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Simply irresistible! - Soft
Simply irresistible!
The perfect start for professional 3D graphics
• Comprehensive modeling tools
CINEMA 4D Prime is the most affordable R14 package. It includes comprehensive tools for creating professional results - ideal for graphic artists who want to
add the third dimension to their toolset.
• Easy-to-use animation functions
• Professional texture tools, incl. 3D painting
• Render engine with outstanding image quality
• 3D stereoscopic display
CINEMA 4D Prime comes with an entire palette of powerful tools for
creating fantastic images and animations. A comprehensive set of filters
adds seamless connectivity to other professional software packages.
No matter what you want to bring to life - logos, illustrations,
buildings, vehicles or any other object - you can count on
CINEMA 4D to get the job done!
CINEMA 4D Prime offers a very comprehensive
set of functions and when you need more, it‘s
good to know that you can upgrade to any of the
even more powerful packages at any time!
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With CINEMA 4D Prime you get easy usability, maximum speed and
professional results.
CINEMA 4D Broadcast
The 3D motion graphics powerhouse
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Broadcasters and productions studios worldwide rely on CINEMA 4D‘s speed
and reliability for their production of high-end animations. CINEMA 4D
Broadcast contains everything you need to complete broadcast animations
quickly and efficiently. In addition to what‘s included in Prime, the Broadcast
package includes special tools for creating 3D motion graphics, including
the market-leading Cloner tools, enhanced render functions and a library
with 3D models, camera and
lighting setups, video clips,
and much more.
CINEMA 4D Broadcast
The Multi-Pass function gives
• One-of-a-kind clone tools with dynamic
you perfect control over how
properties for breathtaking effects
your renderings should look,
• Seamless connectivity to leading compositing
and with the seamless conapplications
nectivity to leading compos-
iting software such as After
Effects® and Nuke®, CINEMA 4D can be integrated perfectly into just about any
production pipeline.
• Network a render licenses for up to 3
render clients
CINEMA 4D Visualize
The solution for architects, designers and photographers
In addition to the already comprehensive functions included in Prime, CINEMA 4D Visualize offers numerous tools and helpers to create perfect imagery for visualization. Let your fantasy take control. Comperehensive object and material libraries, a
Physical Camera with a wide array of real-world camera properties and the capability to calculate realistic light let you create
absolutely realistic-looking images and animations.
CINEMA 4D Visualize also hast
excellent connectivity to numerous
thrid-party applications. Numerous
applications can save native .c4d
files or can be exchanged via .fbx,
.dae (COLLADA) or .dwg formats. The
IES light format is supported as well.
Direct connectivity to CAD applications such as Allplan, ArchiCAD and
Vectorworks is also included.
CINEMA 4D Visualize
• High-quality material and object libraries
• Enhanced render engine with Physical
Camera and illustrated look
• Realistic calculation of real-world light and
camera properties
CINEMA 4D Studio
• With a network render license for up to
3 render clients
Everything you need for high-end 3D
CINEMA 4D Studio includes MAXON‘s ultimate powerhouse package. In addition to all the features included in Prime, Broadcast
and Visualize, CINEMA 4D Studio contains numerous additional high-end features such as hair, fur, dynamic simulations with
soft bodies, springs and joints, an even-based particle system, character tools, sculpting and much, much more!
These tools are designed for high-end 3D but are still easy to use and intuitive. CINEMA 4D lets you take your creativity beyond
its limits. Studios and agencies worldwide count on CINEMA 4D‘s power and dependability every day.
CINEMA 4D Studio
• Contains all features included in CINEMA 4D Prime,
Broadcast & Visualize
• Integrated sculpting, hair, dynamics,
character tools and much, much more.
• With a network render license for an
unlimited number of render clients
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