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East Coast Care 2015 - East Coast
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best home, brighter future
Issue 100 for February / March 2015
MCI (P) 125/02/2015
East Coast Town Council, Block 206 Bedok North Street 1, #01-353, Singapore 460206
QUIZ: Fostering A SAFE
AND Caring Community
Tel: 1800-444 9549
Fax: 6444 0775
Information Screens
at Bedok Interchange
Hawker Centre
The Launch of
Butterfly GARDEN
win A $10
Shopping voucher!
East Coast
Great World
Care 2015
Back on the
Amusement Park
PAGE 8 & 9
Celebrating The Little Red Dot!
Come share with us how you are celebrating this national milestone in our Town.
1800 444 9549
[email protected]
Issue 100 for February/March 2015
F ost er ing A S afe
C ar ing C ommunity
Return your plates after your meal.
Keep the lifts clean and free of litter.
Dispose of bulky items at staircase
Remove water from flower pot plates
on alternate days to prevent breeding
of mosquitoes.
Cycle on the cycling tracks.
Feed the pigeons.
Identify good practices which show that you care for your community. Mark the corresponding boxes with a (
辨认良好习惯,关怀您的社区。请在以下相对的格子打勾 (
Kenal pasti amalan-amalan baik yang menunjukkan bahawa anda mengambil berat terhadap masyarakat anda.
Tandakan kotak yang berkenaan dengan ( ).
cq;fs; rKjhaj;jpd; kPJ cq;fSf;F mf;fiw cs;sJ vd;gijf; fhl;Lfpd;w rpwe;j eilKiwfis milahsk; fz;lwpAq;fs;.
njhlHGila ngl;bfspy; xU ( ) Fwpiaf; Fwpf;fTk;.
Name: _________________________________________________
NRIC: ________________________
1. Fill in your personal details, cut out the quiz and mail to:
Quiz for Issue #100, East Coast Town Council,
Block 206 Bedok North Street 1, #01-353,
Singapore 460206.
Postal Code: _________________________
2. Closing date is 15 May 2015.
3. Only residents of East Coast GRC and Joo Chiat SMC are eligible
to participate.
Contact No.: _________________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________ Division: ____________________________
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Page at https://www.facebook.com/EastCoastTC
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Abdul Rauf Bin Abdul Rahman
Buta Singh
Delphine Goh Luan Chen
Felicia Andiana
Mohamad Zaidi
Nur Dini Binte Ishak TXXX9363H
Siau Sing Ying
Sim Hwee Ling
Teo Ee Kiong
Yeo Jia Yun
best home, brighter future
Issue 100 for February / March 2015
Watch Out
for Inconsiderate Practices at Communal Spaces
Last issue’s quiz was about inconsiderate practices that we should avoid when using communal spaces
such as void decks. Did you get the answers correct? Check them against the list below.
Do not install any
permanent fixtures on
the walls of the void deck
No ball games allowed
Do not park your
motorcycles/ BICYCLES
ILLEGALLY at the void deck
Do not smoke at
the void deck
Be responsible when you use the void deck,
and avoid installing any permanent fixtures
which can damage beams or columns of the
walls. The void deck is common property,
and your deposit will be forfeited if the void
deck is found to be in an unsatisfactory
condition after your event.
A void deck is not built for activities such
as ball games, which can be dangerous as
the ball may hit passers-by. The excessive
noises created during ball games will also
disturb residents.
Park your motorcycles and bicycles at the
designated parking area and bicycles racks
respectively to avoid getting a fine.
As of 15 January 2013, the void deck is a
designated smoke-free area. Please stub
out your cigarettes before entering the void
请不要在组屋底层的墙上装置固定夹具 – 使
Jangan memasang sebarang
lekapan kekal di dinding kolong
blok – Bertanggungjawab apabila anda
menggunakan kolong blok, dan elakkan
daripada memasang sebarang lekapan kekal
yang boleh merosakkan palang atau tiang
dinding. Kolong blok adalah harta benda
umum, dan deposit anda akan ditahan jika
kolong blok didapati dalam keadaan yang
tidak memuaskan selepas acara anda.
fPo;j;jsj;jpy; cs;s ntw;wplj;jpy;
cs;s RtHfspd; kPJ ve;j epiyahd
nghUj;jpfisAk; epWtf; $lhJ –
nePq;fs; efu ikaj;jpy; ,Uf;Fk;
Ntisapy;> cq;fs; kpjptz;bapy; ,Ue;J
,wq;fp> mijj; js;spr; nry;Yq;fs;.
KjpNahHfs;> Foe;ijfs; kw;Wk; fHg;gpzpg;
ngz;fs; Nghd;w jLkhw;wj;Jld; ele;J
nry;gtHfSld; ePq;fs; Nkhjptplhky;
,Ug;gjw;F ,J cjTk;.
不许进行任何球类运动 – 组屋底层不是让居
Permainan bola tidak dibenarkan – Kolong
blok tidak dibina bagi aktiviti-aktiviti seperti
permainan bola, yang boleh membahayakan
oleh kerana bola tersebut mungkin terkena
pejalan kaki. Bunyi bising yang berlebihan
semasa permainan bola juga akan
mengganggu para penduduk.
vj;jifa ge;J tpisahl;LfSf;Fk;
mDkjpapy;iy; – ge;J tpisahl;Lfs;
Nghd;w eltbf;iffSf;fhf fPo;j;jsj;jpy;
cs;s ntw;wplk; fl;lg;gltpy;iy.
me;j ,lj;ijf; fle;J nry;gtHfs;
kPJ ge;J jhf;ff;$Lk; vd;gjhy;> ge;J
tpisahl;L kpfTk; Mgj;jhdjhFk;.
ge;J tpisahl;Lfspd; NghJ vOk;
mjpfg;gbahd rj;jq;fSk; $l
FbapUg;ghsHfSf;Fj; njhe;juit
底层 – 请将您的摩托车和脚踏车停泊在指定
请不要在组屋底层吸烟 – 自2013年1月15日
Jangan meletakkan motosikal/basikal
anda secara haram di kolong blok –
Letakkan motosikal dan basikal anda di
kawasan meletak kereta dan rak basikal
yang ditetapkan untuk mengelakkan
daripada didenda.
Jangan merokok di kolong blok – Berkuat
kuasa 15 Januari 2013, kolong blok adalah
kawasan bebas asap rokok yang ditetapkan.
Sila padamkan puntung rokok anda sebelum
memasuki kolong blok.
fPo;j;jsj;jpy; cs;s ntw;wplj;jpy; cq;fs;
Nkhl;lhHirf;fps;fs;/ kpjptz;bfisr;
rl;ltpNuhjkhf epWj;jf; $lhJ; – mguhjk;
tpjpf;fg;gLtijj; jtpHg;gjw;F> mjw;nfd
xJf;fg;gl;Ls;s epWj;Jkplg; gFjpapYk;>
kpjptz;bfSf;fhd mLf;FfspYk;
KiwNa cq;fs; Nkhl;lhHirf;fps;fisAk;
kpjptz;bfisAk; epWj;Jq;fs;.
fPo;j;jsj;jpy; cs;s ntw;wplj;jpy;
Gifg;gpbf;ff; $lhJ; – 15 [dtup 2013
md;W Kjy;> fPo;j;jsj;jpy; cs;s
ntw;wplk; Gifg;gpbf;ff; $lhj ,lkhf
mwptpf;fg;gl;Ls;sJ. jaTnra;J ePq;fs;
fPo;j;jsj;jpy; cs;s ntw;wplj;jpw;Fs;
Eiotjw;F Kd;dH cq;fs; rpfnul;Lfis
Unveiling OUR Integrated Complex in 2017
With the construction of the Integrated Complex, residents can now enjoy the convenience of having many exciting amenities under one roof:
Kampong Chai Chee
Community Club
Caters to the needs of threegeneration families with a wide
variety of fun and engaging
Sports Centre
Houses comprehensive facilities,
including five swimming pools,
six sheltered tennis courts,
eight badminton courts and two
Sepak Takraw and Silat courts.
Bedok Public Library
Offers cozy corners for residents
to engage in hours of reading
and learning in comfort.
Bedok Polyclinic
Boasts age-friendly facilities
such as barrier-free access,
non-slip floors and handrails
along corridors to help elderly
residents move around safely.
Eldercare Centre
Supports seniors in the
community with a range of
services specially tailored to
meet their multiple-care needs.
New Year
There was much festive cheer around the Town as residents of East Coast,
joined by their Members of Parliament, came together to usher in the Year of
the Goat. At these celebrations, residents exchanged auspicious greetings
with one another as they looked forward to a prosperous year ahead.
Besides feasting, they were treated to exciting cultural performances and
revelled in the festivities. Residents of other races also joined their Chinese
neighbours in these gatherings which were held across various divisions
in East Coast Town. We wish all residents happiness, prosperity and good
health in the Year of the Goat!
best home, brighter future
Issue 100 for February / March 2015
Information Screens at
Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre
Residents who patronise the Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre located at Blk
208B, New Upper Changi Road can now be easily kept updated about the activities
that are taking place in their neighbourhood. On 8 February, Member of Parliament,
Mr Lee Yi Shyan officiated the launch of two LED screens which were installed at
the hawker centre. Not only will these LED screens inform residents of upcoming
events, important issues concerning the Town can also be communicated to the
residents easily. Residents can also expect to know more about useful products
and services via advertisements on the left screen.
best home, brighter future
L aunc h
Issue 100 for February / March 2015
But t erfly Garden
On 21 March, Member of Parliament, Mr Lee Yi Shyan officiated the opening of the Butterfly Garden at
Garden Hill Park. Residents, as well as students and teachers from the nearby schools came to admire
the floral and fauna of the garden, which is situated right at the heart of the neighbourhood at Bedok
North Street 1. There were plenty to see— Crown Flower, Coromandel, Scarlet Spiral Flag, and most
anticipated of all, the butterflies. The residents were excited at being able to observe the butterflies up
close, and had the opportunity to handle them as well. This is a community effort, and residents have
been appointed as ‘Garden Ambassadors’ to help care for and maintain this green oasis in our Town.
Bringing the dazzling display of lanterns from
River Hongbao 2015 to Kampong Chai Chee
The lanterns were on display in front of the Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre located at Blk 208B New Upper Changi Road.
East Coast Care 2 15
On 22 March, residents who participated in the event, East Coast Care 2015, had a taste of nostalgia at the Bedok Temporary Bus Interchange. A replica
of the obelisk similar to the one at the now defunct Great World Amusement Park, which was wildly popularly in the 1950s, formed part of the main
entrance. There was an exciting line-up of activities such as cultural performances, a showcase of vintage cars, favourite childhood games, and rides for
the children. Members of Parliament, Mr Lim Swee Say, Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Dr Mohd Maliki Osman and Ms Jessica Tan were present and joined the residents
as they relived their fond memories. It was an unforgettable night where residents from different divisions, age groups and races bond among themselves.
best home, brighter future
Issue 100 for February / March 2015
Programmes Available:
Hotline: 6789 0440
egisteR foR ouR
pRogRammes now and Receive a fRee sling
chinese new yeaR Red packets.
► New SpaciouS premiSe
► cool ScieNce lab
► iT-eNhaNced iNTeracTive
whiTeboard TeachiNg
► broader SpecTrum
• Positive Baby & Tots Programmes for
6 - 36 months
simei eastpoint
• Positive Phonics for 3 - 6 years old
• English, Science, Mathematic, Chinese
programmes for Primary and Secondary
• Social Studies / History for Sec 3 & 4
► Same Team of eNergeTic
& dedicaTed TeacherS +
New Squad of faNTaSTic
English | 华文 | Mathematics | Science | Biology | Physics | Chemistry | Social Studies | History | Positive Baby & Tots Programmes | Phonics
P ionee r s
O ur Town
Mdm Maryam Andy, 73, and Mr Chow Keng Sun, 66, are two sprightly Pioneers whose active lifestyles inspire us. Judging from the way they serve the
East Coast community and carry out their duties energetically, it will be hard to tell their age.
Mdm Maryam’s eyes shine brightly as she talks about her work as a
grassroots leader — a commitment which she has kept for more than
40 years. In her current roles as the Assistant Treasurer of the Women’s
Executive Committee (WEC) and member of the Bedok Citizens’
Consultative Committee (CCC), she is able to share her experiences and
insights gained throughout the years. With her background in teaching, it is
no wonder that Mdm Maryam also has an interest in nurturing the younger
generation and to get them to volunteer. With a keen eye for aesthetics
and nimble fingers, she is known for creating beautiful fruit and vegetable
carvings, and has conducted classes to teach residents. Mdm Maryam
shares, “We are remembered more for our kindness, our generosity in
sharing, and for our contributions and services.” Clearly, she enjoys what
she does, and attributes the support from fellow WEC and CCC members
as a source of encouragement for her to continue with her service.
As the Senior Property Officer with the Town Council, Mr Chow often
receives feedback from residents on areas in the neighbourhood which
require his attention, such as damaged facilities and cleanliness of the
common corridors. It is no wonder that the first thing he does every
morning at work is to check for the emails from residents. Prompt and
methodical in his approach, Mr Chow will usually call the residents to find
out more about the problem and conduct inspections before deciding
on an appropriate solution. In instances where the cases do not come
under the Town Council’s management, he will refer the matter to the right
agency and work with the agency to resolve it. Mr Chow is equally aware
of the importance of communicating with residents on their concerns, and
takes the time explain the situation and follow-up action to them. He also
enjoys the outdoor, and engages in jogging and swimming; and was even
a canoe instructor for the People’s Association!
In the subsequent issues, look out for more stories about the Pioneers serving our estate and their dedication to our community.
Personal Data Protection Notification
The Town Council’s collection, use and disclosure of your personal data are described in its Personal Data Protection Policy, a copy
of which is available at the Town Council office and accessible online at http://www.ectc.org.sg/. Please note that, by using the Town
Council’s services, you signify that you have read, understood and agreed to relevant portions of the Policy.
The Town Council may collect and use your personal data where permitted by applicable law and for purposes that include collection
of Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC), collection of mortgage instalment and rental on behalf of Housing & Development Board,
processing bookings of Town Council facilities and requests for Town Council services, administration of financial assistance and
S&CC instalment payment plan, administration of quizzes, surveys and polls, responding to enquires and feedback, sending updates
on estate matters, and/or internal audit, publicity and research purposes.
The Town Council may disclose your personal data where permitted by applicable law to our service providers for
purposes described above, to public agencies for funding, reporting, statistical, research, survey or follow-up purposes,
and/or to your authorised proxies or representatives.
The Town Council may modify the Policy at any time by giving you notice via our website, newsletters and/or noticeboards.
Use of the Town Council’s services after such notification signifies acceptance of the relevant modifications.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the Policy, please contact our Data Protection Officer at:
East Coast Town Council Tel: 1800-4449549 E-mail: [email protected]
best home, brighter future
Issue 100 for February / March 2015
Cleaner Air with the New
and Improved Eco Burners
Eco Burners were first introduced by Nee Soon Town
Council in their estates in July 2014. The supplier has made
improvements to the burners after gathering feedback
from the residents.
With better air circulation within the bin and a more
complete combustion process, these stainless steel
burners produce half the amount of smoke and just 3%
of the ashes as compared to the traditional burners.
As a pilot project in our Town, we have ordered these
improved Eco Burners and placed them in various
neighbourhoods. We will continue to monitor the
feedback on these new Eco Burners, before introducing
them to every estate in our Town.
We hope that the new Eco Burners will help to regulate
the smoke generated so that residents can enjoy cleaner
air and better air circulation during the festivals.
Go Green
with Sembcorp
and Win!
Article contributed by SembWaste Pte Ltd
Sembcorp, appointed public waste collector for the Bedok sector, has two easy and popular programmes to promote
Mr Ong Chu Kim frm Blk 31 Bedok South Ave 2 was
spotted depositing recyclables.
• Go Green Lucky Draw: Bag your recyclables with a lucky draw coupon before depositing them into a recycling bin.
Three lucky winners are picked every quarter to receive vouchers from Sembcorp.
• Spot-Captain-Green: A Sembcorp representative randomly approaches residents who are spotted placing
recyclables into recycling bins. The lucky residents are awarded with $50 in NTUC vouchers on the spot.
Contact Sembcorp to find out more.
Customer Service Hotline: 1800 278 6135
Email: [email protected]
Miss Hu Qing Xiang from Blk 422 Bedok North St 1 was
spotted depositing recyclables and rewarded.
Hong Bao Presentation Ceremony
On 8 February, Member of Parliament, Mr Lim Swee Say graced the Hong Bao Presentation
Ceremony held at Bedok Community Centre, where he distributed hong baos as well as trolleys
containing daily necessities to disadvantaged residents. 53 residents benefited from these timely
gifts, which brought them festive cheer as they looked forward to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
Youths from the Bedok T-Net Club and Youth Executive Committee were also present and showed
their concern for the pioneers by helping out with the distribution of gifts and mingling with the
Conversation on Budget 2015
Member of Parliament, Ms Jessica Tan facilitated the dialogue session, “Building Our Future, Strengthening Social Security” on 7 March at the multipurpose hall at Changi Simei Community Club. The session saw a healthy turnout of about 80 residents who shared their opinions about the initiatives
announced for Budget 2015. Among the topics of conversation were the enhanced CPF savings, the Silver Support scheme for the elderly, and
programmes which supported skills upgrading and parents with young children. The session was fruitful and residents expressed their appreciation at
the efforts made to engage them personally to seek their views on Budget 2015.
best home, brighter future
Issue 100 for February / March 2015
Lunar New Year Party 2015
Residents of Fengshan had an early start to their Lunar New Year celebrations on 24 January at the hardcourt of Fengshan Community Club (CC). Plenty
of activities were lined up for both the young and the old. Residents picked up a few tips on creating their own festive pieces – such as lantern making,
paper cutting and Chinese calligraphy – to brighten up their homes at the handicraft booths. Participants at the event helped to decorate four large
panels which showed well-wishes for the year in Chinese characters. The panels were subsequently displayed at the CC as a Lunar New Year decorative
centrepiece. Member of Parliament, Mr Raymond Lim joined residents in this meaningful event.
Locking Hearts
There are many ways to show your affection for your loved ones. Residents, both young and old, chose the fun and fit way by participating in the
Valentine Run 2015 held on 15 February. Decked out in the event’s purple T-shirt, participants were in high spirits and there was an air of excitement at
Bedok Reservoir Park where the run was held. Members of Parliament, Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Mr Lim Swee Say, Ms Jessica Tan and Dr Mohd Maliki Osman
were also present at this event. During the Pledge of Love, residents showed their love and commitment to their family and friends by attaching a lock
on a red heart-shaped structure.
KG Chai Chee
Siglap Community Centre Open House
On 31 January, the revamped Siglap Community Centre (CC) had its opening to much fanfare.
The centre was abuzz with activities, and residents were entertained by an exciting line-up of
performances such as line dancing, meridian flapping exercise demonstration and karaoke
sung by interest groups. Grassroots leaders were also on hand to share about the initiatives
and programmes which cater to residents’ interests. A watercolour painting showing the newly
renovated Sigalp CC was unveiled. Member of Parliament, Dr Mohd Maliki Osman was present
as the guest-of-honour and penned his signature on the painting.
Spreading Love TO THE ELDERLY
Under the Spreading Love Showing Care - Give a Heart Project 2015, a group of seniors, led by
volunteers, visited the Trick Eye Museum where they had an enjoyable time striking their creative
poses with the 3D paintings. This meaningful event reached out to the elderly who were staying
alone and/or in the lower-income group to spread the festive joy to them during Chinese New
Year. After the visit, a buffet lunch was held and the event ended on a heart-warming note with the
seniors gathering together for lo hei it was certainly a great way to kick off the Lunar New Year!
Joo chiat
best home, brighter future
Issue 100 for February / March 2015
Changi Simei CC
6781 6058
Creative Rubber Stamp Making
16 Apr 2015, 7pm – 8pm
Contact Bedok CC at 6442 5317 for more details
Baby Singapore 2015
23 May 2015, 9am
Contact Bedok CC at 6442 5317 for more details
Baby Care Workshop for All
6 Jun 2015, 2pm – 5pm
Contact Bedok CC at 6442 5317 for more details
Car Engine Technologies and
Maintenance Aspect
14 Jun 2015, 2pm – 4pm
Contact Bedok CC at 6442 5317 for more details
Women Wellness Programme
19 Apr 2015, 10am – 1pm
Changi Simei CC Multi-purpose Hall
Hair for Hope
31 May 2015
Contact Changi Simei CC at 6781 6058 for more details
CC Open House
7 Jun 2015, 10am – 2pm
Contact Changi Simei CC at 6781 6058 for more details
Baby Singapore
11 Apr 2015, 9am
Fengshan CC
Ms Ong Yanyi
6441 2412
Raymond Lim Street Soccer
Challenge 2015
25 Apr 2015, 12pm – 7pm
Street Soccer Court at Blk 125 Bedok North St 2
Mr Goh Ah Soon
6441 2412
Fengshan Sports Day 2015
16 May 2015, 9am – 12pm
Fengshan CC
Mr Goh Ah Soon
6441 2412
Project K.an
18 Apr 2015
Contact Kg Chai Chee CC at 6241 9878 for more details
19 Apr 2015
Contact Kg Chai Chee CC at 6241 9878 for more details
Indian New Year Celebration 2015
9 May 2015
Contact Kg Chai Chee CC at 6241 9878 for more details
Ayurvedic Clinic
(Traditional Indian Medicine)
Every 2nd and 4th Mon of the month,
Siglap CC
6pm – 8pm
Mr Teo Yongyang
6449 8040
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Every 3rd Sat of the month,
7pm – 9pm
Siglap CC
Ms Teo Peijun
6449 8040
Children’s Football League
Every Sat, 4.30pm – 6pm
Football field in front of Blk 163 Bedok South Rd
Ms Zakiah Musa
6449 8040
TCM Talk (Prevention to Lower Back Pain)
26 Apr 2015, 3pm – 5pm
Contact Mr Ed Ng at 6241 1925 for more details
SG50 Mother’s Day High-Tea
23 May 2015, 2pm – 5pm
Siglap South CC
Mdm Law
6241 1925
KG CHAI CHEE Its Fitness Time
The above dates and venues are accurate at press time. Please call to check.
RC Recycling Schedule
for APRIL & MAY 2015
April & May 2015
Organised by
Every 3rd Sunday
19 Apr & 17 May 2015
10.30am – 12pm
Blk 37 Bedok South Ave 2 #01-445
Bedok Bunga Merah RC
Every last Sunday
26 Apr & 31 May 2015
9am – 11am
Blk 10C Bedok South Ave 2 #01-562
Bedok Orchid RC
Every last Sunday
26 Apr & 31 May 2015
8.30am – 10am
Blk 51 New Upper Changi Rd #01-1500
Bedok Ixora RC
Every last Saturday
25 Apr & 30 May 2015
9am – 11am
Blk 111 Bedok North Rd #01-323/325
Fengshan Jade RC
Every 1st Sunday
5 Apr & 3 May 2015
9am – 10am
Blk 124 Bedok North Rd #01-155
Fengshan Crystal RC
Every 2nd Sunday
12 Apr & 10 May 2015
10am – 12pm
Blk 93 Bedok North St 4 #01-1461
Fengshan Topaz RC
Every 3rd Sunday
19 Apr & 17 May 2015
9am – 11am
Blk 104 Bedok North Ave 4 #01-2186
Fengshan Pearl RC
Kg Chai Chee
Every 2nd Saturday
11 Apr & 9 May 2015
11am – 1pm
Blk 138 Bedok North St 2 #01-147
Kg Chai Chee Ruby RC
Every 2nd Sunday
12 Apr &10 May 2015
11am – 1pm
Blk 221A Bedok Central #01-70
Kg Chai Chee Linear Green RC
Every last Sunday
26 Apr & 31 May 2015
9.30am – 11.30am
Blk 765 Bedok Reservoir View
Kg Chai Chee Longvale RC
Every 3rd Saturday
18 Apr & 16 May 2015
11am – 1pm
Blk 167 Bedok South Ave 3 #01-501
Siglap East RC
Every last Sunday
26 Apr & 31 May 2015
1pm – 3pm
Blk 71 Bedok South Rd #01-250
Siglap Lucky Valley RC
Your Members of Parliament
Meet the People Sessions (MPS)
Every Monday (except Public Holidays)
Mr Raymond Lim Siang Keat
Ms Jessica Tan Soon Neo
Mr Lee Yi Shyan
Mr Lim Swee Say
Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman
Mr Charles Chong You Fook
MPS : Mondays at 7.30pm
Venue: Blk 119 Bedok North Rd
#01-209 Singapore 460119
Tel : 6442 9954
Fax : 6244 1306
Email : [email protected]
Chairman of East Coast Town Council
MPS : Mondays at 7.30pm
Venue: Blk 131 Simei St 1
#01-208 Singapore 520131
Tel : 6587 0680
Fax : 6587 0681
Email : [email protected]
Senior Minister of State
Ministry of Trade & Industry and
Ministry of National Development
Vice-Chairman of East Coast Town Council
MPS : Mondays at 7.30pm
Venue: Blk 408 Bedok North Ave 2
#01-38 Singapore 460408
Tel : 6241 9935
Fax : 6241 9935
Email : [email protected]
Prime Minister’s Office
MPS : Mondays at 7.30pm
Venue: Blk 30 New Upper Changi Rd
#01-784 Singapore 461030
Tel : 6442 1955
Fax : 6442 9210
Email : [email protected]
Mayor, South East District
Minister of State
Ministry of Defence and Ministry
of National Development
Vice-Chairman of East Coast Town Council
MPS : Mondays at 8.00pm
Venue: Blk 70 Bedok South Rd
#01-278 Singapore 460070
Additional MPS: Every last Friday at 8.00pm
(except Public Holidays)
Venue: Blk 3 Changi Village Rd
(facing Changi Ferry Terminal)
Tel : 6241 5840 Fax : 6449 5329
Email : [email protected]
Deputy Speaker
MPS : Mondays at 7.30pm
Venue: 15 Lorong K Telok Kurau
Singapore 425611
Tel : 6346 0121
Fax : 6348 0289
Email : [email protected]
Emergency and Useful Numbers
Please call the Town Council at 1800-444-9549 if you have
any query/feedback on the following:
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
Email: [email protected] ---------------------------- 6287 5355
Estate maintenance
Conservancy and cleaning work on common property such as
void decks, common corridors and car parks • Mechanical or
electrical equipment such as lifts, water pumps, switch rooms
and lighting • Landscaping and horticulture maintenance
Traffic lights
Land Transport Authority (LTA) ----------------------1800-225 5582
Email: [email protected]
Enforcement action
Illegal parking of motor vehicles on common property • Illegal
display of signs and banners • Illegal plucking of fruit or shrubs
• Indiscriminate dumping of unwanted items • Pilferage of Town
Council’s water and electricity • Vandalism of Town Council’s
To ensure immediate attention on your feedback,
contact these agencies directly for the following:
Environmental pollution, crows
National Environment Agency (NEA) ------------1800-225 5632
Email: [email protected]
Department of Public Cleanliness (DPC) --------1800-600 3333
Email: [email protected]
CDC/FSCs/Community Clubs/Centres
South East CDC -------------------------------------------6243 8753
Community Mediation Centre -----------------------------6325 1600
Trans Centre (TRANS Family Services) ----------------6449 0762
Moral Family Service Centre -------------------------------6449 1440
Care Corner Family Service Centre (Tampines) ----------6786 6225
Bedok Community Centre ---------------------------------6442 5317
Changi Simei Community Club ---------------------------6781 6058
Fengshan Community Club -------------------------------6449 5136
Kg Chai Chee Community Centre ------------------------6241 9878
Siglap Community Centre ---------------------------------6449 8040
Siglap South Community Centre -------------------------6241 1925
Police Hotline ------------------------------------------ 1800-255 0000
Bedok North NPC ------------------------------------- 1800-244 9999
Bedok South NPC------------------------------------- 1800-244 8999
Stray animals
The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) -----1800-476 1600
Email: [email protected]
Leases, tenancies, renovationS, permits,
season parking
Housing Development Board (HDB) ---------------------6490 1111
General enquiries: [email protected]
Car Park matters: [email protected]
Changi NPC ---------------------------------------1800-587 2999
Bedok NPP ---------------------------------------1800-241 9999
Joo Chiat NPP ------------------------------------1800-345 9999
Siglap NPP ----------------------------------------1800-448 9999
Tanah Merah NPP --------------------------------1800-449 9999
Emergency Services
Fire / Ambulance -----------------------------------------------995
Ambulance Service (non-emergency) -----------------------1777
Police / Radio Police Car --------------------------------------999
Traffic Jam / Accident Reporting ---------------------6547 1818
Traffic Police (Enquiries) -------------------------------6547 0000
Singapore Power
Piped Gas Supply --------------------------------1800-752 1800
Water Supply ------------------------------------- 1800-284 6600
Electricity ------------------------------------------1800-778 8888
Essential Numbers
24-Hour Essential
Maintenance Service -----------------------------1800-275 5555
HDB Branch Office Service Line ----------------1800-225 5432
• Sanitary Works
Nam Plumbing Engineering Pte Ltd ------------------9666 7057
• Building Works
Quek & Tan Building Contractors Pte Ltd -----------9298 0971
• Electrical Works
Chuan Soon M&E Pte Ltd ---------------------------- 8661 5996
* For more information, visit www.ectc.org.sg.
Co-Chairman :
Mr Lim Joo Kwan, JP, BBM(L) (Bedok)
Mr Jason Ong, BBM (Changi Simei)
Mr Larry Chua (Bedok)
Mr Chandran Nantha Kumar (Changi Simei)
Mr Suresh Kumar (Fengshan)
Mr Wilson Chua (Fengshan)
Mr Sebastian Sim (Kg Chai Chee)
Ms Lee Yee Theng (Siglap)
Ms Chen Ngee Ann (Joo Chiat)
Ms Jolene Wood and Ms Mak Cheng Cheng

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