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Brainwave (28).indd
Number 28, 2016
Hello dear
Elvis isn't dead; he's alive
and well in the small town
of Parkes in Australia.
Thousands of Elvis Presley fans
gathered in the Australian town of
Parkes, dressed in jumpsuits and
capes, to celebrate what have been the
late singer’s 81st birthday.
For the five-day Parkes Elvis Festival,
the population of the New South
Wales town doubles in size as fans of
all ages come together to pay tribute to
the ‘king of rock and roll’.
The theme of the festival for this year is
the star’s 1963 movie Fun in Acapulco.
This is the main reason many fans are
wearing sombreros as they relive the
late star’s work and music.
January was identified as the best
month to celebrate the festival, as the
King was born on January 8. The first
festival was held in January 1993.
Parkes is now recognized as the Elvis
Capital of Australia.
150th anniversary of the first
Russian stamp
The first Russian postage stamp was officially issued on
22 December (10 December) 1857, but people started to
use them to pay internal correspondence in Russia on 1
January 1858, by the circular of the Postal Department
"On the bringing of postal stamps for the common use".
It was an imperforate 10-kopeck stamp depicting the
coat of arms of Russia, and printed using typography in
brown and blue. The first Russian stamps are recognized
experts in the field of philately most beautiful two-color
stamps in the world.
Depending on the catalogue and the type of damping
amount of the first Russian stamp
ranges from $ 275 to $ 700 per
mark hydrated and from 12.5 to 20
thousand dollars - at face.
Stamp exhibitions and other
memorable philatelic events have
also been organised. Research on
the history of the first stamps of
the Russian Empire is a subject of
numerous publications including
newspaper and journal articles and
number 28, 2016
of the
This book was written by Herbert
Wells in 1897.
There is one main character—
unnamed young man, a resident
of Victorian England, beginning
of XX-th century, who tries to
survive in war of the worlds,
which begins with the Martians’
invasion of England.
Next events show their evil
intentions. Many inhabitants
of the country are killed by the
unknown Terrain weapon — the
heat ray. People don’t understand
the seriousness of the threat, they
believe that the Martians will not
be able to move because of gravity.
However, the Martians are able
to fix their vehicles and begin to
enslave the Earth.
This book is very interesting for
science fiction fans. It is a very
serious book, because Herbert
Wells saw in the Martians humans
from the future. Many science
fiction writers and critics admit
influence of Wells and his "War of
the worlds" on their work.
It is is certainly worth reading. You
will like it from the beginning!
Alexander Mal’kov, 7B
Year of
2016 year is named «The Year of Cinema» in Russia.
But what we actually know about cinema and Russian
The movies are truly an art of our time. It is the greatest
aesthetic and educational force in the world today. The
invention of the photography in 1828 played a very
important role in the development of the cinema. 1895
became the year when the cinema was born. After the
brothers Lumier had invented the cinematography, the
cinema widely spread all over the world.
The spreading of cinematography in Russia started
with the demonstration of the Lumiere brothers’ film
in May 1896 in St. Petersburg and Moscow and later in
Nizhniy Novgorod. The first sound films simultaneously
appeared in three countries, the USSR, the USA and
Germany at the end of the 1920’s. In October 1929 the
first sound cinema house started its work. Since that
time the Russian film industry was going its own way.
Now film industry in Russia is rapidly developed. More
than 20 films are produced every year.
One of my favourite films is the film «Hipsters»
(«Stilyagi»). The film is directed by Valery Todorovsky,
based on the book Boogie Bones byYuri Korotkov. This
is the story of young Muscovites in the 50s who had to
fight for the right to be different: to listen to different
music, to boogie, and to wear different clothes. It’s a
truly celebratory movie. The film became popular all
over the world.
Seda Gasanova, 10A
Cheburashka. Then and now.
This year Cheburashka is celebrating his 50th anniversary.
Cheburashka was created by Eduard Uspenskiy. In 1966
he wrote a book “Crocodile Gena and his friends”. Actually,
in his childhood the author had a toy with defects which,
according to Edurad`s parents, was exotic species of an
animal from the tropical forest.
At the beginning this character looked awfully with little ears
and brown fur but after coming out of the Soviet cartoon,
Cheburashka got his usual appearance – a strange animal
with pretty eyes and big ears. There were 4 puppet cartoons
about adventures of Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka
based on the book of Eduard Uspenskiy who also took part
in writing of the script. This cartoon made Cheburashka
very popular, Later in 2004 on Summer Athens Olympic
Games he became a national mascot of our Olympic team.
Talking about popularity of Cheburashka in the world,
Japanese animation studio has bought rights on showing our
cartoon about strange animal on Japanese television. There
are successful anime series “Cheburashka Arere?”( Who is
In conclusion, Cheburashka is one of the most famous
symbols of children`s idols. And it`s popular all over the
world that makes us proud of this character.
Sergey Sharaevsky, 11
number 28, 2016
Guess, what
city of the UK
is described?
1. It is an administrative
centre of Suffolk, a port at the
head of the Orwell estuary?
2. This town was chosen as
the Royalist headquarters
during the Civil War. It is also
a seat of one of the oldest and
most famous universities.
3. In Elizabethan times it
was Britain’s chief port. The
town is also famous because
it was the last port visited by
the Pilgrim Fathers in the
Mayflower before sailing to
the New World.
4. This city is situated in
England. It is famous for the
manufacture of steel, cutlery
and silverware.
5. It is a city, situated in
Scotland. It is known as a
centre of the offshore North
Sea oil industry.
6. The English town founded
by the Romans, who called it
in Latin «Aquae Sulis». It was
a fashionable spa in the 18th
and early 19th centuries.
7. The town is famous English
resort-centre. From c. 1780 to
1827 it was patronized by the
Prince of Wales (later George
IV), that was reflected in the
Regency architecture.
number 28, 2016
Happy Birthday, Winnie-the-Pooh!
Winnie-thePooh, also called
Pooh Bear, is a
fictional teddy
by the English
author A. A.
teddy bear was
owned by his
son, Christopher
Pooh was in
fact Christopher
Robin's Edward
Bear, who was
a black bear at
called Winnie who got her name from the fact that her owner had come from Winnipeg, Canada.
Christopher Robin's toy bear is on display at the Main Branch of the New York Public Library
in New York City.
'Winnie-the-Pooh' was published on October 14th, 1926, the verses 'Now We are Six' in 1927,
and 'The House at Pooh Corner' in 1928 The Pooh-books became firm favourites with old and
young alike and have been translated into almost every known language.
Here, in Russia, we also have our Winnie-the-Pooh. And this year the film will celebrate its 45 th
anniversary. Winnie-the-Pooh (Russian: Винни-Пух) is a 1969 animated film by Soyuzmultfilm
directed by Fyodor Khitruk. Khitruk studied the original book by Milne first in English, later
in Russian, translated by Boris Zakhoder who became a co-writer of the first two parts of the
trilogy. Khitruk had not seen the Disney adaptations while working on his own. He created the
prototype drawings of the characters together with Vladimir Zuikov.
.Khitruk followed the original book by A. A. Milne and based his first two parts of the trilogy on
the Pooh's love for honey. Khitruk removed Robin and made Pooh the leading character. Pooh
is balanced by the Piglet; they are best friends and are present in all parts of the story. While
Pooh always takes the initiative, he often seeks advice and help from the Piglet.
His animation was relatively simple and slowly paced compared to other Milne adaptations.
Khitruk put much emphasis on the dialogues and timing – every move of his characters and
every character line are intended to bring hidden details and irony to viewers of all ages.
Andrey Smirnov, 11
curiosity page number 28, 2016
The world is so full
of a number of things,
I’m sure we should all be
as happy as kings.
R.L. Stevenson
Seven Wonders of Russia
It is raining cats
and dogs
Mount Elbrus
Mount Elbrus is certainly a natural wonder. It’s the
highest mountain in Russia and in Europe. At almost
5,500 metres high, this beautiful mountain is a magnet
for mountain-climbers, skiers and snowboarders from
all over the world. People also come here to go skiing.
In the past, Mount Elbrus was an active volcano, but its
last eruption was about two thousand years ago.
Elbrus has two summits: the West Summit and the East
Summit. The West Summit is higher than the East by
only 21 metres.
According to Greek mythology, Prometheus, who stole
fire from the gods to give it to people, was chained to
the mountain, with one hand on the East and the other
one on the West peak. Every day Zeus sent an eagle
to peck out his liver, but Heracles killed the eagle and
freed Prometheus.
When the rain is heavy
British normally say that it
is raining cats and dogs. But
why cats and dogs?
In the past, when the rain was
torrential, dead animals from
the basements and cellars of
the houses were washed out
onto the streets. If there were
dead cats and dogs on the
streets, the rain was really
heavy. Thus, it was raining
cats and dogs.
People inhabiting Britain
also noticed that the length of
particular sounds is different
weather patterns.
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