Datability Directions



Datability Directions
Functions and Features
Before You Begin
Make sure your iCloud is turned on. Failure
to do so could result in loss of data
Write down your login information. You will
need it to recover your password if you
forget it.
If you are new to Datability, select
the New Account and fill out all of
sections. Please be sure to record the
information you used in a secure
If already have an account and are
reinstalling the app, please wait at least 10
minutes after the reinstall before putting in
you email and password. If the password
doesn't work at first, try it a few times. It
may take a while for iCloud to synch
Home Screen
Access all of Datability's Functions
Manual Import of Student Roster
Select the Student Student icon, then select theAdd student icon. Fill out the
student form and select Save.
Manual Import of Goals
Select the Student Icon then select the Add Goal (flag) button to open up the
goal module.
Manual Import Module
Select the student name from the drop down.
Write in the Heading (Math, Reading etc.)
Write the Goal
Select the Criteria for Mastery
Select the Criteria Period-How long the
Criteria must be maintained
Select the Method of data collection
Select the the schedule of data collection.
Based on the Schedule, Datability will notify
the user when it's time to collect data.
Select Notification Date & Time to identify
when to receive pop-up reminders
Expand/Contract Screen
Selecting the arrow button in the corner opens up a web browser on the right hand side of he
screen. From there the user can log into a web service allowing them to copy, cut, & paste goal info.
Direct Import of Students and Goals Using
IEP Web Service-Exporting Goals to Excel
Using IEPDirect1. On the iPad, log in to
2. Select the "Listings" tab
3. Select the option that will all students and goals. In Oceanside this is "OSD
All Special Students and Goals". Your district may have to set up a custom
listing (directions on following slide)
4. Select Process
5. Identify the school year
6. Select Next
7. Select Excel tab
Custom Listing
To use the Import Data function, IEPDirect must have a custom listing with the above criteria. If
the above criteria isn't present, listed in a diļ¬€erent order, or includes other fields, the import will not
Successful Export Into Excel
Direct Import of Students and Goals
contd..Uploading goals to Datability
Do not change the file name. It must
be an .xls file.
Upload goal spread sheet to cloud
based service (Google drive,
Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox etc.)
by selecting "Open In" on the top left
hand corner of the iPad screen. If the
dialogue isn't present, tap the screen.
Do not change the name of the file.
Open Datability and select Import
Direct Import of Students and Goals
contd..Uploading goals to Datability
Select Locations then
choose the cloud service
the file was uploaded to.
First time users may need
to add the cloud service
to the list by selecting
More, then the button
next to the service.
Find and select the file
Manipulating Student & Goal Info
Selecting the pencil icon next to the student or goal allows the user to edit the information. When a goal is edited
ALL PREVIOUS DATA IS DELETED. Selecting the flag icon allows the user to add a goal. Selecting the
flag/gear icon allows the user to collect data on the goal. Selecting the cross icon erases the goal or the student.
Create a Goal Spreadsheet
Users can upload goals to a blank spreadsheet which can then be uploaded using the Import Data
function. A blank template can be found at in the About section
Collecting Data..Pending Updates
& Notifications.
Based on the Schedule identified by
the goal, Datability reminds the user to
take data in the form notifications &
Pending updates.
No matter when the data is entered,
the information is recorded for the day
missed thus improving compliance
Selecting the notification or the
pending update takes the user to the
data center.
Select the Flag/Gear icon to collect
The Data Center
Input percentage/trial information, link a picture from the camera roll,or take a picture. Tap the file name to
expand the thumbnail and preview the linked picture. Add additional
notes in the Observation section and identify if the student is making progress using the slider button on the
bottom. Select Submit to save he data.
Data Reporting
Select the Reports tab see student
Selecting the icon next to the
student's name shows data for all
Selecting the icon next to the goal
shows only that goal's data.
The search bars above the names
and goals allows the users to sort by
keywords. The small arrow above
the names puts them in alphabetical
Data Reporting
Data reports include the following
A. Percentages graphed into a line
B. Full size and color pictures
C. Notes
D. Suggested progress report
grades. This is calculated using
the "Student progress" button I
the bottom of the data module
Generating & Sharing Report
Select Reports then select Generate PDF. Selecting the Arrow in the top right corner opens the
the sharing section where reports can be emailed, air printed, or uploaded to a cloud service.
Can't log in-make sure iCloud is turned on, make
sure you have the correct password,make sure
you've waited till iCloud has fully synced
Can't upload students via Import Data functionmake sure the file contains all of the necessary
information, make sure it is in .xls format. If the
problem persists, uninstall the app, go to the
iCloud settings and delete any Datability storage
files, then reinstall.
Contact Information
Michael Radicone
[email protected]

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