Celebrations Brochure.



Celebrations Brochure.
Not Just Art Parties are a
creative way to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions
with family and friends.
Birthdays are special celebrations that children look forward to for days, weeks, even
months! Not Just Art’s relaxed,
child-friendly environment and
approach accommodates a wide
range of ages and needs. We’ve
carefully selected open-ended
projects and activities that are
designed to make sure all children will feel successful.
Alternate activity choices are
readily available for younger
and older siblings, or guests who
choose not to try the main projects. At Not Just Art, all children
are included and encouraged to
feel comfortable and enjoy their
experience here.
Not Just Art can plan studio times
and/or off-site art events for
scout troops, school and homeschool groups, and children’s
clubs. Please call us for more information regarding your group’s
specific needs.
Also offered by Not Just Art
1 - 12 years
Open Studio (Drop-in, drop-off)
(ages 3–12 yrs.)
Fees: $15 /hour or $120 for 10-hour card
One hour minimum; Reservations Recommended
12:30 – 2:30
For holiday hours, see website calendar or ask
Open Studio is designed to meet the needs of anyone
between 3- and 12-years-old who has an urge to express themselves and create something beautiful.
Fees: $40 (includes all material unless otherwise
2-hour Workshops, featuring favorite projects and
activities from our classes, are offered throughout
the year for children ages 5+ . (See website calendar, under top menu item “Information,” for current
• Art and Science Classes
• Celebrations & other Special Events
• Scout Troup Badges
• Teacher Training and school In-services
• School trips and visits
• Music Together®
ALSO available in:
(Temple Chaverim & Once Upon a Treetop)
Huntington Village (Variations, A Dancer’s Studio)
Manhasset (Congregational Church)
Garden City (Community Church)
For further information
Click www.notjustart.com
or call 516-922-8300
2007-8 Celebrations
Music Makers (Ages 1+)
…Sticky Paper Collages!
Create translucent pictures on clear sticky paper
with patterned glassine papers, cellophane, spangles, plastic “crystal” mosaics, and other colorful
see- through art materials.
…Magic Nuudle Sculptures!
Sing! Dance! Wiggle! Play Instruments! Hosted by
our wonderful Music Together teachers, music parties are offered both at our Oyster Bay location and
off-site, according to your needs.
Children can build their own designs or sculptures
from brightly colored cornstarch nuudles that “magically” stick together with a little bit of water!
Foamy Fun (Ages 2-4)
Homemade Play Dough (Ages 4-6)
More exciting than playing in the bathtub! Explore
color mixing while squooshing hands through fluffy
mounds of art foam dribbled with nontoxic liquid
watercolors. Plastic cars and planes, art scrapers
and design tools, and lots of little hands add up to
big fun!
Combine cooking and art as little chefs learn how to
mix together their own homemade play dough. Each
guest will have the chance to explore the ingredients and knead their own ball of dough. Then, they
can roll, poke, and shape it to their heart’s content,
and create a sculpture to take home with them.
Paint and…! (Ages 2-8)
Volcanoes (Ages 5 and older)
Terrific choice for little partygoers. Young children
and their grownups can enjoy creative play and a
story, followed by an easel painting project and a
table activity of your choice. Favorite table activities are listed below, but we can also customize the
activity based on your child’s interests.
Explosive science fun! Learn about the anatomy and
story of a volcanic eruption, sculpt miniature volcano islands, then erupt them with a bubbly lava
…Play Dough Explorations!
Squoosh, roll, and play with soft homemade playdough and tools, such as roller, pizza cutters, plastic
garlic presses, and more.
Children string their own bead creations on brightly
colored pipe cleaners, using pom beads, rainbow
foam beads, big bright plastic beads and buttons,
and art straws.
…Crunch Art!
Build sculptures or 3 dimensional pictures on styrofoam bases with crunch art tools and colorful fabrics
and foils, beads and feathers, art straws and pipe
Clay Creations (Ages 5 and older)
Build fanciful clay sculptures or 3-dimensional pictures from a rainbow assortment of bright pliable
modeling clay. Fuzzy pipe cleaners, sequins and
spangles, wiggle eyes, and other colorful doodads
can be poked, twisted and pressed into these playful
made blubber. Then stretch it, bounce it, squish it,
and discover what else you can make it do!
Beaded Jewelry (Ages 8 and older)
Older children will have a great time learning how
to make their own jewelry! Bead bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with art wire, and a colorful
assortment of glass, metallic, and plastic beads.
Tie Dye Tees (Ages 8 and older)
Make wearable rainbow art with of rubber bands,
squirt bottles filled with colorful dyes, and 100%
white cotton tee shirts. Please indicate approximate shirt sizes (children’s sm, med, lg) when
booking party.
You may also be interested in:
Open Studio (Drop-in, drop-off)
(ages 3–12 yrs.)
Fees: $15 /hour or $120 for 10-hour card
One hour minimum; Reservations Recommended
12:30 – 2:30
For holiday hours, see website calendar or ask
Children move freely between 4-5 age-appropriate
activity centers, and create to their heart’s content
and at their own pace! Centers include easel painting, collage, sculpture, printmaking, weaving/textile experiences and more. Children under the age
of 4 must be accompanied by an adult. Dress for
the mess!
Gloppy Paint Mosaics (Ages 6 and older)
Mix up a rainbow of smooth gooey paints, then drip,
drizzle, glop and swirl them onto cardboard to create incredible 3 dimensional paint designs with crystal mosaics, spangles, and rainbow pebble embellishments.
Blubber (Ages 6 and older)
Stretchy, bouncy science fun for the curious child!
Learn about plastics and polymers while turning everyday ingredients into bowlfuls of springy home-
To schedule your party!
Call: 516-922-8300,
E-mail: [email protected]
or Come in to see us!
Click www.notjustart.com
for further information

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