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Abdali Mall…
The magazine of the Kuwait Projects Company (Holding)
Abdali Mall…
a unique shopping
experience soon in
Issue 38: July 2012
A testament of an excellent
execution of the corporate strategy
Burgan Bank Group has been recognized as the “Best Banking Group in
Middle East & North Africa” for 2012. This award by “Global Banking and
Finance Review” comes in recognition of the group’s turnaround process
that delivered a solid financial performance across the region, making
Burgan Bank Group your trusted partner in the region.
Members of Burgan Bank Group:
For more information call Burgan Bank on (+965) 22988400, or visit www.burgan.com
The magazine of the Kuwait Projects Company (Holding)
Issue 38: July 2012
Abdali Mall…
a unique shopping
experience soon in
KIPCO VC meets representatives of int’l financial institutions
KIPCO joins NBK and Zain to form ME-IR Society Kuwait Chapter
Burgan signs agreement to acquire Eurobank Tekfen
KIPCO announces 2012 employee awards
PKC group goes river rafting!
Al Haqhaq: Burgan’s financial performance is solid
Chef Samer… a story of success!
Abdali Mall… Jordan’s largest project
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Kuwait Projects Company (Holding)
P.O. Box 23982
Safat 13100 Kuwait
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KIPCO Vice Chairman meets
representatives of international
financial institutions
KIPCO’s Vice Chairman, Mr Faisal Al Ayyar, recently met with a number of delegations to discuss the strengthening of relations
and the challenges brought about by the global financial crisis, as well as areas for cooperation.
The Vice Chairman and KIPCO representatives met with a
delegation from Credit Suisse at the Chairman’s Club. Credit
Suisse Group is a world-leading financial services company,
advising clients in all aspects of finance, around the world,
around the clock. It provides companies, institutional clients
and high-net-worth private clients worldwide with advisory
services, comprehensive solutions and products. Credit
Suisse operates in three global divisions – Private Banking,
Investment Banking and Asset Management.
Photo above, from left: KIPCO Group CFO, Mr Pinak Maitra;
KIPCO Manager – Financial Controls Department, Mr Anuj
Rohtagi; Credit Suisse Head for Media and Telecoms – EMEA, Mr
Alastair Blackman; Credit Suisse Director – Investment Banking
Department, Mr Marc Tohme; KIPCO Group COO, Mr Samer
Khanachet; KIPCO CEO – Investment, Mr Tariq Abdulsalam;
KIPCO CEO – Banking, Mr Masaud Hayat; Credit Suisse CEO
– EMEA, Mr Fawzi Kyriakos; KIPCO Vice Chairman, Mr Faisal Al
Ayyar; Credit Suisse MD & Co-CEO MENA, Mr Bassam Yammine;
and KIPCO Senior VP – Technology & Media, Robert Drolet.
Mr Al Ayyar also met with representatives of Tiger Management
Corp. Tiger Management is a privately owned hedge fund
sponsor. The firm invests in the public equity markets across
the globe. Tiger Management was founded in 1980 and is
based in New York.
Photo above, from left: KIPCO Group Treasurer, Mr Declan
Sawey; KIPCO Group CFO, Mr Pinak Maitra; KIPCO CEO –
Investment, Mr Tariq Abdulsalam; Tiger Managing Partner,
Mr John L. Townsend, III; Tiger Co-Founder, Mr Julian H.
Robertson, Jr.; KIPCO Vice Chairman, Mr Faisal Al Ayyar; Tiger
Managing Partner, Mr Alex Robertson; KIPCO Group COO, Mr
Samer Khanachet; and Mr Faisal Sarkhou of KAMCO.
KIPCO’s Vice Chairman met with a delegation from Societe
Generale, a large European bank and a major financial
services company with global presence.
Mr Eric Meyer; KIPCO Vice Chairman, Mr Faisal Al Ayyar;
Chairman, CEO & President of the French Banking Federation
& French Banks’ Association, Mr Frederic Oudea; Societe
Generale MD – Head of Financial Institutions in ME, Mr Fouad
Salame; KIPCO CEO – Investment, Mr Tariq Abdulsalam; and
KIPCO Group CFO, Mr Pinak Maitra.
Photo above, from left: Societe Generale Chief Executive – ME,
Mr Eric Wormser; Societe Generale Senior Banker for Kuwait,
KIPCO announces KD 8.5 mln profits in Q1
KIPCO announced net profit of KD 8.5 million (US$ 30.6
million), or 6.51 fils (US$ 2.34 cents) per share for the first
three months of 2012 - an increase of 5% compared to the
KD 8.1 million (US$ 29.2 million) profit, or 6.49 fils (US$
2.34 cents) per share, reported for the same period last
KIPCO’s total revenues for the first three months of 2012
increased by 16% to KD 108.4 million (US$ 390.3 million)
from KD 93.2 million (US$ 336.2 million) in the first quarter
of 2011.
The company also reported a year-on-year rise in operating
profit to KD 24.1 million (US$ 86.8 million) for the first
quarter of 2012 - an increase of 32% from the KD 18.2
million (US$ 65.6 million) in the first quarter of 2011.
KIPCO’s consolidated assets increased in the first quarter of
2012, to KD 6.1 billion (US$ 21.9 billion) from KD 5.8 billion
(US$ 20.8 billion) for the year end 2011.
Mr Tariq Abdulsalam
Mr Tariq Abdulsalam, KIPCO’s CEO – Investment, said
KIPCO’s first quarter results were in line with the expectations
outlined by the company at its recent Investor’s Forum. “At
our Shafafiyah Investor’s Forum in April, we said we expected
growth from our financial services and media businesses
during this year. This expected growth is now beginning
to emerge and its impact is reflected in our first quarter
results. We expect these growth trends to continue and
perhaps accelerate, as the year progresses. If this happens,
we hope to meet - or even exceed – the expectations we
have for our year-end results.”
KIPCO joins NBK and Zain
in forming ME-IR Society
Kuwait Chapter
The Middle East Investor Relations Society (ME-IR Society)
has launched the Kuwait Chapter with KIPCO, NBK and Zain
forming its Board. The informal supervisory Board will aim to
improve the quality of investor relations practices and related
educational resources in Kuwait.
The Board is chaired by Zain’s IR Director Mr Mohammad
Abdal, and the members are Mr Mazen Hawa of KIPCO and Mr
Amir Hanna of NBK. Representing the IR Society on the Board
is Rothschild and Bank of New York Mellon.
The Kuwait Chapter will focus on promoting investor relations
as a distinct and essential part of the corporate landscape,
and will seek to enhance the reputation, efficiency and
attractiveness of Kuwait’s capital market.
Commenting on the launch, Mr Paul Reynolds, Chairman
of the ME-IR said, “We are very pleased to welcome to the
Society our brothers and sisters in Kuwait. We look forward
to working together with them to strengthen the practice of
investor relations and enhance the reputation of the capital
markets both in Kuwait and the wider region.
Through the partnership, the Kuwait Chapter of the MEIR Society will organize workshops and host annual IR
conferences in line with its other chapters. ME-IR Society
From left: Amir Hanna of NBK, Declan Sawey of KIPCO, Mazen Hawa
of KIPCO, Mohammad Abdal of NBK, Ahmad Al Omani of Global,
Majed Al Mesmari of Rothchild, and Peter Gotke of Bank of NY Mellon
conferences typically discuss the practical and strategic
challenges of operating dedicated IR departments whilst
inviting members to discuss tools and solutions for effective
investor relations.
ME-IR Society Certified Investor Relations Officer training
courses will be announced in the near future, along with
literature explaining the role of the committee and joining
details for companies in Kuwait.
The ME-IR Society Kuwait Chapter recently held its inaugural
meeting to brainstorm ideas on ways to add value to the
society’s members and supporting them with IR programs,
strategies and techniques.
KIPCO appoints Group
Chief HR & Admin Officer
Mr Khaled Al Sharrad has been appointed as KIPCO Group
Chief Human Resources & Administration Officer. He was
previously Senior Executive VP, Head of HR & Admin Division
Mr Samer Khanachet, KIPCO’s Group COO, said, “We are
delighted that Khaled has joined us. This is the first time we
have appointed a head of human resources and administration
across the KIPCO Group to oversee our HR and administration
activities. Khaled will bring his vast experience and excellent
management skills to bear on our organization and throughout
the KIPCO Group.”
On his part, Mr Al Sharrad said, “I am very pleased to be
joining KIPCO because its corporate culture focuses on
people and the sustainability of economic and social goals.
I am looking forward to my new position where I will assist
group companies develop their organizational culture to help
employees to do their jobs even better”.
Mr Khaled Al Sharrad
UGB appoints Acting CEO
UGB announced the appointment of Mr Rabih Soukarieh as
the new Acting CEO following Board of Directors approving
the retirement request of the Mr Mohammed Haroon.
Mr Soukarieh, Head of Asset Management and Investment
Banking at UGB, has worked extensively over the past 21
years in Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Qatar.
Prior to re-joining UGB in 2009, he held senior operating
positions in KIPCO Group Companies. Mr Soukarieh is
a Chartered Financial Analyst and holds an MBA from
Northeastern University, Boston and a BSc in Finance from
Indiana University, Bloomington.
UGB’s Chairman, Mr Masaud Hayat, said, “On behalf of
Board of Directors, I would like to pay tribute to Mr Haroon’s
major contribution to the business growth and strategic
development of UGB. We thank Mr Haroon for his dedicated
commitment to the bank over the past 30 years. We are
delighted that he has agreed to continue as the Advisor and
Secretary to the Board of Directors so the bank will continue
to benefit from his unique experience and expertise.”
He added, “We are also delighted to announce the
appointment of Mr Soukarieh as the new Acting CEO. His
vast knowledge of credit and capital markets will enable him
to continue UGB’s track record of creating shareholder value
and profitability.”
Mr Soukarieh said, “I am delighted to be given the
opportunity to lead UGB. The bank has a strong regional
network and proven capabilities. I look forward to
strengthening our presence and extending our capabilities
in asset management and investment banking.”
Mr Rabih Soukarieh
KIPCO Group’s internal audit departments attend training
Participants in the internal audit training program
KIPCO’s Internal Audit Department organized the first
professional training program for the internal auditors of
the KIPCO Group companies. The two-day training program
was administered by PricewaterhouseCoopers and took
place at the AUK, and was followed by a one-day Group
Internal Audit Conference.
KIPCO’s Group COO, Mr Samer Khanachet, welcomed the
participants and emphasized the valuable role that the
internal audit function continues to play within the Group.
The internal audit provides assurance of the effectiveness
and efficiency of controls within the Group and highlights
the potential risks and recommended remedial actions for
mitigating such risks.
Mr Khanachet noted that back in 2007, internal audit was
the only function that was conducting Group-wide meetings
for its members to share experiences and expertise, and
that now other functions have followed suit.
The interactive training program focused on the basic
principles and practices of good corporate governance, with
emphasis on the role of internal audit. The program covered
the foundations of corporate governance, the Kuwaiti
corporate governance regulations, as well as other matters
related to internal audit and corporate governance.
Representatives of the Group’s finance and accounting
departments were also invited to participate in this event,
bringing total number of participants to 22.
Congratulations to AUK’s Class of 2012!
KIPCOLife would like to congratulate the 435 graduates of AUK’s Class of 2012 and wish them success in their careers!
Burgan Bank signs
agreement to acquire
Eurobank Tekfen
JKB gets a new banking
JKB Chairman, H.E. Mr Abdelkarim Kabariti (second from right),
with ICS and JKB representatives
JKB and ICS Financial Systems Ltd (ICS-FS) signed an agreement
to provide the bank with a new banking system that includes
a core system, supplementary programs and applications
that cover all of the bank’s banking, monitoring, financial and
administrative needs. The system will be implemented in all of
JKB’s branches in Jordan, Palestine and Cyprus.
Mr Majed Al Ajeel, Burgan Bank Chairman (left), and Nickolas
Karamouzis Board Member, EFG Luxemburg, signing the agreement
Burgan Bank has entered into an agreement with Eurobank
EFG to acquire a 99.26% stake in Eurobank Tekfen, Turkey.
Under the terms of the agreement, Burgan Bank has agreed to
acquire the stake for a consideration value of TRY641 million
(KD99 million) representing 0.98x based on September 30,
2011 shareholders’ equity.
In addition, Burgan Bank has also agreed to acquire an
additional portfolio of Turkish loans from EFG amounting to
EURO 214 million (KD78 million). The total consideration will
be funded fully from Burgan’s existing internal cash resources.
The final execution of the transaction is subject to regulatory
approvals from Central Bank of Kuwait and Turkey’s Banking
Regulation and Supervision Agency.
Eurobank Tekfen was established in 1989 by Tekfen Group as
an investment and finance bank. EFG acquired a 70% stake
in the bank in 2007 to further its regional presence. As at
September 30, 2011, Eurobank Tekfen had total assets of
TRY5,428 million, net customer loans of TRY2,190 million,
customer deposits of TRY2,075 million and shareholders’
equity of TRY660 million. The bank has extensive geographic
coverage within Turkey through its network of 60 branches.
The Turkish economy and banking sector have continued to
demonstrate significant positive performance and resilience
throughout the global financial crisis and offer opportunities
for continued long term expansion. Turkey’s large, growing
and young population, combined with strategic positioning
between Europe and the Middle East offers strong potential
for further economic growth in the medium-to-long term, with
increasing business flows with the Middle East.
Citigroup Global Markets Limited acted as the exclusive
financial advisor for Burgan Bank on this transaction.
This paradigm shift adopted by the management will
offer the bank’s clients highly efficient services, as well as
comprehensive and coherent banking and administrative
processes. The new system will also offer supplementary
applications and measurement tools in addition to advanced
financial, statistical, analytical and monitory programs.
An execution and implementation plan has been put into
place to have the new system fully implemented by the
first quarter of 2013 at the latest.
KIPCO World..
a glimpse
of our
across the
KIPCO has released the first edition of ‘KIPCO World’ – a
new publication that celebrates KIPCO Group’s geographical
and sector presence across the MENA region. With operating
subsidiaries in 14 countries from the Atlantic Ocean to the
Arabian Sea and employing over 8,000 people, KIPCO is now
one of the largest and most successful investment companies
in the region.
The publication, which contains 120 pages, is available in
both Arabic and English. Categorized geographically, KIPCO
World takes you through the operating companies in Kuwait,
the Arabian Gulf, the Levant and North Africa, telling KIPCO’s
success story – a testament to what the entrepreneurial spirit
of our region can achieve.
We hope that you will enjoy reading this first edition of KIPCO
World, which is also available on our website (www.kipco.com).
Burgan Bank selects ICS BANKS for new banking system
From left: Mr Menon, Mr Gostuski and Mr Malkawi
Burgan Bank has selected ICS BANKS, the universal banking
software from ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS), the
global software and services provider for banks and financial
The signing, which took place in Kuwait, was attended
by Burgan’s Group COO Mr Adrian Gostuski, COO Mr
Venkatakrishnan Menon, and Executive Director for Business
Development of ICSFS Mr Wael Malkawi.
Commenting on this milestone, Mr Gostuski stated, “Choosing
a comprehensive banking system that is in harmony with
Burgan Bank’s regional and global expansion strategy was
one of the most essential objectives for the past couple
of years. Selecting ICS BANKS will play an important role
in growing our footprint worldwide, as well as supporting
our vision of becoming the region’s leading banking group
through providing high standards of financial services in the
banking industry.”
QPIC participates in two petrochemical conferences
Mr Fuad Akbar, Director of QPIC’s Project Management Department,
speaking at the conference in Dubai
Mr Fuad Akbar (center) with international delegates at the Zurich
As part of the strategy of Qurain Petrochemical Industries
Co. (QPIC) to contribute effectively to local and international
petrochemical events, the company recently participated in two
international conferences. The first conference was ‘Polyester
& PET Chain 2012’ which was held in Zurich, Switzerland, and
the second was the ‘Middle East Petrochemicals 2012’, which
was held in Dubai, UAE.
sector’s main players, investors and decision-makers. QPIC
took the opportunity to explain its future strategy and its
contribution to the development of the petrochemical sector
in the region.
The two conferences brought together the petrochemical
QPIC is keen on participating in such events in order to support
its ongoing strategy, and it actively seeks new petrochemical
investment opportunities in partnership with well-reputed
entities and major financial consulting agencies.
JKB signs financing agreement with NEPCO
JKB signed a JD 50 million financing agreement with the
National Electric Power Company (NEPCO). The agreement
was signed by Mr Mohammad Yaser Al Asmar, General
Manager of JKB, and Dr Ghaleb Maabreh, General Manager
Dr Maabreh expressed his gratitude and appreciation towards
the bank and its professional approach in handling and
executing the agreement and hoped for future cooperation
between both parties.
On his behalf, Mr Al Asmar added that this agreement comes
as a culmination of the good relation between JKB and
NEPCO as well as a confirmation of the bank’s commitment
in supporting the national economy through providing
funding to effective and productive sectors of the economy
and in particular the energy sector, which is witnessing
developments and rapid growth despite the challenges
being tied to global energy prices.
JKB’s GM (left) and his counterpart at NEPCO sign the agreement
KAMCO, Burgan & Markaz
issue KD 26.5 mln bonds for Al Argan
From left: Mr Manaf Al Hajri, CEO of MARKAZ; Mr Khalid Al Mashaan, Chairman & MD of Al Argan; Mr Sadoun Ali; Ms May Al Mudhaf; Mr Faisal
Sarkhou of KAMCO; and Mr Salem Al Haroun, Senior Manager – Investment, Burgan Bank
Al Argan International Real Estate Company, KAMCO,
Burgan Bank and Kuwait Financial Centre (MARKAZ) recently
announced the issuance of KD 26.5 million bonds for Al Argan.
The timing of the issuance of the Al Argan bonds was highly
opportunistic given the recovery of the local real estate bonds
market, which had not had a bond issuance since June 2010.
The bonds were rated BBB- by the ratings agency ‘Capital
The maturity period for these bonds is five years, issued in
two tranches; the first worth KD 23.2 million with a fixed
interest rate of 6.25% annually; and the second worth KD 3.3
million with a floating interest rate of 3.50% annually above
the Central Bank of Kuwait discount rate.
KAMCO’s former CEO and Managing Director, Mr Sadoun Ali,
said, “We are very proud to have taken part and lent our
assistance and expertise to such a project, and believe that the
bond market will bring forth significant returns to all investors.
We at KAMCO have a firm interest in the development and
support of the issuance of bonds and sukuks to diversify debt
restructuring instruments to local businesses.”
Burgan Bank’s former Senior General Manager, Investment
Banking and Treasury, Ms May Al Mudhaf, added, “The issuance
of these bonds encourages companies with solid financial
position to issue bonds, sukuks, and even bank loans to offer
companies the solvency they need. We are confident of Al
Argan’s success and thank them for trusting us in managing
the issuance alongside KAMCO and Markaz and look forward
to continued shared success.”
Burgan brand rated as AA with positive outlook
Brand Finance – the international brand valuation company – has rated the Burgan
Bank brand as AA with positive outlook. The rating places Burgan Bank brand
at second place amongst the most valuable banking brands in Kuwait. The brand
ratings and values were recently published in ‘The Banker’ magazine featuring the
Brand Finance’s annual report on the world’s most valuable 500 banking brands.
Burgan Bank brand has climbed to the 500 global banking brands list and ranked
as 397 globally and 19th across the GCC.
Bashir Jaber, Burgan Bank’s Assistant GM – Corporate Communications said, “We
are pleased with our latest brand ratings, and this achievement echoes the deep
levels of trust amongst our stakeholders to whom we are thankful.”
“In modern business conditions, the brand is essentially important for business
strategy success and strategic brand management is a vital component of Burgan
Bank’s corporate strategy. There is an increased desire from leading organizations
to fully understand brand equity as well as brand value when making strategic
decisions. Burgan Bank brand has been created on a solid platform of trust and
partnership, and one that ensures the delivery of international best practices
across our operations,” added Jaber.
Bashir Jaber
Arab Orient takes part in Bupa conference at Dead Sea
Participants in the conference
Bupa International, one of the world
leaders in health insurance, held
a special four-day conference for
its partners and distributors at the
Kempinski Hotel Ishtar at the Dead Sea,
Arab Orient Insurance Company, Bupa
International’s partner in the Hashmite
Kingdom of Jordan, was present to
welcome the guests and be a part of this
fascinating journey through the famous
sites of Jordan and the world of health
insurance with Bupa International.
Mr Melhem (center) with insurance delegates
Representing Arab Orient at the event
were Mr Mustafa Melhem, Deputy CEO –
Medical Insurance and Customer Care,
and Mr Ahmad Abdo, Director – Business
Development and PR Departments.
Commenting on this occasion, Mr
Melhem said, “I was pleased to
participate in such a significant event,
and to get to connect with Bupa
International distributors and partners
from all around the world. What added
to my excitement was the opportunity
to communicate and cooperate with
current and potential business partners
in the health insurance field.”
The conference shed light on the
exponential growth the insurance
industry and highlighted case studies
from 2011. The Bupa team recognized
the partners and distributors with the
best achievements for the same year
and offered innovative strategies to
provide flexible health insurance for
individuals and families. Mr Melhem was
one of the representatives who received
OSN launches new platform
to watch TV online, anytime,
OSN has announced the launch of OSN Play, the region’s first
online TV platform, allowing its customers to watch the latest
movies and series over the Internet on a variety of devices,
anywhere, anytime at no extra charge to OSN subscribers.
The launch of ‘OSN Play’ comes as consumers widen the
devices they use for viewing entertainment, showing increased
usage of the Internet and social networking. New research
shows that 40% of consumers would like to watch TV on their
laptops, with a further 38% wanting to use their iPad or tablet
device. An additional 19% would like to watch their favorite
program on their mobile phones.
Mr David Butorac, CEO of OSN said, “OSN Play will allow
customers to get the best out of their OSN subscription. It’s
a great way to put viewers in charge of their entertainment
and experience the TV they love wherever and whenever they
choose. OSN remains committed to being at the forefront
of technological advancement and OSN Play will continue
to expand to a wide range of digital devices in the coming
OSN’s exclusive deals with major studios including Warner
Brothers, Fox and Disney guarantees viewers a line-up of
the biggest and best movies and series from Hollywood and
The recent research shows that if they could use any device,
anywhere, 39% of consumers would watch movies, 13%
would watch series, and a further 12% would watch sports.
With the launch of the new OSN Play platform, customers will
be able to do just this, and have more control and choice over
how, when and where they enjoy their favorite programs.
OSN Play will have full parental control that allows users to
set content ratings to ensure only appropriate content can be
viewed. In addition, to support the launch, a full portfolio of online
support information with simple guides on how to enjoy OSN Play
is available for customers. Access to the OSN Play platform will
be limited to two registered devices at any one time.
OSN Play will be rolled out across a variety of devices including
iOS (Apple products), Smart TV, Android tablets, mobile
devices and Game Consoles throughout the year.
Cake & Bake
gets a face-lift!
Cake & Bake is executing one of the most notable and
exuberant brand facelifts in Kuwait! Adapting to its
constantly evolving market, Cake & Bake has redesigned
their brand identity to create a fresh and vibrant look. The
new and contemporary brand look and feel is derived from
the brilliant products created by the vibrant Cake & Bake
team of bakers and designers.
The brown, orange and copper color tones of the previous
brand remain as the primary color tones of the new brand
as a symbol of reverence to the company’s past. Tones of
orange, pink, and green are among the new colors that have
been introduced representing the variety of Cake & Bake
products satisfying all flavor and presentation preferences.
With the new higher design esthetic, not only will customers
be able to witness the design evolution of Cake & Bake but
also experience the festive facelift which will surly delight and
brighten all of their memorable occasions. To experience the new
brand, customers can now visit the Salmiya branch of Cake &
Bake. The other branches will be revamped throughout the year.
Another interactive way of experiencing the new brand
is by visiting the easy-to-navigate official website
www.cakenbake.com which allows visitors to browse all
their products, take advantage of current promotions and
make purchases.
The bilingual website is the most sophisticated website in
Kuwait’s retail confectionary and bakery industry, where
customers can view the latest Cake & Bake products, placing
the order, and having the product delivered to their home or
office, all within a couple of hours.
In addition to browsing the range of flavors, sizes and cost
of everyday cakes, pastries and chocolate, visitors have the
luxury of surfing through the Special Orders page of the
Cake & Bake website. Prefer an out of the box concept? The
Special Orders page contains a variety of remarkable theme
cakes specially designed by Cake & Bake’s brilliantly skilled
Chefs and suitable for all memorable occasions like baby
showers, graduations and weddings.
KIPCO sponsors Arab Media Forum
KIPCO Group COO, Mr Samer Khanachet, receives a trophy from H.E. the Minister of Information
H.E. the Minister of Information visits the KIPCO booth
H.H. the Prime Minister at the KIPCO booth
KIPCO was a Gold Sponsor of the ‘Second Arab Media Forum
for Youth’. The event, organized by the Arab Media Forum,
was held under the auspices of H.H. the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al
Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah.
Sheikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al Hamad Al Sabah. The event
discussed ‘The Arab Spring of Media’.
KIPCO and representatives of KIPCO Group companies –
including Burgan Bank, Gulfnet and Marina FM – took part in
the job fair held alongside the event, which was inaugurated
by the Representative of H.H. the Amir, H.E. the Minister of
Information Sheikh Mohammad Al Abdullah Al Mubarak Al
KIPCO also sponsored the ‘Ninth Annual Arab Media Forum’,
which was held under the auspices of H.H. the Prime Minister
Eman Al Awadhi, Assistant Manager, KIPCO Marketing and PR
Department, said, “KIPCO operates many businesses in the
MENA region, and as part of our corporate social responsibility
activities we are keen on supporting events that address the
concerns of the Kuwaiti and Arab societies. We thank the
organizers for giving us the opportunity to exchange ideas
with the young people and media representatives that have
come to take part in the two events.”
Burgan Bank wins two prestigious awards
Mr Eduardo Eguren
Burgan Bank Group has received the prestigious ‘Best
Banking Group in MENA 2012’ award by Global Banking &
Finance Review, one of the world’s leading global banking and
finance online publications. The award comes in recognition
of the group’s turnaround performance and delivery of sound
results across its operations in Kuwait, Jordan, Algeria, Iraq
and Tunisia.
Mr Eduardo Eguren, Burgan Bank Group’s CEO said, “We are
very pleased with our recent achievement of being recognized
as the ‘Best Banking Group in MENA 2012’. This accolade is
a testament to our turnaround process that delivered a solid
financial performance across the group.”
JKB recognized at Queen
Alia CSR competition
Mr Raed Al Haqhaq
Burgan Bank also received the coveted ‘Best Corporate Bank
in Kuwait 2012’ award from Global Banking & Finance Review.
The bank’s most recent achievement comes in recognition
of the Corporate Banking Group’s superior performance and
expanding on its strategic objectives of maintaining growth
Mr Raed Al Haqhaq, Chief Banking Officer - Senior GM at
Burgan Bank said, “We are pleased to have been recognized
as Kuwait’s ‘Best Corporate Bank’ in 2012. The award
demonstrates our continuous pursuit of offering innovative
products and services that meet the various needs of our
clients while also supporting them at every stage of their
business cycles.”
Bank of
named ‘Best
Local Bank
in Iraq’
Board Member, Adel Al
Hasson, receives the award
on behalf of BoB
The Bank of Baghdad has been named the ‘Best Local
Bank in Iraq 2012’ by the EMAE Finance Magazine – the
complete information source for the finance industry in the
Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.
Abdel Wahab Samman of JKB’s PR Department (right) receives the
guild from Princess Basma
Under the patronage of HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal of
Jordan, an award ceremony was held to honor the winners
of the Queen Alia Competition for Social Responsibility
2011. The theme of this year’s competition was to shed
light on the most current and important environmental
issues and their implications.
In recognition of JKB’s effective and outstanding role
and contributions in the service of the community and
environment within the framework of its corporate social
responsibility initiatives, HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal
presented JKB with a guild at the ceremony.
BoB Board Member Adel Al Hasson received the award on
behalf of the bank at a ceremony held in Dubai. The bank’s
success in recent years is attributed to a focused strategy
that invests in the training of its employees, as well as
enhancing the efficiency and performance of its processes
through implementing new banking systems using the
latest technology.
Commenting on the winning the award, BoB Chairman,
Mr Isam Al Sherif said, “We are delighted to accept this
award. This honor has made us more determined and
committed to continue to hold a premier position in the Iraqi
market. We will continue our strategy of investing in our local
employees, whom we consider to be the bank’s real assets.
We are also committed to providing added value to our Iraqi
and international clients through further development of our
client services and presenting a wide range of new products
and services that cover their banking needs.”
2012 Employee
Kuwaiti opera singer, Rahmani, performing
Guests enjoyed an amazing light show
This year’s KIPCO Gala Dinner kicked off with an exciting light
show by a group from the UK that had the invitees at the edge
of their seats. The 350 KIPCO Group employees who attended
the event, which took place at the Sheikha Salwa Al Sabah
Ballroom, were then treated to an amazing performance
by Kuwait’s own opera singer Abdulrahman Al Mahmeed,
Rahmani, and his band.
The highlight of the event was the announcement of the 2012
KIPCO Employee Awards. The awards were presented by
KIPCO Board Member, Mr Abdullah Bishara, and KIPCO Group
COO, Mr Samer Khanachet, in recognition of the employees
who displayed outstanding performance throughout the year.
The winner of this year’s ‘Best Employee of KIPCO Group
2012’ award was Mr Wout Matthijs, the CEO of SADAFCO. The
award was in recognition of his outstanding contribution to
the commercial success of his company.
The ‘KIPCO Group Company of the Year 2012’ award went
to United Networks, and it was accepted by the company’s
Chairman, Mr Mahmoud Al Sanea.
The winner of ‘KIPCO’s Best Employee of the Year 2012’ was
Senior Vice President, Technology & Media, Mr Robert Drolet.
KIPCO also introduced a new employee award for 2012. The
‘KIPCO Group Young Achiever Award’ – given to an employee
Abeer Al Omar of KIPCO’s Corporate Communications Department
announcing the winners
who demonstrates potential and progress in their work –
was given to Ms Moudhi Al Rashed of KIPCO’s Finance and
Accounts Department.
The trophies presented to the award winners were custommade in the United States by Wasma’a Al Shorbaji, an artist
from New England famous for her ceramic designs.
KIPCO Group Awards
2012 Gro
up Best C
United N
of the Yea
r Award:
by Chairm
d Al Sanea
of the Year
p Employee
ijs of SA
Wout Matth
to commercia
success of co
Young Ach
iever Aw
Moudhi A
l Othman
Al Rashed
ration of pr
ogress with
in the year
KIPCO Group Employee of the Year Awards
Gulf I
mmad e Co.:
Al Tar
surance Co
Gulf Life In
Taher Al Kh
Marina FM
Humoud Ad
innovation &
high quality
n Ban
a Al S
g new
lio &
Rabih Salim
“Outstanding co
ntribution to
Taghrid Othm
ms & professiona
“Work on syste
United N
Ahmad A
l Saleh
n & track
as team w
Anthram Rivzi
“Team leadership –
OSN’s very best!”
ated S
ity & c
on pro
Pulsar Knowled
ge Centre:
Amit Jain
“Positive attitu
de & team spirit
United Real
Al Orifan
essional, inva
team membe
ce F
offic mitme ra
ana t & sup
ent rb
United Industries Co.:
Nabil Fayed
“Consistency in achieving objectives”
cts Co
d Oil
vity &
, creati
Fatem Gulf Bank
a Al J
& exc
d Abb
ke extra
& overall
Shahab Kh
inking & cont
w busines
to winning ne
Mohamed Mu
l abilities,
long-term track
North Africa
an Hamroun
t & initiative”
stment Co.:
Manafae Inve
onships with
excellent relati
business partn
Kuwait Catering Co.:
Samer Hamed
“Effective management of central
kitchen & progressive attitude”
ort Services
Safir Supp
Khalid Al
, dedication
der pressure
“Working un
& high repu
Safat Catering Se
Mohammed Avari
“Financial & busine
ss skills – one of the
company’s major ass
Cake & Bake:
Maher Al Sharif
“Impact on sales”
ait H harhan
R & le
on H
s Al
“Won – a guru!
Robert Drolet
’s Club
The Ch
e, exce
s servic
& team
Burgan Bank hosts annual employee gathering
Burgan employees with the management
Burgan Bank recently held its yearly event to recognize the
efforts of its employees, and reward them for contributing to
the bank over the years. The event was attended by Burgan
Chairman Mr Majed Al Ajeel, KIPCO Group CFO and Burgan
Board Member Mr Pinak Maitra, Burgan CEO Mr Eduardo Eguren,
the bank’s executive management as well as employees who
UGB sponsored team wins
TradeQuest championship
work across different departments and branches.
The event included a wide range of exciting activities, quiz
games and a grand raffle draw. The evening was not only
about showcasing gratitude, but aimed more at involving each
employee in the evolving progress and future plans of the bank.
AUK donates to KACCH
Sigma Tau Delta members and their volunteers who worked on the
KACCH book drives in 2011 and 2012
The winning team with UGB representatives
UGB announced that the Ibn Khuldoon National School (IKNS)
Team that it sponsored has won the TradeQuest 2011-2012
Championship. This is the second year in a row that UGB has
sponsored the winning team. The awards were given out by H.E.
Mr Rasheed Al Maraj, the Governor of the Central Bank of Bahrain,
in the presence of Ms Afnan Al Zayani, Vice Chair of the Bahrain
Bourse, and Mr Fouad Al Rashid, Director of the Bahrain Bourse.
The program was initiated 15 years ago and provides students
of Bahraini schools the opportunity to participate in a simulated
trading program with shares listed on the New York Stock
Exchange and the Bahrain Bourse. This year, the competition
was held amongst teams from six schools.
Mr Rabih Soukarieh, Acting CEO of UGB, congratulated the
winners and thanked the Central Bank of Bahrain and the
Bahrain Bourse for the patronage of TradeQuest. “We are firm
believers in corporate social responsibility and fostering the
development of young people. UGB has supported the program
for the past nine years and will continue to do so,” he said.
Ms Deepa Chandrasekhar, Chief Compliance Officer and Investment
Advisor of the IKNS team, expressed her delight at the team’s
performance. “It is very gratifying to see the students develop
their financial acumen and their presentation skills, and grow into
confident speakers during the course of the program,” she said.
The AUK Chapter of the Sigma Tau Delta International English
Society won the organization’s Service Award for 2012 in
recognition of a book drive held on behalf of Kuwait Association
for the Care of Children in Hospital (KACCH).
“The project was deemed both well-organized and extremely
valuable as a social outreach that would benefit many persons
who, in a particularly vulnerable time of their lives, would find
some relief through reading,” said William C. Johnson, Sigma
Tau Delta’s Executive Director.
Sigma Tau Delta promotes literacy in ways that exhibit service
to society. Each year the organization recognizes one or more
chapters whose service projects exemplify what it means to
serve society by fostering literacy. “This year the Sigma Tau
Delta judges were pleased to recognize the Alpha Rho Eta
Chapter at AUK for exemplary service to KACCH,” Johnson said.
Chapter members accepted the award at the annual convention
which was held in New Orleans, LA, USA. As part of this honor,
the chapter received a plaque and US$200 to buy children’s
books for KACCH while in the USA. The chapter presented those
books to KACCH. This gift follows the donation of roughly 676
books from a three-day book drive at AUK which concluded.
With this gift, the AUK students have donated over 1,000 books
to KACCH since the first book drive in the spring of 2011.
“This project has always been dear to me because of my love
of reading. As a child the book was the ultimate source of not
only escape but of imagination as well as creativity,” said Alia
Mustafa Aref, the chapter President and principal organizer of
the award winning book drive.
Arab Orient takes part in
‘Free Medical Day’
AUK students participate in
‘Women as Global Leaders’
A patient receiving free treatment
In an effort to bring services and spread medical awareness
in the southern areas of Jordan, the Arab Orient Insurance
Company (AOIC) partnered with the Aqaba Container
Terminal (ACT) to take part in a ‘Free Medical Day’ at AlDissi government health care facility in Wadi Rum.
AOIC recently signed a contract with ACT to cover over
3,500 ACT employees and their family members. This is
not the first time AOIC contributes to the local community;
the firm’s numerous efforts to increase insurance and
medical awareness amongst people are reflected in the
events that the company sponsors.
“Our commitment to our society is the drive that stirs
our progress. And our efforts to build public and medical
awareness are exactly the kind of initiatives society needs,”
said Mr Isam Abdelkhaliq, the CEO of AOIC. “We encourage
a safe healthy life style. Make the most out of life!”
AOIC provided ACT with 20 boxes of medication. And as a
part of their medical awareness program, a medical team of
the AOIC-Aqaba Branch was present on site and distributed
6,000 basic health awareness pamphlets providing simple
medical information for effective prevention and health care.
The AUK delegation
AUK selected five female students to attend the ‘4th Women
as Global Leaders’ conference at Zayed University in Abu
Dhabi. The event was sponsored by Her Highness Sheikha
Fatima Bint Mubarak. This year’s conference theme ‘Creating
a Sustainable Future for the World’ focused on social,
environmental, and economic aspects that would lead to a
sustainable future.
Delegates of the conference were encouraged to attend
assorted workshops and panel discussions with centric focus
of the conference theme. One of the most rewarding aspects
of this conference was having the opportunity to network with
prominent women as well as female students from all around
the world.
The conference was a great experience for the AUK delegation,
allowing the students to learn about women around the world,
and obtain a deeper understanding of leadership education.
Cake & Bake celebrates ‘Family Day’
Celebrating with the Dalsan Women Association
Customized cake for children at the Care Houses
Cake & Bake recently celebrated ‘Family Day’ with the Dalsan
Women Association at the Embassy of Somalia in Kuwait. The
participation is out of Cake & Bake’s belief in the import role
that women play in their societies.
Also in celebration of ‘Family Day’, Cake & Bake customized a cake
and presented it to the Family Nursery of the Ministry of Social
Affairs and Labor’s Child Care Houses. The Cake & Bake team
distributed gifts and cake to the children and their supervisors.
KIPCO Ladies play in softball tourney in Dubai
KIPCO Ladies with their coaches
The KIPCO Kuwait Ladies softball team took the fields
once again in Dubai to defend their Middle Eastern Softball
Championship. This year’s tournament, the last to be held
at the Metropolitan fields until after major hotel renovations,
would prove to be a very special tournament because of the
untimely deaths of the Ladies’ coach Kevin Scott, and Ben
Davine who played on the Kuwait men’s team and was an
ardent fan of the Kuwait Ladies.
Five women’s teams were vying for the 2012 title: defending
champions KIPCO Kuwait Ladies, Doha Storm, NSA Bahrain, Shu
Mushkila-Dubai team, Dubai Chick and the Kuwait Sandy Sox.
The tournament began with the seeding games with the
Ladies convincingly winning both games, 19-5 versus Doha
Storm and 21-2 versus Shu Mushkilla. Going into the double
elimination tournament, the Ladies faced their friendly
nemesis Doha Storm. In a defensive battle with umpires
calling the game due to time, the Ladies were defeated 5 to 3.
The loss placed them in the losers’ bracket which meant the
Ladies would have to win the following game in order to make
it to the championship round.
The next game featured Kuwait versus Shu Mushkila once
again with the Ladies winning by a score of 14-4. The win
meant the Ladies would once again face Doha Storm. In
order to retain the championship, the Storm would have to
be defeated twice. Winning wasn’t in the cards this year, the
KIPCO Kuwait Ladies were defeated by the Doha Storm in the
championship game by a score of 9 to 8 ending the 4 year
championship winning streak. Tournament highlights include KIPCO Kuwait Lady shortstop
Louise Lodge winning the Kevin D. Scott accuracy throw.
Pitcher Carol Ross-Scott’s strike percentage was 93% for the
tournament. Team batting average for the tournament was .525.
On defense, shortstop Louise Lodge turned two double plays and
threw out three tagged runners at 3rd base. The 3rd baseman
contributed 1 double play in the games. All players played strong
offense and defense throughout the grueling tournament.
AUK participates in Beirut Unisports Fesival
AUK participated in its second Beirut
Unisports Festival hosted by The Université
Saint-Joseph. A total of 32 studentathletes represented AUK while competing
against 26 different universities from 10
different countries in several sports.
The four-day tournament gave AUK studentathletes the opportunity to play against a
more diverse group of competitors. They
showed an overwhelming amount of AUK
and Kuwaiti pride at each game, as the
gymnasium was filled with energy from
students’ cheering, drumming, and singing
in support of all the AUK teams that
participated. AUK was awarded the Best
Team Spirit at the end of the tournament.
AUK student-athletes
PKC group goes river rafting!
PKC rafting group
“When I look back I feel the trip to Rishikesh was one of the
best times I had with my colleagues from Pulsar Knowledge
Centre (PKC). The group had a mix of rafting enthusiasts as
well as first timers making it an interesting blend,” says Senior
Consultant, Garima Arora.
Located in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India,
Rishikesh is known as ‘The Gateway to the Himalayas’. With
the Himalayas as the backdrop, one can unwind amidst the
natural beauty of mesmerising and serene Ganges.
Speaking to KIPCOLife, she recounts the bus drive after a hectic
day at work, riding overnight to reach their destination in the
early morning. The PKC team camped at ‘Riverwilds’, 27 km above
Rishikesh in the Himalayan Foothills. They arrived famished and
couldn’t wait to have their sumptuous breakfast at the beach.
According to Garima, Rishikesh is one of the most popular
spots for white water rafting in the world given that Ganges
offers medium to rough rapids, making it exciting for all kinds
of rafting enthusiasts. “Rafting in Rishikesh provided us the
ultimate thrilling ride and excitement of being in charge of
controlling and overcoming white water rapids ourselves.
Imagine freezing water trying to push you off the boat like
a bull does to a cowboy. I know it sounds crazy but trust me
once you do it, you can’t get enough of it!”
Describing the trip as “adventurous to the core,” Garima also
noted that it was blissful being so close to the nature. “One
must experience river rafting in Rishikesh at least once in his
or her life!”
AUK participates in REUSE 5.0
AUK participated in the annual REUSE 5.0
exhibition, held this year on the premises
of the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK).
Program at AUK. AUK’s Environmental
Studies Program is the first of its kind in
During the exhibition, a number of AUK
students and professors showcased their
work under two categories; the ‘Social
Programs’ category and the ‘Community’
category. The AUK exhibits included
artwork made of reused or re-purposed
materials that promote environmental
conservation. The AUK delegation was
led by Professor William Andersen of the
Art and Graphic Design Program, and
Professor Charles Cange of the newly
introduced Environmental Studies Minor
Organized by the En.V Initiative, the fourday REUSE 5.0 featured a dynamic mix of
art galleries, music, short films, a lounge,
trendy eco- fashion, accessories and
more. The last day of the event celebrated
Earth Day, bringing in the renowned
Moroccan artist and photographer Hassan
Hajjaj and the award winning Graphic
Designer, Tarek Atrissi, who both gave
short inspirational talks on incorporating
eco-friendly thought into creative art
AUK Professor Charles Cange with students
and visitors
Artwork of AUK students
AUK professors with students
AUK Professor William Andersen with visitors
Al Haqhaq: Burgan
continues to deliver
solid financial
Burgan Bank was recently named the ‘Best
Banking Group in MENA 2012’ by the Global
Banking & Finance Review. Now the bank is
expanding its Group by entering the Turkish
market through acquiring a stake in Eurobank
Tekfen. KIPCOLife had the opportunity to speak
with Chief Banking Officer - Senior GM at Burgan
Bank, Mr Raed Al Haqhaq, about the bank’s
performance and expansion activities, as well as
future prospects.
Committed t
executing be
practice met
of social
“We are proud to belong to one of the
most revered investment groups in
the region. As a principal operating
company under the umbrella of KIPCO,
the bank’s performance impacts not
only the status of KIPCO, but also its
investment proposition,” Mr Al Haqhaq
said. “Burgan Bank Group continuously
delivers solid financial performance
despite the slow economic activity in the
region, hence further strengthening the
image of the bank itself and KIPCO at
large. We are very proud to be part of
the KIPCO Group.”
Regional bank
Commenting on the status of Burgan
Bank as a regional bank, he said that
this transformation meant that the bank
now had a foothold across the region.
“This is part of our expansion strategy.
The objective was to diversify revenue
streams and distribute risks, obtain a
speed of growth that cannot be obtained
by focusing on Kuwait alone due to its
small market size, and of course to add
scale to the operation.”
Burgan’s corporate
strategy is to expand
its regional foothold
through acquisitions
Burgan Bank recently announced the
agreement with Eurobank EFG to acquire
a 99.2% stake in Eurobank Tekfen.
Asked about how this would enhance
Burgan Bank’s strategic market growth,
Mr Al Haqhaq commented, “The Turkish
economy and banking sector have
continued to demonstrate significant
positive performance and resilience
throughout the global financial crisis and
offer opportunities for continued long
term expansion. Turkey’s large, growing
and young population, combined with
strategic positioning between Europe
and the Middle East, offer strong
potential for further economic growth
in the medium-to-long term, with
increasing business flows with the
Middle East.”
He said that in-line with the objective
of Burgan Bank’s corporate strategy
of expanding its foothold, scale
and capabilities through strategic
acquiring Eurobank Tekfen represents a
unique opportunity to enter a key market
with a fully operational and diversified
banking platform at an attractive pricing
level. The deal is accretive from day one
to Burgan shareholders with excellent
growth potential.”
Commenting on the bank’s extensive
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
portfolio and how this enhanced the
image of the bank in the communities in
which its Group operated, Mr Al Haqhaq
said, “At Burgan Bank, we believe that
any successful organization must enjoy
an effective CSR program that is directly
linked to its corporate governance
structure. Our social responsibility
initiatives are about using innovation to
find creative and value-added solutions
to the challenges we face in our society.”
He added that the ultimate aim would
be to build elements of sustainable
development as well as credibility
and trust in society. “Burgan Bank is
committed to developing and executing
best practice methods of social
responsibility, a core component of its
corporate governance framework that
has paved the way for the bank to attain
prominent accolades which demonstrate
its leading position.”
Future prospects
In response to a question about
whether there were any future business
opportunities that Burgan was looking
into, he said that the bank would
continue its focus on driving in-organic
growth through strategic acquisitions
whilst continuing to gain more local
market share with profitability to drive
organic growth.
Marina Hotel… fun under the sun!
Enjoy a dip in the infinity swimming pool and then a snack at the Waves Pool Bar
Pool area
With summer in full swing, what better way to
enjoy yourself than out at the beach or by the
pool side? At Safir Marina Hotel you can enjoy
both! KIPCOLife will take you on a tour of the
outdoor area of this beautiful property, so put
your sunscreen on!
Surrounded by lush landscaping, shaded alcoves and
umbrellas, the three pools offer respite from the city. Hotel
guests and members of the club can enjoy a dip in the infinity
swimming pool, or an aquatic workout in the two-meter lap
pool, before relaxing in the whirlpool!
Children’s pool
A children’s play pool and special play area is nearby for the
exclusive use of four to 12 year-olds. This pool is half a meter
long and your children can have hours of fun under the sun!
All pool facilities are open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and
there are three lifeguards to make sure that your day out is
a safe one!
Whether from the privacy of the balcony of your hotel room,
or by taking a walk along the golden sand, you must enjoy
the 300 meter stretch of private beach. As you walk, the clear
waters of the Arabian Gulf will lap at your feet, making it
impossible to resist a dip into its waters!
Marina Hotel offers fun under the sun with its private beach & pool
The golden sands of the private beach
Three pools surrounded by lush
landscaping and shaded alcoves
Waves Pool Bar
Swimming under the sun can make you hungry. Time to head
to the ‘Waves Pool Bar’, where you can enjoy a variety of
drinks and snacks! If you want to sit by the beach, then an
attendance will be more than happy to bring your order to
BBQs and functions
If you’re thinking of throwing a BBQ party, then there is no
better place to do it than by the pool. The area can seat 220250 people if you set up chairs and tables, but if you’re having
a stand-up arrangement then you can invite up to 350 guests!
The beach is the perfect place to hold an ‘Open Day’ event!
The area can hold 500 people in a seated arrangement and up
to 2000 standing!
Go on and enjoy the summer out at the Safir Marina Hotel. For
bookings call +965 222 30030 or email the Reservation Desk
at [email protected]
Marina Hotel’s three pools offer respite from the city
Chef Samer..
a story of
Chef Samer with some of the Central Kitchen staff
Wondering how Chef Samer became the
head of this huge catering operation at such
a relatively young age, KIPCOLife asked him
to tell his story, a request he graciously
The Central Kitchen at Kuwait Hotels Co.’s
new headquarters in Dhajeej area is where
much of the catering operations take
place. Walking through this extensive food
preparation area, you will be struck by its
immaculate cleanliness and organization
despite the huge number of dishes being
prepared simultaneously! If that doesn’t
impress you then surely the synchrony with
which the kitchen staff work will! Under
the command of the Central Executive
Chef, Samer Hamed, the staff members
work harmoniously to produce colorful
masterpieces with every dish.
From butchery to heading the
Central Kitchen in just eight years!
Childhood dreams
“My father came to Kuwait in 1963 to work as an ‘oriental chef’
in one of the large hotels. In the weekends he would take me
with him to his workplace and that was how I discovered the
art of cookery,” he said.
At the beginning of his career, Chef Samer worked at the meat
grill in one of the local restaurants. By the time he left them
three years later he was heading the butchery department.
“In this profession, everyone starts small and we have to earn
the right to advance up the ladder,” he explained.
The butchery.. where it all began
Dedication and team
support are the ingredients
for success
Chef Samer helps out wherever he can!
Working for KCC
His career with Kuwait Catering Co. began in 2003. “When I
applied for a job with KCC I had to do a three-day food tasting
for the Swiss chef who was heading the kitchen at the time.
At the end of the three days I was given the lead job at the
butchery,” Chef Samer said.
For those of us who think cutting up meat is an easy task, think
again! “My success in running the butchery was directly related
to cost control. Instead of the traditional way of estimating
the weight of meat by size, I made sure that everything I sent
out to the different kitchen sections was carefully measured
on the scales. This made a huge difference!”
Career opportunity
The butchery brought Chef Samer in contact with all the
sections of the kitchen, and because he was so interested in
cooking as an art he started observing and then assisting the
staff in their different tasks. In 2009 he had his true career
break when the position of ‘sous-chef’ opened up. The head
chef had long supported Chef Samer and appreciated his
dedication and great career ambitions. In the food tasting
Chef Samer excelled in preparing Oriental and Kuwaiti food.
Family spirit
Loving your work gives you motive to put in hours of hard
work and effort, but without the support of your colleagues and
the management you may soon lose your steam, Chef Samer
explained. “At KCC I support the people around me and they
support me. We work together as one family, and this is what
makes me happy and content to head to work every morning.”
Tips for success
So what did Chef Samer have to say to the readers of KIPCOLife
who are looking to excel in their careers?
“Regardless of your profession, there are five things you
must remember: love your work; pay attention to detail;
always accept advice and suggestions; show interest in your
colleagues; and work in team spirit,” he said.
With constant support and encouragement, Chef Samer found
himself in the position of assistant to the head chef just nine
months later! He often acted in place of the head chef while the
latter was away, and when the head chef finally left to join Safir
Support Services as a consultant Chef Samer was promoted to
Central Executive Chef!
From the butchery to heading the whole of the Central Kitchen
in just eight years!
At the salad preparation station
Abdali Mall… Jordan’s largest project
Abdali Mall’s eastern façade
Eng. Kabariti began by addressing the key features of the
development, saying, “Abdali Mall is currently the largest project
in Jordan. It is located in the heart of the Abdali central business
district, often referred to as the ‘New Downtown of Amman’. The
project is a natural continuation of the ‘Abdali Boulevard’ and is
designed with the highest international standards in mind.”
Size and access
Abdali Mall is a large-scale, mixed-use development built on a
plot of land measuring 29,604 sqm. The mall will have an overall
built up area of 227,327 sqm, of which 69,606 sqm is leasable,
including an overall storage area of 8,988 sqm.
At the time that KIPCOLife toured the site, the substructure
(basement levels) of the project had been completed, comprising
five underground parking levels with space for 2,400 cars!
United Real Estate Co. (URC) is involved in
the development and management of many
landmark properties, one of which is Abdali
Mall located at the heart of the new downtown
district of Abdali in Amman, Jordan. KIPCOLife
had the opportunity to visit the project site and
speak to URC Jordan’s CEO, Eng. Abdelmajid
Kabariti, about this large-scale project.
Mall expected to be
completed in mid-2014
During the tour, Eng. Kabariti pointed out the multiple entrances
to the mall, designed to allow easy access from all directions
within the new downtown, in addition to direct access from Abdali
Mall design
“The mall will comprise a supermarket, department stores,
retail shops, cinemas, food court, cafes, and restaurants,” he
said, adding that the building architecture is iconic and modern
with a unique design that incorporates open-air features.
“Through its open-air features, the internal and external
architecture of the mall is intended to contribute to a pleasurable,
unconventional mall environment that takes you away from the
hassles of daily life,” explained Eng. Kabariti.
Beautiful water and open-air features make your shopping experience pleasurable
Located in the heart of
Amman’s business district
An artist impression of Abdali Mall
Since the commencement of the project in January 2008, Abdali
Mall Company’s management worked with its contractors to
complete the mural fencing phase, followed by the excavation
and shoring phase. The sub-structure work for the mall was
completed in January 2012.
Eng. Kabariti concluded, “The project’s management recently
signed a contract with Habash-Deir Contracting Co. for the
completion of the mall’s superstructure, and we expect this
phase to be completed in April 2013. This will then be followed
by the finishing work, whereby we anticipate welcoming our
visitors in mid-2014.”
KIPCOLife editor (center, right) touring site with CEO of URC Jordan
(center, left)
Iconic architecture
and unique design
‫المتزوجون الجدد‬
New Marriages
‫تهانينا إلى أسماء سرحال‬
‫سكرتيرة بإدارة بحوث االستثمار‬
‫في الشركة الكويتية المتحدة إلدارة‬
ً ‫المشاريع بمناسبة زواجها مؤخرا‬
Congratulations to
Asmaa Serhal, Secretary in the
Investment Research Department
within KUCC, who was married
‫المواليد الجدد‬
New Babies
،‫تهانينا إلى كونال سينج‬
‫مساعد نائب رئيس بإدارة تمويل‬
،‫الشركات في شركة كامكو‬
‫بمناسبة قدوم مولوده الجديد‬
‫تهانينا إلى جينيفر برافو‬
‫موظفة في قسم الموارد‬
،‫البشرية في كيك ن بيك‬
‫بمناسبة قدوم مولودتها‬
‫الجديدة صوفيا‬
‫تهانينا إلى أحمد الغنم‬
،‫من شركة العقارات المتحدة‬
‫بمناسبة قدوم مولوده الجديد‬
‫عبد العزيز‬
‫تهانينا إلى سمير محمد‬
‫مساعد مدير بإدارة المالية‬
‫والمحاسبة في شركة مشاريع‬
‫ بمناسبة قدوم مولودته‬،‫الكويت‬
‫الجديدة صفا‬
Congratulations to
Kunal Singh, Assistant Vice
President in the Corporate
Finance Department at KAMCO,
who has been blessed with
Shaurya – a new baby boy
Congratulations to
Jennifer Bravo, HR Liaison in the
HR Department at Cake & Bake,
who has been blessed with Sofia
a new baby girl
Congratulations to
Ahmad Al Ghanam, of URC, who
has been blessed with Abdulaziz
a new baby boy
Congratulations to
P. Sameer Mohammed, Assistant
Manager in the Accounts &
Finance Department at KIPCO,
who has been blessed with Safa
a new baby girl
‫أسرة كيبكــــو‬
‫الترقيات و المؤهالت المهنية الجديدة‬
Promotions & New Qualifications
‫تهانينـا إلى هاريش شوبرا‬
‫نائب رئيس في إدارة االستثمارات‬
،‫المباشرة من شركة كامكو‬
‫الذي أكمل بنجاح برنامج المحلل‬
)CFA( ‫المالي المجاز‬
‫تهانينـا إلى سالم صالح‬
‫ضابط أول في إدارة التدقيق‬
‫ التي‬،‫الداخلي من شركة كامكو‬
‫أكملت بنجاح شهادة المدقق‬
‫الداخلي المعتمد‬
‫تهانينـا إلى صادق تقي‬
‫من شركة الصفاة للتجهيزات‬
‫ الذي تمت ترقيته إلى‬،‫الغذائية‬
‫محلل جودة الخدمة في إدارة‬
‫الرقابة على الجودة‬
‫تهانينـا إلى محمد عباس‬
‫من شركة القرين لصناعة‬
‫ الذي تمت‬،‫الكيماويات البترولية‬
‫ترقيته إلى مدير فني‬
Congratulations to
Harish Chopra, Vice President
in the Direct Investment
Department of KAMCO who
has successfully passed his
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
designation program
Congratulations to
Salam Saleh, Senior Officer in
the Internal Audit Department
of KAMCO who has successfully
passed the Certified Internal
Audit (CIA) examination and
earned the CIA designation
Congratulations to
Sadiq Taqi of Safat Catering
Services who has been promoted
to Service Quality Analyst in the
Quality Control Department
Congratulations to
Mohamed Abbas, of Qurain
Petrochemical Industries
Company who has been
promoted to Technical Manager
‫الموظفون الجدد‬
Newly Hired
‫يحيى اسكندراني‬
‫محمد غالي‬
‫براديب راجاجوباالن‬
‫سالي صفا‬
‫دالل مقدم‬
Yahya Iskandarani
Mohammed Ghali
Pradeep Rajagopalan
Sally Safa
Dalal Maqdem
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة كابيتال المتحدة‬
‫للنقل بوظيفة الرئيس‬
‫التنفيذي للعمليات في إدارة‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة كابيتال المتحدة‬
‫للنقل بوظيفة محاسب في‬
‫اإلدارة المالية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة كامكو بوظيفة‬
‫نائب رئيس أول في إدارة‬
‫اإللتزام والمخاطر‬
‫التحقت بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫مدقق نظم المعلومات في‬
‫إدارة التدقيق الداخلي‬
‫التحقت بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫ممثل خدمة عمالء الهاتفية‬
‫في مجموعة المصرفية‬
‫للخدمات الشخصية‬
has joined United
Capital Transport Company
as a Chief Operating Officer in
the Operation Department
has joined United
Capital Transport Company
as an accountant in the
Finance Department
has joined KAMCO
as a Senior Vice President
in the Compliance & Risk
Management Department
has joined Burgan
Bank as an IT Auditor in the
Internal Audit Department
has joined Burgan
Bank as a Call Center Agent
in Retail Banking
‫الموظفون الجدد ‪Newly Hired‬‬
‫فهد المنيس‬
‫جابر أشكناني‬
‫نيدهينمون باول‬
‫محسن هيكل‬
‫أحمد علي‬
‫‪Fahad Al Menayes‬‬
‫‪Jaber Ashkanani‬‬
‫‪Nidhinmon Paul‬‬
‫‪Mohsen Heikal‬‬
‫‪Ahmad Ali‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫بنك برقان بوظيفة رئيس‬
‫تشغيل عمليات نظم‬
‫المعلومات – مساعد مدير‬
‫في إدارة نظم المعلومات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫بنك برقان بوظيفة ممثل‬
‫خدمة عمالء الهاتفية متدرب‬
‫في مجموعة المصرفية‬
‫للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحق بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫محلل نظم في إدارة نظم‬
‫التحق بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫مستشار قانوني في اإلدارة‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫بنك برقان بوظيفة ممثل‬
‫خدمة عمالء الهاتفية‬
‫في مجموعة المصرفية‬
‫للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Head of IT‬‬
‫‪Operations - AGM in the IT‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Trainee Call‬‬
‫‪Center Agent in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Systems Analyst in‬‬
‫‪the IT Department‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Legal Counselor in‬‬
‫‪the Legal Department‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Call Center Agent‬‬
‫‪in Retail Banking‬‬
‫مونس بازي‬
‫فواز دشتي‬
‫نافين راجاناال‬
‫عبداهلل الموسوي‬
‫اسجاد رضا‬
‫‪Mones Bazzy‬‬
‫‪Fawaz Dashti‬‬
‫‪Naveen Rajanala‬‬
‫‪Abdullah Al Moosawi‬‬
‫‪Asjad Reza‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫بنك برقان بوظيفة رئيس‬
‫المصرفية الخاصة في‬
‫مجموعة المصرفية الخاصة‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫بنك برقان بوظيفة باحث‬
‫قانوني في اإلدارة القانونية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫بنك برقان بوظيفة رئيس‬
‫منتجات في مكتب عمليات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫بنك برقان بوظيفة ممثل‬
‫إدارة مخاطر المشاريع‬
‫في مجموعة المصرفية‬
‫للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫بنك برقان بوظيفة مدير‬
‫مشروع – نظم معلومات‬
‫المــوارد البشريـــة فــي إدارة‬
‫الموارد البشرية والتطوير‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Head of Private‬‬
‫‪Banking in Private Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Legal Researcher‬‬
‫‪in the Legal Department‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Head of Products‬‬
‫‪in the Group Operations‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a PRM Agent in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Project Manager‬‬
‫& ‪- HRMIS in the HR‬‬
‫‪Development Department‬‬
‫سليمان دشتي‬
‫زينب القطان‬
‫خالد العمران‬
‫نوري عبدالكريم‬
‫سندس العنزي‬
‫‪Suliman Dashti‬‬
‫‪Zainab Al Qattan‬‬
‫‪Khaled Al Omran‬‬
‫‪Nouri Abdulkareem‬‬
‫‪Sundous Al Enezi‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫صراف متدرب في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحقت بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫صراف متدرب في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحق بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫صراف متدرب في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحق بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫صراف متدرب في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحقت بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫صراف متدرب في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Trainee Teller in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Trainee Teller in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Trainee Teller in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Trainee Teller in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Trainee Teller in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫أسرة كيبكــــو‬
‫الموظفون الجدد ‪Newly Hired‬‬
‫محمد سالم‬
‫‪Mohammad Salim‬‬
‫‪Naser Al Ammari‬‬
‫‪Mohammad Al Sulaiman‬‬
‫‪Sarah Al Hasawi‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫صراف متدرب في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحق بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫صراف متدرب في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحق بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫صراف متدرب في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحقت بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫صراف متدرب في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحق بالعمل‬
‫لدى بنك برقان بوظيفة‬
‫صراف متدرب في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Trainee Teller in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Trainee Teller in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Trainee Teller in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Trainee Teller in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Trainee Teller in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫مالك رسول‬
‫مريم العسعوسي‬
‫عبداهلل العلي‬
‫محمد جحيل‬
‫سلمان علي‬
‫‪Malik Rasool‬‬
‫‪Maryam Al Assoussi‬‬
‫‪Abdullah Al Ali‬‬
‫‪Mohammad Juhail‬‬
‫‪Salman Ali‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شبكة أوربت شوتايم‬
‫بوظيفة فني ميداني في إدارة‬
‫عمليات العمالء‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى‬
‫بنك برقان بوظيفة مسؤول‬
‫عالقات عمالء متدرب‬
‫في مجموعة المصرفية‬
‫للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫بنك برقان بوظيفة مسؤول‬
‫عالقات عمالء في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫بنك برقان بوظيفة مسؤول‬
‫عالقات عمالء متدرب‬
‫في مجموعة المصرفية‬
‫للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫بنك برقان بوظيفة مسؤول‬
‫عالقات عمالء في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫‪has joined OSN‬‬
‫‪as a Field Technician in‬‬
‫‪the Customer Operations‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Trainee Customer‬‬
‫‪Relationship Officer in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Customer‬‬
‫‪Relationship Officer in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Trainee Customer‬‬
‫‪Relationship Officer in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as a Customer‬‬
‫‪Relationship Officer in Retail‬‬
‫نعمان الدين الشيخ‬
‫ناصر العماري‬
‫محمد السليمان‬
‫ساره الحساوي‬
‫عبدالمحسن أحمد‬
‫‪Abdualmohsen Ahmad‬‬
‫أنس محمد‬
‫مروه عطية‬
‫محمد سروار‬
‫سالم العنزي‬
‫‪Nauman Uddin Shaikh‬‬
‫‪Anas Mohamed‬‬
‫‪Marwa Attia‬‬
‫‪Muhammad Sarwar‬‬
‫‪Salem Al Enezi‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شبكة الخليج لالتصاالت‬
‫بوظيفة مستشار أول أعمال‬
‫في إدارة الحلول االلكترونية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شبكة أوربت شوتايم‬
‫بوظيفة فني ميداني في إدارة‬
‫عمليات العمالء‬
‫التحقت بالعمل‬
‫لدى شبكة أوربت شوتايم‬
‫بوظيفة موظف مبيعات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شبكة أوربت شوتايم‬
‫بوظيفة فني ميداني في إدارة‬
‫عمليات العمالء‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شبكة أوربت شوتايم‬
‫بوظيفة رئيس فريق عمل‬
‫في إدارة عمليات العمالء‬
‫‪has joined Gulfnet as‬‬
‫‪a Senior Business Consultant‬‬
‫‪in the eSolutions Department‬‬
‫‪has joined OSN‬‬
‫‪as a Field Technician in‬‬
‫‪the Customer Operations‬‬
‫‪has joined OSN as a‬‬
‫‪Telesales Agent‬‬
‫‪has joined OSN‬‬
‫‪as a Field Technician in‬‬
‫‪the Customer Operations‬‬
‫‪has joined OSN‬‬
‫‪as a Team Manager in‬‬
‫‪the Customer Operations‬‬
‫الموظفون الجدد ‪Newly Hired‬‬
‫أحمد أبو المجد‬
‫حسين الشاوارب‬
‫صبري العاني‬
‫ياسمين عباسي‬
‫خالد فرحات‬
‫‪Ahmed Abouelmagd‬‬
‫‪Hussein Al Chawarb‬‬
‫‪Sabry Al Ani‬‬
‫‪Yasmeen Abbasi‬‬
‫‪Khaled Farhat‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شبكة الخليج لالتصاالت‬
‫بوظيفة مطور أول ويب في‬
‫إدارة الحلول االلكترونية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شبكة الخليج لالتصاالت‬
‫بوظيفة محصل في إدارة‬
‫الشؤون المالية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شبكة الخليج لالتصاالت‬
‫بوظيفة مطور ويب في إدارة‬
‫الحلول االلكترونية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى‬
‫شبكة الخليج لالتصاالت‬
‫بوظيفة ضابط االستبقاء‬
‫على العميل في إدارة‬
‫عمليات البيع بالتجزئة‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شبكة الخليج لالتصاالت‬
‫بوظيفة رئيس فريق‬
‫االستبقاء على العميل في‬
‫إدارة عمليات البيع بالتجزئة‬
‫‪has joined Gulfnet as‬‬
‫‪a Senior Web Developer in‬‬
‫‪the eSolutions Department‬‬
‫‪has joined Gulfnet as‬‬
‫‪a Collector in the Finance‬‬
‫‪has joined Gulfnet‬‬
‫‪as a Web Application‬‬
‫‪Developer in the eSolutions‬‬
‫‪has joined Gulfnet‬‬
‫‪as a Retention Officer‬‬
‫‪in the Retail Operations‬‬
‫‪has joined Gulfnet as‬‬
‫‪a Retention Team Leader‬‬
‫‪in the Retail Operations‬‬
‫الميس يوسف‬
‫أميرة القبندي‬
‫طارق قريشي‬
‫وائل خليل‬
‫أحالم خليل‬
‫‪Lamis Yousef‬‬
‫‪Amirah Alqabandi‬‬
‫‪Tariq Qureshi‬‬
‫‪Wael Khalil‬‬
‫‪Ahlam Khalil‬‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة الفنادق الكويتية‬
‫بوظيفة موظفة استقبال‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى‬
‫كيك ن بيك بوظيفة مدير‬
‫فرع السالمية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شبكة الخليج لالتصاالت‬
‫بوظيفة مهندس ميداني في‬
‫إدارة العمليات الفنية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شبكة الخليج لالتصاالت‬
‫بوظيفة مهندس أول‬
‫ما قبل البيع في قسم‬
‫التحقت بالعمل‬
‫لدى شبكة الخليج‬
‫لالتصاالت بوظيفة ضابط‬
‫دعم المبيعات في قسم‬
‫‪has joined Kuwait‬‬
‫‪Hotels Company as a‬‬
‫& ‪has joined Cake‬‬
‫‪Bake as the Salmiya Branch‬‬
‫‪has joined Gulfnet as‬‬
‫‪a Field Engineer Corporate‬‬
‫‪in the Technical Operations‬‬
‫‪has joined Gulfnet as‬‬
‫‪a Senior Pre Sales Engineer‬‬
‫‪has joined Gulfnet‬‬
‫‪as a Sales Support Officer‬‬
‫فيفيك تشرما‬
‫أكرم السرساوي‬
‫مارك أومايام‬
‫محسن علي‬
‫حسين إسماعيل‬
‫‪Vivek Sharma‬‬
‫‪Akram El Sirsawy‬‬
‫‪Mark Umayam‬‬
‫‪Mohsen Ali‬‬
‫‪Hussein Ismail‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل‬
‫لدى مركز المعرفة بلسر‬
‫بوظيفة محلل تجاري في‬
‫مجموعة االستشارية‬
‫التحق بالعمل‬
‫لدى شركة سفير الدولية‬
‫إلدارة الفنادق بوظيفة مدير‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة سفير الدولية إلدارة‬
‫الفنادق بوظيفة محاسب‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة سفير الدولية إلدارة‬
‫الفنادق بوظيفة رئيس قطاع‬
‫اإلدارة المالية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة الفنادق الكويتية‬
‫بوظيفة الرئيس التنفيذي‬
‫للشؤون المالية‬
‫‪has joined Pulsar‬‬
‫‪Knowledge Center as‬‬
‫‪a Business Analyst in the‬‬
‫‪Business Advisory Group‬‬
‫‪has joined Safir‬‬
‫‪International Hotel‬‬
‫‪Management as a Finance‬‬
‫‪has joined Safir‬‬
‫‪International Hotel‬‬
‫‪Management as an Accounts‬‬
‫‪has joined Safir‬‬
‫‪International Hotel‬‬
‫‪Management as a Corporate‬‬
‫‪Director of Finance‬‬
‫‪has joined Kuwait‬‬
‫‪Hotels Company as a Chief‬‬
‫‪Financial Officer‬‬
‫أسرة كيبكــــو‬
Newly Hired ‫الموظفون الجدد‬
‫تشيناف غوبتا‬
‫مانوج فارجيس‬
‫ناصر العصيمي‬
‫وائل أبو ترابي‬
‫صبحي الجمله‬
Shainav Gupta
Manoj Varghese
Nasser Al Osaimi
Wael Abou Trabi
Sobhi El Gamala
‫التحق بالعمل‬
‫لدى مركز المعرفة بلسر‬
‫بوظيفة مستشار كبير‬
‫في مجموعة االستشارية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة الصناعات المتحدة‬
‫بوظيفة محاسب في اإلدارة‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة القرين لصناعة‬
‫الكيماويات البترولية‬
‫بوظيفة محاسب متدرب في‬
‫اإلدارة المالية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة الخليج للتأمين‬
‫بوظيفة فني إصدار في إدارة‬
‫الفروع الداخلية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة الخليج للتأمين‬
‫بوظيفة فني إصدار في إدارة‬
‫الفروع الداخلية‬
has joined Pulsar
Knowledge Center as a
Senior Consultant in the
Business Advisory Group
has joined UIC as an
Accountant in the Finance
has joined Qurain
Petrochemical Industries
Company as an Accountant Trainee
in the Finance Department
has joined Gulf
Insurance Company as a
Technical Production in the
Internal Branches Department
has joined Gulf Insurance
Company as a Technical
Production in the Internal
Branches Department
‫أحمد شطا‬
‫أحمد الجندي‬
‫فرح القصار‬
‫فهد أسعد‬
‫رميض أنور‬
Ahmed Shatta
Ahmed El Gendy
Farah AlQassar
Fahed Assad
Rameez Anwar
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة الخليج للتأمين‬
‫بوظيفة محاسب في إدارة‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة الخليج للتأمين‬
‫بوظيفة رئيس قسم في‬
‫إدارة الممتلكات والحوادث‬
‫التحقت بالعمل‬
‫لدى شركة الخليج للتأمين‬
‫بوظيفة محاسب في إدارة‬
‫ الحياة‬- ‫المالية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة الخليج للتأمين‬
‫بوظيفة مساعد إداري في‬
‫إدارة الخدمات العامة‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة الخليج للتأمين‬
‫بوظيفة منسق خدمة‬
‫عمالء في إدارة الموافقات‬
KPC ‫الطبية‬
has joined Gulf
Insurance Company as an
Accountant in the Finance
has joined Gulf
Insurance Company as a
Section Head in the Property
& Casualty Department
has joined Gulf
Insurance Company as an
Accountant in the Finance Life Department
has joined Gulf
Insurance Company as an
Admin Assistant in the General
Services Department
has joined Gulf Insurance
Company as a Customer Service
Coordinator in the Medical
Approvals KPC Department
Abdulaziz Al Nasser
‫عبد العزيز الناصر‬
Bashar Abdul Majied
‫بشار عبدالمجيد‬
Nesrin Al Abed
‫نسرين العبد‬
‫طارق يانس‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة العقارات المتحدة‬
‫بوظيفة مساعد مسؤول‬
‫مبيعات في إدارة المبيعات‬
‫ مشاريع المحلية‬- ‫والتأجير‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة العقارات المتحدة‬
‫بوظيفة نائب رئيس إدارة‬
‫المبيعات في إدارة المبيعات‬
MENA - ‫والتأجير‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة العقارات المتحدة‬
‫بوظيفة مصمم ملتيميديا‬
‫في إدارة التسويق واإلعالم‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى‬
‫شركة العقارات المتحدة‬
‫بوظيفة نائب رئيس الموارد‬
‫البشرية في إدارة الموارد‬
‫البشرية والشؤون اإلدارية‬
has joined URC as a
Junior Sales Executive in the
Sales & Leasing Department
has joined URC as
a Vice President – Sales &
Leasing MENA Projects
has joined URC as
a Multimedia Designer in
the Marketing & Corporate
Communications Department
has joined URC as a
Vice President - HR in the
HR & Admin Department
Tariq Yanis

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