Shafafiyah 2014 Al Ayyar: KIPCO poised to continue profitability and



Shafafiyah 2014 Al Ayyar: KIPCO poised to continue profitability and
The magazine of the Kuwait Projects Company (Holding)
Shafafiyah 2014
Al Ayyar: KIPCO poised to continue
profitability and dividend paying in 2014
Issue 45: April 2014
The magazine of the Kuwait Projects Company (Holding)
Shafafiya 2014
Al Ayyar: KIPCO poised to continue
profitability and dividend paying in 2014
Issue 45: April 2014
KIPCO expects to continue to deliver double-digit growth
Interview with Sheikha Dana Nasser Al Sabah
KIPCO issues US $500m bond
Assoufid Marrakech wins international accolade
URC recognizes long-serving employees
KAMCO organizes blood drive
AUK…celebrating a decade of accomplishments
OSN launches its ‘Live More’ CSR initiative
Head Office:
Kuwait Projects Company (Holding)
P.O. Box 23982
Safat 13100 Kuwait
For inquiries please call (+965) 2294 3423 or email [email protected]
KIPCO expects to
continue to deliver
double-digit growth yearly
in next three years
At its annual Shafafiyah
(transparency) Investors’
companies to continue to
deliver double digit revenue
growth in 2014.
22nd year o
(US$ 1.47 billion) in 2012 to KD 553
Outlook for 2014
million (US$ 1.96 billion) in 2013, and
KIPCO expects that Burgan Bank will
KIPCO shareholders approved a cash
its profitability grew 27% from KD 32
continue to grow its assets by 10% and
dividend of 20% (20 fils per share)
million (US$ 114 million) in 2012 to KD
increase its operating profit by 15% in
and a stock dividend of 5%. During the
40 million (US$ 142 million) in 2013.
the period 2013-2016. OSN will continue
event, KIPCO’s Vice Chairman, Mr Faisal
Al Ayyar, presented a review of 2013
“At last year’s Shafafiyah Investors’
EBITDA, net profit and cash flow, and
and guidance for 2014 to an audience
Forum, we said we expected to see
is expected to double its revenue in the
of shareholders, financial analysts and
double-digit growth in 2013. During the
next three years with industry-leading
institutional investors.
year, our major core operating companies
EBITDA margins and profits.
have delivered on this promise. Burgan
Review of 2013
Bank’s revenue increased 33% while
Moreover, Gulf Insurance Group will
As part of its review of the last 12
Gulf Insurance Group’s revenue was
further its regional expansion with entry
months, Mr Al Ayyar said that 2013
up 13%. OSN increased its revenue by
into the Algerian market through the
29%. These results reflect the positive
acquisition of a 49% stake in Algeria
year of profitability. The company met
performance trends in our core sectors.
Insurance, and is expected to double its
its objectives for 2013 and delivered
They are also evidence of the growth of
gross premium written to US$ 1 billion
on its promise to achieve double-digit
our companies in 2013 and their sound
in the next five years.
growth for its core companies. KIPCO’s
profitability,” Mr Al Ayyar said.
revenue grew 34% from KD 414 million
The company’s real estate arm, URC, is
due to complete its Abdali Mall project in
Jordan and the Raouche at 1090 project in
Lebanon this year and start construction
of its Aswar residential project in Egypt.
The real estate company’s projects
coming into operation in 2014-2015
will step up rental income by US$ 35
million. TAKAUD, KIPCO’s pensions and
savings company, is expected to expand
to other markets in 2014 following its
successful launch in Bahrain, targeting a
US$ 500 million contribution in the next
five years.
UIC will continue its path of good
performance in 2014 and its revenue
and operating profit are both expected
to grow by 20% by 2016. Meanwhile,
United Education Company will continue
to bring the best private education to
Kuwait, developing its new K-12 school
in 2014, and expanding its existing
schools and the American University of
Commenting on the outlook for 2014,
KIPCO’s positive performance trends in
Mr Al Ayyar said, “We enter 2014 with
all its core sectors – including banking,
media, real estate and insurance – were
across the sectors in which we operate.
evident in the growth and profitability
We expect to continue to deliver double
of the Group companies’ performance
digit revenue and profit growth in the
during 2013.
next three years. Indicators point to
gradual local and regional economic
KIPCO’s fourth quarter profit (for the
recovery, and our companies are poised
three months ended December 31,
to benefit from this improvement in
2013) came to KD 14 million (US$ 50
their respective markets and to continue
million), an increase of 75% on the
to be profitable and dividend paying in
KD 8 million (US$ 28.4 million) profit
achieved in the same period of 2012.
announced a net profit of KD 40.1
million (US$ 142.2 million), or 29.31
fils (10.4 cents) per share for the year
ended 31 December, 2013 - an increase
of 27% on the KD 31.6 million (US$
112.4 million), or 23.28 fils (8.3 cents)
per share, reported in 2012.
performance trends
in all core sectors
Results for 2013
Sheikha Dana Nasser Al Sabah
AUK… the home of liberal
arts and critical thinking
Ten years since it was established,
the Kuwait’s needs for practical
specializations in numerous fields.
Chair of the AUK Board of Trustees, Sheikha Dana Nasser Al Sabah signing the agreement with Dartmouth
KIPCOlife met with Sheikha Dana Nasser
production of knowledge and building
future leaders. We believe in liberal arts
Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, Founder and
generations that have the capacity to
education and critical thinking because
Chair of AUK’s Board of Trustees, who
reason and think for themselves. “Our
we want our students to contribute
spoke about AUK’s emphasis on liberal
decision to build an institution grounded
intellectually to their own learning, gain
arts – the foundation of the university’s
in a liberal arts education philosophy was
the tools and skills necessary to seek
learning philosophy.
guided by our desire to offer our youth
answers that satisfy their intellectual
the opportunity for a thorough immersion
curiosities, and apply critical thinking to
in broad spectrum knowledge acquisition
their daily lives,” Sheikha Dana added.
“Education is a major pillar in any
society. Investing in the education of
its population is key for any country.
Investing in the development of higher
education in our countries is not a matter
of choice for our region, but rather, an
imperative that promises to break the
status quo of the declining trend of
education,” Sheikha Dana said.
Liberal arts education
that shapes them into individuals, that
viewpoints, that exposes them to the
habits and moral systems, that creates a
‘mental habit’ that is capable of acquiring
the professional specifics necessary in a
competitive environment,” Sheikha Dana
Strategic mission
strategic mission of AUK is to harness
the student’s infinite potential and direct
their energies toward the building of
character and intellect by providing them
with the knowledge and skills necessary
for a lifelong learning and professional
success. “Our goal is to enrich our
The vision behind the establishment of
society by fostering an environment that
AUK was not merely the dissemination of
to favour rote learning, which doesn’t
encourages critical thinking, effective
knowledge, she explained, but also the
hone the skills needed for producing
communication, personal growth, service
Sheikha Da
Changing t
’ was
a great ch
and leadership.”
arts education means within our culture
limits in order to reach new levels of
and society,” noted Sheikha Dana.
accomplishment,” said Sheikha Dana.
AUK’s development
AUK over the years
AUK in the future
AUK is a special project that is close to
The start-up years of AUK were very
Continuing with international programs
Sheikha Dana’s heart. She describes
strong. The university grew from 430 to
the university as her fourth baby. She
2,400 students. It earned international
primary target for AUK.
says that raising babies is a mutually
students’ numbers is not a priority,
beneficial experience, just as parents
prestigious institutions such as from
but maintaining a controlled number
teach and nurture them, they too learn
the Accreditation Council for Business
of students and offering them high
a lot from their own babies, especially
Schools and Programs (ACBSP), the
standards of education is the ultimate
about who we all are. She said, “As AUK
aim, along with incorporating more
began developing before my eyes, I too
have grown more and learned a lot about
courses. “I would like to rectify the
life – and we continue to grow together.”
from the American Academy for Liberal
public’s perceptions about liberal arts
Education (AALE). This reflects the hard
education and create a passion for it,”
work, commitment and the quality of
she said.
The real challenge was to reintroduce the
concept of liberal arts in a society that
perceives the word ‘liberal’ negatively.
The concept was gradually introduced,
the AUK offering.
taking steps towards becoming well-
its history and the philosophy behind it.
rounded members of the international
A group of intellectuals, academics and
community by pursuing graduate studies
businessmen who advocated the concept
In the next ten years, AUK’s objective
“We have witnessed some of our alumni
in reputable local and international
endorsers to the overall project. “It takes
firms. I would say we are on the right
years and years to redefine what ‘liberal’
track and we will continue to push our
programs. Another goal is to grow the
strong educators and scholars from
around the world.
KIPCO issues US$500m bond
swiftly execute an intra-day trade and
raise US$ 500 million under its existing
EMTN program.
Mr Pinak Maitra, KIPCO’s Group CFO
added, “Over the years, KIPCO has been
a consistent issuer in the international
bond market and this deal reflects the
positive experience investors had with
its previous issues. The bond further
Mr Faisal Al Ayyar
Mr Pinak Maitra
and enhances its financial flexibility to
execute our strategy.”
successful pricing of a US$ 500 million
Chairman said, “We are delighted that
The bonds were widely distributed, with
(KD 141 million) five-year bond issue
the KIPCO bond was well received by
European investors allocated 41% of
in the international capital market, the
regional and international investors. The
the issue transaction while Middle East,
first from the MENA region in 2014.
overwhelming response is a testament
UK, Asian and US (offshore) investors
to our track record of delivering results
accounted for 19%, 15%, 14% and 11%
and our financial discipline. Investors
respectively. In terms of investor profile,
were attracted to the quality of KIPCO’s
58% was allocated to fund managers,
33% to banks and 9% to others.
The deal had substantial demand at
launch and was six times oversubscribed,
attracting a total of 250 investors from
across the Middle East, Europe and Asia.
Strong demand allowed the company to
price the deal at the tight end of the
as joint bookrunners on the offering.
pricing range with a fixed coupon of
KIPCO was able to capitalize on the
BNP Paribas, HSBC and J.P. Morgan acted
KIPCO’s support recognized by NUKS-USA
element: that its brand name, values
and overall work ethics be in line with
high standards and the needs of the
Kuwaiti society.
KIPCO is committed
to being a responsible company that
is keen to develop young people and
support its community. As such, we
develop and encourage young Kuwaitis
to play an instrumental role in the
country’s development. The annual
opportunity for KIPCO and its Group
companies to interact and share our
Mr Faisal Al Ayyar (center) with NUKS-USA President Ahmad Qabazard (left) and NUKS-USA
Vice President Hamad Alhajeri
KIPCO was recognized by the National
H.H. the Prime Minister, Sheikh Jaber Al
Union for Kuwaiti Students – USA
Mubarak Al Hamad Al Sabah.
the young men and women who will
become tomorrow’s leaders.”
The student representatives expressed
their appreciation for KIPCO’s support
Branch for its Platinum Sponsorship
views about the future of Kuwait with
of the 30th Conference of NUKS-USA.
Mr Faisal Al Ayyar, KIPCO’s Vice Chairman
The conference was held in San Diego,
said, “KIPCO’s overall approach to social
attended by more than 3,500 Kuwaitis
California, under the sponsorship of
responsibility begins with an essential
studying in the United States.
Internal Audit holds 12th Group annual conference
KIPCO Group’s Internal Audit team
UGB’s CEO, Mr Rabih Soukarieh (left) and
Group Chief Audit Executive, Mr Moshen Ali
KIPCO Group’s Internal Audit team held
its 12th annual conference in December
2013, hosted by UGB. Twenty five
attendees, drawn from Group companies
across the region, were welcomed by
UGB’s CEO, Mr Rabih Soukarieh and
Group Chief Audit Executive, Mr Moshen
Soukarieh said, “The annual internal
audit conference was the first such
conference of its kind in the Group and
other professional groups are following
in the same footsteps. With the entire
world focusing on enhancing corporate
governance, internal audit has become
more important than ever before in
strengthening the corporate governance
On his part, Mr Ali welcomed all the new
internal auditors who were attending the
conference for the first time especially
from Bank of Baghdad, Burgan Bank
Turkey, Jordan Kuwait Bank, OSN and
Gulf Insurance Group. He stressed the
importance of keeping up-to-date with
the new regulations and ensuring our
audit plans are modified to incorporate
the necessary work we need to do to add
value to our organizations.
The conference was also addressed by
external speakers from Ernst & Young.
The topics covered included compliance
with and implementation of the Foreign
Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA),
sustaining a strategic partnership
between the Audit Committee and the
CAE, internal audit assessing fraud
vulnerabilities, changes in Corporate
Governance rules (overview of the
new CMA Corporate Governance rules
in Kuwait), the three lines of defense
within an organization and updates of
newly introduced internal audit practice
advisories’ guides and material. The
attendees also discussed group internal
audit reporting and automation.
Ms Deepa Chandrasekhar, Senior VP – Chief Compliance Officer at UGB (left) speaking at the conference
Burgan Bank’s equity fund records positive performance
The ‘Burgan Equity Fund’ has recorded
sectors that include consumer services,
balanced approach and its long term
a positive performance in 2013 by
oil and gas, telecommunications, basic
philosophy of investing based on a top
achieving an annual return of 8.9%
materials, consumer goods, real estate,
down research method are the two main
compared to 8.43% for the Kuwait
financial services, industry and banking.
contributors to these returns.
Stock Exchange Weighted index.
Investments at Burgan Bank said, “We
balanced investment policy which aims
have worked diligently with KAMCO,
at long term capital gains with minimum
the fund’s external investment advisor,
to develop and implement a long term
fund’s nature. It invests in a range of
asset allocation strategy. The fund’s
Dr Hamzeh appointed AUK CEO of UFM listed on
Dr Nizar Hamzeh
AUK appointed Dr Nizar Hamzeh as the fourth president of
AUK. The unanimous board action signaled a strong and clear
endorsement for Hamzeh, who has been instrumental in
leading and advancing the mission of the university during his
tenure as Interim President and Provost.
Sheikha Dana Nasser Al Sabah, Chair of AUK’s Board
of Trustees said, “This is an exciting time for the AUK. To
take such a decision during our 10th anniversary marks our
continued efforts in embarking on another decade of successful
accomplishments. Nizar Hamzeh brings an exceptional
portfolio of scholarship and leadership to AUK.”
Facilities Management Middle East Feature on Ahmed Al Kandari (far right)
Mr Ahmad Al Kandari, CEO of UFM, was selected amongst
the top professionals in Facilities Management Middle
East magazine’s POWER 50 list that was issued recently.
This recognition marks another milestone to be added
to Al Kandari’s successful track record in being one of
the most influential leaders in the facilities management
Al Kandari said, “As the facilities management industry
Dr Hamzeh said, “I am extremely grateful to the board of
trustees for their vote of confidence and for giving me the
opportunity to lead this extraordinary institution. As we
celebrate AUK’s 10th birthday, together we renew our
commitment to continue providing AUK with excellence in
teaching, research and service.”
led by the management of real estate properties continue
Dr Hamzeh, a professor of Political Science and International
Law, joined AUK in 2005. He is an internationally recognized
authority on the culture and politics of Lebanon, with
special focus on the development of Hezbollah and Islamist
movements across the Middle East.
management industry, has been successfully leading
A 1979 graduate of the Lebanese University Faculty of
Law, Hamzeh pursued graduate studies at the University of
Southern California, Los Angeles, receiving his MA and PhD
degrees in Political Science in 1982 and 1986, respectively.
to grow, we believe that it’s extremely important to apply
and implement the new trends in this area to meet the
expectations of our customers.”
Al Kandari, a veteran in the real estate and facilities
UFM for more than five years, establishing it as a major
facilities management provider in Kuwait. Under his
leadership, UFM has extended its operations beyond
Kuwait’s borders reaching Oman, Jordan and Egypt. Faisal Sarkhou appointed KAMCO CEO
KAMCO announced the confirmation of Mr Faisal Sarkhou
and investment management
as the CEO of the company. Mr Sarkhou was appointed
committees as well as being
Acting CEO of KAMCO in June 2012, upon the Board of
a board member on the Union
Director’s approval of outgoing MD and CEO, Mr Sadoun Ali’s
of Investment Companies in
Kuwait and a member of the
Mr Sarkhou commenced his career in the late ‘90s with KPMG
Corporate Finance in Kuwait. He then joined KAMCO’s team
in 2000. Mr Sarkhou was heading the Financial Services
and Investment Division at KAMCO since 2010 and headed
KAMCO’s Corporate Finance from 2006 to 2010. Faisal has
extensive experience of over 14 years in investment banking,
asset management, financial products as well as financial
services. He serves as a board member on several reputable
companies and funds. He also sits on a number of company
advisory board of the College
of Business & Economics at
American University of Kuwait.
Mr Sarkhou is an Economics
graduate with honors from
the University of Birmingham,
UK and holds an EMBA with
distinction from HEC Paris,
Mr Faisal Sarkou
URC celebrates 40 years
of leadership in real
estate development
TIB marks 2014 with
ambitious plans
TIB’s staff and their families during the event
TIB organized a banquet gathering which included staff
members and their families in celebration of the New Year.
The evening included a buffet dinner accompanied by
entertainment and live music performances.
Mr Mohamed Fekih, Deputy Chairman and CEO of TIB seized
the occasion to reflect on the bank’s accomplishments during
the previous year and to welcome the New Year with hopes
for continued success.
He noted that despite economic challenges that Tunisia faced
last year, TIB’s profits were expected to be record-breaking.
He commended employees for their hard work and dedication,
and announced that 2014 would include varied initiatives that
aimed at maintaining the bank’s sustained growth.
KAMCO launches real
estate fund
Firework display during the celebration
URC celebrated its 40th anniversary by hosting a public
event at Marina Mall & Crescent, one of its most prominent
developments in Kuwait, and winner of the ‘Best MixedUse Development for Kuwait’ award during the Arabian &
African Property Awards 2013-2014.
URC’s CEO, Eng. Mohammed Al Saqqaf said, “URC has built
KAMCO seminar at the Chairman’s Club for KAMCO clients and investors about
the Fund
its reputation as a major contributor to the residential,
KAMCO recently announced the issuance of license for KAMCO
retail and commercial developments in Kuwait since its
Real Estate Yield Fund (KREYF) by Kuwait’s Capital Markets
establishment in 1973. Its history and growth throughout
Authority. KREYF invests in the real estate sector directly and
40 years allowed the company to expand into the MENA
indirectly and will sell, buy and lease locally and internationally.
region and launch award-winning developments.”
KREYF is an open-ended, US dollar denominated real estate
entertainment and a wide range of family activities.
investment fund with a variable capital of between US$ 18
million to US$ 550 million.
Celebrations concluded with a firework finale, visible from
Mr Ziad Al Qaissi, Chief Investments Officer at KAMCO said,
Kuwait’s Marina Crescent.
“Launching KREYF is backed by KAMCO’s belief in the necessity
for the market to have a diversified pool of investment
products, which significantly contributes in the enhancement
of the local market and the product variety available to clients.”
TAKAUD holds employee savings seminar
From left: Mr Jonathan Kemp, Chief Actuary – TAKAUD; Mr Kapil Batra; Mr Michael Lonergan, Mr
C.A. Gopalakrishnan, & Mr Yugandhar Karnam - BCICAI members; Mrs Ghizlane Rahali, Marketing
& Communications Manager – TAKAUD; Mr. Ebrahim Ebrahim Chief Marketing & Communications
Officer, Mr Douglas Bourne and Mr Sanjay Gupta - BCICAI
Event attendees
TAKAUD hosted an educational seminar
‘Managing Your Own Money’. The key
Mr Sanjay Gupta, Chairman of the
for the Bahrain Chapter of the Institute
theme discussed was employee savings,
BCICAI said, “Our event reflected the
benefit packages and their long term
(BCICAI), under the title ‘Maximize the
positive implications for both regional
planning both for corporates as well as
Power of Goodwill in Your Workforce’.
employers and their employees.
individuals across the GCC and wider
Mr Eric Van Biesen, Acting CEO of
by savings and investment experts
TAKAUD said, “TAKAUD is delighted with
from TAKAUD and BlackRock, one of
its successful partnership with BCICAI,
the world’s biggest fund managers,
aimed at highlighting and addressing
with topics covering ‘Increasing the
the important topic of employee savings
Productivity of Your Workforce’, ‘How
and benefits and their impact on the
to Invest for the Long Term’ and
MENA region’s businesses.”
MENA region.
I would like to thank
TAKAUD and BlackRock for the valuable
insight they’ve provided, which reflects
the need for the business across the
benefits and savings structures.”
SIHRM hosts annual GMs meeting
standardize a common vision for the
company’s future.
Mr Al Musallam said, “SIHRM has
a unique opportunity to distinguish
itself by banking on genuine Arabian
hospitality across its operations and
services. This is an area where we
can deliver and offer our services that
serve to truly differentiate us.”
Mr Mustapha Drief, Corporate Director
Team members during the workshop
Mr Fawzi Al Musallam (second from left) with
the participating team members
gauge their insights and feedback on
Safir International Hotels & Resorts
leadership teams from the Middle East
and participants from KHC.
how they envision the company and
meeting at Safir International Hotel
The meeting provided a platform for
crucial in planning process.”
& Residences - Fintas, Kuwait. The
team members to discuss and share
meeting, which inaugurated by Mr
ideas on the company’s way forward,
Fawzi Al Musallam, CEO of Kuwait
as well as strengthening team building
Hotels Company and SIHRM, included
dialogue, with an overall objective to
held its annual general managers
of Operations at SIHRM added, “Our
its future operations, a step that is
OSN and Gulfnet participate Burgan Bank unveils ‘smart’
From left: Mr Haneef Mohammed, Senior Marketing Manager at OSN; Mr
Ahmed Saleh, Direct Sales Manager at OSN, H.E. Mrs Hind Al Subaih; Mr
Mahdi Jumaa, General Manager of OSN; Ms Amal Rahal, Country Sales
Director at OSN
Mr Majed Al-Ajeel (second from left) with members of the bank’s
management during the official opening ceremony
Burgan Bank revealed a first of its kind ‘smart’ banking
branch at The Avenues mall, showcasing the latest in
technological innovation. At the touch of a button, the new
branch was officially inaugurated by the bank’s Chairman, Mr
Majed Al Ajeel, along with members of the senior executive
The smart branch features extensive use of digital technology,
including display panels forming video walls of interactive
touch-screens and video conferencing with call center agents.
JKB opens three new branchs
Mr Mustafa Murad (seventh from right back row) with the Gulfnet
team during the exhibition
OSN actively participated in this year’s INFOCONNECT
2014, the largest shopper event for IT & Communication
in Kuwait. During the event, H.E. Mrs Hind Al Subaih,
Minister of Social Affairs and Labour, and Minister of State
for Planning and Development Affairs, visited OSN’s stand.
H.E. Mrs Al Subaih was given an overview of OSN,
particularly its path-breaking technology OSN Plus HD, the
region’s first 3D, HD, internet enabled satellite receiver and
recorder, and OSN Play, the region’s first online viewing
Moreover, Gulfnet also took part in the event. The company
welcomed visitors with an exciting range of products and
services, along with a broad array of surprises.
Mr Mustafa Murad, Chief Operating Officer at Gulfnet said,
“Our presence at Infoconnect gave us a strong chance
to reach out and connect with our existing and potential
customers to share with them special internet products and
services while also revealing our latest offers and packages
that are guaranteed to their satisfaction. The company
provided premium internet services with the highest
quality, along with customized packages that are designed
to suit customers’ needs and internet usage habits.”
Mr Haethum Al Buttikhi (third from right) with members of the bank’s
management and employees during the ribbon cutting ceremony of the
Al Salt Branch
JKB recently inaugurated three new branches across Jordan.
The bank celebrated relocating its Al Salt Branch to a new
location within Al Salt City after changing its functionality from
an office to a branch. JKB also inaugurated its new branch in
the city of Al Zarqa after relocating it.
Moreover, JKB opened its branch at Galleria Mall, Amman,
to further strengthen its presence. This is the first and only
branch in Jordan that provides safe deposit boxes in a mall,
offering clients access to their valuables during the branch’s
extended working hours.
Mr Haethum Al Buttikhi, Head of Retail and Private Banking at
JKB said, “We consistently strive to meet our clients’ financial
needs and to be present across the most vital and commercially
active areas in Jordan.”
JKB’s branch network includes 56 branches and 75 ATMs
for cash withdrawals and deposits which are distributed
throughout Jordan to ensure accessibility for all the bank’s
clients in addition to the mobile ATM service.
KAMCO adopts latest
TAKAUD launches ‘Need
to Save’ campaign
The TAKAUD team at City Center
TAKAUD recently launched its ‘Need to Save’ campaign
at the Bahrain City Center Mall with an exhibition stand
as part of its public awareness campaign to encourage
people to save for their future.
KAMCO executives celebrating the launch of the upgraded system KAMCO upgraded its Portfolio Management System (PMS) to
a new web-based system with enhanced asset management,
back office and settlement features. The new system is fully
integrated with KAMCO’s website, as well as KAMCO Online
Trading and Accounting Systems. This new groundbreaking
technology will assist in gaining critical time-to-market.
Countless number of tasks can be easily and quickly
capabilities, delivering innovation and value with reduced
TAKAUD’s presence enabled Bahrainis and residents to
have direct access to its team of experts, learn more
about the critical need to save for the long term and to
plan for their lives’ major events.
As part of the campaign, TAKAUD offered visitors a
chance to win three exciting prizes through an Instagram
‘What’s Your Dream?’ competition. The prizes included a
smart phone and two prizes comprising a three-month
complementary BD 300 contribution towards a TAKAUD
Individual Savings Plan.
complexity for every user.
Burgan Bank’s brand
valuation reaffirmed as AA
with positive outlook
Burgan Bank’s brand has
been reaffirmed as AA with a
positive outlook from Brand
brand valuation company.
Burgan Bank’s brand value has
increased to US$ 234 million
compared to last year’s value
Bashir Jaber
that reached US$199 million,
making it the highest rated
banking brand in Kuwait. The bank’s brand ranking jumped 43
positions in the top 500 banking brands worldwide.
Mr Bashir Jaber, Burgan’s Assistant GM – Group Corporate
Communications said, “We are pleased with our current brand
status and ranking. Our strategic brand management approach
has proven to be successful. The Burgan Bank brand is on a
continuous increase in value and has grown 15% from 2012.
The AA rating has placed the Burgan Bank brand as the highest
rated banking brand in Kuwait, reflecting its strength and
contribution to the overall corporate strategy.”
Winners of the Instagram competition
KAMCO sponsors 6th CFA ceremony
KAMCO sponsored the 2014 Chartered Financial Analyst
(CFA) Award Ceremony in Kuwait. This is the fifth consecutive
year that KAMCO sponsors this event out of its commitment
to supporting higher education and financial analysis.
Mr Mohammed Al Hubail, KAMCO’s Chief Resources Officer
said, “Our goal is to recognize excellence in the field
of finance and to inspire others to strive for outstanding
and the proficient skills that these individuals have reflect
From right: Ms Sana Al Hadlaq, KAMCO’s SVP Client Relationship & Marketing;
Mr Mohammed Al Hubail, KAMCO’s Chief Resources Officer; Mr Zaid Al-Qaissi,
KAMCO’s Chief Investment Officer; Mr Farqad Al Sanea, Gulf Insurance
Group’s Chairman; Mr Samer Khanachet, KIPCO’s Group Chief Operating
Officer; CFA graduate Abdullah Farqad AlSane, KAMCO’s AVP - Alternative
Investment Department
positively on our economy, creating a healthy and ethical
financial environment. As such, we continuously provide
special training to our employees to maintain the highest
professional standards in our organization.”
KAMCO is constantly on the lookout for opportunities that
encourage highly-motivated individuals who are seeking
advanced education and are dedicated to ethics and the
enhancement of the financial industry.
CFA Awards Special Guest Mr Diraar Alghanim, Chairman and MD of Kuwait
Financial Centre, Markaz (left) congratulating CFA graduate Kunal Singh,
KAMCO’s VP - Investment Banking
Arab Orient signs
agreement with Egyptian
Arab Orient supports
Jordanian Swiss Business
From left: Mr Isam Abdul Khaliq, HE Mr Khaled Tharwat and Mr Imad
Abdul Khaliq during the official signing ceremony
H.E. Dr Malek Al Kabariti (front row fifth from right) with the attendees of
the event
Arab Orient and Jordan Insurance Company signed a joint
Arab Orient sponsored the Jordanian Swiss Business Club’s
luncheon which was hosted by Jordan’s Minister of Energy,
H.E. Dr Malek Al Kabariti.
medical insurance agreement with the Egyptian Embassy
medical services to Egyptians living in Jordan. As per the
agreement, Arab Orient will provide medical insurance to
Egyptian residents, while Jordan Insurance Company will
offer life and accident insurance.
The agreement was signed by Mr Isam Abdul Khaliq, CEO
of Arab Orient; Mr Imad Abdul Khaliq, General Manager
of Jordan Insurance Company; and H.E. Mr Khaled
Tharwat, the Egyptian Ambassador to Jordan. The signing
ceremony was also attended by Mr Alaa Al Zoheiry, CEO of
Arab Misr Insurance Group; Mr Mustafa Melhem, Deputy
CEO - Medical Insurance, Customer Service and IT;
representatives of the two companies; Egyptian Consul to
Amman, Mr Sherif Mokhtar and embassy staff.
The event was attended by the president and board members
of the Jordanian Swiss Business Club, the Swiss Ambassador
to Amman and club members.
In an open discussion with Dr Al Kabariti, the minister
highlighted the increase of tariffs on electricity, the different
nuclear, solar, alternative and renewable energy based
projects across Jordan. The discussion touched upon various
manageable risks, namely in conducting nuclear energy
The Jordanian Swiss Business Club was established in 2006
with an objective of strengthening bilateral trade relations
between Jordan and Switzerland. The club’s members include
a number of prominent Jordanian businessmen and leading
Swiss companies operating in Jordan.
Assoufid Marrakech wins international accolade
Views from the Assoufid Marrakech residential and golf resort
Assoufid, Marrakech’s most exclusive residential and golf
resort, has been recognized as one of the best real estate
projects in Africa at the 2013 African Property Awards.
This distinction honors the quality of Assoufid as a residential
and golf resort, specifically for its collection of exclusive villas,
each set on a large plot of one hectare, and for its remarkable
18-hole golf course, designed by Scottish golf professional
Niall Cameron. Located on a 222-hectare naturally undulating
site, the Assoufid estate was also praised for its location and
spectacular landscape at the foothills of the snow-capped
High Atlas Mountains, safety, exclusive property management
services and respect for the environment.
Mr Mohamed Fahmy, CEO of Assoufid Properties Development
said, “We are extremely honored to have been given such
distinction in acknowledging our sustained efforts to offer
our villa owners an experience that goes beyond their
expectations. This award strengthens Assoufid Marrakech’s
positioning both as a generous oasis of privacy and luxury,
and as a popular destination for a demanding, cosmopolitan
Assoufid is developed by Assoufid Properties Development,
whose main shareholder is the Kuwait-based North Africa
Holding Company.
Safir Fintas and Marina Hotel participate in HORECA
Safir Fintas GM, Mr Saif Elddin Mohammed (center), with the winning
Marina Hotel’s winning team with their GM, Mr Nabil Hammoud (fourth
from left)
Safir Hotel & Residences Kuwait – Fintas and Marina Hotel
Marina Hotel’s chefs, participated in HORECA Kuwait for the
participated in the renowned HORECA Kuwait exhibition for
third consecutive year, won three gold medals in mezza and
the hospitality and food & beverage sectors.
sushi categories and two silver medals in the food basket
Safir Fintas was recognized as a winner across three
categories, bagging one gold and two bronze medals.
competition that was organized on the sidelines of the
Participants of Safir Fintas also won two appreciation
HORECA Kuwait is a comprehensive event covering the
hospitality, catering and food industry sectors in Kuwait and
the GCC.
Burgan Bank wins
‘International Star for
Burgan Bank won the coveted ‘International Diamond Star
for Quality’ award from Business Directions, a world-wide
businesses as well as companies that implement and promote
a strong quality culture.
Mr Adrian Gostuski, Group COO at Burgan Bank said, “We are
proud to win the ‘International Diamond Star for Quality’ award
from Business Directions. Achieving a higher recognition each
time demonstrates the bank’s growing dedication towards
superior quality and excellence through the adoption of
international quality standards across its operations.”
Burgan Bank’s successful achievement in receiving this award
for the third time is a continuation to its string of accolades,
and is a clear indication of its constant perusal of embracing
international quality standards. This step further marks its
solid position across the banking sector, having received
earlier in 2011 the Platinum Award and the Gold Award in
Mr Adrian Gostuski (second from right) receiving the award
Burgan Bank
”Best Private Bank
in Kuwait“
for three consecutive years
Due to our commitment to excellence and leadership at Burgan Bank, and through
your precious trust in our abilities, we were able to win the “Best Private Bank in
Kuwait 2013” award for the third year in a row. This has become an incentive that
motivates us towards a prosperous and successful future. We are also pleased with
your high expectations from our outstanding services, and we promise to continue
to march towards the future with further outstanding performance.
Burgan Bank…attaining your trust through excellence!
follow us on:
Burgan Bank Official page
20 For more information call 1804080, or visit
URC recognizes longserving employees
Burgan Bank sponsors
Indian Doctors
Group photo of URC’s employees
Mr Majed Al Ajeel (second from left) receiving a token of appreciation
during the event
As part of its 40th anniversary celebrations, URC honored
and recognized its long-serving employees during the URC
Colleague Dinner which took place at the Sheikha Salwa
Sabah Al Ahmad Hall. The celebration featured stand-up
comedy shows, URC Jeopardy, a photo booth, dinner and
URC Long Service Awards.
Moreover, URC also recognized long-serving colleagues for
their dedicated service and contribution to the company.
They were acknowledged for their years of service ranging
from 10+, 15+ and 20+ years.
The event falls in line with the company’s core values
that include continuous colleague interaction, team work,
enhanced work productivity as well as a healthy and solid
corporate culture.
Burgan Bank sponsored the annual Indian Doctors Forum
Mega Cultural Event in launching their new Health Guide for
the third year running. The health guide was published with a
fundamental theme entitled ‘Imagine – The Eye of Medicine’.
The event was held under the patronage of H.H. the
Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, who was
represented by Deputy Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs, Sheikh
Ali Al Jarrah Al Sabah. The event was also attended by the
Indian Ambassador to Kuwait, H.E. Sunil Jain. Burgan Bank’s
Chairman, Mr Majed Al Ajeel, received a token of appreciation
for the bank’s annual support in publishing the health guide.
The Indian Doctors Forum is an organization of Indian
doctors working across Kuwait’s medical sector. The forum
is a registered body with the Indian Embassy and is affiliated
to Kuwait Medical Association. It is one of the largest Indian
organizations in Kuwait.
The bank’s support is a reflection of its mission to educate the
public on the rising progress in the field of medicine, and part
From left: Mr Mahmoud Al Wakeel, Legal Coordinator at URC; Eng.
Mohammed Al Saqqaf, CEO of URC; Mr Tariq Yanis, VP-HR at URC;
Ms Jamila Al-Adwani, EVP at URC; Ms Renimah Al Mattar, EVP at URC
of its social responsibility framework that aims to promote
sustainable solutions that build creativity and trust in the local
KAMCO hosts media dinner
Mr Faisal Sarkhou (sixth from left) with representatives of the media and the company’s executives
KAMCO held its media dinner at the Chairman’s Club as a
their efforts and cooperation with KAMCO, which resulted
token of appreciation to the support the local media has
in a strong and longstanding relationship. The event served
been providing over the years.
as a platform to exchange thoughts and opinions in person,
Mr Faisal Sarkhou, CEO of KAMCO, thanked the media for
and to strengthen corporate bonds.
Safir Fintas welcomes LoYAC trainees
Manager said, “We look forward to
program in collaboration with LoYAC,
practice every year. It is very fulfilling to
which is aimed at developing promising
provide these young people with practical
young local talents.
experience across the hospitality sector
support to Safir Hotel & Residences’
various assignments. Moreover, team
members received the opportunity to
gain valuable work experience, improve
their presentation and communication
skills and grow professionally.
Ms Zahira Salah, Human Resources
while also helping our own professionals
enhance their mentoring and leadership
Manager, also added, “Safir Hotel &
Residences recognizes the importance
of this project and is very supportive
and keen to play a significant role in
making it a success.”
Ms Noor Moubayed (center), Training Coordinator
at Safir Hotel & Residence Fintas, with the interns
KAMCO organizes blood drive
Employees donating their blood as part of KAMCO’s successful drive
KAMCO organized a blood drive at
Ms Sana Al Hadlaq, Senior VP of KAMCO’s
after receiving an emergency call
its headquarters in coordination with
from the Blood Bank to help save lives
the Central Blood Bank, as part of
Department said, “At KAMCO, we are
of citizens and residents, which was a
its active social responsibility role.
very keen to support social activities,
determining factor for us to host this
Employees from KAMCO and sister
especially ones that have a humane
initiative that saw a large number of
companies took part in the initiative.
side to them such as blood drives. Our
donors from our company as well as
participation in donating blood came
other companies.”
Burgan Bank celebrates World Diabetes Day
Burgan Bank marked the celebration
of World Diabetes Day in collaboration
with Al Seef Hospital, with an objective
to create awareness around the dangers
of the disease. The initiative, which was
carried out across the bank’s premise,
aimed at supporting the worldwide
initiative by the International Diabetes
Federation to lower the risks of diabetes
in future generations.
The bank’s staff members received
free tests by the hospital to gage their
current blood sugar level, understand
what the current risk of getting the
disease is and how to avoid becoming
diabetic. Employees were also able to
gain more information about the types
of diabetes along with knowledge on the
latest statistics of sufferers in Kuwait.
Such activities are part of the continued
development of Burgan Bank’s social
responsibility framework that adds more
value to the local community, while
harnessing a strong internal corporate
JKB launches several community initiatives
JKB employee during blood drive
HRH Princess Basma Bint Ali (third from left) with the winners
JKB completed a range of community related initiatives
as part of its Social Responsibility Program. The bank, in
collaboration with the Directorate of the National Blood Bank
Center, organized an internal blood drive initiative. The event,
which was held at the bank’s headquarters, witnessed a large
To mark World Recycling Day, JKB sponsored the solid waste
collection competition, which was organized by the Jordan
Environment Society. The event included an award ceremony
held under the patronage of HRH Princess Basma Bint Ali,
to congratulate the supporting organizations and schools that
won the competition.
JKB’s representative with the Baptist School’s little league teams
JKB’s representative receiving a token of appreciation
Moreover, JKB showcased its commitment to rising young
athletes by sponsoring the Baptist School’s basketball and
football little league teams. Representatives from the bank’s
marketing and public relations department were present to
award members of the participating teams.
JKB also sponsored the 10th Youth Dialogue Conference. The
event, titled ‘Amman shines through its youth’, was organized
by the Baptist School and was held under the patronage of
Jordan’s Minister of State and Minister of Agriculture, H.E.
Eng. Samir Habashneh, and attended by H.E. Mr. Akel Biltaji,
Mayor of Amman.
JKB’s representative being recognized at the graduation ceremony
HRH Princess Dina Mired (left) presenting a commemorative plaque to Mrs
Dana Jaradat
Under the patronage of Mr Quais Qatamin, Director of the King
Abdullah II’s Fund for Development (KAFD), LoYAC Jordan
and KAFD - with the support of the Ministry of Planning and
International Cooperation - celebrated the graduation of the
students who completed the ‘Darb’ 2013 Summer Internship
Program. JKB was recognized at the ceremony. The bank launched
two new initiatives to its partnership in this year’s program by
hosting students with special needs, in addition to interns from
different governorates at its main offices in Amman.
Furthermore, under the patronage of HRH Princess Dina Mired,
Director General of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF),
the foundation honored the partners of its Stars program. Mrs
Dana Jaradat, Marketing & PR Manager, represented Jordan
Kuwait Bank at the ceremony. During the event, Princess Dina
outlined the progress made in the foundation’s expansion project.
She said, “Completing the new expansion is a major challenge
for us, and we simply cannot do it without the support of our
generous partners. I thank all our Stars partners who have been
part of the program since 2011 and have been continuous donors
for the last three years. Your contributions will help us complete
our expansion project and light the way for a brighter future
without cancer.”
AUK…celebrating a decade of
Ten years ago, Kuwait witnessed the birth of one of the most
successful academic institutions, The American University
of Kuwait (AUK). Marking a decade of innovative research,
academic excellence and pioneering student success, AUK is
considered a beacon of academic achievement and a hub for
developing creative, young, talented leaders.
It started when Dartmouth College in Hanover signed a
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AUK to facilitate a
series of advisory, consultative, and cooperative projects. The
initial agreement was renewed for a third time in April 2013 to
extend through 2018. Both institutions share a commitment
Established by Amiri Decree 139 in 2003, AUK was accredited
to excellence in higher learning, and the agreement between
in 2006 and is currently re-accredited through June 2015 by
them reflects AUK’s growing stature as a premier academic
the Private Universities Council, Ministry of Higher Education -
institution in the Gulf region and beyond.
State of Kuwait. AUK offers students quality education based
on an American college model through 13 degree programs.
The curriculum provides students with the benefits of a broad
general education and in-depth studies in a major discipline.
This combination of studies will support one’s personal and
professional growth.
cultural collaboration.
Over the years, AUK has grown in size across all fronts.
The number of students went from 430 to 2,400; the best
academic curriculum was developed. Innovative programs in
different fields were introduced, proving to be of added value
to students and the university’s alumni community.
AUK’s commitment to providing a premier learning environment
The start-up years of AUK were very strong. Part of the
based on the American model resonates with Dartmouth’s
transformation was hiring the best faculty and focusing on
history and its understanding of the importance of higher
building sound curricula. As the university grew, there were
learning in a global context. Since the relationship began, the
some challenges along the way, but these were experiences
two institutions have steadily deepened and expanded their
from which lessons were learnt. The reintroduction of the
partnership, creating a dynamic, evolving and unique cross-
concept of liberal arts education was the greatest challenge.
The university earned international program accreditations
Students from different backgrounds have graduated from the
from prestigious institutions such as from the Accreditation
university and developed their careers across an extensive
Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), the
number of sectors that range from business, finance,
Commission on English Language Programs Accreditation
(CEA), and International Program Accreditation from the
computer science and engineering, as well as international
American Academy for Liberal Education (AALE). This reflects
the hard work, commitment and the quality of what AUK had
to offer.
AUK has balanced a strong commitment to liberal arts education
with a concern for the region’s needs for practical applications
Several factors have been crucial to the success of the
and professional specializations. Such diversity falls in line
university. These include having the right start-up team,
with the university’s vision to become the premier university
partnering with the right USA affiliate - Dartmouth College,
offering professional and liberal arts education for students
seeking international accreditation, as well as offering American
from Kuwait, the Gulf and the Middle East, while excelling in
education in Kuwait without compromising the country’s own
teaching and providing high-quality research and service.
values, traditions and cultural norms.
It further reflects its belief that a sound education not only
The university constantly promotes students to engage in
prepares students for professional success, but also for
critical thinking, not only within the confines of the classroom,
responsible citizenship and community engagement. The
but also within the administrative level and on a much larger
liberal arts tradition, with its emphasis on the broad education
scale to encompass the context of their daily lives.
of a common core curriculum and the experiential learning of
AUK prides itself with providing its students with the right
tools and knowledge to prepare them for their future careers.
rich extracurricular programs, strengthens the curiosity and
courage of AUK graduates and promotes civic participation.
The university offers programs that provide students with
KIPCOlife spoke to a number of professors on their
the knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong learning
perspectives on AUK’s key milestones. We also met with AUK
and professional success. It enriches society by fostering
graduates who have successfully joined the private sector in
different fields and are part of strong organizations.
communication, personal growth, service and leadership.
Dr Raymond Farrin –
Dr Amir Zeid – Department Chair, Associate
Associate Professor of
Professor of Arabic
Language and Literature
“I am proud, and happy to
“AUK offers its undergraduate
be part of the AUK family for
students an excellent liberal
eight years. The university has
during the past decade that are
significant to the academic sector. Our aim is to provide
development. The university
high quality liberal arts education in Kuwait and across the
underwent great changes over the past decade that
region. There are extensive efforts invested to increase
truly has enabled it to establish a strong name within
the momentum at an academic level by introducing a wide
the academic community. What is satisfying to witness
range of programs that serve to meet the local market
demand for undergraduate students. In my department
for example, we’re looking to introduce an array of new
is the planning effort that has been put to encompass
integrated academic programs that suit students’
courses such translation amongst others. The university is
varied needs. There are more majors that are going
also looking into adding new majors and minors with an
to be introduced such as engineering, for example, a
overall aim to widen the scope for students to choose the
step that highlights the university’s commitment to
most suitable career paths. AUK truly embodies the core
meaning of liberal arts, and I am proud to be part of such
a successful story.”
Computer Science
achieving students’ aspirations while also catering to
the professional market’s requirements.”
Abdalla Abdelrahman AUK graduate
Marketing Design Executive,
United Real Estate Company
“My experience at AUK was very
beneficial in providing real life
that helped shape my overall
development. At an academic
curriculum with an emphasis on liberal arts allowed me
to gain knowledge in various subjects, thus giving me
a broader perspective of our world and how different
industries are connected. The inclusion of an internship
requirement as a capstone to my degree allowed me to
experience as a student firsthand how things operate
professionally in the real world before joining the work
force as a full-time employee, giving me a taste of what to
expect and what I needed to be better prepared for. As a
student worker on campus during my studies, and part of
the Peer Academic Leaders program, this was a great step
in allowing me to experience working as part of a team,
and gave me a chance to give back to my community and
assist my fellow classmates.”
Mariam Al Rayes
AUK graduate
Research & Development
Officer – Human Resources
Development, Burgan Bank
“Being part of the AUK family
over the course of my career.
Throughout my experience at
the university, I have managed
to develop strong marketing and
communications skills, improve my presentation abilities,
mature my problem solving skills and analysis, hone my
creativity across a number of fields, while also gaining more
confidence in public speaking and reaching my full potential.
AUK’s rich academic program has helped me extensively
throughout my career to date. Working for one of the
leading banks in Kuwait, I was chosen to represent Burgan
Bank abroad on a number of occasions with the objectives
of attracting new talent and presenting a successful role
model of a young Kuwaiti working in the private sector. The
skills I have gained also helped me during my participation
in the THUKHUR Promising Leaders Program, where I
helped successfully lead my team to come in at 1st place.
AUK was the main driver in me exploring my passion that
was translated in a successful career path.”
Enas Al Halawani
AUK graduate
Intensive English
Program, AUK
arts university that not
shapes their personalities
members of their teams
at work. After graduating
from AUK, I was encouraged to remain within the AUK
family and contribute to students’ development from what
I have learned throughout my years spent. AUK promotes
academic freedom, development and critical thinking
across all its courses, as well as its activities. Having been a
student worker during my undergraduate studies, the skills
I acquired from the practical experience I was exposed to,
coupled with the knowledge I have gained in my liberal arts
studies, have enabled me to effectively deal with students
and the departments’ requirements in an effective and
efficient manner. In my opinion, this is just the beginning of
what AUK will eventually become. Every year, the university
continues to add more courses and programs that aim at
enriching students’ academic experience. AUK is well on
its way to becoming a premier educational institution in
Kuwait and across the region.”
‫ وﻣﺎﻓﻮق‬Mb 3 ‫● ﺳﺮﻋﺔ ﺑﻼ ﺣﺪود إﺑﺘﺪاءﴽ ﻣﻦ‬
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‫ ﺳﺎﻋﺔ‬24 ‫● ﺗﻤﺘﻊ ﺑﺴﺮﻋﺔ ﺛﺎﺑﺘﺔ‬
‫● إﻣﻜﺎﻧﻴﺔ اﻟﺪﻓﻊ ﺑﺎﻷﻗﺴﺎط اﻟﺸﻬﺮﻳﺔ ﺑﺪون ﻓﻮاﺋﺪ‬
‫● إﺣﺼﻞ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻛﻮﺑﻮن إﻣﺴﺢ وإرﺑﺢ ﻣﻊ ﻛﻞ إﺷﺘﺮاك‬
‫ وﻣﺎﻓﻮق‬Mb3
● Unlimited speed starting 3Mb and above
● Unlimited download
● Enjoy consistent speed 24 hours
● Possibility of monthly credit payment (0% interest)
● Get a Scratch & Win coupon with every subscription
starting 3Mb
OSN and ABS-CBN strengthen partnership
channels, bringing the world’s best Filipino
entertainment and news content to viewers
across the region.
The partnership with ABS-CBN, which marks
its 60th anniversary in 2014, also cements
OSN as the new TFC hub for subscribers
in the region. It also highlights the efforts
of both OSN and ABS-CBN to provide
Filipino viewers with the ultimate television
experience backed by OSN’s award winning
customer service, state-of-the-art technology
and the widest choice of premium Filipino
and Western content.
In addition to the four ABS-CBN channels
(TFC, Bro, Cinema One Global, ANC) that were
launched on OSN in 2013, OSN now carries
ABS-CBN’s hugely popular TV-radio channel,
DZMM TeleRadyo, and music radio channel,
DWRR 101.9, which will both be broadcasted
live from Manila and will be included in OSN
Pinoy packages at no additional cost.
Mr Faisal Al Ayyar (third from left), Vice Chairman of KIPCO & Chairman of OSN, speaks about
the partnership
David Butorac, OSN’s CEO said, “Since
the launch of the four ABS-CBN channels
on the OSN platform in last year, we have
recorded nearly 40 percent growth in our
Pinoy sales. Now, as the new home of TFC
in the region and the network with the
largest Filipino entertainment offering, OSN
offers subscribers even more value through
this partnership. We will continue to invest
in premium Filipino content to bring the
best in television entertainment from the
ABS-CBN’s Managing Director for Middle
East and Europe, Edgardo Garcia also
added, “With this new exclusive partnership,
we appreciate OSN’s acknowledgement
of ABS-CBN TFC as the leader in Filipino
programing. We will continue to expand on
the extraordinary growth in sales since April
2013 that generated encouraging sales and
enthusiastic customer response.”
OSN launches Fight Network HD
OSN has partnered with Fight Network
to launch OSN Fight Network HD, the
region’s first dedicated combat sports
channel, covering martial arts, boxing,
kickboxing and professional wrestling.
the launch of OSN Fight Network HD. We
constantly monitor customer preferences
and identified a credible opportunity to
launch a channel dedicated to combat
Fight Network, an undisputed leader
in combat sports TV with over three
million international subscribers, will
showcase live coverage as well as
regular news updates and fight analysis
in addition to fight-themed drama series,
documentaries, feature films and classic
fight reruns. The network will also feature
fights unique to the MENA region.
Mr Leonard Asper, CEO of Fight Network’s
parent company Anthem Media Group
also said, “With our focus on international
expansion, we are thrilled about partnering
with OSN to reach its broad range of
Mr David Butorac, CEO of OSN said, “We
are setting a new trend in sports TV
entertainment in the MENA region with
OSN Fight Network HD is a strong
addition to the existing portfolio of major
international sporting events currently
offered by OSN including Rugby Union,
Rugby League, WWE, cricket, golf and
Aussie rules football.
OSN launches ‘OSN Cricket Cup’ in Kuwait
OSN teamed up with the Kuwait Cricket
format every Friday. The finals are taking
Association to launch the first ‘OSN Cricket
place in April 2014.
Cup,’ which took off on January 31.
Mr Hamad Malik, Chief Marketing Officer
Promoting cricketing talent in Kuwait,
at OSN said, “As the undisputed home of
the ‘OSN Cricket Cup’ saw 24 local teams
cricket, OSN is committed to promoting
battling it out over 36 league matches at
the sport across the region especially in
the Sulaibiya Cricket Ground in Kuwait.
Kuwait which has a strong following of
The ‘round robin league’ of one day
internationals was played in Twenty20
OSN wins two awards at Arab Satellite Channels Festival
OSN won two prestigious awards at the fourth edition of the
Arab Satellite Channels Festival in Egypt. OSN was awarded
‘Best Pay-TV Network’ for the second consecutive year and
‘Best Online Technology’ for OSN Play, the region’s first online
viewing platform, during a ceremony that brought together
entertainment industry experts and thought leaders from
across the region.
Mr Hamad Malik, CMO at OSN said, “OSN continues to provide
the ultimate television experience through unparalleled
exclusive content and the latest technology. In addition to an
unrivalled repertoire of Western, Arabic, Filipino, and South
Asian content, we have raised the bar with our world-class
products and services including OSN Play, OSN Plus HD, and
our loyalty program, OSN Privileges.”
OSN’s success at the Arab Satellite Channels Festival adds to
its string of accolades that include ‘Best New Loyalty Program’
for OSN Privileges, ‘Best Twitter Strategy’ at The Marketing
Show 2013, and the ‘Best Large Call Centre Award’ and
‘Best Win Back Award’ at the 2013 Middle East Call Centre
Awards. Other successes include ‘Best Multiplatform Project
of the Year’ for OSN Play and ‘Outstanding Achievement in
From left: President of the Arab Satellite Channels Festival; Mohamed
Maher El Semary – Regional Direct Sales Manager – OSN Egypt; and
Caroline Hovaghiminan, Senior Manager – HR & Administration OSN
Egypt, Lebanon, &Tunisia
Broadcast’ for OSN’s CEO, David Butorac, at the BroadcastPro
Middle East 2013 Awards.
OSN covers 2014 Winter Olympics live
OSN continues to excel in providing live coverage of major
“OSN was the official broadcast partner of the London 2012
sports events around the world. The excitement of the
Olympics and the Paralymic games and we are extremely
22nd Winter Olympics that took place in Sochi, Russia was
proud to have brought unprecedented coverage of the Sochi
telecasted live on OSN to audiences across the MENA.
2014 Winter Olympics to every OSN home in the region. We
Mr Andy Warkman, VP Sports and Production at OSN said,
are committed to bringing our viewers big sporting events.”
OSN to launch Sundance
Channel HD in MEN
OSN Pehla launches two
OSN has sealed its position as the top provider of popular South
Asian content with the addition of GEO News and SAB TV for OSN
Pehla subscribers.
Available exclusively on OSN Pehla, GEO News is the highest rated
news broadcaster from Pakistan. The channel offers premium
content for Urdu-speaking expatriates with a focus on news and
current affairs.
Extremely popular with families, the Indian comedy entertainment
channel, SAB TV, is the only one in its genre. Owned by Multi
Screen Media, it has achieved an impressive 300% growth in
viewership over the last few years, particularly among youth and
OSN signed a landmark deal with Sundance Channel Global, the
international division of AMC Networks, to launch its flagship
Sundance Channel HD in the MENA region.
Sundance Channel HD will complement OSN’s existing lineup of over 135 channels, including 15 movie channels and 14
entertainment/series channels offering even more premium and
exclusive content choices to OSN viewers. This latest channel
also takes the total number of HD channels now available on
OSN to 37.
Mr David Butorac, CEO of OSN said, “Our partnership with
AMC/Sundance Channel Global highlights our commitment to
continuously enhance the TV choices we provide through original
and differentiating content. Sundance channel is a perfect fit to
our exclusive showcase of premium entertainment.”
Mr Bruce Tuchman, President of AMC/Sundance Channel Global,
said, “This launch will significantly extend the reach of Sundance
Channel into new territories throughout the MENA region for the
first time. We’re looking forward to working closely with OSN to
deliver original dramatic series alongside the best independent
Sundance Channel will be available both in the content’s
original language and with Arabic subtitling. The channel will be
available to OSN subscribers on the Platinum HD and Premier HD
packages and movie buffs can access Sundance Channel HD’s
award-winning content anytime, anywhere via OSN Play.
GEO News and SAB TV add to OSN Pehla’s growing portfolio of
over 30 popular South Asian channels in Hindi, Urdu, Bengali,
Tamil and Malayalam.
Mr David Butorac, CEO of OSN said, “Since its launch in August
2013, the response to OSN Pehla has been overwhelming. South
Asians living in the MENA region can now have complete control
over their entertainment experience though our award-winning
technology and can enjoy world-class cricketing action in high
Mr Iman Aslam, President, GEO TV Network said, “GEO News has
set its ambition to be ubiquitous. Our launch on OSN Pehla brings
us closer to our mission in the Middle East. With an estimated
1.8 million Urdu speaking expatriates in the region, GEO News
is sure to become the expat’s window to their homeland to stay
on top of local issues. OSN Pehla’s extensive reach, technological
and digital capabilities and high standards in customer service are
an ideal fit for us to provide a value-added TV experience for our
Mr Neeraj Arora, EVP and Head of International Business, Multi
Screen Media added, “We identified a unique offering in the South
Asian television sector with SAB TV, which offers round-the-clock
and original family comedy content. Our emphasis is to connect
with families by providing innovative, light-hearted and clean
entertainment. Our partnership with OSN will take SAB TV to a
wider audience of not just Indians but people from across South
Asia, who live and work in the MENA region.”
OSN launches its ‘Live More’ CSR initiative
Hamad Malik
Did you know that a staggering one in ten people in the Middle
East suffer from diabetes? In fact, a recent UN report shows
rising obesity rates in the GCC and ranks the region as being
among the world’s most overweight populations.
Why did OSN decide to launch ‘Live More’?
The World Health Organization has also identified UAE, Saudi
Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, and Jordan as having the
highest rates of obesity, ranging from 74 to 86% in women,
and 69 to 77% in men.
We conducted a region-wide survey and found that the
number one concern for most of our viewers was their own
and their families’ health. This is in line with recent statistics
across the Arab world which reveal that people are suffering
from various health issues, particularly diabetes and obesity.
Experts say that a sedentary lifestyle is one the leading causes
of most health risks – we simply do not spend enough time
engaging in physical activity.
Striking a balance between working hard and leading a healthy
well-balanced lifestyle is something that almost everyone
struggles with. The solution is simple, and this is what OSN is
communicating through its CSR initiative, Live More. OSN will
use the power of television to reach out to families across the
region, encouraging them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
KIPCOlife spoke to OSN’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mr Hamad
Malik, to learn more about OSN Live More:
OSN wanted to give back to the communities we operate from,
and wanted to do so by making a real difference people’s lives.
OSN Live More aims to raise awareness of the importance
of a well-balanced lifestyle and how simple day-to-day
changes can make a big difference. Through Live More, we’re
encouraging everyone to be more aware of their eating habits
along with a balanced exercise.
How will OSN promote the campaign?
Our goal is to create a positive impact on the lives of everyone
- our employees, stakeholders, and their families.
The campaign is supported through a series of innovative onair infomercials, in English and Arabic, which aim to educate
viewers on the importance of increasing physical activity.
Messages are refreshed through the year, highlighting
different aspects of health to inspire viewers to make positive
OSN Live M
aims to ra
the import
of a wellestyle
lifestyle changes.
We also included our programing strengths to the campaign,
with the launch of two exclusive health shows, Live Your Life a
Different Way and Saudi Doctors on OSN YaHala! HD.
Moreover, the campaign is endorsed by some of the Arab
world’s leading celebrities including Ahmed Fahmi (singer,
actor and Arab Idol presenter), Noor Khattab (TV personality
and sports trainer), Hassan Al Raddad (lead actor of the
popular drama Adam w Jameela), Reem Al Baroudi (one of
Egypt’s favorite drama actors), and Emmy Samir Ghanim
(Egyptian actress, star of Heba Rigl Al Ghorab - Ugly Betty)
who focus on the big impact of simple lifestyle changes.
healthy lifestyles to the next level via an outreach program
targeting the youth. We’re looking at strategic partnerships
that can support us in our objective and spread our message
further across an entire spectrum of audiences.
What is the feedback received so far?
This is a long-term commitment for OSN and we will expand
this initiative on-air and through marketing. I personally
believe that the campaign outlines simple solutions to some
of the region’s biggest healthcare concerns.
Do you really think this can effective?
We are not asking people to become triathletes, we are
merely encouraging them to rethink their lifestyle choices.
By increasing physical activity, adopting a well-balanced diet,
and making simple changes, we can prevent the onset of
several health risks.
How can you truly integrate the community into this
We’ve always been committed to serving the communities
we operate in and we’re going to take our goal of promoting
New Babies
‫المواليد الجدد‬
،‫تهانينا إلى محمد الكاشف‬
‫رئيس وحدة إنتاج في إدارة اإلنتاج‬
،‫في مجموعة الخليج للتأمين‬
‫بمناسبة قدوم مولوده الجديد‬
Congratulations to Mohamed El
Kashef, Unit Head Production in
the Production Department at
GIG, who has been blessed with
Mostafa a new baby boy
‫ محلل‬،‫تهانينا إلى هاني شاهين‬
‫مالي أول في اإلدارة المالية‬
،‫والتخطيط في شركة كامكو‬
‫بمناسبة قدوم مولودته الجديدة‬
،‫تهانينا إلى كوشي ميرشنداني‬
‫سكرتير في اإلدارة العليا في شركة‬
‫ بمناسبة قدوم مولودته‬،‫كامكو‬
‫الجديدة تيا‬
Congratulations to Hani Shahein,
Senior Financial Analyst in the
Planning & Financial Management
Department at KAMCO, who has
been blessed with Karen a new
baby girl
Congratulations to Khushi
Mirchandani, Secretary in the
Top Management at KAMCO, who
has been blessed with Tia a new
baby girl
New Marriages
‫المتزوجون الجدد‬
‫تهانينا إلى روشاك أغروال محلل‬
‫تجاري في مجموعة األعمال‬
‫االستشارية في مركز بلسر للمعرفة‬
ً ‫بمناسبة زواجه مؤخرا‬
Congratulations to Rochak Agarwal,
Business Analyst in the Business
Advisory Group at PKC, who was
married recently
‫أسرة كيبكــــو‬
Promotions & New Qualifications
‫الترقيات و المؤهالت المهنية الجديدة‬
‫ مدير مساعد في إدارة‬،‫تهانينا إلى حسين البري‬
‫ الذي أكمل‬،‫العمليات في بنك الخليج المتحد‬
‫) الذي أجراه في معهد البحرين للدراسات‬7
‫) والتي أقرها بنك‬BIBF( ‫المصرفية والمالية‬
Congratulations to Hussain Al Barry,
Assistant Manager in the Operations
Department of UGB, who has successfully
completed the Investment Representative
Program (Series 7) conducted by the
Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance (BIBF)
& endorsed by the Central Bank of Bahrain
‫تهانينا إلى شيكا سينغال من مركز بلسر‬
‫ التي تمت ترقيتها إلى المستشار‬،‫للمعرفة‬
‫الرئيسي في مجموعة األعمال االستشارية‬
‫تهانينا إلى بوبيندار سينغ من مركز بلسر‬
‫ الذي تمت ترقيته إلى نائب الرئيس‬،‫للمعرفة‬
‫في مجموعة األعمال االستشارية‬
Congratulations to Shikha Singal of
PKC, who has been promoted to
Principal Consultant in the Business
Advisory Group
Congratulations to Bhupinder Singh
of PKC, who has been promoted to
Vice President in the Business Advisory
‫ مدير‬،‫تهانينا إلى عبدالرحمن حمروني‬
‫حسابات والتقييم في اإلدارة المالية في‬
‫ الذي أكمل‬،‫شركة شمال أفريقيا القابضة‬
CPA ‫بنجاح شهادة‬
‫تهانينا إلى ساتشين بانسال من مركز بلسر‬
‫ الذي تمت ترقيته إلى المستشار‬،‫للمعرفة‬
‫األول في مجموعة األعمال االستشارية‬
‫تهانينا إلى بهارات باتناغار من مركز بلسر‬
‫ الذي تمت ترقيته إلى المستشار‬،‫للمعرفة‬
‫األول في مجموعة األعمال االستشارية‬
Congratulations to Abderrahmen
Hamrouni, Accounting & Valuation
Manager in the Finance Department
of NorAH, who has successfully
completed the CPA certificate
Congratulations to Sachin Bansal of
PKC, who has been promoted to
Senior Consultant in the Business
Advisory Group
Congratulations to Bharat Bhatnagar
of PKC, who has been promoted to
Senior Consultant in the Business
Advisory Group
‫تهانينا إلى فيناي غوبتا من مركز بلسر‬
‫ الذي تمت ترقيته إلى المستشار‬،‫للمعرفة‬
‫الرئيسي في مجموعة األعمال االستشارية‬
‫تهانينا إلى ماذافي سامانيا من مركز بلسر‬
‫ التي تمت ترقيتها إلى المسؤول‬،‫للمعرفة‬
‫التنفيذي األول في إدارة الموارد البشرية‬
‫تهانينا إلى ساتشين فوهرا من مركز بلسر‬
‫ الذي تمت ترقيته إلى المستشار‬،‫للمعرفة‬
‫في مجموعة األعمال االستشارية‬
Congratulations to Vinay Gupta of
PKC, who has been promoted to
Principal Consultant in the Business
Advisory Group
Congratulations to Madhavi Samania
of PKC, who has been promoted
to Senior Executive in the HR
Congratulations to Sachin Vohra of
PKC, who has been promoted to
Consultant in the Business Advisory
Newly Hired ‫الموظفون الجدد‬
‫سيد أحمد‬
‫بدر الغانم‬
‫عبد العزيز الغمالس‬
Basel Al Waqayan
Bader Al Ghanim
Abdulaziz Al Ghemlas
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫كامكو بوظيفة مساعد‬
‫نائب رئيس في اإلدارة المالية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫كامكو بوظيفة مساعد نائب‬
‫رئيس في إدارة االستثمارات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫كامكو بوظيفة محلل مالي‬
‫أول في إدارة االستثمارات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫كامكو بوظيفة مساعد نائب‬
)‫رئيس في إدارة األصول (مينا‬
has joined KAMCO as an
Assistant Vice President in
the Planning & Financial
Management Department
has joined KAMCO as an
Assistant Vice President in
the Alternative Investments
has joined KAMCO as a
Senior Financial Analyst
in the Investment Banking
has joined KAMCO as an
Assistant Vice President in the
MENA Asset Management
‫عبداهلل المديرس‬
‫طالل يعقوب‬
‫رائد مرعي‬
‫سالي البحر‬
Abdullah Al Mdaires
Talal Yacoub
Raed Maree
Sally Al Bahar
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫كامكو بوظيفة‬
‫ في إدارة‬II ‫محلل مالي‬
‫االستثمارات المصرفية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫كامكو بوظيفة مسؤول‬
‫ في إدارة العمالء‬II ‫تنفيذي‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة رئيس الموارد‬
‫البشرية في إدارة الموارد‬
‫البشرية والتطوير‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة محلل نظم في إدارة‬
‫نظم المعلومات‬
has joined KAMCO as
a Financial Analyst II in
the Investment Banking
has joined KAMCO as an
Executive II in the Client
Relationship & Marketing
has joined Burgan Bank as a
Head of Human Resources
in the HR & Development
has joined Burgan Bank as
a Systems Analyst in the IT
‫فيصل طالب‬
‫عبداهلل بو صخر‬
‫خلود العلي‬
‫لطيفه الجريد‬
Faisal Taleb
Abdullah Busakhar
Kheloud Al Ali
Latifah Al Jaraid
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة ممثل خدمة‬
‫عمالء الهاتفية في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة صراف‬
‫في مجموعة المصرفية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة مسؤول‬
‫عمليات في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة ممثل خدمة‬
‫عمالء الهاتفية متدرب‬
‫في مجموعة المصرفية‬
‫للخدمات الشخصية‬
has joined Burgan Bank as a
Call Center Agent in Retail
‫باسل الوقيان‬
Syed Ahmed
has joined Burgan Bank as a
Teller in Corporate Banking
has joined Burgan Bank as an
Operations Officer in Retail
has joined Burgan Bank as a
Trainee Call Center Agent in
Retail Banking
‫أسرة كيبكــــو‬
‫الموظفون الجدد ‪Newly Hired‬‬
‫بثينة الخبيزي‬
‫‪Buthaina Alkhubaizi‬‬
‫‪Marie El Neaman‬‬
‫‪Bader Ahmed‬‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى الجامعة‬
‫األمريكية في الكويت‬
‫بوظيفة مدير في مركز‬
‫التعليم المستمر‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى الجامعة‬
‫األمريكية في الكويت‬
‫بوظيفة مساعد إداري في‬
‫إدارة الكمبيوتر والهندسة‬
‫االلكترونية (كلية اآلداب‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى الجامعة‬
‫األمريكية في الكويت‬
‫بوظيفة منسق المنظمات‬
‫الطالبية وتوظيف الطلبة في‬
‫مكتب الحياة الطالبية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى الجامعة‬
‫األمريكية في الكويت‬
‫بوظيفة مساعد استشاري‬
‫في مكتب نائب الرئيس‬
‫لشؤون الطلبة‬
‫‪has joined AUK as a‬‬
‫‪Coordinator for Student‬‬
‫‪Organizations & Employment‬‬
‫‪in the Student Life Office‬‬
‫‪has joined AUK as an‬‬
‫‪Executive Assistant in the Vice‬‬
‫‪President for Student Affairs‬‬
‫‪Mohammed Muzaini‬‬
‫‪Arunava Das Choudhury‬‬
‫عمرو سلطان‬
‫‪Amr Sultan‬‬
‫فيبا ساني‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫العقارات المتحدة بوظيفة‬
‫محلل مالي في إدارة األصول‬
‫والخدمات االستشارية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫العقارات المتحدة بوظيفة‬
‫نائب رئيس ‪ -‬إدارة األصول‬
‫في إدارة األصول والخدمات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة العقارات‬
‫المتحدة بوظيفة المدير التنفيذي‬
‫في اإلدارة المالية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى الجامعة‬
‫األمريكية في الكويت بوظيفة‬
‫أخصائي مدفوعات في إدارة‬
‫الموارد البشرية‬
‫‪has joined URC as a‬‬
‫‪Financial Analyst in the Asset‬‬
‫‪Management & Advisory‬‬
‫‪Services Department‬‬
‫‪has joined URC as a VP Asset‬‬
‫‪Management in the Asset‬‬
‫‪Management & Advisory‬‬
‫‪Services Department‬‬
‫‪has joined URC as a Chief‬‬
‫‪Financial Officer in the‬‬
‫‪Finance Department‬‬
‫‪has joined AUK as a‬‬
‫‪Payroll Specialist in the HR‬‬
‫‪has joined AUK as a Director‬‬
‫‪in the Center for Continuing‬‬
‫محمد المزيني‬
‫جوشوين ثانكام‬
‫ماري النعمان‬
‫بدر أحمد‬
‫لمى عبدو‬
‫‪Lama Abdo‬‬
‫‪has joined AUK as an‬‬
‫‪Administrative Assistant in‬‬
‫‪the Computer & Electrical‬‬
‫‪Engineering Department‬‬
‫)‪(College of Arts & Sciences‬‬
‫أرنافا داس شاودري‬
‫كارثيك براثاب‬
‫إدين جينسون‬
‫‪Feba Sunny‬‬
‫عبداهلل عبد الرحمن‬
‫‪Joshwin Thankam‬‬
‫‪Karthik Prathap‬‬
‫‪Eddin Jaison‬‬
‫‪Abdalla AbdelRahman‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫تقاعد لالدخار والتقاعد‬
‫بوظيفة مسؤول ادخار‬
‫وتقاعد في إدارة المبيعات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫تقاعد لالدخار والتقاعد بوظيفة‬
‫مسؤول ادخار وتقاعد في إدارة‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫تقاعد لالدخار والتقاعد‬
‫بوظيفة مسؤول ادخار‬
‫وتقاعد في إدارة المبيعات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫العقارات المتحدة بوظيفة‬
‫مصمم تسويق تنفيذي في‬
‫إدارة التسويق واإلعالم‬
‫‪has joined Takaud Savings‬‬
‫‪& Pensions Company as a‬‬
‫‪Savings & Pensions Executive‬‬
‫‪in the Sales Department‬‬
‫‪has joined Takaud Savings‬‬
‫‪& Pensions Company as a‬‬
‫‪Savings & Pensions Executive‬‬
‫‪in the Sales Department‬‬
‫‪has joined Takaud Savings‬‬
‫‪& Pensions Company as a‬‬
‫‪Savings & Pensions Executive‬‬
‫‪in the Sales Department‬‬
‫‪has joined URC as a‬‬
‫‪Marketing Design Executive‬‬
‫‪in the Marketing & Corporate‬‬
‫‪Communications Department‬‬
Newly Hired ‫الموظفون الجدد‬
‫توماس جيريال‬
‫غوراف ميتال‬
‫فرحان خان‬
Norman Gonsalves
Gaurav Mittal
Farhan Khan
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫تقاعد لالدخار والتقاعد‬
‫بوظيفة مدير المبيعات في‬
‫إدارة المبيعات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫تقاعد لالدخار والتقاعد بوظيفة‬
‫مسؤول العمليات في إدارة‬
‫العمليات في المكتب الرئيسي‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى مركز‬
‫بلسر للمعرفة بوظيفة مدير‬
‫معاون في إدارة خدمات تعزيز‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى مركز‬
‫بلسر للمعرفة بوظيفة محلل‬
‫تجاري في مجموعة األعمال‬
has joined Takaud Savings
& Pensions Company as a
Country Sales Manager in the
Sales Department
has joined Takaud Savings
& Pensions Company as an
Operations Officer in the
Operations Department in
the Head Office
has joined PKC as an Assistant
Manager in the Business
Enhancement Services
has joined PKC as a Business
Analyst in the Business
Advisory Group
‫شيخير أرورا‬
‫فيشواس ساكسينا‬
Vishwas Saxena
Helmy Hanna
Mohamed Amer
‫التحق بالعمل لدى مركز‬
‫بلسر للمعرفة بوظيفة‬
‫محلل تجاري في مجموعة‬
‫األعمال االستشارية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى مركز بلسر‬
‫للمعرفة بوظيفة محلل‬
‫تجاري في مجموعة األعمال‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى كيك آند بيك‬
‫بوظيفة سائق في إدارة الحركة‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى كيك آند‬
‫بيك بوظيفة مساعد مدير‬
‫فرع في إدارة المبيعات‬
has joined PKC as a Business
Analyst in the Business
Advisory Group
has joined PKC as a Business
Analyst in the Business
Advisory Group
has joined Cake & Bake
as a Driver in the Logistics
has joined Cake & Bake as an
Assistant Branch In-Charge in
the Sales Department
Shikhir Arora
‫مارلين تابانج‬
‫نورمان جونزالفس‬
Thomas Cheriyil
‫شارون ارسيو‬
‫حلمي حنا‬
‫انجيالتا تولينتينو‬
‫محمد عامر‬
‫بينيدكتو نارتيا‬
Marlyn Tapang
Sharon Arceo
Angelita Tolentino
Benedicto Nartea
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى كيك آند‬
‫بيك بوظيفة بائعة في إدارة‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى كيك آند‬
‫بيك بوظيفة بائعة في إدارة‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى كيك‬
‫ في‬2‫آند بيك بوظيفة عامل‬
‫إدارة اإلنتاج‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى كيك‬
‫آند بيك بوظيفة رسام في‬
‫إدارة اإلنتاج‬
has joined Cake & Bake as a
Sales Representative in the
Sales Department
has joined Cake & Bake as a
Sales Representative in the
Sales Department
has joined Cake & Bake as a
Commis 2 in the Production
& Operating Department
has joined Cake & Bake as
a Graphic Designer in the
Production & Operating
‫أسرة كيبكــــو‬
‫الموظفون الجدد ‪Newly Hired‬‬
‫محمد محجوب‬
‫آنا أبسالون‬
‫‪Mohamed Mahgoub‬‬
‫‪Ana Absalon‬‬
‫‪Shienalyn Rebulado‬‬
‫‪Lenelyn Ortega‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى مجموعة‬
‫الخليج للتأمين بوظيفة‬
‫مندوب في إدارة اإلنتاج‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى كيك آند‬
‫بيك بوظيفة مساعد تغليف‬
‫في إدارة اإلنتاج‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى كيك آند‬
‫بيك بوظيفة بائعة في إدارة‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى كيك آند‬
‫بيك بوظيفة بائعة في إدارة‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى كيك آند‬
‫‪has joined GIG as a‬‬
‫‪Representative in the‬‬
‫‪Production Department‬‬
‫‪has joined Cake & Bake as a‬‬
‫‪Wrapping & Décor Helper in‬‬
‫‪the Production & Operating‬‬
‫‪has joined Cake & Bake as a‬‬
‫‪Sales Representative in the‬‬
‫‪Sales Department‬‬
‫‪has joined Cake & Bake as a‬‬
‫‪Sales Representative in the‬‬
‫‪Sales Department‬‬
‫‪has joined Cake & Bake as‬‬
‫‪a Chef de Partie - Artist in‬‬
‫‪the Production & Operating‬‬
‫ريم الوزان‬
‫أنفال المذن‬
‫أحمد عفيفي‬
‫حمد الدليمي‬
‫بيك بوظيفة ‪Chef de Partie‬‬
‫‪ -Artist‬في إدارة اإلنتاج‬
‫عماد علي‬
‫‪Reem Alwazzan‬‬
‫‪Anfal Al Methen‬‬
‫‪Ahmed Afifi‬‬
‫‪Hamad Al Dulaimi‬‬
‫‪Emad Aly‬‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى‬
‫مجموعة الخليج للتأمين‬
‫بوظيفة متدرب في إدارة‬
‫االتصال المؤسسي وعالقات‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى‬
‫مجموعة الخليج للتأمين‬
‫بوظيفة محامي في إدارة‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى مجموعة‬
‫الخليج للتأمين بوظيفة مساعد‬
‫فني تعويضات في إدارة السيارات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى مجموعة‬
‫الخليج للتأمين بوظيفة‬
‫مساعد فني تعويضات في‬
‫إدارة السيارات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫الخليج لتأمينات الحياة‬
‫بوظيفة محصل في إدارة‬
‫المالية ‪ -‬الحياة‬
‫‪has joined GIG as a Lawyer in‬‬
‫‪the Motor Department‬‬
‫‪has joined GIG as a Technical‬‬
‫‪Claims Assistant in the Motor‬‬
‫‪has joined GIG as a Technical‬‬
‫‪Claims Assistant in the Motor‬‬
‫‪has joined GLIC as a‬‬
‫‪Collector in the Finance - Life‬‬
‫‪has joined GIG as a‬‬
‫‪Trainee in the Corporate‬‬
‫‪Communications & IR‬‬
‫نهال غزاله‬
‫رويدا حواري‬
‫ندى عبادي‬
‫‪Nehal Ghazalah‬‬
‫‪Rwaida Hawari‬‬
‫‪Nada Abbadi‬‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫الخليج لتأمينات الحياة‬
‫بوظيفة مسؤول تعويضات‬
‫أول في إدارة تعويضات الطبي‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫الخليج لتأمينات الحياة‬
‫بوظيفة مسوي مطالبات في‬
‫إدارة تعويضات الطبي ‪KPC‬‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫الخليج لتأمينات الحياة‬
‫بوظيفة مسؤول طبي في‬
‫إدارة تعويضات الطبي ‪KPC‬‬
‫‪has joined GLIC as a Senior‬‬
‫‪Claims Officer in the Medical‬‬
‫‪Claims KPC Department‬‬
‫‪has joined GLIC as a Claims‬‬
‫‪Adjuster in the Medical‬‬
‫‪Claims KPC Department‬‬
‫‪has joined GLIC as a Medical‬‬
‫‪Officer in the Medical Claims‬‬
‫‪KPC Department‬‬
‫شينالين ريبوالدو‬
‫لينلين أورتيجا‬
‫فيرداناند ماالتي‬
‫‪Ferdinand Malate‬‬

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