Rhinebeck Equine L.L.P.


Rhinebeck Equine L.L.P.
Rhinebeck Equine L.L.P.
Rhinebeck, NY
2 Surgeons
6 Ambulatory
3 Interns
Up to 3 externs
Externship: Live above clinic with interns. On-call 24/7 for hospital
emergencies. Morning, evening, and weekend treatments. Some
weekend free time, can attend local competitions.
Internship: Rotate 2 weeks hospital (1 with each surgeon), 1 week
Case Load: Sport Horse and Thoroughbred
- Colic
- Lameness/pre-purchase exams
- Elective Surgery (transphyseal screws,
arthroscopy, tie-back)
Contact Info:
Dr. Amy Grice
[email protected]
E-mail letter of intent and CV with possible dates
More info:
AAEP Avenues listing

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