March 2011 - Western States Farriers Association


March 2011 - Western States Farriers Association
March / April 2011
By Alice Johnson
On February 5th and 6th
the WSFA held a Blacksmithing Clinic at Alice
Johnson’s Forge in Morgan Hill in order to create
an AFA chapter auction
item for the March convention.
Mike Chisham, WSFA
President, designed an
amazing wine rack and
provided all the specialty
tools needed to complete
his vision.
Nearly a dozen chapter
members worked over six
coal fires during the first
day to texture the vines,
and leaves and to create
the delicate tendrils that
would wind around the
Danny Love, Shelee Lyon,
Walt Neel, Travis and Alice J ohnson, David
Bivens , Frank Pickell,
Nick Crane and Mike
DeLeonardo all worked
together under Mike’s direction. We had a blast.
There was plenty of work
to be done on the second
day, as there was as much
time spent on the finish
work as the fabrication itself.
Every piece was polished
and carefully welded into
place and then polished
some more.
Lexington, bought six more
bottles of wine, and donated
it all to the auction. There
was a little friendly competition as six different chapters submitted items including an amazing coffee table
from Alabama.
But by the end of the night
our Wine Rack sold for the
highest price of the entire
auction. Craig Quinn, the
director of the Four Corners
Clinic & Contest, bought it
for $1,350.00.
We’re not done yet, as the
wine rack will be raffled off
to make money for their
contest, more info on that
available at
Mike Chisham
P.O. Box 82
Petaluma, Ca 94953
[email protected]
Vice President:
Walt Neel
494 So. Plano
Porterville, Ca 93257
[email protected]
Danny Love
P.O. Box 113
Knightsen, Ca 94548
[email protected]
Shelee Lyon
25040 Old Julian Hwy.
Ramona, Ca 92065
[email protected]
Dave North came by to
add some insight and just
A little more heat and
magic started to happen as
leaves were burnished with
brass and the grapes, made
from assorted ball bearings, turned a blue/purple
patina. A final coat of wax
and six now empty bottles
of wine finished off the
We shipped the wine rack
to the AFA convention in
Board Members
Larkin Greene
610 Andres Court
Roseville, Ca 95678
[email protected]
Alice Johnson
16155 Hill Rd.
Morgan Hill, Ca 95037
[email protected]
Bob Mederos
601 Gracie Lane
Brentwood, Ca 94513
Bryan passed
away on Feb. 25,
Born on April 28,
1937 in Buffalo,
NY he was a valued member of the
California industry
serving as blacksmith, farrier and
owner of Bryan
Horseshoe Supply
in Lakeside, for more than three decades.
In lieu of flowers the family requests donations to San Diego County Farrier's Association to the Denny Bryan Memorial Fund.
Call George Barnard (619) 719-6201 for information.
Denny’s longtime friend Ada Gates Patton remembers him this way:
I got “off the boat” in California in 1977 and made a bee line for the harness track at
Hollywood Park, desperate for an apprenticeship with the some of the highest grade
farrier blacksmiths in the industry—the harness horse shoers.
I had long admired their skill in the forge, their skill in the trim, shoeing horses to have
them trot clean in a racing venue that’s full of hitting horses. Four handmade bar shoes in
a perfect fit, made from scratch and nailed in an hour—Unbelievable.
And there he was... Denny Bryan.
As big as a minute and one of the very top hands. Funny, involved, smart, approachable,
helpful, no ego in the way, and miraculously, not offish at all to a girl horseshoer. He
acted as if I was perfectly normal and took me in hand, over to his forge, and immediately
started showing me things.
In walked Harry Patton, by chance over visiting that day with his long time close friend.
Denny introduced us and the rest is history. Harry became my mentor for the runners and
through the next 23 years we spent hours and hours with Denny - in LA or down at his
shop in Lakeside. He was always positive, always inspiring to me, just a common sense
brilliant man to the core.
I was dumbfounded and stricken to hear we had lost him. The end of an era for me, for
sure, he took all those times with him, he was my last strong connection of that generation
to Harry. Even after Harry was gone, he stayed my friend and protector.
I am so sorrowful to have lost such a grand man.
A long-time fixture in
the farrier industry,
Beth Garner, passed
away in late January.
Robert, the current owner of G.E. Forge
& Tool. In addition she served as a
“second mom” to several neighborhood
children, was active with the League of
Women Voters and was a strong advoOne of the owners
of G.E. Forge & Tool cate for minorities, disadvantaged and
others who were discriminated against.
in Grover Beach,
Calif. She was 93.
After purchasing G.E. Tool & Forge, the
family moved to Grover Beach, where
Garner grew up in
she played an active role in the business
rural Ohio, attended business college and
and served as a visionary in the farrier
moved to California in 1942 where she
worked for the National Concert and Artist’s industry for many years.
Corp. in Hollywood.
She had three children, Ann, Susan and
She also helped form the Farrier Industry Association and was instrumental in
promoting hoof-care education and research.
After retirement, she traveled throughout
the world with her trusted friend John
As a family members recalled :
“She lived life to the fullest and enjoyed
many adventures and people along the
way. She will be remembered for her
easy laugh and he ‘glass half-full’ approach to life.
   
       
 
How often can you find a Win-win-win
situation and get to party too?
But that is exactly what you can look forward to if you take part in the Northern
California Classic Warm-up and 6th Annual
Jay Sharp Invitational Farrier Forging &
Match Play set for April 9th & 10th at the
Danny Love Arena in Brentwood.
The event starts at 8 am on Saturday with
a hands on workshop featuring Gerard
Laverty CJF, AFA Provisional Examiner
geared to mentor those interested in taking the American Farriers Certification
test. Bob Mederos CJF, AFA Examiner;
and Don Davis CJF, AFA Tester, will
also be on hand to help out.
Meanwhile, farriers preparing to compete
in the Northern California Classic will
have an opportunity to work closely with
excellent clinicians, Nick Rossi, CJF and
Robbie Mederos, CJF throughout the day.
Monies from this event will be returned to
the Western States Farriers Association to
be used as prize monies for the Northern
California Classic Contest 2011. Participants not only get first hand expert help
forging contest shoes but increase the
prize money that they will win at the
In the afternoon as the workshop continues
everyone is also invited to celebrate Jay
Sharp’s 91st birthday at a party featuring a
live auction and display of some of Jay
truly amazing handmade, shoes, bits and
other works of art.
Sunday the Match Play Contest , Open
Judging and Clinic will continue with a
chance for prizes and a pay out.
Clinic $125 ___________
Match Play Contest $ 50_____________
Total enclosed_____________
Each competitor number is put in a hat
and pairs are drawn to compete against
each other. The winner of each pair
moves to the next bracket, the eliminated competitors draw for a hands on
session with Gerard while the next
bracket of competition takes place. This
repeats until the final round of 3-5 competitors are left for final bracket of
match play. – Hands on clinic with
eliminated competitors during contest
Bracket #1- Pair front ¾ fullered 3/8 x
¾ - 25 min.
Bracket #2 – Pair hind ¾ fullered 3/8 x
¾ - 25 min
Bracket #3 – To Be Announced
Bracket #4 – To Be Announced
Match Play Pay out - $500 plus 50% of
Entries –
The winner also receives: Buckle, and
Name Plaque on The Isaac Sharp Memorial Perpetual Trophy
Jackpot class - After Match Play there
will be an additional class of judge’s
choice - entry fee to be decided - with
100% pay out.
Need a Place to Stay?
The Comfort Suite
5540 Bridehead Rd., Oakley CA 94565
Please RSVP Danny Love 925-628-5814 or Alice Johnson 408-590-7386
Phone: 925-755-1222 
Western States Farrier’s Association Membership Form
Name of Business:___________________________________
City:___________________State:___________ Zip:________
AFA #: __________
Intern _____
CTF _____
Home phone#: ____________
Work phone #: ____________
Cell phone #: ____________
Fax phone # ____________
Date of Birth:____/____/__
Non Farrier_____
Email address:_________________________________________________________________
Intern/student (limit 1 yr).........................$25 _____ MasterCard-Visa-Debit Credit cards accepted:
Call 707 396 0012
Mentor membership (60 yr or older).......$25 _____
Regular membership..............................$75 _____ Make checks out to WSFA
Please mail to: WSFA c/o Mike Chisham P.O. Box 82 Petaluma, Ca 94953
Clinicians and Judges
Anvil Brand, Castle Plastics, Cooper Diamond, Equine Innovations, FPD, Horseshoe Barn, G E Tool,
Horseshoe Mart, Jim Keith Tools, Delta Mustad, NC Tool, Sierra South Horseshoeing School ,
Thorobred, Washoe Valley, Western Saddlery, Vettec, & Harry Patton Horseshoeing Supplies
       
  
 
  
Event fees before May 1, 2011:
Event fees after May 1, 2011
 
  
  
Contest fees: (Deadline May 1, 2011)
 
 
 
Make all checks to: WSFA Memo: NCC -Mail to : WSFA c/o Shelee Lyon 25040 Old Julian Hwy. Ramona, CA 92065
*For credit cards or further info contact: Shelee Lyon 760-207-8288
DIV I – Shoe modifications at AFA Certified Level
all nails of your choice
Class A - 60 min
Front pattern –2 hind pattern keg shoes to fit front pattern
One pair front shoes, deep seated with rocker toes
from a pair of Delta Challenger TS 8mm #1 hinds
Class B - 60 min –
Front pattern – 2 hind pattern keg shoes to fit same front pattern
1) Front pattern with a toe clip, hunter fit heels,
from a Delta Challenger TS 7mm #0 hind
2) Front pattern with a toe clip, full support heels,
from a Delta Challenger TS 7mm #0 hind
Class C - Double Points - 60 min 3 front pattern keg shoes to fit same hind pattern
1) Hind pattern - Square toe with extended heels ,
from a Delta Challenger TS 7mm #1 front
2) Hind pattern - Quarter clipped,
from a Delta Challenger TS 7mm #0 front
3) Hind pattern - Rim shoe with trailer.
from a #1 St.Croix Surefit front rim
DIV II – AFA Journeyman Level
(# denotes Book of Shoes #) all nails of your choice
Class A - 60 min – set of 4 shoes
1 & 2) Pair fronts - 5/16 x ¾ x 11 ½, plain punched 6 nails (# 102)
3 & 4) Pair hinds – 5/16 x ¾ x 11, plain punched 6 nails (# 104)
Class B - 60 min – two front shoes to fit same pattern,
cut stock to fit your pattern
1) 3/4 Fullered, side clips, 6 nails 5/16 x3/4 x 14
hunter fit heels
2) Plain punched, toe clip. 6 nails 5/16 x3/4 x 14
full support heels
Class C- 60 min -double points-pair hind pattern
Pair hind straight bar shoes - ¾ fullered, 5/16 x ¾ x 14”.
6 nails (#13)
DIV III - Open - AFA Therapeutic & Specialty Endorsement Level (# denotes Book of Shoes #) – all nails of your choice
Class A – 60 min – 2 Front shoes
Class B – 60 min – 2 Shoes
1) Wedge shoe 2 degree, 3/8 x ¾ x 14, toe clip, plain punched,
1) Deep seated bar shoe, 3/8 x ¾ x 14, fullered, 6
nails (#100)
7 nails (#27)
Front Pattern
2) Egg Bar, 3/8 x ¾ x 14, fullered, side clips, rocker toe, 6 nails
2) Spavin shoe, 3/8 x ¾ x 12, swelled heels rocker
toe, plain punched 6 nails(#91)Hind Pattern
Class C – Double Points- 60 min – 2 Hind shoes
1) Lateral toe extension bar shoe, 3/8 x ¾ x 15, fullered, 8 nails (#68)
2) Caulk and feathered heels ,3/8 x ¾ x 12½, ¾ fullered, 6 nails of choice (#19)
P.O. Box 82
Petaluma, Ca. 94953
WSFA 2011 Calendar
March 31 3:00 pm Draft Horse Shoeing Demo with Clint Woods
at the Tulare Co Fairgrounds Ca Draft Horse and Equipment Sale
& Auction
April: 9-10 Northern California Classic Warm-up and Jay Sharp
Invitational Knightsen, Ca.
Contact Danny Love 925-628-5814 or Alice Johnson 408-5907386
May: 11-14 Northern California Classic in Placerville, Ca.
Contact Shelee Lyon 760-788-0665
Sept: AFA Certification in Central Valley TBA
Very Nice Hilason English
Ladies Side Saddle, 17.5 inch
Brown Leather with balance strap,
girth and stirrup, adjustable horns,
very comfortable used only about 6
times. Paid more than $600 will
take a reasonable offer.
Call Shelly 408-776-8515
Sept: 23-24 Edward Martin Perpetual in Grass Valley, Ca.
Contact Jean Meneley 775-233-9937
Nov. WSFA Winter Meet TBA.

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