A message from the General Manager - education


A message from the General Manager - education
A message from the General Manager
We began 2014 with a focus on delivering exceptional results to help
grow your business and motivate your staff. The launch of our new
BioSurface Peel revolutionised client results in the treatment room, the
release of Dermalogica Connect provided you with free online presence
and business support whilst the FaceMap Our Nation Campaign helped
open your doors to more new clients.
Now in 2015 we look to celebrate 20 years of supporting the
Professional Skin Therapist in Australia by sharing the milestones and
individual stories that have helped shape our brand to be a cult favourite
for skin care professionals, makeup artists and consumers alike. This
year also sees the return of our much anticipated International Congress
in Las Vegas. An event that promises to be bigger and better than ever
before with over 2,500 attendees from across the globe. To date we have
over 200 registered attendees from Australia and it is still not too late to
join the party. It will be a guaranteed action packed few days! In 2015
we are also excited to launch a brand new global advertising campaign
and continue to do what we do best - deliver game-changing product
innovations, exceptional education, business support and incentives to
give you the edge over your competition.
Thank you for your continued support and passion for the Dermalogica
brand and I look forward to celebrating a new chapter in our brand story!
Suzette Cassie
Share your Dermalogica
memories and photos!
2015 marks our 20th anniversary in
Australia. Thank you for being part
of our journey and for helping us set
an industry precedent in skin health,
education and product innovation.
Share your Dermalogica photos and memories
to have them feature across social media.
Submit your stories to
[email protected]
The evolution of
Australia was
. Special Cleansing Gel
. Multi-Active Toner
Total Eye Care
Daily Microfoliant® becomes
top-selling product
EA35 launches
. Power Rich
. Skin Hydrating Booster
Solar Defense
We’re not pretty
BioSurface™ Peel
MicroZone® Concept
campaign launches
AGE smart
Solar Defense
Age Reversal
Eye Complex
ChromaWhite TRx®
Power Serum
Las Vegas Congress
PowerBright™ TRx
Overnight Repair
Revolutionary new retail
and treatment innovations
Primer SPF30
Eye Serum
Breakout Control
Clear Start
FITESM initiative
Concept launched
Dermalogica Australia’s
20 year anniversary
BioSurface™ Peel & PowerBright TRx™ synergy
This year Dermalogica will be highlighting the uniquely advanced BioSurface™ Peel treatment and PowerBright TRx™ product range to consumers,
sharing our cutting edge formulas and professional-strength treatments. Capitalise on this promotion and keep up to date on our campaign news
by following @DermalogicaAUS on social media.
Prepare your clients for results in 2015
By Introducing the PowerBright TRx™ products and BioSurface™ Peel treatments to your clients you can deliver real
results that will help you revolutionise your treatment rooms and retail sales. Below are some suggested promotional
offers to help keep your appointment books full and your retail sales soaring.
Purchase 6 BioSurface™ Peel Treatments and receive a PowerBright TRx™ treatment kit for FREE (also
included is the BioSurface™ After Care Kit).
Purchase 6 BioSurface™ Peel Treatments and receive your first BioSurface™ Peel FREE
Purchase a BioSurface™ Peel Treatment and get XX savings on your next 3 BioSurface™ Peel Treatments
Pay for 6 BioSurface™ Peel Treatments and receive a FREE C-12 Pure Bright Serum 50ml.
Out of all the brightening agents that have been introduced to the cosmetic industry, Oligopeptide-34 is indeed
the most effective, non-hydroquinone skin whitener to have been tested.
Dr Diana Howard, Head of Research and Development
To give your clients the exceptional results they demand and elevate your knowledge, sign up for these new advanced workshops; PowerBright TRx™: brighter skin
without compromise and BioSurface™ Peel. Here you will learn from the experts about the different causes and preventative measures to treat hyperpigmentation as well
as the latest information on advanced skin exfoliation.
PowerBright TRx™ : brighter skin without compromise
NEW Support Materials available for download from the Business Centre:
Obtain the knowledge you need to effectively treat and prevent skin discolouration
and hyperpigmentation, ensuring your clients have the brightest skin ever!
Sydney: Brisbane: Melbourne: Perth: Monday 23rd February
Monday 2nd February
Tuesday 17th February
Wednesday 11th February
Duration: full day
Hours: 9.30 am – 4.15pm
Theory and hands-on treatment
BioSurface™ Peel workshops
In this one-day theory and practical workshop, we’ll explore the latest information
on skin exfoliation, peel categories and depth. Learn how Dermalogica’s new
formulas go beyond the typical chemical peel experience and how to effectively
manage your clients’ expectations. In the afternoon session you will get handson practice with the BioSurfaceTM Peel protocol to develop your confidence and
Sydney: Brisbane: Melbourne: Perth: Monday 16th February
Monday 23rd February
Wednesday 18th February
Tuesday 10th February
Duration: 1 day
Hours: 9.30am – 4.30pm
Theory and hands-on treatment
*To attend the BioSurface Peel workshop you must have attended the following workshops prior:
Dermalogica Live certified workshops, UltraCalming™ and the Dermalogica skin exfoliation workshop.
display sheets
Our clients are loving the BioSurface™ Peel! Deceptively powerful is an
understatement. As a therapist I've always associated "peels" with redness, long downtime
and severe shedding of the face. Our clients are leaving calm, hydrated and plumped. The
instant results are there for the clients to see and feel and they are loving this treatment.
Committing to the education and training to get BioSurface™ Peel into my business was one of
the best business decisions I have ever made. - Beck Corrimal, Beauty by Beck
dermalogica incentive programs 2015
Dermalogica offers expert education, exceptional customer service and complete professional skin care solutions for your
business. From skin health to revolutionary peels, Dermalogica is constantly researching, developing and creating the latest
technology in skin care as well as key business concepts that will help set your business apart from the rest of the industry.
The Loyal-d reward program is aimed at supporting our most loyal Dermalogica stockists for their continued, exclusive support to the brand.
Loyal-d Benefits
10% ongoing discount* on all Dermalogica professional products (off invoice)
5% ongoing discount* on all Dermalogica retail products (off invoice)
Free Dermalogica uniform per Treatment Room (issued once)
Free merchandise pack** including the following materials valued at over $1,000
-- $250 rebate redeemable on support materials (excludes samples)
-- Tester unit counter top with header card (empty) plus 35%* off Testers (issued once)
-- Tester unit pedestal base
-- Tester unit pedestal base wheels
-- Loyal-d window decal
*May not be used in conjunction with other % off discounts.
**Variations in Merchandising Packs may occur depending on stock availability.
^Offer must be redeemed at time of application submission.
Is my account eligible?
Dermalogica must be the only professional skin care brand used and endorsed in your Skin Treatment Centre
Must adhere to all points listed in the Dermalogica AAA
Minimum total spend of $16,000 (ext GST) per annum*
Minimum 10% (ex GST) of total purchases must be invested in professional products (reviewed quarterly).
How do I join?
Contact your Business Consultant to complete the Loyal-d Application Form on your behalf. Once your
application has been submitted and approved by Head Office, these benefits will be applied immediately.
*A pro rata calculation will be made for those accounts not part of the programme for a full calendar year.
* No backdating of invoices.
** Loyal-D terms and conditions are reviewed quarterly.
The Platinum Circle programme rewards Dermalogica accounts for exceptional sales performance.
Accounts are rewarded based on two tiers of achievement – Platinum Circle and VIP Platinum Circle.
to reach platinum circle
$50,000 - $99,999 per year ex. GST
Achieve level for first time or with growth less than 5%
minimum $500
Achieve level and grow by 5% - 9.9%
minimum $1,050
Achieve level and grow by 10%
minimum $1,650
minimum $6,000
minimum $6,825
to reach vip status
Achieve level for first time or with growth less than 5%
Achieve level and grow by 5% - 9.9%
Achieve level and grow by 10%
$100,000 + per year ex. GST
to reach group status (three or more skin centres)
Achieve level for first time or with growth less than 5%
Achieve level and grow by 5% - 9.9%
Achieve level and grow by 10%
minimum $7,700
$225,000 + per year ex. GST
minimum $13,500
minimum $15,575
minimum $17,325
Benefits of achieving Platinum Circle status for 2015 (based on 2014 purchases)
Rebate: Stockists that qualify will receive a product rebate based on spend and growth.
Priority Referrals: Platinum circle stockists have priority in recommendation to consumers that call the toll free line, and when
consumers search for their closest stockist, Platinum Circle stockists have a logo appear next to their account name at
Product Previews: Receive an advanced priority preview of every new retail product and advance launch deal shipping.
Recognition: Dermalogica recognises our top performing accounts on an annual basis. Details on this recognition will be
provided by your Business Consultant.
Note: Changes to Platinum Circle Rebate structure for 2015 purchases to be announced in April 2015.
Terms and conditions: Rebate to be used on future purchases, not to pay account. Rebates are valid until May 2015. All invoices up to 31st December 2014 are to be paid
by 31st January, 2015. Rebates are calculated annually. Capped at total spend of $550,000 p.a.
important updates effective from March 1st, 2015
Website policy
To ensure a comprehensive, accurate portrayal of Dermalogica and our products, we have updated our Web Site Policy governing all web sites exhibiting the Dermalogica
name, trademark or any likeness of Dermalogica and/or Dermalogica products. We have designed these specifications to protect your business and ours. The updated
website policy form is available on the Business Centre and is effective from the 1st of March 2015.
Key changes include:
You may only sell Dermalogica Retail Products to End-Users in Australia only
from your registered, authorised URL (this excludes third party sites such as
eBay, Amazon and Gumtree).
All product names and Dermalogica images (including banners) must
be presented in accordance with Dermalogica’s brand guidelines unless
expressly authorised in writing by us.
The Dermalogica logo must retain the correct height/width ratio, in
accordance with Dermalogica’s brand guidelines. The word “Dermalogica”,
“The International Dermal Institute”, or any registered product names or
derivatives cannot be incorporated into a website/company logo.
All e-Commerce or online retailing shall follow prudent and reasonable
business practices, timely product delivery, and responsive customer service,
including offering consumers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on Dermalogica
Retail Products as provided in the Agreement. Any products with an expiry
date must be sold with a minimum usage period of 6 months.
Any advertising (including but not limited to Banner Advertising and Search
Engine Marketing) that use the words “Dermalogica”, “The International
Dermal Institute”, or any registered product names shall maintain a
presentation standard that is consistent with and supports the Dermalogica
brand and image. For example wording such as “cheap”, “bargain” or
“discounted” may not be consistent with and supportive of the Dermalogica
brand and image
An official “Dermalogica Authorised Stockist” logo must appear on either
your homepage and/or Dermalogica brand page. This logo which is
accessible via the Dermalogica Business Centre, must link to the authorised
stockist page on dermalogica.com.au
To access MyAccount, MyEducation and The Business Centre all accounts will now need to log onto Dermalogica
Connect using your unique login details. If you haven’t already setup your Dermalogica Connect login or have lost your
login details you can contact the Connect Support Network by emailing [email protected] or by
calling 1800 659 118.
What can you access through Dermalogica Connect?
Affiliate Program
My Education
Congress 2015 web page
Business Centre
Admin Documents
Create a Connect Website for your Skin Treatment Centre
Use connect to create your website!
In under 15 minutes you can create a uniquely customised Dermalogica Connect website for your
Skin Treatment Centre. Increase your outreach by advertising to your clients and potential new
clients. There are only two things that you will need to have at hand when setting up your website:
Welcome message/about us blurb
Skin Treatment Centre contact details
Once you have entered this information you can further customise your website by adding your business logo, add visuals by choosing from a range of stock images,
highlight promotions (up to 4 promotions at one time), add treatments, update layouts and themes, add social media links and track your website statistics.
Paperless statements
Monthly account statements will no longer be mailed out as we are choosing to go paperless in a bid to help the environment.
Paperless statements are a great way to stay organised. Instead of receiving a paper statement in the mail, you will now access your statement by logging onto
MyAccount through Dermalogica Connect.
expert programme
There are skin care professionals, and there are skin care experts. Take yourself to the next level with the Dermalogica
Expert programme - our 3-tiered series of workshops designed to empower you to be confident across all levels of your
profession and makes you one of the highest-trained Dermalogica skin therapists in the country.
Benefits for Experts
Expert Pin
Expert Certificate
Expert T-shirt
Expert photo and mention on the Dermalogica Facebook Page
Dermalogica Product (to value of $100 incl. GST)
VIP treatment experience*
Have your name listed and highlighted on the Dermalogica Store Locator at dermalogica.com.au
Expert Inner Circle member
Changes to the Expert Program in 2015
As of March 2015 we are launching a new practical workshop that will form part of the Expert Tier. This
3 hour practical workshop is your last step in the journey of becoming a Dermalogica Expert and also
where you can demonstrate your mastery of knowledge designing and performing a Dermalogica expert
If you haven’t reached Dermalogica Expert status by the end of February 2015, then this workshop will
need to be added to your education pathway. If you have already obtained Expert status please feel free
to book into this workshop where you can put your current knowledge and expertise into practice.
Today I completed my Dermalogica skin expert programme. It
has given me the opportunity to increase my retail sales, knowledge,
confidence and my ability to treat clients’ needs and concerns. The
staff are all so friendly, helpful and make the learning experience
enjoyable. The programme is rewarding and is a great way to set
goals and achieve them. I would recommend it to anyone who wants
to be their best. Suella Hetherington– Dermalogica Expert
Once you become a qualified Dermalogica Expert the benefits don’t stop there as you are now an exclusive member of the Expert Inner Circle group which will provide you
with the following ongoing benefits:
Telephone training support
Initial training for all new products and concepts
Invites to our varied Dermalogica and IDI events and launches
Exclusive customised tailored trend workshops
Feature on the Dermalogica website and social platforms
Bonus offers
Congress offer
Join the club
2015 Congress offer
If you reach Dermalogica Expert status and have registered for Congress you will automatically qualify to receive an
exclusive $200 gift voucher as an added bonus to use while staying at the luxury Cosmopolitan hotel.
Existing Dermalogica Expert/ Become a Dermalogica Expert (1st October 14 - 31 March 15)
Receive a $200 Cosmopolitan Hotel Gift Voucher*
*Cosmpolitan Gift Voucher redeemable for anything at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (excludes gaming). Please note that the gift listed is subject to change, should this
occur, arrangements will be made by Dermalogica to supply a substitute gift where possible.
congress 2015
The Dermalogica tribe will be coming together from over 60 countries for our biggest Congress ever in Las Vegas! Congress delegates will
experience the future of professional skin care first-hand as our experts share the latest formula innovations, industry trends, treatment modalities
and business-building tools.
2008 Istanbul
2003 Barcelona
2005 Sydney
1999 Bangkok
2001 Hong Kong
1997 Hawaii
Track your journey to Vegas by downloading the Congress mobile app.
This interactive app will allow you to:
Engage with the tribe before, during and after Congress.
Keep up with attendees by accessing the app’s Activity Feed, which
highlights useful comments, photos, ratings and more.
View the complete event schedule and get detailed presenter information.
Receive announcements and obtain the most up-to-date event information.
Earn points, badges and prizes – top the leader board!
Expand your professional network and have fun!
To download the app:
1. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play
2. Search ‘Dermalogica Congress’
Absolutely amazing experience, one of the best
things I have ever done. Lots of fresh ideas from fantastic
speakers. So inspiring! Can’t wait for the next one.
- Sally G, Australia
It was a great honour to be
part of such a fantastic event. The
presentations were inspiring – to be
in the same room as Jane Wurwand
was to experience true hero worship.
Everyone always says she is a skilled
and very empowering speaker and
I have to agree. Overall I learnt so
much and am very keen to share it
all with the rest of the SON group.
- Sally C, Australia
An amazing
opportunity which I will
never forget. I have
come back to work
inspired, motivated, full
of ideas and eager to
face the future. I have
already made several key
changes and am already
reaping the rewards.
- Katherine, England
Dermalogica customer service hotline: 1800 659 118 | fax: (02) 9437-9900
email: [email protected] | 111 chandos street, crows nest nsw 2065

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