the`golden ring`of russia


the`golden ring`of russia
The üoİden Rİng is tİıe route invoİvİng
anrİent Russİan towns in the
amazing Cüuntry. lts tharm İs İn that you wİİl
cruise by shİp. Tİ-ıe poİnt İs that oll these tawns are sİtuated on
üüSt;, sü not onİy wİİİyau experİence İnfarmıtİve troveİling, but
cruise aİong wİde Volgı and enjay
wonderfuİ vİews as weİl' The
folİawİng towns are İnduded in the Goİden Rİng:
Being a monastery complex with its oldest buildings
built !n 1Sth century, Sergiev Posad fascinates with
the white color of its walls. For similar reason, Moscow
had once been called as the "white-stone city'i Some
of temples, cathedrals and chapels are decorated
with gold both inside and outside, whereas the icons
of Sergiev Posad are believed to be among the most
valuable rarities in world of art.
This unique town accomrnodates six monasteries
and nine churches. Saviour-Transfiguration cathedral
built in 'l2th century is one of the oldest monuments
of Russian religious architecture. Local churches are
adorned with frescoes, very well preserved and in good
condition even to-daY.
Rostov-on-Don is a "five-seas-port'i important junction
of motor and railwa y arteries in the South of Russia. lt
ensures vent to the Black sea, Azov sea and Ca spian sea,
inımediate connection with the whole European pa rt of
the Commonwealth of ndependent States, Transcaucasia,
Middle Ea st and Mediterranean region. The city has the
internaıional airport erısuring regular air communication
wirh the Russian cities and many countries of the world.
Being the oldest töWn of the "Golden Ring" founded in
early 1 1th century, Yaroslavl stores the history of whole
Russia in itseİf' lt is unique for being actually composed
of four different settlements: the oldest I lth century
part, settlement of Catherine epoch, and the medieval
part. This unrepeatable rnixture of architecture styles
fascinates everybody visiting Yaroslavl. The town is
surrçunded by ensembles of mansions, monasteries,
churches and forts.
The town was founded by lpatevsky monastery in 13th
century, duı'ing Mongols'capture. lt is famous for its
panorarnas and... butterl Unbelievably fresh air and the
untouched nature around the city make its ecological
state perhaps the most beneficial in Russia.
lvanovo, with its modern architecture, is the most
unusual town of the "Golden Ring'i The avant-garde
houses were built in 1930's when this style had
been almost aİlowed in the USSR. Ship-like houses,
horseshoe-like houses, governmental institution
buildings... Besides, lvanovo is referred to as the
"brides' town" due to many textıle manufacturers
which have operated here since l9th century and
hence employed mainly ladies. However, old Russian
architecture is represented here as we|l, for İnstance,
wooden Our Lady's Assumption church.
This ancient city was founded in 1Oth century hence
being a peer of Kiev Russia - the first Russian state.
Our Lady's Birth Cathedral built in early 13th century,
Archpriest Chambers, wooden St. Nicolas' church...
These above do not comprise even one-tenth of
attractions of Suzdal. Many monastery ensembles with
ancient churches, frescoes, and icons can be seen here.
At some period, this town had been the capital of
Russia. City gate built in early 1 3th century, white-stone
cathedrals built in 12th, l3th, and 'l4th century, Our
Lady's Assumption Church, St. Nicolas'Church are all
examples of what one can see in Vladimir. Almost all of
them are under the protection of UNESCO. Nearly 300
buildings in Vladimir are protected by government.
The town is deservedly believed to be one of the most
beautiful cities in Russia.
Hunting fierce beasts knee-deep in snory fishing in full-
flowing rivers where the fish form such dense herds
that a spoon thrown to the water floats, drinking vodka
frozen in a glacier... These all seem to be a breathtaking
fairy tale. Yet, Siberia transforms legends into reality. You
will see that here indeed even most amazing fantasies
qet alive.
Siberia is the most spacious region of Russia. Even now
there are areas unexplored by humans yet. You can
find the Old Believers'settlements in the out-of-theway places in forests. People there are still obeying the
ancestors' rules and denying the modern traditions.
Snow-covered taiga, boundless rivers and lakes, secret
labs, winter hunting and swimming in ice-holes,
Russian bathhouse and ancient customs unchanged
by the civilization, and of course, the famous Siberian
hospitality - alİ these are here, all these are open to you!
Being the deepest lake in world, Baikal is called sea by
the locals. This fact can easily be explained for Baikal
is bigger than any of the Great Lakes in America. lt is
really enormous with its length exceeding 700 km, and
its width of nearly 100 km. Baikal is a unique ecological
reserve where various animal and plant species are
abundant. The lake contains the water which is of
higher quaİity and oxygenation than filtered one.
Resting by Baikal implies your actual oxygen burst! At
the same time, the views and panoramas of Baikal will
fascinate anyone forever. ..
Being a fantastic area of lakes, wooden villages and
ancient legends, Karelia is a real pearl in the touristic
crown of Russia. The panoramas of impossible beauty
are simply stunning. Violent rivers, slow springs, the
huge Ladoga lake with ıhe isle of Valaam covered with
Medieval monasteries and churches, hot springs never
frozen even in winter _ alİ these are Karelia!

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