06_02_2010 MAIL Feb 06 Sat Main First26-27


06_02_2010 MAIL Feb 06 Sat Main First26-27
Western Mail
Saturday, 6 February 2010
On the heels of fashion
Edited by: Claire Rees
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Victoria Beckham squeezed back into a pair of
after the snaps of her in flip-flops sparked a new
Spice Girl refuses to let the threat of painful foot
tall, Claire Rees chats to a woman who admits
Peter Andre
We’re neither Team Peter nor Team Katie, and
usually find the pair of them annoying in almost
equal measure. But we think he deserves some
support after the very public
break-up got really ugly this
week. We felt pretty sorry for
Pete as he broke down on live
TV discussing the custody of
his children. Uncomfortable
The Oscars
Stars like Colin Firth and, left,
newcomer Carey Mulligan’s
downright sweet reactions
to being nominated have
us even more excited than
normal about the biggest
event in Hollywood. We
can’t wait for March 7.
The shapely legs
of Victoria
Beckham in a
pair of
towering heels
Going Down:
Following the Welsh boy who was addicted to
sunbeds and injections on Girls Aloud
singer Nicola Roberts’ documentary
The Truth About Tanning, we’re
finding it less easy to make excuses
for going overboard on holiday.
Surely we’re getting the message
Sandra Bullock
After all her efforts, the actress
has finally been Oscarnominated for best
actress in The Blind
Side, only to be
insulted with another
nod from the
Razzies for Worst
Actress of 2009,
for box office flop
All About Steve.
Poor Sandra, talk
about giveth with
one hand and taketh with
another, left.
is it
worth it?
My feet have
got so bad now,
there is a corn
on every toe
Macnamara wore
high heels through
both pregnancies
Lydia Whitfield tried the Clarins Advanced Facial
at Clarins Skin Spa, House of Fraser, Cardiff
What they say...
Delivers a moisture rush to dehydrated or sensitive
skin, to counteract the effects of pollution,
air-conditioning and stress. Taut skin feels silky-soft,
comfortable and glowing again.
What we say...
There’s a choice of three with this one hour 20 minute
facial, depending on which problem you want to
address. From the Youth Booster, Skin Firmer and
Thirsty Skin Soother, I chose the latter to target my
parched, over-treated and winter-beaten skin.
Treatments take place in a private room behind the main
Clarins counter and it was initially a little tough to zone
out with shoppers and noisy kids the other side of the
door, but it was only a matter of minutes before I was
settled in. The treatment started with a relaxation ritual,
where breathing is slowed down.
My four-phase cleansing and exfoliation process
began with cleansing milk with gentian for my
combination to oily skin which was gently rubbed in
before a tissue was placed over it for blotting and a
warm and soothing flannel on top of that. It was a
different, but effective method of deep cleansing. Next,
Clarins Gentle Facial Peeling combined with a Pro
Formula Fruit Exfoliating Powder were used for an
exfoliation mixture and was almost rolled rather than
rubbed off, meaning it felt like it dragged on my skin
less. I was given an oily decollete massage before
moving onto the hard-hitting, more intensive part of the
treatment when the Hydra-Matte Lotion, Hydra Thirst
Quenching Serum and Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate
were immediately absorbed by my thirsty skin and my
eyes were decongested with Clarins Eye Contour Gel.
The Hydra Quench Serum really worked its magic,
hydrating dry areas, while soothing the rest of my face
and santal oil was remarkably moisturising. The
treatment’s highlight was the Face Treatment Oil with
blue orchid for dehydrated skin, applied with a clever
plant-based mask which solidified and was rubbery as it
was wobbled and lifted off my face. While the mask “set”
I was treated to a hand massage. Delectable-smelling
Hydra Matte Lotion was the perfect finale.
After effects...
Having such a wealth of products used during treatment
meant I felt totally pampered and every Clarins client is
given a handful of miniatures to take away as home
care. The fact my skin wasn’t left irritated illustrated how
each product was perfectly matched to my skin. My skin
felt smoother, firmer and less puffy for weeks after.
The facial costs £59 for 80 minutes.
Visit www.clarins.co.uk or call 029 2034 6700,
extension 6781 to make an appointment.
of the
Be ahead of spring’s
denim trend with its staple
– the denim dress
Bodycon dress,
£20, Matalan,
0845 330 3330
The expert view
Stuart Roy, right, who is orthopaedic foot
surgeon at the Orthopaedic Centre of
Excellence at Spire Hospital in Cardiff,
answers our heel questions.
■ What is a bunion?
A bunion is a lump on the base of the big toe
joint, it’s part soft tissue and the other part is
quite bony.
Bunions like Victoria Beckham’s are more
common in females than males and it’s more of a
problem in the shoe-wearing West – people in
Australia and Africa run around in bare feet with
no problems.
A bunionectomy involves removing the bunion
and in some cases, cutting into the toe joint and
realigning the toe bone.
It’s advisable if you have such a foot complaint
to at least limit the amount of time you’re in
■ Do high heels cause bunions?
We can’t say wearing heels or tight-fitting shoes
is the sole cause of bunions, but they worsen the
The higher the heel, the more the force on the
joint at the base of the big toe which can make a
bunion worse, so continuing to wear very high,
pointy heels, like the ones Victoria Beckham
seems to favour, is exacerbating a problem that is
already there.
■ Should Victoria give up her heels?
I can’t say that, but it’s not just a high heel, it’s
pointy shoes that don’t do your feet any favours –
wearing high heels and squishing your toes into
the small toe box.
The higher the heel the more pressure goes to
the front of the foot and we have specialist flat
cells in the sole of the feet and the heel designed
to take the pressure.
sky-scrapers this week – days
trend for flats. As the former
surgery get in her way of walking
she’s risking her health for high heels
Going Up
Western Mail
Saturday, 6 February 2010
Twist back dress,
£35, ASOS,
It’s the same as if you were to walk on your
elbows – you would get blisters.
Women should also remember it’s about the
width of the front of the shoe, whether it’s flat or a
■ What is “crossover toe?”
Hallux Valgus, or crossover toe, is where the big
toe starts to drift away towards the underneath of
the second toe.
It’s made worse by wearing higher heels and
tight-fitting shoes. Whatever caused it, Mia is
likely to worsen her situation by continuing to
wear high heels regularly.
In general, you have to have a shoe
that fits you – you should be able to
wiggle your toes in the front.
My wife will shout at me for saying
it, but high heels really should be kept
for special occasions.
Flag dress, £75,
Religion, 0207
6130 606,
to seea good book...
in tuesday’s
What’s worth catching on the
box or the cinema this weekend...
Music and
The Devil
Wears Prada
Youth in
Romantic comedy fun
starring Hugh Grant and
Drew Barrymore. Washed
up ’80s pop singer Grant is faced with the task of writing a new
song for mainstream pop icon Cora Corman, but the problem is
he writes melodies not lyrics. Can you see where Barrymore
comes in? Yes, our handsome fop takes a keen interest in his
plant carer, ahem, when it seems she has the ability to compose
lyrics. Fitting together like two pieces of a jigsaw, they begin
composing together, along with some other things too. Worth it
for some ’80s nostalgia if nothing else.
Meryl Streep’s
performance is finally
making it to the small
screen so we can all relive
the comedy drama set in the cut-throat fashion world. Also
starring Anne Hathaway as a drab college girl who has to put
her life on hold for her impossible-to-please boss. It’s the film
that made US Vogue editor Anna Wintour a household name.
She’s not in it, but Streep’s character is widely thought to be
based on one of fashion’s most feared women.
This comedy drama starring
Juno actor Michael Cera
was released in UK cinemas
yesterday, and it centres
around Nick Twisp, a
16-year-old outcast of his generation as his parents teeter on
the edge of divorce. To make life better, he sets his sights on
losing his virginity to the girl of his dreams – the beautiful and
intellectual Sheeni Saunders, but her poetry-writing
ex-boyfriend, Nick’s mum’s many boyfriends, and a criminal
alter-ego are getting in the way. Also starring Justin Long, Steve
Buscemi and Ray Liotta.
Valentine’s dating
Enjoy next weekend
whether you’re
single, attached and
whatever your age