the VIP guest list for the 5th Annual
Slider Cook-Off on March 26, 2016. You will receive two
VIP tickets, a behind-the-scenes tour and a beverage
with Miller, plus the opportunity to watch from the Hot
Shop floor while he creates these glass sliders.
A connoisseur-class vodka
naturally infused with real honey
Thank you: John Miller
Hamburger Slider: 2 ½ x 2 ½ x 2 inches
Cup of Soda: 2 ½ x 2 ½ x 4 inches
Live Auction
7:30 pm
“glass ticket” drawing
Grand Prize
Dale Chihuly
Onyx Soft Cylinder with Drawing Shards and
Russet Lip Wrap
8 x 8 x 8”
Pinecone Pair by Amy Rueffert
My sculptural glass explores the rich implications of
objects in everyday life. The central focus is domestic
visions presented through 20th-century culture as
well as Victorian sensibilities. — Amy Rueffert
Amy Rueffert has worked in glass since 1994. She has
taught at The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass,
Pilchuck Glass School, Penland School of Crafts, the
Glass Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. Rueffert is
currently a visiting associate professor of hot glass at
Toyama Institute of Glass Art in Japan.
$15,000 value
Thank you: Chihuly Studio
u Last chance to participate! Raise your
paddle to donate $500. A volunteer will come
to your table and enter you into the drawing!
Thank you: Amy Rueffert
Blown glass with decals
9 x 14 x 9 inches
Signed — 2014
Live Auction
7:30 pm
My work is about ideas. In opposition to concrete
statements, the work can be attributed to thoughts or
suggestions and exist as proposals for consideration.
Scale is ambiguous within my work; these pieces
could exist at any size. — Micah Adams
Micah Adams is originally from Nova Scotia. As a
child he enjoyed creating maps while exploring his
surroundings. Adams began his formal art training at
John Abbott College in Montréal and later received his
BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in
Halifax. Upon graduation in 2008, he pursued a threeyear residency in Toronto at Harbourfront Centre’s
Metal/Jewelry Studio. Adams was a Visiting Artist at
Museum of Glass in 2013.
Thank you: Micah Adams
Blown Glass
11 x 11 x 11 inches
Signed — 2013
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Baseball and Glass
Bee a winner!
Plaid Masses # 2 by Micah Adams
Enjoy a night at Cheney Stadium for a Tacoma
Rainiers game in a luxury suite for 20. You will receive
an exclusive baseball bungalow complete with food,
beverages and a perfect view of a Rainiers game.
In addition, you will be given the opportunity to host
a private pizza party with members of the Tacoma
Rainiers Team and five guests on the Hot Shop floor.
Restrictions: Events must be scheduled on mutuallyagreeable dates during the 2015 or 2016 baseball
Thank you: Tacoma Rainiers
Live Auction
7:30 pm
The mandarin orange has traditionally been
associated with abundance and good fortune. It is
often served with its skin removed. In this pithless
state, it reveals its pulp vesicles in all their juicy glory.
— Erich Woll
After graduating from Alfred University in 1994, Erich
Woll moved to Seattle, WA to pursue his career as an
artist. In 1997, he joined Dale Chihuly’s glassblowing
team and continued working with him while he
was asked to join the team of Italian Maestro Lino
Tagliapietra. Woll had his first solo exhibition at
Winston Wächter Fine Art in Seattle in 2013, followed
by an exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum in 2014.
Thank you: Erich Woll
11 x 12 x 4 inches
Signed — 2014
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Boreal Ice (Beluga Whale)
by Armelle Bouchet O’Neill and Raven Skyriver
Mandarin Orange by Erich Woll
Armelle Bouchet O’Neill and Raven Skyriver began to
discuss the idea of a collaboration after considering how
Bouchet O’Neill’s carved patterns, often reminiscent
of wind or waves on water, might complement the
surface of Skyriver’s amazingly realistic sea creatures.
Combining Skyriver’s whale form with Bouchet O’Neill’s
fluid patterning seemed like a natural fit.
Armelle Bouchet O’Neill is a French-born, Seattle-based
glass artist. She studied at The Danish School of Design
on the island of Bornholm before moving to the United
States in 2009.
Raven Skyriver started blowing glass in high school at
the age of 16. Raven’s mentor, Lark Dalton, taught him
how to build glass blowing equipment and trained him
in Venetian technique. His focus in the area of sculpture
and depiction of marine life is inspired by his island
upbringing and informed by the creatures that inhabit
this fragile ecosystem.
Thank you: Armelle Bouchet O’Neill and Raven Skyriver
Blown, hand-sculpted, and sand-carved glass
15 ½ x 26 x 7 inches
Signed — 2014
Live Auction
7:30 pm
The cold and dreary Pacific Northwest
days will become a distant memory as you
soak up the sun in Mazatlán, Mexico. Enjoy
a rejuvenating five nights and six days
in your own private oasis as you explore
the pristine beaches of the Zona Dorada
(Golden Zone) and the city’s charming,
historic scenery. This trip is perfect for
those seeking a relaxing getaway or
couples planning a romantic holiday.
Restrictions: Two bedroom unit; 4 person
maximum recommended. Subject to
availability. Airfare for two is included.
Thank you: Alaska Airlines; Pat and Walt Riehl
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Weightlessness by Antoine Pierini
Six-Day Luxury Trip to Mazatlán, Mexico
Antoine Pierini’s delicate work of art plays with light
and color to emit a sense of weightlessness and
relaxation. Weightlessness is part of a larger series of
modern sculptural work by Pierini.
Based in Tacoma’s French sister city of Biot, Pierini
first visited Museum of Glass in 2012 to commemorate
the tie between the two cities, both known for their
accomplishments in glass art. Pierini returned to MOG
in 2014 to complete his Visiting Artist Residency, during
which he created his series of Weightlessness glass
Pierini’s work his been exhibited throughout Europe,
the United States, and Canada.
Thank you: Antoine Pierini
14 x 10 x 3 inches
Signed — 2014
Live Auction
7:30 pm
The segmentation series is inspired by my fascination with
science of cell, its division and the journey of growth that
starts from a single cell and goes through a million divisions
to become a life. I work with glass that has transparency and
translucency, two qualities that serve as perfect metaphors
for what is known and unknown about life science. The
segmented, geometrical forms of my work represent cells,
embryos, biological and molecular structures—each
symbolizing the building blocks of life as well as the starting
point of life. I transform solid glass using cutting, lamination,
carving and surface refining processes to make art that is both
beautiful and deeply invested with meaning. — Jiyong Lee
Thank you: Jiyong Lee
Cut, Color Laminated, Carved Glass
6 ½ x 12 x 6 ½ inches
Signed — 2013
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Jiyong Lee is a studio artist and educator who lives and works
in Carbondale, Illinois. An associate professor of art at Southern
Illinois University, Lee has headed the glass program there since
2005. He has won a number of awards, including the Emerging
Artist Award from Glass Art Society, in addition to receiving
several scholarships from Pilchuck Glass School and The Studio
of the Corning Museum of Glass. His work has been exhibited
and collected nationally and internationally.
The Ultimate Tesla Experience
bee electrified!
White Embryo Segmentation by Jiyong Lee
Experience the Model S. What does it
feel like to go from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds
without a drop of gasoline? You’re about
to find out. Invite up to eight guests for an
exclusive test drive experience. After your
test drive, enjoy a complimentary appetizer
platter at re:public, Evening Magazine’s # 1
New Restaurant in Seattle.
Thank you: Tesla Seattle
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Artist James Mongrain will surprise us all with a unique piece
created exclusively for Red Hot 2015!
Mongrain has been a member of Dale Chihuly’s glassblowing
team since 1996, while simultaneously running his own glass
studio, established in 1997. Throughout his decades-long
career, Mongrain has focused on becoming proficient in the
Venetian tradition of goblet making.
Fire and Ice Vespas for Two
Surprise Design by James Mongrain
Rev up your day with a fire- and ice-colored set of
Vespas! The Vespa Primavera 50cc is the protagonist
of its time: youthful, innovative, technologically
groundbreaking, agile and dynamic. Use them as a
couple or scoot around town with your friends! You
will not regret owning this dynamic duo.
Mongrain’s work has been exhibited in galleries nation-wide,
including Traver Gallery and Vetri in Seattle, WA; Jenkins
Johnson Gallery in San Francisco, CA; Marta Hewett Gallery in
Cincinnati, OH; and Grohe Glass Gallery in Boston, MA.
Mongrain will open his first solo exhibition, featuring modern
interpretations of historic Venetian vessels and goblets, at
Museum of Glass in 2016.
Photo courtesy of Museum of Glass
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Thank you: James Mongrain
Photo by Ali Daniels
Thank you: Janet and Mike Halvorson
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Looking west as the sun fades from Sunset Hill
in Seattle, one can see hues of ruby, orange and
violet. This piece reminds me of the changing
colors at Dusk. — John Kiley
Photo by Jeff Curtis
Thank you: John Kiley
Blown and wheel cut glass
13 x 10 x 11 inches
Signed — 2014
Sunny San Diego Getaway for Two
Live Auction
7:30 pm
A native of Seattle, WA, John Kiley began his
professional career at the age of 19 at Glass Eye
Studio. Promoted to Gaffer on Dale Chihuly’s
chandelier team at the age of 21, he traveled to
Finland, Ireland, Mexico and Italy as part of the
Chihuly Over Venice Team. He was a principal
member of Lino Taglipietra’s team until 2011 when
he became the Glass Director at the Schack Art
Center in Everett, WA. John has also worked with
Dante Marioni and Benjamin Moore and has been
a teaching assistant to Lino Tagliapietra, Dante
Marioni, Benjamin Moore, Richard Marquis, Josiah
McElheny, Checco Ongaro and Ben Edols.
Dusk Eclipse by John Kiley
Create unforgettable memories on a week-long trip to
a vacationer’s paradise in California! Enjoy sun and surf
on San Diego beaches, visit LEGOLAND or take in worldclass shopping and dining. Relax during your stay in the
heart of the Gaslamp Quarter with a private pool and
jacuzzi to unwind after a day of California adventures.
Restrictions: 1 week maximum. Airfare for two included.
Thank you: Alaska Airlines; Cathy Sarnat
Live Auction
7:30 pm
I have always been intrigued by science; this is where
I pull my interest and inspiration. Natural forms,
biology and botany, from cellular forms to shapes
and proportions of people; all of these things inspire
what I make. I focus on creating unique objects that
are abstract, modern interpretations of natural forms.
— Benjamin Cobb
Thank you: Benjamin Cobb
10 ½ x 19 x 6 inches
Signed — 2013
Originally from Newport, Rhode Island, Cobb has been
working in glass since 1993. He earned a BFA in Glass &
Sculpture at Rochester Institute of Technology’s School
of American Crafts. Cobb has taught at Pilchuck Glass
School in Washington State, the Corning Museum
of Glass in New York, and Penland School of Crafts
in North Carolina. His work is featured in numerous
private and public collections internationally. Cobb is
currently represented by Traver Gallery in Seattle, WA,
and works as Hot Shop Manager and Lead Gaffer at
Museum of Glass.
Intimate Dinner Party for Six
with Artists Jenny Pohlman and Sabrina Knowles
golden opportunity
Join artists Jenny Pohlman and Sabrina Knowles
with five of your friends for an elegant dinner at Pat
and Walt Riehl’s home in Seattle, WA. Pohlman and
Knowles have been collaborating for many years,
often drawing inspiration from their travels around
the world.
In addition to dinner, you and your guests
will have the opportunity to view beautifully
crafted goblets and works of art from the early
Studio Glass period, personally collected by
Museum of Glass Trustee and Red Hot 2015
Chair, Walt Riehl. Bon appétit!
Thank you: Pat and Walt Riehl;
Jenny Pohlman and Sabrina Knowles
▲ Jenny Pohlman
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Visceral Lozenge by Benjamin Cobb
▲ Sabrina Knowles
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Using a lively, gestural visual language, Davide Salvadore reinterprets and
reinvigorates traditional African symbols. He employs mostly earth tones
in his work, punctuated by splashes of brilliant color bringing to mind the
crisp blue sky of the desert or the bright hues of African textiles. Areas of
intense carving create a rhythmic quality, while the overall organic form
brings a sense of vitality to the work. Salvadore’s tireless quest for perfection
and constant drive to push the boundaries of his material have led him to
new ways of thinking about glass and its capabilities. With each new body
of work, Salvadore dazzles his audience, forcing us to reconsider our ideas
about what is possible using glass as a sculptural medium.
Thank you: Davide Salvadore
Blown and carved glass
38 ½ x 13 ½ x 6 ½ inches
Signed — 2006
Photos by Ali Daniels
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Penumbra in White and Orange
by Hanne Enemark and Louis Thompson
Opera Orum by Davide Salvadore
Since studying together at the Royal College of Art over
five years ago, Hanne Enemark and Louis Thompson
have worked together successfully on a number of
commissions and personal projects. They share a
common interest in the tension between chaos and
order, fragility and strength, and internal structure
and external form. Their most recent collaboration,
Panicum and Penumbra provided an opportunity to
clearly portray these ideas through a series of largescale, elegant pieces that combine their strengths as
artists and makers.
Thank you: Hanne Enemark and Louis Thompson
19 x 18 x 4 inches
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Experience extraordinary dining,
exquisite surroundings, pampering
and the opportunity to explore the
destination of your choice with this
12-day cruise. Witness the beauty of
many domestic and international
locales aboard one of Holland
America’s five-star cruise ships. Pick
your destination for a cruise for two
to the Mediterranean, Caribbean,
South America or any of Holland
America’s exotic destinations.
Thank you: Holland America
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Brunch for Six with Lino Tagliapietra
on the Hot Shop Floor
bee our guest
12-Day Cruise for Two with Holland America
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and five
guests! Come to Museum of Glass during Italian Maestro
Lino Tagliapietra’s Visiting Artist Residency in February
2016 for an incredible brunch on the Hot Shop floor.
Start your day by sipping and savoring in the company
Tagliapietra, whose extensive career and groundbreaking
art is admired throughout the world.
After brunch, the Maestro will fire up
the torches and display his celebrated
talents in glassblowing. There’s no
doubt you and your guests will leave
in awe of Tagliapietra’s incredible
works of art.
Thank you: Lino Tagliapietra
Photo by Team Photogenic
Photo by Russell Johnson
Live Auction
7:30 pm
When I began working with glass in 1982, I had
no idea that I’d be so connected to the material
in the way that I am. It was only when I began to
experiment with using designs from my Tlingit
cultural heritage that my work began to take on a
new purpose and direction. — Preston Singletary
Cantù by Lino Tagliapietra
Fawn & Ash Tlingit Basket by Preston Singletary
This stunning piece was donated by Lino Tagliapietra
in honor of the Maestro’s 80th birthday celebration at
Museum of Glass in 2014. The artwork will be sold to
support the Lino Tagliapietra Fund for the education
and professional development of emerging glass artists,
which is an important part of Tagliapietra’s legacy.
Preston Singletary’s work with glass transforms the
notion that Native artists must only use traditional
materials. Singletary’s work continues to evolve and
connect his personal cultural perspective to current
modern art movements.
Thank you: Preston Singletary
Blown and Sandcarved Glass
11 x 11 ½ x 11 ½ inches
Signed — 2013
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Thank you: Lino Tagliapietra
Blown glass
14 ¼ x 10 ½ x 6 ¾ inches
Signed — 1997
Photos by Duncan Price
Live Auction
7:30 pm
As I grow older, I find myself wanting to spend more time in
nature for the peace of mind that it brings to me. I value the
simplicity and quiet that I encounter there, surrounded by the
beauty of the Japanese landscape. My art is a reflection of
that beauty; nature is the source of my creativity. In my work I
want to interpret the feelings and sensations of having a close
connection to nature, and through it share the beauty of the
changing seasons in Japan with the viewer. — Hiroshi Yamano
One of Japan’s leading figures in glass, Hiroshi Yamano is known
for his innovative surface applications. Using the fish as his
personal symbol, Yamano’s work inscribes and describes his
journeys from Japan to America, traversing the oceans. He is
the co-founder of Ezra Glass Studio in Japan and chairman of
the glass department at Osaka Art University. Yamano’s work is
exhibited widely in the U.S. and abroad and is included in many
museum and public collections.
Thank you: Hiroshi Yamano
Sculpted, Carved & Cast Glass, Metal Leaf and Plating
27 x 28 x 11 inches
Signed — 2014
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Private Party for Eight at John Kiley’s Studio
Buzz on in
Scene of Japan # 170 by Hiroshi Yamano
Invite seven friends to join you, John Kiley and his
team in his private Seattle studio for an evening of
glassblowing. You will experience a behind-the-scenes
discussion on the history, inspiration and techniques
that go into the beautiful pieces Kiley creates. In
addition, your evening will include delicious appetizers
paired with fine wine.
Kiley is known for his mastery of glass-sculpting
techniques. His elegant pieces combine transparency,
bold colors, striking geometries and impeccable
finishes. Kiley says of his work, “I hope that my work,
seemingly stable or precarious, succeeds on evoking
feelings that would not be present without this
choice in material.” Kiley’s work can be found in major
collections and museums throughout the world.
Thank you: John Kiley
Photo by Russell Johnson
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Photo by Russell Johnson
25 raise the paddle
The mission of Museum of Glass (MOG) is to provide
a dynamic learning environment to appreciate the
medium of glass through creative experiences,
collections and exhibitions.
Since the opening of the Museum, we have hosted
over 400 Visiting Artists, many of whom have had
pivotal and career-changing experiences during their
residencies. The freedom to innovate, experiment
and pursue new ideas without financial constraints,
alongside a team of talented artists in our Hot Shop,
has deeply impacted individual artists, galleries,
museums and collectors throughout the world.
John Kiley (left) in the MOG Hot Shop, photo by Ken Emly
Museum of Glass is a vital center for the nurturing and
development of emerging artists. We take our lead
in this endeavor from Maestro Lino Tagliapietra and
his dedication to sharing his talents and wisdom with
countless artists over the years. Through our newly
established Lino Tagliapietra Fund, the Museum is
able to provide week-long residencies for 10 emerging
artists each year.
please raise your paddle
at any level to support
Museum of Glass!
Courtney Branam in the MOG Hot Shop, photo by Ken Emly
Enjoy a gourmet three-course dinner with sommelier handpicked wines paired with each course in the comfort of your own
home. You and five guests will be able to customize your dinner
beforehand which can include Surf and Turf, Grilled Halibut, or
Pork Tenderloin. Be prepared to be pampered! The staff will not
only cook and serve you dinner, but will also leave your kitchen
looking impeccable at the end of the evening. Beautiful floral
arrangements will be provided for the dinner table.
Handblown Magnums
$1,200 each — get buzzed!
Metropolitan Market Culinary Adventure
Sweet Deal
These elegant large-format wine bottles are designed
and hand-blown by the incredible Hot Shop Team at
Museum of Glass, led by Benjamin Cobb. MOG’s resident
professional artists make up one of the best glassblowing
teams in the world. Every day the Museum is open, these
artists are playing with fire and making art.
These unique bottles are not only beautiful, they are filled
with wine from two renowned Washington vintners!
Note: Table settings, including flatware, wine glasses, dinner
plates and cookware, are not provided. If a BBQ/Grilling option is
chosen, recipient must have a grill at their home.
Thank you: Metropolitan Market
Thank you: Museum of Glass Hot Shop Team,
Gramercy Cellars, Andrew Will Winery
Photo by Ali Daniels
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Multiple layers of cane are twisted around a large
blown sphere, creating a cosmic effect. Evenly
spaced dimples add dimension and enhance the
planetary reference. — Nancy Callan
Nancy Callan’s artistic voice as a glass sculptor reflects
her high level of training and talents. Callan attended
the Massachusetts College of Art (BFA 1996) and
lives in Seattle, WA, where she is part of the vibrant
Northwest glass community. Callan’s numerous
awards include the Creative Glass Center of America
Fellowship and residencies at Museum of Glass, the
Toledo Museum of Art, the Pittsburgh Glass Center and
the Chrysler Museum of Art. She is also a key member
of Maestro Lino Tagliapietra’s glassblowing team.
Thank you: Nancy Callan
Blown glass
17 ½ x 17 ½ x 17 ½ inches
Signed — 2015
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Table for 10 on the Hot Shop Floor at the
John Kiley After-Party — Tonight!
Hercules Orb by Nancy Callan
This item gives you a chance to have a table on the
floor at the Signature After-Party tonight!
At the close of the live auction, John Kiley and his team
will be blowing glass. You and nine friends will take a
seat at an exclusive VIP table on the floor of the Hot
Shop. This experience not only gives you the best seats
in the house, it offers you the chance to see the masterful glassblowing technique of Red Hot’s featured
artist John Kiley.
A server will be standing by to attend to your every
need. Included with your table are unlimited wine
and beverages, a special gift for each guest, and the
opportunity to meet and take photos with Kiley and
the team!
Thank you: John Kiley
Photos top to bottom: Ken Emly; Team Photogenic
Live Auction
7:30 pm
From her earliest work to her latest
installations, Van Cline’s sculptures explore
the concept of time. Rich with symbols, her
pieces evoke broader meanings as well,
such as escape, movement, transformation
and transcendence out of the moment.
Her work is in many private and museum
collections around the world including
the Smithsonian American Art Museum,
Renwick Gallery; the Corning Museum
of Glass; Kanazawa Museum in Japan;
Philadelphia Museum of Art; the Hokkaido
Museum of Modern Art in Japan; and the
Detroit Institute for the Arts.
Thank you: Mary Van Cline
32 x 9 x 7 inches
Photo by Ali Daniels
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Navy Blue/Red and Green Ribcage Vessel
by John Miller
Inochi by Mary Van Cline
In the Ribcage Series my goal was to combine sensual, contrasting
colors, using advanced glassworking techniques with organic,
gestural forms to create elegant, large-scale vessels. These pieces
allude to the human figure with their colorful “ribcages,” graceful
necks, and expressive “body” language. Each vessel has its own
individual personality, with color combinations and shapes that
reflect the environments in which they originated. I often travel
to different parts of the country to lecture and demonstrate
glassblowing techniques. When making these pieces away from
home, I absorb the mood of the city and the energy of the crew that
I work with. The personalities of the individuals and the dynamics
of the group influence and affect the process, and ultimately, the
finished piece. — John Miller
Thank you: John Miller
Blown and sandblasted glass using graal technique
24 x 9 ½ inches
Live Auction
7:30 pm
Introducing the upcoming 2015 Lexus NXG
Lexus of Tacoma is a proud sponsor
of Museum of Glass.
silent auction
Artifacts #2
by Jean Cheely
There’s no place like home.
When we’re not flying around the world, we’re investing
millions each year to keep our local community
beautiful and vibrant.
Proud Sponsor of Museum of Glass
MM Ceramic Vase
by Jonathan Adler
With lips and a mustache molded on
either side, this chic vase is one example
of Jonathan Adler’s flawlessly crafted
and highly desired pottery pieces.
Alternate view
▶ Ceramic
6 x 6 x 12 inches
▶ Thank you: Barbara Dunshee
16 x 7 inches
▶ Thank you: Jean Cheely
Glass, sterling silver
Neckring is 16 x 8 inches
Pendant is 1 ½ x 1 inches
Oxbow — Lively Lidded Vessel Series
by Barbara Dunshee
Tender Heart Necklace and Bracelet
by Marco Polo Designs
▶ Thank you: Marco Polo Designs
Hand-made 24k gold glass,
Czech & Japanese glass, gold
Necklace: 18 inches
Bracelet: 8 inches
Red Silent
Closes at 6:30 pm
Ice Cream Social Party
Chocolate Decadence Necklace,
Bracelet and Earrings
by Marco Polo Designs
▶ Thank you: Marco Polo Designs
Handmade Venetian and
Murano glass beads
Necklace: 18 inches
Bracelet: 7 inches
Tasting Tour of Fran’s Chocolates
Invite one guest to join
you for a visit to the Fran’s
Chocolates Georgetown
facility for a guided Talking
& Tasting tour! You will
also take home the Petit
Signature Collection with a
classic assortment.
▶ Glass
13 x 10 x 6 ½ inches
▶ Thank you: Ice Cream Social Tacoma
Black Forest Inspired Goblets
by MOG Hot Shop Team
▶ Thank you: MOG Hot Shop Team
Blown Glass
Each piece 9 ½ x 4 x 4 inches
Let the Ice Cream Social
mobile cart come to you
and invite 49 friends to
enjoy delicious, handcrafted ice cream made from
quality, natural and locally
sourced ingredients.
by Simon Pearce
▶ Thank you: Fran’s Chocolates
Mixed Gem Bracelet
by Susan Goodwin
▶ Oxidized sterling silver
and vermeil with clear
quartz, cultured pearls
and onyx stones
8 inches
Dyad #1
by Aaron Wolf-Boze
Glass Fusing Workshop for Six
Make your own glass art at
MOG! Your group of six will
combine colorful glass shards,
spaghetti-like stringers and
pebbly frit to create glass tiles
or pendants. You design it
and we’ll fire it!
▶ Thank you: Aaron Wolf-Boze
Cast glass
5 ½ x 5 ½ x 3 inches
Photo courtesy of Museum of Glass
Red Silent
Closes at 6:30 pm
Red Silent
Closes at 6:30 pm
Ovals Necklace
by Michael Vincent Michaud
Caymus Napa Cabernet
Sauvignon 1998, 1999 and 2001
The flavor profile of the Caymus
Cabernet includes dark chocolate,
mocha, leather and vanilla. The
standout qualities of the wine are
its balance, supple texture and
earthy notes transporting you
into the California country side.
▶ Thank you: Steve Loeb
Red Silent
Closes at 6:30 pm
Beecher’s Cheese and Wine Pairing
Wine and cheese—what more
do you need? How about an 8 lb.
“Colossal Cut” of Beecher’s signature
Flagship cheese of robust flavor and
a creamy finish that pairs perfectly
with a crisp glass of Dr. Thanisch
Bernkasteler Doktor Riesling Eiswein.
▶ Thank you: Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Steve Loeb
Chateau Ste. Michelle 2012
Artist Series Meritage Box Set
Date Night with Wine and Paint
A skilled artist will guide you and
your guest step-by-step through
creating a featured painting.
Starting with a blank canvas (and a
delightful beverage), you will each
go home with your own personal
The lucky winning bidder will
take home three 750 ml bottles
of the special 30th Anniversary
Chateau Ste. Michelle
2012 Artist Series Meritage,
Columbia Valley, presented in
a limited-edition boxed set.
▶ Thank you: Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Brittany Hobson
▶ Thank you: Uncorked Canvas (Tacoma, WA)
Seattle Sounders Team
Autographed Soccer Ball
Take a piece of the Seattle
Sounders home with you!
This signed soccer ball from
the team will transport
you back into CenturyLink
Stadium. Own a Seattle
pride souvenir at its finest.
▶ Thank you: Seattle Sounders
▶ Blown glass
Larger piece is 7 x 7 x 8 ½
inches; smaller piece is
4 x 4 x 5 inches.
Photo courtesy of Museum of Glass
Each unique pumpkin created
by Tacoma Glassblowing
Studio is signed, dated, and
made with love.
▶ 24k matte gold over
bronze with cast glass
16 inches
Glass Pumpkins
by Tacoma Glassblowing Studio
Karazi Design
by Samia Shalabi
Designed by Samia Shalabi,
this piece represents her
love of travel, fashion, and
the earth. This ring was
delicately made by women
in Bali.
▶ 22k gold with onyx stone
Ring size: 7
Red Silent
Closes at 6:30 pm
Foundry Vineyards Artisan Red
Seafair 2016 Pirates Landing
Ride Along
▶ Thank you: Steve Loeb
Travel Essentials for Little Ones
The Diono Radian RXT car seat
is designed with your child’s
security and safety as top
priorities. This state-of-the-art
travel essential will keep your
little one safe and your mind
at ease.
▶ Thank you: Diono, Brittany Hobson
Red Silent
Closes at 6:30 pm
▶ Thank you: Ian MacNeil
Mind, Body, Yoga
Get ready for three months of
unlimited yoga at Expand Yoga in
Tacoma, WA. Whether it’s your first
time stepping onto the mat or you
are an experienced practitioner,
enjoy a peaceful and relaxing
environment to quiet your mind,
body and soul. Namaste.
▶ Thank you: Expand Yoga
Pike Place Market Food and
Cultural Tour
Eat, drink and learn at a
private party for you and
five guests at Happy Belly.
Enhance your nutritional
education with a feel-good
food class.
Become a market insider on this
behind-the-scenes adventure
to experience all that Pike Place
Market has to offer! Sample
cheese, watch fish fly and enjoy
the sights and sounds of this
famous Seattle destination.
▶ Thank you: Happy Belly
(Tacoma, WA)
▶ Thank you: Savor Seattle
Afternoon Tea for Two
Enjoy traditional afternoon
tea in elegant surroundings.
The Georgian Room sets
the mood with high ceilings,
large Palladian windows
and spectacular chandeliers.
Sip on delicious loose leaf
tea and indulge in a housemade scone.
Feel-Good Food Evening Out
Enjoy three 750 ml bottles
of this earthy blend of
ripened blueberries, cassis
and spices. Sip and savor!
Ride along with a seasoned
crew of scallywags for the
highly-anticipated Seafair
kickoff of summer fun!
Storm Alki Beach in search
of treasure and enjoy
pirate themed activities in
the Seattle sun.
Tiger Necklace
by Marco Polo Designs
▶ Thank you: Marco Polo Designs
Glass beads
34 inches
▶ Thank you: The Fairmont Olympic Hotel (Seattle, WA)
Red Silent
Closes at 6:30 pm
Willow Salon and Spa Gift Basket
Willow Salon and Spa carries
product lines that are not
only good for the body and
mind, but are also good
for the global environment.
Enjoy these top-notch
product lines from this
luxurious gift basket!
▶ Thank you: Willow Salon and Spa (Tacoma, WA)
5 Circles Necklace
by Doris Viñas
Doris Viñas started her career as
a graphic designer. She began
creating fashion accessories in
2007 from materials re-purposed
from their everyday use.
▶ Aluminum zippers
24 inches
Red Silent
Closes at 6:30 pm
Dinner for Four at Liam’s
▶ Thank you: Liam’s
(Seattle, WA)
After visiting the Red
Silent Auction, stop by
the table just outside
the Museum Store to
purchase a Red Hot
2015 Goblet or a set of
two or more!
▷ $250 each
Liam’s is a gathering place
for friends and family, where
sophisticated food is served up
in a comfortable, contemporary
space. Liam’s foods are
made with ingredients they
trust and are free of artificial
preservatives, colorings, and
flavor enhancers. It’s just
authentic food, full of flavor!
silent auction
Tea Bowl
by Walt Riehl
▶ Thank you: Walt Riehl
Cast Lead Crystal
2 ½ x 3 ¾ inches
is proud to support Museum of Glass and Red Hot 2015
Reflections # 1 — Pacific Coast,
Washington by j&k photographie
(Jim Defebaugh)
▶ Thank you: Shandra McLane
Kiln Formed Glass
10 x 12 x 12 inches
Signed — 2012
Reflections # 2 — Glacier National
Park, Montana by j&k photographie
(Jim Defebaugh)
This black & white photographic
print is mounted on handsanded, stained bamboo, with
an invisible satin finish.
This black & white photographic
print is mounted on handsanded, stained bamboo, with an
invisible satin finish.
▶ Thank you: Jim Defebaugh
24 x 16 inches
▶ Thank you: Jim Defebaugh
24 x 16 inches
Black Silent
Closes at 7:00 pm
McLane Bowl # 3
by Shandra McLane
Necklace by Anna Skibska
Plus a Private Studio Tour!
Take home this chic statement
Looking at the Positive
by Lisabeth Sterling
▶ Thank you: Lisabeth Sterling
Etched copper and engraved
white cameo glass
12 ¼ x 14 inches
Signed — 2009
Black Silent
Closes at 7:00 pm
Escape to the Mountains at
Sun Mountain Lodge
Enjoy a two-night stay
for you and a guest at
Washington State’s premier
destination resort, offering
mountaintop lodging at its
▶ Thank you: Impressions Photography
▶ Thank you: Dr. Phil Phibbs
Round of Golf for Two at Chambers
Bay Plus a Puetz Golf Gift Certificate
Enjoy a round of golf for
two at the #1 golf course in
Washington State. On your
way, stop by Puetz Golf to
get suited up for your day on
the greens. You will look and
feel like a champion!
▶ Thank you: Chambers Bay, Puetz Golf
Color Dot Goblets
by MOG Hot Shop Team
▶ Thank you: MOG Hot Shop Team
Blown Glass
Dimensions varied; tallest piece
is 8.5 inches tall, widest piece is
5 inches wide.
Sweet as Candy
by Zhu Liyue
▶ Thank you: Zhu Liyue
Hot-cast glass
10 x 10 x 2 inches
Patra Passage Vessel
by Lynda Lowe
Treat your family to a custom
family portrait. This one-hour
session will take place in a
beautiful park on an agreed
upon date. Restrictions: Up
to eight family members and
location to be within one hour
of Issaquah, WA.
necklace tonight; then, at a later
date, let Anna Skibska personally
guide you on a tour of her studio
in Fremont!
▶ Thank you: Anna Skibska
Rubber tubing, rubber
foam, metal mesh
beads, magnetic clasp.
Family Portrait Session
▶ Thank you: Lynda Lowe
Hand formed, pit fired
ceramic, painted panel,
alder box, silk wrap
5 x 5 x 4 ½ inches
Black Silent
Closes at 7:00 pm
Black and White Mini Cylinders
by Carrie Grula
Pet Portrait Sessions
Create memories that last a
lifetime. Spoil your pet with
an on-location one-hour pet
portrait session. Restrictions:
Up to eight people and one
to four pets may by included.
Valid for three months from
the auction date.
▶ Hand-blown and
etched glass
Each piece is
3 ¾ x 3 ¾ x 6 ¾ inches
Milky Way Brass Cuff
by Roost
Postcards From Home — Farmers
Market and Tacoma Dome
by Sarah Gilbert
From the series 3000 Miles From
Home, these postcards both
represent landmarks from my two
▶ Thank you: Sarah Gilbert
Fused and engraved glass
Each piece is 4 x 6 inches
Signed — 2014
▶ Brass with white zircon stones
2 ⅜ x ⅞ inches
Pamper and Indulge Yourself
Enjoy a facial for two at
Savi Day Spa, followed by
a chef-inspired dinner with
wine pairings in a private
dining room at Stanley &
Seafort’s (Tacoma, WA). To
end the evening, enjoy
a lavender basket in the
comfort of your home.
▶ Thank you: Savi Day Spa, Stanley & Seafort’s, Lil’s Lavender
Black Silent
Closes at 7:00 pm
Will You Marry?
by Jitka HavlÍčková
▶ Thank you: Jitka HavlÍčková
Each piece is 1 ⅝ x ⅜ x ¼ inches
Wild-Caught Salmon and Halibut
Dinner for Eight on the Farm
Spend an evening on Bill and
Gail Weyerhaeuser’s farm with
dinner for you and seven guests
prepared by their personal chef
from Alaska. The dinner will be
paired with wine selected from
George Weyerhaeuser Jr. Wine
Cellar Collection.
▶ Thank you: Bill and Gail Weyerhaeuser, Kathy McGoldrick
Three Leaves Sculpture
by Pampeana
Pampeana supports standards for
▶ Thank you: Impressions Photography
international labor, environmentalism
and social policy in the production
and distribution of Fair Trade goods.
▶ Metal base: 28 x 6 inches
Leaves: glass
Mixed dimensions; tallest is
27 x 6 inches
Photo by Ali Daniels
Black Silent
Closes at 7:00 pm
Chateau Ste. Michelle 2016 Summer
Concert VIP Tickets for Two
by Jeff Ballard
▶ Thank you: Jeff Ballard
Blown and sculpted
glass, wood and leather
10 ½ x 8 x 4 inches
Signed — 2015
Black Silent
Closes at 7:00 pm
You Design Glass!
Photo by Ken Emly
Channel your inner artist! The
winning bidder of this item will
enjoy the experience of working
with the MOG Hot Shop Team
to create a set of two goblets to
take home. You and five guests
will watch the creations being
made while enjoying fine wine.
▶ Thank you: MOG Hot Shop Team
Mountain Lodge Farm
▶ Thank you: Mountain
Lodge Farm
Picnic in the Cascade foothills
at the Mountain Lodge
Farm with nine guests while
enjoying award-winning
cheeses! Take a peek inside
the creamery to see the goat
cheese being made, feed baby
goats or even watch the goats
being milked!
Late Night Jewelry Making at MOG
Salish Lodge and Spa
Venture out less than an
hour outside of the Seattle/
Tacoma area to enjoy a onenight stay at Salish Lodge
and Spa and dinner for two!
Unwind in the luxurious
guestrooms and tranquil
Join a local jewelry
artist and learn how to
create your own piece!
Coffee, tea and cookies
will be served. All
materials are provided.
Photos courtesy of Mary Freiburger
▶ Thank you: Dr. Phil Phibbs
have you voted for the people’s choice
coney award yet?
Place your bid on any
table in the Grand Hall
for your chance to take
home a centerpiece.
Act quickly—they sold
out last year!
▶ Thank you: Ste.
Michelle Wine Estates
You and your guest will enjoy hors
d’oeuvres and a selection of awardwinning wines at the pre-concert
reception. Afterwards, enjoy the
show from the private field reserve
section in the winery’s scenic outdoor
amphitheatre while nibbling on
desserts from the Peacock Lounge.
u Drop your ballot in
the ballot box prior to
being seated for dinner
at 7:00 pm.
▷ Bidding starts at
$250 per centerpiece
Black Silent
Closes at 7:00 pm
Ahhh! The smell of
ink in the morning....
When you find
it’s how we make
you look great,
you’ll realize it’s
the sweet smell
of success.
253 520.2600
super silent
Hotel Murano
Host your Holiday
Party at MOG
by Anjali Srinivasan
- The Globe and Mail
1320 Broadway Plaza | Tacoma Washington 98402 | 866.986.8083 |
Photo by Wallflower Photography
Thank you: Anjali Srinivasan
Hand-formed, fused glass bangle cross-sections
16 x 10 inches
Gold Super Silent
Closes at 9:30 pm
Hotel Murano is one of four Washington hotels awarded Four Stars by Forbes Travel Guide in 2013.
Celebrate the holiday season in style. With this item,
you have the extraordinary opportunity to host your
holiday party in the Grand Hall at Museum of Glass.
Invite friends and family to a magical holiday party
they will never forget!
As a contemporary studio artist working conceptually in
glass, the gradual disappearance of India’s glass banglemakers saddens me. I seek the possibility of overcoming
the impending loss of a craft-form so precious, unique,
beautiful and ingenious by introducing it to experimental
studio processes, and, at times, collaborating with its
traditional practitioners. — Anjali Srinivasan
Rivet Bowls
by Niko Dimitrijevic
Spirale by Brandon Cupp
Tacoma Waterway
Experience for Two
Sample sweet tacoma
Scotland by Paul Marioni
The clear Rivet Bowl was made in 2010 as a
part of a collaborative show I had with my good
friend Micah Adams. In 2014, I had the incredible
opportunity to have a residency of my own at
Museum of Glass where I was able to play around
with the scale and composition of the original
idea. — Niko Dimitrijevic
Thank you: Niko Dimitrijevic
Blown glass
Large: 9 x 4 ½ inches; Small: 3 x 2 inches
Signed — 2010; 2014
Gold Super Silent
Closes at 9:30 pm
This piece is from my signature Spirale series. The Spirale
series is inspired by combining two techniques from two
different mediums: the “Coil” method from ceramics and
the Italian “Zanfirico” technique from glass. Traditionally,
Zanfirico is applied vertically to create a linear design,
however, the fluid circular design of this piece coils from
top to bottom in one continuous spiral. The combination
of these techniques create a unique horizontal pattern
which is what I aim for when creating this series.
— Brandon Cupp
Thank you: Brandon Cupp
Blown canes
16 ½ x 3 x 9 inches
Signed — 2011
Soak up the art, culture, sun and views from the
Thea Foss Waterway. You and a guest will enjoy
a day visiting the six major museums in the
Tacoma Museum District, followed by a stand up
paddleboard or kayak adventure on the water before
ending the day dining and relaxing in the luxury at
Hotel Murano.
Thank you: Foss Harbor Marina, Hotel Murano
Photo courtesy of Museum of Glass
This piece is from a small series (4) that I consider
poems of my trip to Scotland. — Paul Marioni
Paul Marioni is a glass artist whose work is about
human nature and is often inspired by his dreams.
Known as an innovator in the glass world, Marioni
pushes his technique to its limits, regularly redefining
what is possible to achieve with the medium.
Thank you: Paul Marioni
Painted blown glass
9 x 5 x 5 inches
Signed — 2009
Gold Super Silent
Closes at 9:30 pm
Garden Party for 12
bee charmed by ginny ruffner’s
secret garden
Photo courtesy of Museum of Glass
Partake in a delightful outdoor soirée with 11
guests in the private garden of Seattle artist Ginny
Ruffner. Ruffner’s glass sculptures helped in
further developing the field of lampworked glass
art worldwide. You and your guests will enjoy
delicious appetizers, wine and cocktails in this
unique garden space. What a perfect way for any
art aficionado to spend an afternoon!
Thank you: Ginny Ruffner
Gold Super Silent
Closes at 9:30 pm
Gabe Feenan has dedicated his
career to pursuing perfection
and believes that glass is the
ideal medium for this challenge.
He began working with glass
in the San Francisco Bay area
during the 1990’s, first as a
cold worker, then as a gaffer
at various production studios.
Feenan joined the MOG Hot
Shop Team in 2002, and since
then has passionately continued
his study of the material
while earning incomparable
experience assisting other artists.
Thank you: Gabe Feenan
Blown glass
25 x 4 ½ inches
Signed — 2013
Glass Violin
by Gary Word
Crafted from Spectrum high-grade crystal glass, Gary
Word’s full-scale glass violin features an ice-frosted
finish, edged with guild gold. Modeled from an
original Stradivarius violin, this work of art is part of
Word’s series of glass string instrument designs that
incorporate mechanical components that enable the
instruments to be played.
Thank you: Gary Word
Fused Crystal Glass
24 ½ x 10 x 2 inches
Signed — 2015
Bold 22
by Joseph Rossano
My series BOLD
is named for the
acronym for the
Barcode of Life
Data Systems
(BOLD) database.
The subject of
each specimen
box is neither
real nor is it an
accurate representation of the creature it is designed
to represent. The subjects of these sculptures are a
jewelled representation of reality that draw the viewer
in for a closer inspection. — Joseph Rossano
Photo by Ken Emly
Intersected Ascending Disk
by Gabe Feenan
Thank you: Joseph Rossano
Silver, glass, acrylic, DNA
9 x 7 x 3 ½ inches
Gold Super Silent
Closes at 9:30 pm
Penumbra in White and
Yellow by Hanne Enemark
and Louis Thompson
Thank you: Hanne Enemark and Louis Thompson
Blown glass
23 ½ x 9 x 6 ½ inches
Signed — 2015
Gold Super Silent
Closes at 9:30 pm
Spirit of the Desert
by Peggy Pettigrew
Growing up in the urban environs of the south side of
Chicago fueled an artistic desire to express reverence
for the resplendent spiritual power inherent in nature
and the disdain I feel for man’s endless quest to
conquer it. Through the translation of my inner vision
into tangible form, I seek to express the tie that binds
the soul experience to the Earth. — Patricia Davidson
This is the final piece in the
Hopi Storyteller series. The
face is life-size, and is from
a life cast made of Lance
Polingyouma, the son of
the Chief of the Hopi Tribe
(Bluebird Tribe) and oral
historian for the tribe. This
piece has the blessing of the
Hopi. The Hopi normally do
not allow their images to be used because they feel that
it takes part of their spirit away. That is what makes this
piece special. That they have allowed me to use their
image is important. There are three “spirits” created into
the glass, that are to protect their spirit.
— Peggy Pettigrew Stewart
Thank you: Patricia Davidson
Glass; Taller piece is 13 ¼ x 3 ½ x 5 ¼ inches;
shorter piece is 12 ¼ x 3 ¼ x 5 inches.
Signed — 2014
Photo by Ali Daniels
Thank you: Peggy Pettigrew Stewart
Kiln-sculpted dichroic glass
20 x 26 inches
Signed — 2015
Private Kings Table Dinner
at Glass Distillery
Bee There
You and up to 25 friends will feel like royalty when you
indulge at the Kings Table with a catered dinner in the
private quarters of the Glass Distillery. Located in a
refurbished 9,000 square-foot space in the booming
Sodo neighborhood, the Glass Distillery offers elegance
and charm with a distinctively modern twist. Featuring
a custom-built 26 foot long, 6 foot wide King’s Table,
glittering confetti glass concrete floor, state-of-the-art
sound system, and an extensive collection of colorful
hand-blown glass from local glass artisans, Glass Distillery
provides the perfect setting for your evening.
You will be served skillfully crafted cocktails and classic
comfort food from Tavern Law. This magical evening will
showcase the art of mixing drinks.
The most recent collaboration
of Hanne Enemark and Louis
Thompson, Penumbra, has
provided an opportunity for the
duo to portray their ideas about
the tension between chaos and
order, fragility and strength,
and internal structure and
external form, through a series
of large-scale, elegant pieces
that combine their strengths
and common interests as artists
and makers.
Fresh by Patricia Davidson
Thank you: Glass Distillery, Tavern Law
Gold Super Silent
Closes at 9:30 pm
In celebration of the exhibition Chihuly’s Venetians: The
George R. Stroemple Collection, the Museum of Glass
Hot Shop Team has produced a series of glass pieces
inspired by classical Venetian style. We have utilized
decorative elements of 19th-century Murano glass, such
as zanfirico canes, gold leaf and elaborate handles to
create contemporary pieces. As craftsmen, we have great
respect for the skill and imagination of the glassmakers
of that time. We built on that tradition by combining
classical techniques with a modern design sensibility.
— Museum of Glass Hot Shop Team
Thank you: MOG Hot Shop Team
Blown glass
11 ¾ x 6 ¾ inches
Signed — 2015
Gold Super Silent
Photo by Ali Daniels
Closes at 9:30 pm
A Sunken Canoe
by Steve Jensen
For me, the image of the boat is meant to symbolize a
voyage or journey. Perhaps it’s the voyage to the other
side or the journey into the unknown. I began the
Voyager series to help me deal with my own grief and
loss, and with hope to provide relief for others dealing
with their own sorrow. I made this work as personal as
possible because death is such a sensitive subject for
many people. — Steve Jensen
Thank you: Steve Jensen
Recycled Glass, Boat Resin and Found Beach Steel, Rope
8 x 36 ½ x 12 ½ inches
Signed — 2015
Bird Lovers’ Weekend
& Iittala Birds
Iittala birds by Oiva Toikka return to Museum of Glass
for the twelfth consecutive year from October 2 to
October 4, 2015. The internationally-renowned glass
creations from Finland’s glass giant Iittala are the
focus of Bird Lovers’ Weekend, which will feature
events celebrating wild birds.
You will receive a limited-edition Steller’s Jay, the
2015 Museum of Glass Annual Bird designed
by Professor Oiva Toikka. You will also have the
opportunity to come down to the Hot Shop floor and
watch Iittala glassmakers Arto Lahtinen and Helena
Welling create your own glass bird design!
Tropical Bowl
by Ed Branson
This cobalt blue wavy bowl, with accents of green
and black on the outer side, was conceived in a
renovated apple barn where Branson currently
creates exceptional vessels that have the sense of
movement associated with glass in its molten state.
25 x 15 x 9 inches
Venetian Inspired Trio
by MOG Hot Shop Team
Photo courtesy of Iittala, Inc.
Gold Super Silent
Closes at 9:30 pm
Artist’s Getaway to France!
bee delighted
Spend a week on the Côte d’Azur in Biot, France, at
Antoine Pierini’s workshop! This is an unforgettable
five-day artist residency plus two days of touring the
region. Installed in 1980 in a former oil mill dating
back to the 15th-century, Pierini’s studio offers
glassblowers an exceptional setting where Biot
tradition and contemporary art join in harmony.
It is in this magical place that father and son
glassblowers Robert and Antoine Pierini set their
imaginations free. Bid now to be a part of this magic!
Restrictions: Accommodations and food for seven
days included. Airfare not included.
Thank you: Antoine Pierini
Gold Super Silent
Closes at 9:30 pm
Mean Machine 2.0
by Nick Davis
Mean Machine 2.0
is the second of a
set of sculptures in
hot sculpted glass
and fabricated
steel reflecting on
the generation of
ideas and abstract
thoughts. The glass
represents our
natural human form,
transparent and obvious in its animal relation to
the natural world. The steel “golden spiral” is the
manifestation of our academic and technological
innovations that help us understand, and sometimes
put us at odds with, the universe around us.
Thank you
Thank you: Nick Davis
Glass and steel
23 x 16 x 7 inches
Signed — 2015
Thank you
Museum of Glass thanks these companies for
their support of Red Hot 2015.
Official Hotel for
RED HOT 2015
Thank you
Lina and Lino Tagliapietra
Pat and Walt Riehl
Benjamin Cobb
Brittany Hobson
John Kiley
Lindsay Lagreid
Ian MacNeil
Cathy Sarnat
Paula “Mimi” Simon
Gail T. Weyerhaeuser, Ph.D
Artists’ Choice Award brought to you
by Jan and Carl Fisher
Thank you
Dale Chihuly
Dr. Philip M. Phibbs
George F. Russell, Jr.
Sarah Traver
Margery Aronson
Michael Monroe
Gail T. Weyerhaeuser, Ph.D., Chair
Jeff Greene, Vice Chair
Mikel A. Ross, Treasurer
James E. Defebaugh IV, Secretary
Aaron Artman
Rex Bates
Patrick Drum
Buzz Folsom
Janet Halvorson
Brittany Hobson
Randall P. Lert
Sara Long
Tom Luce
Ian MacNeil
Robert M. Minkoff
Bill Robertson
Joanne Selden
Steve Shaw
Thank you to John Kiley, our featured artist, for offering a one-of-a-kind Hot Shop artistic experience. Not only
is John our featured artist this evening but his contributions to this year’s Red Hot include providing several
items featured in the Live Auction!
Christian Sullivan
Walter Riehl
George Weiss
Leilee Weyerhaeuser
Mary Wilcox
We thank you for your support of Museum of Glass!
Carol Baarsma, Docent Liaison
Deborah Lenk, Executive Director
Susan Warner, Artistic Director/Major Gifts Officer
We want to give special recognition and a big thank you to Lina and Lino Tagliapietra, our honorary chairs.
Special thanks also to the Red Hot chairs, Pat and Walt Riehl, and their committee, including Benjamin Cobb,
Brittany Hobson, John Kiley, Lindsay Lagreid, Ian MacNeil, Cathy Sarnat, Paula “Mimi” Simon and Dr. Gail
Weyerhaeuser. Red Hot is quite an undertaking and we cannot thank our chairs and committee enough for
their efforts in creating such a fabulous evening.
Deborah Lenk
Executive Director
Susan Warner
Artistic Director/Major Gifts Officer
Gail T. Weyerhaeuser, Ph.D.
Chair, Board of Trustees
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Acme Wine Company
Acme Wine Company
is proud to support
Museum of Glass and
Red Hot 2015
is proud to support Museum of Glass and the 2014 Red Hot
A percentage of sales online from events will benefit charities
throughout the Northwest through the Adelia M. Fisher Fund
• Wedding •
(206) 352-7858
Acme Wine Company
Stylish Party
is for
Hot Dogs
Home Runs
4 5 0 0 4 t h A v e S o u t h , S e a t t l e WA 9 8 1 3 4
Te l 2 0 6 - 74 9 - 5 4 0 0 F a x 2 0 6 - 74 9 - 5 4 3 2
w w
For tickets call 1-800-745-3000
or visit
The enchanTed ForesT
oF Pilchuck Glass school
A new Auction And celebrAtion of glAss
fridAy, october 30, 2015
fremont studios
seAttle, wAshington
Discover and purchase stunning works from the
world's glass luminaries in silent and live auctions
as the magic of Pilchuck’s campus is transported to
Seattle for one night of art, dining and wonder.
Pilchuck Glass school
aucTion Tour
An exclusive PAcific northwest
Artistic exPerience
october 28 & 29, 2015
tickets on sAle now!
Auction Rules and Information
1. Each guest will receive a bid number upon arrival. Write
your number on the bid sheet when bidding on silent
auction items, and raise your number to bid on live auction
items. Be prepared to bid when price call is made by the
auctioneer, as the process moves quickly.
2. In accordance with laws of the State of Washington, a bid
acknowledged by the live auctioneer is a legal contract to
purchase the item, and a bid acknowledged by the silent
auction official as the top bid is a legal contract to purchase
that silent auction item. By bidding in the live or silent
auction, each bidder agrees to abide by the auction rules
here stated.
3. The BANK will open to receive payments beginning at
9:00 pm. Please pay for all purchases before 10:30 pm.
We will gladly accept your payment by cash, personal or
corporate check, VISA, American Express, MasterCard or
Discover. Please make all checks payable to Museum of
Glass. A receipt suitable for tax purposes will be mailed to
you following the event. Payment in full is required on the
evening of Red Hot, Saturday, September 26, 2015. (Avoid
the lines—see Express Banking procedures.)
4. All purchases/transactions at Red Hot are exempt from
sales tax. All other taxes and licenses are the responsibility of
the purchaser.
5. Museum of Glass is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
Auction payments are tax deductible as a charitable
contribution only to the extent provided by law. Please
consult your tax professional regarding the deductibility of
any auction purchase.
6. All purchases are final. There will be no exchanges or
refunds on items either at Red Hot or the donor’s place of
business, unless otherwise stated.
7. Any item not receiving the required minimum bid may be
removed from the auction.
8. Reservations for experiences must be arranged with
the donor for mutually acceptable dates unless otherwise
9. Unless otherwise noted, all goods and services must be
claimed and used within twelve months of the auction date.
10. Museum of Glass has attempted to describe and catalog
all items accurately, but all items are offered “as is, where
is.” Museum of Glass neither warrants nor represents, and
in no event shall be responsible for, the correctness of
the descriptions, genuineness, authorship, provenance or
condition of the items. No statement made in this catalog,
orally at the auction, or elsewhere shall be deemed such
a warranty, representation or assumption of liability. The
values listed are estimates of fair market value. Items have
not been professionally appraised.
11. Red Hot volunteers may request a bid number. By
bidding in the live or silent auction, each volunteer agrees to
abide by these rules.
Please note
Some auction items, because of size and/or installation
requirements, are not available for pick-up on September 26,
Additional Silent Auction Rules
1. Each item will have a minimum bid.
2. Bid raises must be made in the amounts specified for
each item or the bid will be disqualified.
3. Silent bids cannot be withdrawn. Your bid constitutes a
legal contract to buy.
12. The auctioneer is the final decision-maker on all live
auction activities.
Drawing Rules
13. Most auction items will be available for pick-up on
Saturday, September 26, 2015 in the MOG Store at the
conclusion of the evening. Items not picked up will be
shipped at the buyer’s expense via UPS shipping.
1. $500 is a suggested donation only; no purchase necessary.
Need not be present to win.
2. Museum of Glass staff and family members are not
eligible to participate.
Auction Rules and Information
Artist index
Absentee or Proxy Bidding
Express Pay
Absentee/proxy bidding is available for all items. All proxy
bids must be submitted by 5 pm Tuesday, September
22. To obtain a proxy bid form, contact Kristin Roberts at
253.284.4708 or [email protected] During
the auction, an assigned volunteer will enter bids on the
proxy bidder’s behalf. The maximum proxy bid amount
will not be exceeded. When a proxy bidder is the winner,
he or she will pay the actual bid price, which may or may
not be the maximum bid submitted.
It’s fast and designed to make your evening more enjoyable!
Adams, Micah Adler, Jonathan Armelle Bouchet O’Neill and Raven Skyriver Arto Lahtinen and Helena Welling Ballard, Jeff Bouchet O’Neill, Armelle Branson, Ed Callan, Nancy Cheely, Jean Chihuly, Dale Cobb, Benjamin Cupp, Brandon Davidson, Patricia Davis, Nick
Defebaugh, Jim Dimitrijevic, Niko Dunshee, Barbara Enemark, Hanne Feenan, Gabe What is it?
Express Pay eliminates the need to visit the BANK at the end of
the evening to make payment. At the end of the evening, simply
proceed to item pick-up and completely bypass the BANK line.
How do I sign up?
While registering for Red Hot, you will be asked to provide a
credit card. VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
will all be gladly accepted.
What if I don’t buy anything?
If you don’t make any purchases, we will simply destroy your
credit card information.
When will I know what was charged to my credit card?
An itemized receipt of your purchases will be mailed to you
within 14 business days after the event.
8, 18
35, 78
Gilbert, Sarah Goodwin, Susan Grula, Carrie Hanne Enemark and Louis Thompson HavlÍčková, Jitka Jenny Pohlman and Sabrina Knowles Jensen, Steve Kiley, John Knowles, Sabrina Lahtinen, Arto Lee, Jiyong Liyue, Zhu Lowe, Lynda Marco Polo Designs Marioni, Paul McLane, Shandra Michaud, Michael Vincent Miller, John Mongrain, James 67
35, 78
30, 41, 47
53, 54, 59
17, 49
Artist index
Museum of Glass Hot Shop Team Pampeana Pearce, Simon Pettigrew Stewart, Peggy Pierini, Antoine Pohlman, Jenny Riehl, Walt Roost Rossano, Joseph Rueffert, Amy Ruffner, Ginny Salvadore, Davide Shalabi, Samia Singletary, Preston Skibska, Anna Skyriver, Raven Srinivasan, Anjali Sterling, Lisabeth Tacoma Glassblowing Studio
Holland America Line is proud to sponsor
45, 55, 65, 68, 80
25, 82
Tagliapietra, Lino Thompson, Louis Toikka, Oiva Van Cline, Mary Viñas, Doris Welling, Helena Wolf-Boze, Aaron Woll, Erich Word, Gary Yamano, Hiroshi 37, 39
35, 78
Museum of Glass and Red Hot 2015
Thank you
Artists and donors!
The following art photos are by Duell Fisher:
Item numbers 1, 2, 8, 18, 28, 101, 102, 103, 104, 106, 107,
108, 110, 113, 115, 120, 121, 128, 131, 203, 204, 207, 211,
213, 216, 217, 306, 311, 313, 318
Unless otherwise noted, all other photos were provided
courtesy of the artist(s), donor(s), individual(s) or
organization(s) represented therein.
Museum of Glass
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Tacoma, WA 98402
thank you artists
and art lovers