JKB Chairman: Client-centric approach has made us



JKB Chairman: Client-centric approach has made us
The magazine of the Kuwait Projects Company (Holding)
JKB Chairman: Client-centric approach has
made us Jordan’s third largest bank
Issue 54: July 2016
The magazine of the Kuwait Projects Company (Holding)
JKB Chairman: Client-centric approach has
made us Jordan’s third largest bank
Issue 54: July 2016
KIPCO Group builds stem cell center
New Burgan Bank Turkey headquarters inaugurated
20 KIPCO announces 2016 Group employee awards
KIPCO hosts ‘Creating Partnerships for a Better Society’ forum
PKC celebrates 2015 success
Interview with the Chairman of JKB Chairman
KIPCO supports ‘Women in Corporate World’ conference
OSN & Viacom launch Comedy Central HD
Head Office:
Kuwait Projects Company (Holding)
P.O. Box 23982
Safat 13100 Kuwait
For inquiries please call (+965) 2294 3477 or email [email protected]
Dr Al Radwan, Mr Al Ayyar and Mr Al Jassar marking the official project launch
KIPCO Group to build the Gulf region’s
first stem cell bank & research center
KIPCO and its Group companies have
the private sector must play to support
made a KD 7 million donation to the
government entities, as they step up
Ministry of Health to build the Sheikha
efforts to keep up with the swift scientific
Salwa Sabah Al Ahmad Stem Cell and
evolution that the world is witnessing.
Umbilical Cord Center. This is the Gulf
We look to the future and see people
region’s first-ever center to be dedicated
whose lives have been made better
to stem cell research and the storage of
thanks to the scientific breakthroughs
umbilical cords.
brought about by stem cell therapy.”
The facility, to be built over a 12,000
On her part, Dr Reem Al Radwan,
m. sq. plot of land in the Sabah Health
Director of the Department of Blood
Zone, will include testing and research
Transfusion Services at the Ministry of
laboratories, blood and cord storage
Health said, “Stem cell research has led
banks, research and medical libraries,
to discoveries that have had a direct
as well as a lecture theater.
impact on the quality of people’s lives.
KIPCO’s Vice Chairman (Executive) gives his
People with previously incurable diseases
ceremony to mark the beginning of
construction. The event was attended
by representatives of the Ministry of
Health and as senior executives of the
– such as some types of leukemia,
disorders of the blood, immune systems
and metabolism – now have the chance
to embrace a better quality of life with
stem cell transplants.”
KIPCO Group.
She added, “This generous donation by
Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Faisal
(Executive) said, “We are honored to
be here today, to lay the foundation
for the Sheikha Salwa Sabah Al Ahmad
Stem Cell and Umbilical Cord Center, an
important addition to Kuwait’s health
and medical research efforts. It is a
center that we know will contribute to
the development of medical science and
research not only in Kuwait, but in the
region as a whole.”
He added, “This donation, made by
KIPCO Group through Masharee Al Khair
Charity Organization, stems from our
deep belief in the important role that
KIPCO Group and Masharee Al Khair
Charity Organization reflects the private
sector’s interest in the well-being of the
communities in which they operate. Such
Dr Reem Al Radwan speaks on behalf of the
Health Ministry
initiatives are at the heart of our values
as Kuwaitis. On behalf of the Ministry of
Health, represented by the Department
of Blood Transfusion Services, we extend
Group and Masharee Al Khair for taking
the lead on such a vital area of medical
development. This center will strongly
support the Ministry of Health’s national
plan to collect and store umbilical cords
and stems cells in a state-of-the-art
KIPCO’s Group Communications Director, Ms
Eman Al Awadhi, welcoming the attendees
Mr Al Ayyar, together with Dr Al Radwan and Mr Abdulaziz Al
Jassar, Board Member and Treasurer of Masharee Al Khair, laid
the foundation of the building. This was followed by a viewing
of the construction site.
Stem cells are unspecialized cells that have the potential to
develop into different cell types with specialized function, such
muscle cells, red blood cells or brain cells. As such, stem cells
can be used to replace damaged cells that do not normally
regenerate themselves. Stem cells come from three sources:
embryos, adults and umbilical cords.
The construction site
KIPCO Group executives and Health Ministry representatives at the groundbreaking ceremony
KIPCO Group executives and Health Ministry representatives viewing the construction site
KIPCO announces 13% increase in Q1 net profit
KIPCO has announced a net profit
billion) from KD 9.6 billion (US$ 32
billion) at year-end 2015.
million) for the first three months
of 2016 – an increase of 13% over
Mr Tariq AbdulSalam, KIPCO’s CEO
the KD 12 million (US$ 40 million)
– Investment, said the company’s
profit reported for the same period
last year. Earnings per share grew
by 18% to 7.45 fils (2.5 cents)
from 6.31 fils (2.1 cents) per share
despite the difficult global economic
reported for the same period last
He said, “Our first quarter results
The company also reported a 7%
are in line with our performance
rise in its operating profits before
provisions during the first quarter
of 2016, at KD 40 million (US$ 133
experiencing. The revenue growth
million) from KD 37.5 million (US$
achieved by our core businesses in
124 million) reported for the first
the first quarter of 2016 will help
quarter of last year.
KIPCO achieve growth in the high
single digit by the end of the year,
increased to KD 10 billion (US$ 33
as we forecasted in our Shafafiyah
Investors’ Forum in March.”
Mr Tariq AbdulSalam
KIPCO Group CEOs discuss creating synergy
CEOs and executives from across the Group
Mr Samer Khanachet opening the meeting
Chief and Senior Executives of KIPCO Group companies
Opening the meeting, KIPCO’s Group Chief Operating
recently gathered in Kuwait to discuss ways to include
Officer, Mr Samer Khanachet said, “KIPCO Group comprises
cooperation and promote synergy.
companies operating in 26 countries across the world. Our
meeting brings together the Chief Executives of all our
The meeting was attended by representatives of companies
companies to share ideas and ways of working together.
from across the Middle East, North Africa and Asia and
KIPCO Group is able to draw upon a uniquely deep reservoir
operating in sectors such as financial services, media, real
of experience and expertise that helps it successfully meet
estate and insurance. The meeting was held at the KIPCO
its challenges and take advantage of its opportunities.”
Tower Business Center.
KIPCO executives visit JKB’s new mobile branch in Abdali Mall
Accompanied by JKB’s Chairman, H.E.
Mr Abdel Karim Kabariti and members
members of the Boards of Directors of
JKB, KIPCO and Burgan Bank visited the
Abdali Mall project in Amman, Jordan.
During the visit, they toured JKB’s
flagship branch in Abdali Mall. The
branch showcased a superior design and
including banking systems from selfservice kiosks and an interactive teller
machine (ITM). The guests also toured
JKB’s Mobile Branch ‘Jawal’, which was
launched earlier in March, with the aim
of reaching all areas of the Kingdom and
provide comprehensive banking services
to residents throughout the country.
KIPCO’s Vice Chairman (Executive), Mr Faisal Al Ayyar (left) with H.E. Mr Abdel Karim Kabariti (center) touring
Abdali Mall
During the tour, with CEO of URC Jordan, Mr Abdel Majid Kabariti (center)
The Jawal branch
At JKB’s Abdali Mall branch
Inside the Jawal branch
KIPCO hosts ‘Speed of Trust’ seminar by Stephen M.R. Covey
Mr Covey with KIPCO Group executives
KIPCO hosted Stephen M.R. Covey on his
On his part, Mr Stephen M.R. Covey, Co-
In his sessions, Mr Covey described trust
first trip to Kuwait. Mr Covey is a renowned
Founder and CEO of CoveyLink Worldwide
as being ‘the one thing that changes
keynote speaker and advisor on trust and
said, “I believe that trust is ‘the one thing
everything’. He emphasized three main
leadership and the author of New York
that changes everything’, and this is why
ideas: trust is an economic driver, not
Times Bestseller ‘The Speed of Trust’. In
it has become an important competency
merely a social value; trust is the number
collaboration with FranklinCovey Middle
in leadership today. In a fast-changing
one competency of leadership needed
East, Mr Covey held two sessions on the
business environment, people need to
today, and is the currency of collaboration
importance of trust; the first for KIPCO
continuously find ways to collaborate
and partnering; and that trust is a
Group CEOs and their Deputies, and the
and partner, and this can only be made
learnable skill.
second for leaders and high potentials at
possible with trust. I am delighted to be
KIPCO and KAMCO Investment Company.
here at KIPCO to speak about this highly
learnable skill.”
In his welcoming remarks, Mr Samer
Khanachet, KIPCO’s Group COO said,
“At KIPCO, we invest in our current and
future executives. We are delighted to
welcome Mr Covey, who is in Kuwait for
the first time, to talk about ways in which
we can each extend trust to others and
support the development of our group
Mr Covey with the KIPCO & KAMCO leaders
TAKAUD in partnership talks with Bahrain Bourse
TAKAUD’s Chairman, Mr Samer Khanachet, and senior
executives of the company met with Sheikh Khalifa bin
Ebrahim Al Khalifa, CEO of Bahrain Bourse. Sheikh Khalifa
accompanied the senior delegation on a tour of the
impressive facility. After a successful first meeting, the
executives and their teams are exploring potential areas
of collaboration, particularly with respect to investment
solutions and pension events, as well as other areas of
mutual interest, for the benefit of the two institutions,
Bahrain and the wider region.
From left: Mr Ebrahim K. Ebrahim, TAKAUD Chief Government Business &
Communications Officer; TAKAUD Vice Chairman, Mr Mazen Hawwa; Sheikh
Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa; Mr Samer Khanachet; and TAKAUD CEO, Mr Luc
Burgan Bank Turkey HQ inaugurated
Senior executives at the HQ inauguration
The new headquarters of Burgan Bank Turkey was recently
Following the ceremony, the guest from Kuwait toured the
inauguarted with the participation of senior executives of
building, then attended a presentation on Burgan Bank
KIPCO and Burgan Bank Kuwait, as well as Board Members of
Turkey’s success story.
Burgan Bank Turkey.
KAMCO acts as JLM for Burgan Bank’s KD 100 mn bond
KAMCO, Gulf Bank and NBK Capital acted as Joint Lead
Managers (JLMs) for the Burgan Bank’s KD 100 million,
subordinated Tier 2, Basel III - compliant bonds. The
bond issuance, with a ten-year maturity and non-callable
before 5 years, has a BBB rating by Capital Intelligence.
This issuance is the second KD denominated Tier 2, Basel
III – compliant bond issuance in Kuwait, providing Burgan
Bank with a stronger capital position. The transaction was
well received by institutional and high net worth investors.
Mr Faisal Sarkhou, CEO of KAMCO said, “We are proud
to have played an active role in successfully completing
Mr Faisal Sarkhou
We consider this bond issuance to be yet another
The bonds comprise two tranches; Fixed and Floating.
breakthrough in improving and supporting the local
The Fixed Rate Tranche coupons are fixed for the first five
bond market. We progressively work towards developing
years from date of issue at CBK Discount Rate + 3.75%
and enhancing the private sector and Kuwaiti economy
(6.00%) per annum payable semi-annually in arrears, and
through diverse investment opportunities. We value our
fixed for subsequent periods at CBK Discount Rate (on the
investment banking team in consistently undertaking
date of the fifth anniversary from date of issue) + 3.75%
roles in key announced transactions, while putting forth
per annum, payable semi-annually in arrears. The Floating
their experience and credibility to deliver the best possible
Rate Tranche coupon rate is equal to CBK Discount Rate +
outcome during each transaction process.”
3.95% (6.20%) payable semi-annually in arrears.
JKB launches the mobile branch ‘Jawal’
Under the patronage of H.E. Dr Ziad Fariz, the Governor of
the Central Bank of Jordan, JKB launched its mobile branch
‘Jawal’. The ceremony was attended by H.E. Mr Abdel
Karim Kabariti, Chairman of JKB’s Board of Directors, Mr
Mohommmad Al Asmar, General Manager, and members of
the bank’s executive management. Also in attendance were
government officials and dignitaries representing both the
private and public sectors.
On this occasion, Mr Haethum Buttikhi, Head of Retail and
JKB launches the mobile branch Jawal
Private Banking welcomed the Governor of the Central
Bank of Jordan and honorable guests. In his speech, he
stressed on the bank’s interest in reaching all segments of
society throughout the Kingdom’s vital areas and offering
comprehensive banking services that meet their various
Mr Buttikhi added, “We are elated to launch JKB’s mobile
branch ‘Jawal’; a full-fledged branch that travels to all the
Mobile branch Jawal
Kingdom’s governorates and districts with the aim to provide
comprehensive banking services, e-services, and an ATM for
cash withdrawals and deposits.”
On this occasion, JKB launched the Jawal Competition on
its Facebook page. Whereby fans were required to submit
photos of the Jawal while it toured the Kingdom. Five winners
were selected via a random draw to win a MasterCard prepaid
card worth JD 100.
Winner receiving MasterCard prepaid card
CCE continues to provide Arabic program for US employees
Delegates from the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) visited AUK’s
CCE to review the progress of the Intensive Arabic Language
Program, a language training course created for US State
Department employees in Kuwait.
Dr David Red, Director of Near East, Central & South Asian
Languages at FSI Washington; and Mr Hani Alam, Arabic
Regional Language Training Coordinator at the US Embassy in
Rabat, Morocco; met with AUK President, Prof. Dr Nizar Hamzeh
and Ms Buthaina Al Khubaizi, Director of CCE.
CCE began collaborating with FSI in 2012 to create and offer the
program, which is customized to enhance the professional and
From left: Ms Al Khubaizi, Prof. Dr Hamzeh, Dr Red and Mr Alam
practical communication of the participants, and aims to develop
“We are pleased to continue offering this intensive program to
their Arabic language proficiency. The course content includes
FSI participants. The training methodology used in the program
one-on-one conversations with the instructor, field trips and
offers a highly customized approach, with course content tailored
presentations, among other dynamic and interactive lessons.
to individual participants,” Al Khubaizi said.
Burgan Bank closes KD 100 mn capital issuance
Burgan Bank successfully closed its KD 100 million Tier 2
capital issuance. The issuance has both a fixed rate and a
floating rate tranche with the fixed rate coupon at 6.00%
and the floating rate coupon at 6.20% (CBK discount rate
plus 3.95%).
Burgan Bank received strong interest and support for the
bond issue from local investors with the order book closing
significantly oversubscribed despite challenging market
conditions. The issuance, which is fully compliant with Basel
III, will further boost Burgan’s capital adequacy ratio by
over 2%.
Mr Majed Al Ajeel
our interest and responsibility to promote efficient capital
Commenting on the issuance, Burgan’s Chairman, Mr Majed
markets practices by helping develop a debt capital market
Al Ajeel said, “We are delighted and thankful for the trust
in Kuwait and building a local yield curve.”
shown by the investment community in Burgan Bank and its
prospects. The issuance of the KD bonds will help Burgan
KAMCO, NBK Capital and Gulf Bank acted as joint lead
to further strengthen its capital base. It also stems from
managers for the issuance.
TAKAUD hosts workshop for Bahrain’s oil & gas sector
TAKAUD hosted a workshop on managing savings and
The workshop was the first of its kind in Bahrain for
pension schemes for senior HR and finance managers from
corporations with existing or planned employee savings and
large corporations in Bahrain’s oil and gas sector.
pensions schemes. It represented a unique opportunity for
these large companies to come together and share their
National Oil & Gas Authority, BAPCO, BANAGAS, GPIC,
experience in using well-established employee-benefitmanagement procedures and strategies.
Tatweer Petroleum, BAFCO and Skaugen Gulf. Delegates
included chairmen, members of corporate savings scheme
management committees, HR managers, compensation
and benefits specialists, payroll managers, and finance and
treasury professionals.
Opening the event, TAKAUD’s CEO, Mr Luc Métivier said,
“Bahrain’s oil and gas sector has consistently been at the
forefront in business excellence and the development of
employee-benefit schemes.”
Participants in TAKAUD’s workshop
TAKAUD’s CEO welcoming the attendees
AOIC.. 20 years of excellence
This year, Arab Orient Insurance is celebrating 20 years
of success, achievement and countless accomplishments.
Established in 1996, the company has constantly strived
to stay ahead and to strongly compete.
Winning companies are ones that bring on the most
chances of offering the international solutions that best
meet the needs and expectations of their communities.
It is no secret that this commitment has earned the
company numerous local and international awards, as
well as top ratings. The company’s rating by A.M. Best is
BBB+ for credit rating and B++ with satiable outlook for
financial strength.
Arab Orient Insurance has clearly positioned itself as a
The insurance solutions that have been designed over the
national market leader through providing comprehensive
past years were created based on deep understanding of
insurance services. It also maintained an unrivalled and
the Jordanian society and its requirements, ensuring that
almost exemplary growth through strategic partnerships
Arab Orient Insurance would always be a step ahead of
with major insurance companies and reinsurance.
the competition, thanks to the confidence and trust that
its clients have in the company.
Burgan Turkey launches
new corporate website
TAKAUD introduces shortterm savings plans
Burgan Bank Turkey’s new corporate website comes across
TAKAUD is an expert in long-term saving, especially saving
as one with a contemporary design, clear navigation and
for retirement and other important life goals. However, the
menus, with convenient access from all mobile devices. It
also provides quick solutions to customer needs, offering
company realizes that many people have short-term savings
needs for which they are seeking returns higher than they
might expect to receive from bank deposit accounts. TAKAUD’s
customers a unique online experience. Take a tour of the
short-term saving solutions are conservative strategies that
website at www.burgan.com.tr.
are comprised of cash and cash-equivalent funds, moneymarket accounts and term deposits.
The conventional investment is available in Bahraini dinars.
With a minimum investment of BD 10,000, investors can
benefit from an expected rate of return of up to 2.6%.
The Sharia-compliant investment is available in US dollars.
Starting with investments of US$25,000, investors can
expect a rate of return of 2.55%. The short-term investment
strategies offer terms from one month to 12 months, with
renewals possible.
Ambassador Gnehm gives talk at AUK
To commemorate the occasion of Kuwait’s national and
liberation days, AUK in partnership with the US Embassy,
invited H.E. the Former US Ambassador to Kuwait, Mr Edward
Gnehm to recount his experiences during and after the Iraqi
invasion of Kuwait in 1990.
Introducing the lecture, entitled ‘Reflections on the Invasion
and Liberation of Kuwait: A Talk with Former Ambassador
to Kuwait Edward Gnehm’, AUK President, Prof. Dr Nizar
Hamzeh said, “While the national independence of Kuwait in
1961 ushered a new era of hope and aspirations for building
an independent sovereign nation, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
on August 2, 1990 and its subsequent liberation on February
26, 1991 marked the most significant turning point in the
country’s modern history.”
Prof. Dr Hamzeh (left) and Ambassador Gnehm
Among the stories he shared was a memory of a short
conversation he had with a young Kuwaiti boy during a press
conference in Abu Dhabi, in which the boy presented the
Ambassador with a small gift; a wooden door. The boy said the
door reminded him of his grandmother’s house in Kuwait and
In his talk, Ambassador Gnehm spoke of the days that led
that he wished to return home again to see his grandmother.
up to the invasion of Kuwait, his interaction with Kuwaitis
Ambassador Gnehm assured the boy back then that he will
in Washington, DC during the Iraqi occupation, and where
go back to Kuwait and reunite with his loved ones. “I felt from
Kuwait is now – 25 years following the liberation.
the heart, from the Kuwaitis that I met, the tragedy, the fear,
concern, and anxiety [they were experiencing],” he said.
Bloomberg ranks KAMCO first in Kuwait for managing
fixed income issuances
KAMCO was ranked among the top 15 international lead
managers and book runners in GCC and MENA Bonds,
and the first in Kuwait, according to Bloomberg’s EMEA
fixed income league tables for the first quarter of 2016.
The rankings, based on actual funds raised during the first
quarter of 2016, accounted for the total volume and market
share of all transactions executed during the period.
KAMCO ranked tenth in the GCC and thirteenth in the MENA
region for managing the issuance of bonds and sukuks.
KAMCO’s total volume for all transactions executed during
the first quarter reached a market share of 2.46% in GCC
and 2.01% in MENA.
Mr Khaled Fouad, KAMCO’s Chief Investment Officer said,
Mr Khaled Fouad
Mr Omar Zaineddine
“This is yet another representation of KAMCO’s prominent
position in the local and regional market. We have strategically
On his part, Mr Omar Zaineddine, SVP and Head of
positioned ourselves to become one of the preferred choices
Investment Banking at KAMCO, said the department would
for the government and private sectors. We continue to build
spare no effort to ensure that all parties involved are
on the trust extended by our clients and investors alike. We
satisfied. He highlighted the advantages of bond issuances
keep increasing our level of expertise and investment in our
for the local and regional economy, stimulating domestic
debt capital market franchise reaffirming our position as a
and foreign investment.
strong market leader.”
TAKAUD and BICAI talk about financial planning
Mr Jaffer Mazaal of TAKAUD (left), with executive members of the BCICAI
BCICAI members attending the event
If you want in-depth questions, talk financial planning with
from the professionals. Mr Kemp was able to show the group
an accountant. If you want truly interesting, challenging
that TAKAUD analyses data thoroughly so that the company’s
questions, talk financial planning with a room full of Chartered
customers can invest in confidence, knowing their hard-earned
Accountants. That’s the welcome challenge representatives of
money is invested in ways that can benefit from long-term
TAKAUD faced during an evening with the Bahrain Chapter of
growth in world markets.
the Indian Chartered Accountants Institute (BICAI).
Commenting on the event, TAKAUD’s CEO, Mr Luc Métivier said,
During the event, TAKAUD’s Chief Actuary, Mr Jonathan Kemp,
“This is a group of professionals that gets it. They understand
and Head of Wealth Management, Mr Jonathan Beardall, met
the need that all of us have to save for our future well-being
with the members of this Institute, whose 450 members
and that of our families. Professionals can lead by example to
constitute Bahrain’s largest association of Indian professionals.
help create the savings culture that is so needed in Bahrain and
With close to half of the Institute’s members present for
the MENA region.”
the event, the evening was a lively exchange of ideas and
On his part, BICAI Chairperson, Mr Kapil Batra said, “The many
information. Mr Beardall provided participants with a step-by-
BICAI members who attended this important event appreciated
step approach to planning for major life events and ultimate
the direct and clear analysis and responses of the TAKAUD
retirement, while Mr Kemp crunched the numbers in an
representatives. Our members act on the basis of facts and the
entertaining manner, eliciting appreciative laughter and smiles
seminar was highly enjoyable as well as informative.”
Mr Jonathan Kemp crunching numbers
Mr Jonathan Beardall speaking to the BCICAI
JKB receives PCI Data Security certification
The JKB team receiving the certification
JKB received the Payments Card Industry Data Security
consulting and validation services. The award of the certification
Standard PCI DSS version 3.1 Compliance Certification after
took place in the presence of the bank’s top management and
completing and applying all the technical and operational
the project team tasked with applying the PCI DSS. requirements set by the PCI Security Standards Council PCI
SSC to protect the bank’s cardholder data.
The certification is a culmination of JKB’s efforts in acquiring
Mr Mohammad Al Asmar, JKB’s GM, received the PCI DSS
systems, in addition to updating many of the systems and
Compliance Certification from Mr Saeed Alloubani, Regional
infrastructure devices to be compatible with the PCI DSS
Manager of Trustwave, which provides PCI DSS compliance
standard requirements.
the most advanced systems, applications and security
KAMCO sponsors 8th Annual CFA Award Ceremony
For the seventh consecutive year, KAMCO was the Gold
He added, “At KAMCO, we believe that progressively
Sponsor of the 2016 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
developing and enhancing our local and region education
Award Ceremony in Kuwait. The event was held at the
Salwa Al Sabah Hall in Salmiya to honor recent charter
individuals to pursue their desired career paths. We also
holders on their accomplishment.
continue to provide our employees with adequate training
to equip them with the necessary tools to complete their
KAMCO has been sponsoring the event for the past seven
tasks more efficiently and effectively.”
years, further recognizing and encouraging all local CFA
holders and those who are in pursuit of becoming certified.
KAMCO continuously supports such events and programs
that appreciate and drive those who are focused on
developing themselves.
Mr Farouq Al Oumi, KAMCO’s Acting Chief Resources Officer
said, “We believe that innovation thrives on development
and as part of our CSR agenda, we place strong highlight
the role of education in our community. Renowned academic
functions such as the Annual CFA Award Ceremony focus
attention on those who have put in relentless hours of hard
work and dedication to achieve a certain level of academic
KAMCO’s CEO, Mr Faisal Sarkhou, and his team at the event
AUK hosts Mideast’s first Fishackathon
Kuwait has become the first Middle Eastern country to join the
In preparation for the weekend Fishackathon, the organizing
Fishackathon, an international environmental initiative by the
partners held a series of training workshops for participants at
US Department of State to conserve marine life and sustainable
AUK and KISR premises, through which participants received
fishery practices through technology solutions. AUK’s RISE Center,
information and training sessions in marine biology and technology.
together with the US Embassy and KISR, co-organized the event,
which took place on the AUK campus. The event was sponsored by
Dr Amir Zeid, Director of RISE Center said, “We are delighted to
Gulf Telecom, and was held in collaboration with Engineers without
partner with the US Embassy and KISR on this prestigious event.
Utilizing technology to solve environmental marine biology issues
aligns with the RISE Center’s mission to serve multidisciplinary
Over the course of two days, participants from different Kuwaiti
research and development, as well as to contribute to the local
institutions - including AUK and Kuwait University – competed to
community. We would like to thank our sponsors and collaborators
develop computer solutions that promote marine conservation
and we look forward to seeing the outcome of this event, which
I am sure, will produce innovative ideas to support the local
The teams were supported by experienced mentors
from both industry and academia, along with marine scientists
environmental efforts.”
from KISR.
The first place was awarded to an application that monitors random
fishnets. Two projects were tied at second place, both of which
worked on developing a technology for identifying types of fish that
have been caught by validating them against a picture database.
The winner of the Kuwait Fishackathon will advance to compete
with 42 winners from around the world. A global judging panel
composed of business, technical, and fisheries experts will review
the submitted solutions from each site and select the grand prize
winners, to be announced on World Oceans Day on June 8. One
team will receive a $10,000 cash prize, and another team’s project
will be further developed through a US government contractor.
Dr Amir Zeid speaking at the event
Judging panel
During the training workshops
Abdulrahman Al Otaibi from KISR, working with the students
The participants and their mentors
Burgan Bank ‘first in Kuwait’ to receive ISO 20000
Burgan Bank has become the first local bank in Kuwait to be
certified with the ISO 20000 certificate, in acknowledgment of
its attainment of best IT service management standards and
global best practices in service management. With this current
achievement, the bank is proud to independently demonstrate
to its customers that it has met best practice in IT service
The ISO/IEC 20000 certificate is an international standard for
IT service management, applicable to any organization from
all types of business sectors and activities, and is based on
and replaces BS 15000, the internationally recognized British
Standard. The bank achieved this certificate by meeting
international best practice standards of IT service management
in developing IT services that are supported and driven by
different business objectives, integrating people, processes and
technology to support business goals, and placing controls to
Mr Fahad Al Menayes
procedures streamlined to meet the bank’s overall business
objectives and functions in accordance to worldwide criteria.
Complying international standards helps re-assure our clients
measure and maintain consistent levels of service.
that our services are efficient to meet their needs.”
Commenting on this achievement, Mr Fahad Al Menayes, Group
He added, “This achievement drives us to continue our journey
Chief IT Officer at Burgan Bank said, “We are proud to be the
first bank in Kuwait certified with the ‘ISO 20000’ certificate,
which is an acknowledgement of our well defined policies and
of providing best-in-class IT service management in alignment
with the needs of our business and clients, while ensuring that
our business operations are carried out as efficiently as possible.”
JKB co-sponsors Euromoney Jordan Conference
JKB recently co-sponsored the Euromoney Jordan Conference.
The one-day event was held under the patronage of His
Majesty King Abdullah II and was co-hosted by the Ministry of
Finance. Over 300 high-level government officials, investors,
financiers, business leaders and entrepreneurs from Jordan
and across the Middle East attended the event.
The Euromoney Jordan Conference aimed at charting the
improvements in Jordan’s economy and discussing the role
of the financial sector in the country’s economic future in
The keynote speech
addition analyzing the challenges that Jordan still face
and the improvements that are needed to be made on the
business environment.
Mr Abdel Karim Freihat, Head of Operations and IT,
participated on a panel discussing ‘Building the Innovation
and Digital Ecosystem’. JKB also set up a booth at the venue
to display the services and products that the bank has to
During the panel discussion
JKB and CRIF Jordan sign credit info agreement
JKB signed a General Agreement for Credit Information
Services with CRIF Jordan. Mr Mohammad Al Asmar, JKB’s
GM, and Mr Ahmad Amoudi, GM of CRIF Jordan, signed the
agreement at JKB headquarters.
Speaking on this occasion, Mr Al Asmar said, “This agreement
is the result of a determined effort led by the Central Bank
of Jordan. JKB’s participation in the credit bureau is a
translation of the strategy to facilitate access to credit for
SMEs and individuals, to help them obtain more favorable loan
conditions, grow their business and reinforce their presence
Mr Al Asmar (left) and Mr Amoudi after signing the agreement
in the market, searching for new business opportunities, and
thereby enhancing the Jordanian economy as a whole.”
On his part, Mr Amoudi said that CRIF Jordan will provide
its services to banks and financial institutions backed by its
long international experience, bringing to Jordan experiences
gained through its business and presence on the international
level and within the best practices in this area.
JKB and CRIF Jordan representatives
Marina Hotel holds evacuation drill
Marina Hotel’s team with the Civil Defense representatives
For the first time, Marina Hotel Kuwait conducted an
emergency evacuation exercise under the guidance of the
Interior Ministry’s Civil Defense Department. The four day
training was attended by the hotel staff and management.
This was followed by a live drill to practice evacuation,
with the aim of ensuring efficiency, readiness and crisis
contingency plans during emergency incidents.
The training included fire safety and emergency evacuation
processes, as well as ensuring the safety and security of
employees during emergency situations.
Mr Nabil Hammoud, Marina Hotel’s GM said, “This exercise
is to train hotel staff on skills to deal with incidents in
accordance with the best international practices, to maintain
the safety and the lives of hotel-goers and staff.”
KIPCO awarded ‘Best Corporate Governance Kuwait’ by
Capital Finance International
annual Shafafiyah (transparency) Investors Forum, which
allows management an opportunity to review its past
performance and offer guidance on coming year prospects.
The CFI.co judging panel hailed KIPCO for its forward looking
and pioneering approach to corporate governance. The judges
agreed that a company’s reputation is its most valuable asset.
Commenting on this occasion, Mr Faisal Al Ayyar, KIPCO’s
Vice Chairman (Executive) said, “We are pleased to have
received this important recognition. Out of our strong belief in
the utmost importance of transparency for the growth of any
organization, we took the decision 13 years ago to hold annual
investor forums across all of our core companies. In these
meetings, we not only give our shareholders and potential
investors the previous year’s figures, but also discuss the
activities that took place and what our expectations are for
KIPCO has been named the winner of the ‘Best Corporate
the next year. This award reinforces our reputation of having
Governance Kuwait 2016 Award’ by the UK-based business
sound corporate governance practices across the Group.”
and finance publication, Capital Finance International (CFI.
Each year, CFI.co seeks out organizations that contribute
significantly to the convergence of economies and truly
The judging panel’s selection of KIPCO reflects the holding
add value for all stakeholders. Reporting from frontlines of
company’s achievement of strict adherence to prudent and
economies on the move, CFI.co’s Awards Program identifies
sensible investment strategies; the transparency and sound
and rewards excellence around the world, and the program
corporate governance that are at the very core of all KIPCO
aims to inspire other organizations to further improve their
Group operations and processes; and the Group’s signature
own performance.
KAMCO named ‘Best Investment Management Company
in Kuwait’
KAMCO won the reputable ‘Best Investment Management
Company in Kuwait 2015 Award’ from the renowned World
Finance magazine. The award was based on the evaluation
of overall performance, financial services, team leadership,
consistency, targets and objectives.
KAMCO’s CEO, Mr Faisal Sarkhou said, “We at KAMCO
would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation
towards the World Finance team for nominating and awarding
KAMCO this title for the second consecutive year. KAMCO will
continue to enhance and implement its progressive strategy
in selective and innovative products within the key GCC and
MENA market sectors. KAMCO has also managed to maintain
distinctive investment performance levels and continue its
efforts in fulfilling key announced transactions despite weak
market conditions.”
Mr Faisal Sarkhou
Ejara Leasing wins excellence award
Ejara Leasing Company awarded by Jordan’s King Abdallah
Ejara Leasing Company won the King Abdallah II Award for
The King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for the private
Excellence in the category of small and medium size service
sector was established in 1999 as the highest level of quality
organizations. The award ceremony was held at Al Hussein
and excellence recognition in Jordan. It aims at enhancing the
Youth City’s Cultural Palace, under the patronage of His
competitiveness of Jordanian businesses by promoting quality
Majesty King Abdallah II.
awareness and performance excellence, as well as recognizing
quality and business achievements of Jordanian organizations.
AOIC named ‘Best Insurance Company in Jordan’
Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalid Al
Qassimi, the Dubai International Economic Forum named Arab
Orient Insurance ‘Best Insurance Company in Jordan’ in terms
of premiums and profits.
Mr Khalil Al Khamous, Vice CEO, received the trophy in the
presence of Secretary General of Arab Insurance Federation,
Mr Abdul Khaliq Raouf, and the Secretary General of Union of
Arab Banks, Mr Wisam Fattouh.
Speaking on this occasion, Mr Al Khamous said that over the
past 20 years, Arab Orient Insurance’s efforts have translated
to becoming the top insurance company in the local market in
terms of premiums and profits, a position it has been holding
for ten years in a row, despite competition from over 25
companies operating in the market.
AOIC representatives with the trophy
2016 Group
Hamad Al Ayyar’s light show
This year’s KIPCO Gala Dinner kicked off with a folkloric Lebanese
dance performance by the renowned group, Ramah. The group,
led by the choreographer, Younis Younis, entertaining guests
with several segments throughout the night. The evening also
showcased a light show performance by the young talented
artist, Hamad Al Ayyar. Hamad’s passionate performance was
applauded by the audience.
The highlight of the event was the announcement of the 2016
KIPCO Employee Awards. The awards were presented by
KIPCO’s Board Member, H.E. Abdullah Bishara, and Group Chief
Operating Officer, Mr Samer Khanachet.
The ‘KIPCO Group Best Company of the Year 2016’ was awarded
to United Facilities Management (UFM). UFM, a subsidiary of
United Real Estate, is bringing experience and expertise in
facility management to new markets in the region. The award
was presented to the Vice Chairman and CEO of UFM, Mr Ahmad
Al Kandari.
The ‘KIPCO Group Employee of the Year 2016’ award went to the
Pulsar Knowledge Center (PKC) Team for successful business
growth and expansion. The award was presented to the CEO of
PKC, Mr Narendra Baliga.
The winner of the ‘KIPCO Best Employee of the Year 2016’ was Mr
Moustapha Chami from the Accounts and Finance Department.
Ms Abeer Al Omar, Manager – CSR at KIPCO, welcoming the guests
KIPCO Group Awards
up Compa
ny of the
Year Awar
United Fa
d 2016:
cilities Man
up Employ
ee of the
Year Awar
Pulsar Kno
d 2016:
wledge C
enter Team
Group Companies’ Employee of the Year Awards
Jordan Kuw
ait Bank:
Nadeem Ka
Soum an Bank:
aya A
l Saba
rnational Ba
Tunis Inte
Jaime Albo
s Joquic
Talal Al Nounou
Mohammed Ab
Mohammed Hassa
Noura Mad
Al Dee
Mohammed Im
Mariam Al Do
Fatima Had
a Cha
Ahmed Husain Desouqi
Mr Tarek Sultan speaks at KIPCO-Tmkeen seminar
A group photo with the entrepreneurs
Mr Tarek Sultan, Vice Chairman and CEO of Agility, was the
guest speaker in the second of a series of seminars organized
by the Youth Empowerment Symposium (Tmkeen) and
supported by KIPCO. The seminars, named ‘Tmkeeners’, are
closed private sessions aimed at enhancing the experiences
of young entrepreneurs by allowing them the opportunity to
learn from the experiences of leading business personalities.
The session, which extended over 90 minutes, was attended
by more than 50 young entrepreneurs. During the discussion,
CEO of Tmkeen, Mr Ali Al Ibrahim (left) recognizing Mr Sultan
moderated by KIPCO’s Corporate Communications Director,
Ms Eman Al Awadhi, Mr Sultan spoke about the circumstances
that shaped him into the successful businessman that he
is. He also spoke about those who influenced in as he was
growing up and later in business.
Most importantly, Mr Sultan emphasized the importance of
innovation for any business and staying ahead of the curve.
While it may be comfortable to follow an existing business
model, change is necessary for survival and growth.
During the lively discussion
Over 50 entrepreneurs attended the session
KIPCO hosts ‘Creating Partnerships for a Better Society’
Participants in the workshop
KIPCO and its subsidiaries, in cooperation with some of Kuwait’s
leading private sector companies, held a two-day CSR capacity
building forum entitled ‘Creating Partnerships for a Better
Society’. The event included a workshop dedicated to helping
Kuwaiti charitable organizations improve their sponsorship
exposure and fund-raising capabilities. The workshop have
also served as a learning opportunity for local organizations by
providing insight and advice on approaching and communicating
with companies.
companies which play a prominent role in the community. Al Rai
Group were media partners.
continuous outreach within the local community. Working side
by side with multiple NGOs and associations, in cooperation with
KIPCO Group subsidiaries, previous and current participating
leaders, we have covered a variety of different sectors in Kuwait
to ensure sustainable development within our community.”
She added, “We were keen to invite a group of social media
activists to attend this workshop to gain their support and
highlight the important issues in the community through the
Participants included NBK, Zain and EQUATE Petrochemicals –
on from a successful predecessor held three years ago to ensure
different social media platforms, which plays a significant role
in our society today. Having said that, we have organized this
workshop to strategically gather some of the most influential
NGOs and associations under KIPCO’s socially responsible
representatives: Ms. Abeer Al Omar, CSR Manager at KIPCO;
Ms Danah Al Jasem, VP and Head of Marketing at KAMCO; Ms
Amal Al Benali, VP of Admissions and Public Affairs at AUK; Mr
Fahad Al Reshaid, Unit Head of Marketing Communication at
Burgan Bank. The panel discussion revolved around cooperation
between NGOs and companies, addressing important matter
issues necessary to establish new partnerships and strengthen
initiative to enhance the local community as a whole.”
She concluded, “We were delighted to share this experience with
reputable companies such as Zain, NBK, EQUATE Petrochemical
Company and Al Rai Media Group as our partners in the workshop.
Their level of consciousness and response calls attention towards
the vital role that corporate social responsibility plays in our
current ones.
KAMCO’s CEO, Mr Faisal Sarkhou, addressed the audience to
emphasize the importance of collaboration among the NGOs
and the need to create long-term partnerships with the private
sector in order to ensure successful achievements of their goals.
The second panel involved representatives from NBK, Zain,
EQUATE, Al Rai Group and the Kuwait Foundations for the
Advancement of Science. The four entities discussed their roles
in improving the developing the community through various
CSR activities.
Speaking at the forum, Ms Al Omar said, “This workshop follows
KAMCO’s CEO speaking in the first session
KIPCO representatives during the first panel discussion
The Protégés as a case study – from left: Ms Abeer Al Omar, Mr Shamlan Al Bahar
from The Protégés, and Dr Jim Ormond moderating
KFAS representatives
The capacity building workshop on day two
KAMCO organizes annual blood drive
KAMCO recently organized an internal awareness campaign
focusing on the benefits of donating blood. The campaign
attracted donors from KAMCO and several sister companies.
The successful turnout served to support the Kuwait Central
Blood Bank’s reserves, used to ensure that there is ample
supply for all those in need of blood.
Ms Danah Al Jasem, KAMCO’s Head of Marketing said, “We
would like to recognize the Kuwait Central Blood Bank’s
efforts that led to a successful turnout. Donating blood is an
essential part of our healthcare system and directly saves
lives. KAMCO’s social responsibility initiatives primarily focus
on health, education and the environment.”
KAMCO’s marketing team at the blood drive
Burgan Bank continues to
support the KACCH
AOIC sponsors cancer
charity event
Burgan Bank recently reaffirmed its support to the Kuwait
Under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess
Association for Care of Children Hospital (KACCH) by
presenting its annual donation. This year is the bank’s 15th
consecutive year of commitment to KACCH.
Ms Hessa Al Najadah, Senior Officer – PR at Burgan Bank,
presented the donation to Mrs Margaret Al Sayer, Founding
Director of KACCH, and Deputy Director, Ms Banafsheh Azizi.
KACCH is a non-profit organization that operates Child
Ghida Talal, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of King
Hussein Cancer Foundation, Arab Orient Insurance was a
Diamond Sponsor of a charity event for the support of King
Hussein Cancer Foundation. The event was organized by
the Diplomatic Ladies Association for Charity, headed by Ms
Dalia Farid.
Life Programs supported by Child Life Specialists and Play
Leaders across six government hospitals in Kuwait.
Burgan Bank’s initiative in supporting these children over the
past 15 years stems from its firm belief in creating a lasting
difference and contributing to the development of healthcare
within pediatric facilities at various health institutions. By
doing so, Burgan Bank is assuring that children and their
Arab Orient Insurance’s charity initiatives stem from the
company’s social responsibility, which has always been a top
priority on its agenda. To Arab Orient Insurance, supporting
the local communities and national institutions reinforces
families in the hospitals are receiving fundamental support.
the sense of solidarity amongst individuals.
From left: Mrs Margaret Al Sayer, Ms Hessa Al Nejadah and Ms Banafsheh
AOIC representatives at the charity event
Marina Hotel trains LOYAC
JKB participates in Kuwait’s
From left: Ms Mariam Faraj , Mr Hammoud and Ms Razan Issa
Marina Hotel collaborated with LOYAC Internship Program
2016 to host an extensive training program for students.
This annual collaboration offers college, university and
At the JKB booth
high school students the opportunity to acquire first-hand
The Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Jordan held
experience in the hospitality industry. Interns Mariam
celebrations for the 55th Anniversary of Independence and
Faraj and Razan Issa were introduced to the fundamentals
of working in a hotel and acquired hands-on knowledge of
key functions across the various departments of the hotel,
the 25th Liberation Day at Le Royal Hotel, Amman.
with emphasis on the Front Office and Housekeeping
The celebration, hosted by Kuwait’s Ambassador to Jordan
Dr Hamad Al Duaij, was attended by HRH Prince Ra’ad bin
Mr Nabil Hammoud, Marina Hotel’s GM, highlighted the
importance of internship programs. He said, “We are
Zeid, HRH Prince Mired bin Ra’ad, the Senate President, the
Speaker of Jordan’s House of Representatives and a number
very pleased to partner with LOYAC year after year. This
of Jordanian officials, Arab and Foreign heads of missions to
annual initiative by the Marina Hotel in association with
Jordan and Kuwaitis residing in Jordan.
LOYAC reflects the hotel’s proactive contribution to the
development of the youth. The internship program at our
hotel encourages interns to gain practical work experience
in areas that strengthen their aptitude.”
JKB representatives attended the reception, and a JKB booth
was set up to showcase the bank’s products and services.
Burgan Bank sponsors student workshops
Burgan’s team at a workshop
Burgan Bank concluded its sponsorship of two workshops
targeting university students and the second for intermediate
‘Build your life’ and ‘I can be more successful’, both of which
and high school students. Burgan Bank’s support for this
fall under the bank’s strategic sponsorship of the National
initiative falls under its ‘ENGAGE – together to be the change’
Education Program ‘I intend to build Kuwait’.
community program. The program promotes social welfare
through educational, cultural, social and health initiatives.
The workshops were held at Kuwait University, the first
KAMCO sponsors AUK’s career fair
KAMCO’s team during the career fair
KAMCO was the Gold Sponsor of the AUK’s 12th Annual Career
professionals that will add more value to the company and
Fair. The event served as a platform to showcase a wide
its business. Attending such events is a core component of
variety of employment opportunities for potential candidates
the company’s strategy and way forward in its human capital
across an extensive range of industry sectors.
development. It further offers valuable opportunities for
employers to find a skilled and matching workforce that will
Mr Farouq Al Oumi, KAMCO’s Acting Chief Resources Officer
said, “KAMCO continues to be on the lookout to hire qualified
take on the challenge of pushing forth Kuwait’s economic
AOIC supports chess
Marina Hotel takes part in
Earth Hour
Out of its belied in creating a new generation of promising
Marina Hotel Kuwait switched off its lights for one hour to mark Earth
individuals, Arab Orient Insurance provided support to
Hour, a World Wildlife Fund initiative. By spending an hour in dark,
the team participating in the Chess Tournament organized
by The Arena Club. The participating team has previously
the hotel joins the efforts of an extensive range of organizations
around the world that continue to work towards drawing more
attention towards global warming.
won a number of local tournaments.
As a symbolic gesture to warn against global warming for 60
On this occasion, Mr Mustafa Melhem, CEO of Arab Orient
Insurance, said that this was a great opportunity for the
new generation to unveil skills, discover capacities and
constantly develop them.
minutes, non-essential lighting and electrical appliances around
the property were switched off in an effort to reduce their
environmental impact and draw attention to environmental issues.
Hotel employees in Sales & Marketing, Front Office, Food &
Beverage, Housekeeping, Engineering, Finance, IT, Admin, Human
The support by Arab Orient Insurance came to give the
Resources along with the General Manager, Mr Nabil Hammoud
new generation the opportunity to reveal their capabilities
were present, assisting with candles set-up around the hotel and
and to improve their talents to achieve the best results.
Mr Mustafa Melhem
creating awareness for guests to contribute to global environmental
Marina Hotel staff marking Earth Hour
Burgan Turkey’s sailing team get a new boat
Burgan Bank Turkey has extended its sponsorship of its sailing team by acquiring a new Mat1010 Extreme sailing boat. The bank’s
sailing team believe that they will increase their chances of success with the new boat.
TAKAUD.. winning community spirit
As part of its efforts to promote a savings culture in the
MENA region, TAKAUD has partnered with Manama Club,
the most successful professional basketball team in the
country. The company recently shared the team’s pride
in accomplishment as the Club won the 2015/16 Bahrain
National League Championship, the 20th time it has earned
the honor.
TAKAUD’s CEO, Mr Luc Métivier said, “When we decided to
sponsor Manama Club this year, we knew we were building
on a great history of the team’s success. The results this
year have been spectacular.”
When Manama Club’s avid basketball fans cheered their
TAKAUD they are putting a university education within
heroes on the court, they saw the TAKAUD name emblazoned
reach for their children, giving themselves the opportunity
on the shirts of the players and posted proudly on the walls.
to buy a dream home, or planning a nice supplement to their
Billboards inside and outside the stadium also promoted the
government or company pension when they retire.
TAKAUD message to save today, for a better tomorrow.
The TAKAUD team is dedicated to helping their customers
TAKAUD knows that winning is not just for sports teams.
build better futures and Manama Club was a great inspiration.
Our customers are all winners, taking charge of their future
“Manama Club is our team. They inspire Bahrain and they
security and providing for their families. By saving with
inspire us,” Mr Métivier added.
JKB holds various CSR activities
JKB contributed in a number of corporate social responsibility activities that underlined the bank’s role in reaching out to the
Jordanian society.
JKB, in cooperation with the Directorate of National Center for
On the occasion of Mothers Day, JKB sponsored an event held
Blood Bank, organized a blood drive. A large number of staff
by the Arab Model Schools. A group of working mothers from
turned up to donate blood. The drive was held at the bank’s
the local community were honored and presented with cash
prizes from JKB in recognition of their services and contributes
to the community.
JKB also participated in the fourth educational conference,
titled ‘Education through empowerment: a leading perspective
to the education process’. The conference was organized by the
Islamic Educational College and encompassed several topics
Within its initiatives to support sports in Jordan, and
and applications on the education process. The event was held
especially to enable people with disabilities to participate in
under the patronage of Dr Mohammed Hamdan, deputizing for
various sports activities, JKB sponsored the runner Captain
HRH Prince Hassan Bin Talal. The bank showcased its services
Ali Sawalma in the Dead Sea Marathon 21 km race, for which
and products at the conference.
he won second place.
Also as part of its support for youth and sports, JKB participated in attending the closing ceremonies of the football little league
tournaments at both the Baptist School and Amman National School. The bank also attended the closing ceremony for the
Arab Model School’s basketball little league tournament. JKB representatives attended the closing ceremonies and presented
gifts to the team players.
PKC celebrates 2015 success
Assem Goyal (left) receiving ‘Rising Star’ award from Mr Homi Gazdar
PKC recently hosted its Annual Dinner to celebrate the success
and achievements of 2015. The event was attended by the
entire PKC team, led by its Board Members, Mr Pinak Maitra
and Mr Homi Gazdar.
A highlight of the evening was a presentation on the company’s
performance and prospects by the CEO, Mr Narendra Baliga,
followed by an interactive and insightful town hall session with
Mr Maitra.
Outstanding individual contributions for the year 2015 were
recognized. The highly deserving awardees were Mr Sachin
Bansal and Ms Shikha Singal as ‘Employee of the Year’, Mr
Aseem Goyal as ‘Rising Star of the Year’ and Mr Prashant
Kumar, Mr Ravish Dahiya and Mr Varun Shankardass as ‘Rising
Star of the Team’.
Solo performance by Aakash
PKC also recognized employees that had put in over 10
years of dedicated service, devotion and commitment to the
organization. The award ceremony ended with the fun-filled
‘Popular Choice Awards’.
The evening saw a magical performance by PKC’s Akash
Saxena, who sang popular Bollywood numbers. To add to the
entertainment quotient, there was an amazing performance
by ‘Playback’, a popular Sufi band that enthralled the crowd
with their music. The evening ended with a high voltage dance
session on the floor, followed by a sumptuous dinner, making
it a truly memorable evening.
PKC performance update by Mr Narendra Baliga
PKC Town Hall with Mr Pinak Maitra
Sachin Bansal (left) receiving ‘Employee of the Year’ award from Mr Homi Gazdar
Bollywood and Sufi songs performance by ‘Playback’
The PKC Team
JKB Chairman: Client-centric
approach has made us Jordan’s third
largest bank
We focus o
product inno
& maintain h
customer s
Relationship with KIPCO
third largest bank in Jordan.
Mr Kabariti began by speaking about
was achieved by adopting a client-
centric strategy that remains one of
bank has grown in both size and
said that given that KIPCO is a major
our core goals. We focused on product
innovation whilst maintaining a high
plays a vital role in our board and
standard of customer service. I believe
overall strategy.
that this led to a substantial growth in
Since H.E. Mr Abdul Karim Kabariti
was elected Chairman of Jordan
Kuwait Bank (JKB) in 1997, the
capital increased from JD 20 million
in 1997, to JD 100 million today.
our customer base.”
Owners equity increased from JD
32 million to JD 449 million, and
“We have a solid relationship with
total assets increased from JD 312
all the subsidiaries and affiliates of
He added that going forward, JKB’s
KIPCO, and we are looking to further
management will be building on this
JKB also has branches in Cyprus
strengthen our relationship with our
strategy with an additional focus on
and Palestine.
sister company, Burgan Bank, with
technological innovation, thus catering
which we share many core values and
directions,” he added.
segments of the market.
Leading position
Business expansion
On JKB’s positioning in the Jordanian
Regarding the expanding retail and
the bank’s achievements and future
banking sector, the Chairman said,
SME sector in Jordan, Mr Kabariti
plans. Here are some excerpts.
“Over the past 20 years, JKB has
stated that this was an area that JKB
has shown growing interest in.
million to JD 2845 million. Covering
all governorates of the Kingdom,
KIPCOLife has the opportunity to
meet with Mr Kabariti to discuss
the efforts that have been made
to place JKB at the forefront of the
Jordanian banking sector, as well as
H.E. Mr Kabariti with KIPCO’s Vice Chairman (Executive), Mr Faisal Al Ayyar following the Annual General Assembly 2015
commercial banking.”
that the bank was the first in Jordan to
to focus on its retail business and
On JKB’s presence, the Chairman
launch the Interactive-Teller-Machines,
successfully achieved a growth rate
said that JKB is present in Palestine
offering video communication-based
of 26% and 20% consecutively over
banking that gives the customer the
the past two years. This will continue
currently planning to expand this
choice of self-service or connecting
to be our focus as long as private
network in the West Bank. JKB also
has an important operation in Cyprus.
“In Jordan we are expanding our
economic growth indicators.”
branch network steadily based on
As for SMEs, he said, “We at JKB
market studies for each branch.”
terms of customer experience, where
acknowledge both the potential and
“We are also leading the market in
the risks associated with SMEs, and
we have adopted the OMNI channel
we believe that SMEs will be a major
JKB has achieved many firsts in its
approach that gives customers the
driver for any significant growth in
sector. In this regard, Mr Kabariti said
H.E. Mr Kabariti with H.E. the Minister of Tourism during the Jawal Branch launch
channels, in addition to the ability to have cross channel
transactions. Our internet/mobile banking, mobile payments
and electronic transfers are of the best in the market,” he
Additionally, JKB recently launched a sophisticated vehiclebased portable branch (Jawal) to offer comprehensive and
full in-branch experience reaching remote areas. It can also
be made available at events, conferences and universities.
Reaching out
Mr Kabariti noted that in today’s day and age, banks have
to keep up with the vast technology leaps through large
investments to accommodate clients’ needs. “The move
towards technology and social media is an area that cannot
be ignored if the bank wants to continue to grow and
maintain its leadership position in the market.”
On the same note, the bank reaches out to all segments
of the community through its active social responsibility
program. The Chairman added, “As a leader in the Jordanian
financial sector, it is our duty to play a vital role in the
sustainable development of our community. JKB’s CSR
initiatives focus on areas that positively affect the local
community targeting the youth, education and health.”
H.E. Mr Kabariti during the name unveiling ceremony of the Badwa Center For
Special Education
KIPCO supports ‘Women in Corporate World’ conference
During the press conference, from left: Mr George Lambros, Chief HR Officer at Alghanim Industries; Keynote speaker, Ms Randi Zuckerberg; Ms Salma Al Hajjaj, GM –
HR at Gulf Bank; and Ms Eman Al Awadhi
In partnership with KIPCO, Alghanim Industries and Gulf Bank
organized the ‘Women in the Corporate World: Beyond the Glass
Ceiling’ conference. The event brought the topic of ‘diversity
in the workplace’ to the table for discussion by key influential
international, regional, and local leaders. The discussion was open
to the public and resonated with Kuwait, as the conference was
well attended and the audience reflected a cross section of the
The ‘Women in the Corporate World’ conference included keynote
addresses from distinguished international and local speakers,
such as Ms Randi Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg
Media and Author of Dot Complicated; Sheikha Al-Zain Al-Sabah,
Youth Undersecretary; and Ms Sara Akbar, Co-Founder and CEO
of Kuwait Energy.
The conference also featured two major discussion panels, the
first themed ‘The Work/Life Balance’, the second entitled ‘The
Role Identity’. The conference was also networking platform for
business people to exchange ideas on achieving success in the
corporate environment. The results of a country-wide survey
on key motivating factors for women in the workplace as were
Alghanim added, “We have a problem, a human problem with an
enormous social cost. It is also a business problem, with enormous
economic cost. We need to solve this because it is the right thing
to do, and because it is in the interest of women, businesses,
economy, society, and in the interests of women.”
Then local keynote speaker Sheikha Al-Zain Al-Sabah discussed
the importance of goal setting and the role of perseverance in
achieving one’s goals. She said, “It is a reality that females in our
region constantly face challenges when excelling in their careers,
and my advice to them is not to accept these circumstances,
not to surrender, add value to yourselves, take the initiative to
move forward, fight for your dreams, take your anger and turn it
into work that anybody would be proud of and you will definitely
succeed. There will always be gaps around you, finding a way to
bridge those gaps will give you a sense of purpose.”
Ms Sara Akbar shared her life story and how she was able to set up
one of the most successful companies, “When I started my career
I did not enjoy the same opportunities as the male engineers,
but I refused to accept this situation and I insisted to proceed
with my career the way I aimed to. Thankfully, I had an open-
Pressing problems
Mr Omar Alghanim, CEO of Alghanim Industries and Chairman of
Gulf Bank, said in his opening remarks, “We are happy to host the
first ‘Women in the Corporate World: Beyond the Glass Ceiling’
conference to address issues facing women in the workplace. We
are talking about one of the most pressing problems facing our
country, our region, and our time. Future generations will judge
us on the degree to which we solve it, and it will take a lot of
people working together to solve.”
Sheikha Alzain Alsabah giving her speech
Ms Sarah Akbar telling her inspiring story of success
Mr Omar Alghanim addressing the audience
minded manager who gave me the opportunity to do so and when
I reached the glass ceiling, I decided to move on and start my
own business. My mission was to create the largest independent
oil and gas company in the region, but we became the largest in
the western hemisphere. My message to all young women out
there is create your own vision, establish your business and start
small but aim high. If I can do it, you can too.”
She said, “You can look at my personal experience and see how
you too can find your perspective and career path. But it is easy
to be blinded when you work with people who think the same way
you do. You need to seek out different perspective in order to find
your own perspective.”
Nation-wide research
The first panel was entitled ‘Work/Life Balance’ and was moderated
by Ms Nima AbuWardeh, Columnist and Award-Winning Journalist.
To highlight the issues, challenges, and motivating factor for
women in the workplace, the results of new nation-wide research
from Alghanim Industries and Gulf Bank were released. The
survey aimed at improving understanding of the key motivating
factors for women in Kuwait workforce. The survey interviewed
over 2,000 students and professional women in Kuwait and the
findings were presented to conference delegates for the first
time. The majority of respondents were working women (83%)
followed by students (17%).
The majority of women indicated their preference for jobs in the
private sector. The reasons for this were noted as: challenging
work; room for learning and development; possibility for career
advancement; a more healthy work environment; the reputation
of the company; as well as salary and benefits.
Results also noted that 7 out of 10 women noted that the top
two key motivating factors behind employment choices were:
possibility for career progression was the top factor in choosing
employment followed by financial reward. For women who work
in the public sector, they indicate their choice is due to more
flexible working hours.
International speaker
Randi Zuckerberg was the international keynote speaker. She
shared her personal story of success in Silicon Valley and offered
her expert insight into technology, business, and entrepreneurship
in the digital age. She demonstrated how the Internet, social
networks, and social media are being used and what it means for
both entrepreneurs and citizens.
First panel
Ms Kristin Engvig, Founder of Women’s International Networking
(WIN) commented, “In Norway, 78% of women work and this
figure also includes the highest rate of working women with
children. This is possible because companies were forced to follow
policies and legislation that allows things such as flexible time,
among other things.”
Dr Lubna Al Kazi, Professor of Sociology at Kuwait University and
Director of the Women’s Research and Studies Center added, “We
need policy changes to encourage women to have flexible timings
and the ability to work from home.”
Mr Emad Al Ablani, GM of Group HR at NBK said, “Empowering
women is key, we should do that by inspiring them at a young
age, but our educational curriculum does not do that, not for
women or men.”
Ms Salma Al Hajjaj, GM of HR at Gulf Bank noted, “At Gulf Bank,
40% of our employees are women but oftentimes they don’t stay
long enough to make it into leadership positions. You should live
your life in phases and give each phase the time it needs.”
Ms Mona Ataya, CEO and Founder of Mumzworld.com and CoFounder of Bayt.com, talked about balance saying, “Define what
creates the most meaningful impact at any given time. Then you
shift your daily balance to accommodate it. You keep shifting until
you find your equilibrium.”
Second panel
The second panel addressed the ‘Gender Role Identity’ and was
The first panel, from left: Ms Nima AbuWardeh, Ms Kristin Engvig, Ms Mona Ataya, Dr Lubna Al Kazi, Ms Salma Al Hajjaj and Mr Emad Al Ablani
moderated by Mr Richard Moseley, Global VP of Strategy at
Ms Eman Al Awadhi, KIPCO’s Group Communications Director said,
“With women, you get more of a consensus type of leadership.
This means that when working with a team they understand that
for them to succeed, each one of them has to succeed.”
Ms Najla Al Shirawi, CEO of Securities and Investment Company
(SICO) said: “Women in leadership have a different style, Women
are more likely to share information, credit, and power. They use
persuasion more and power less. As women tend to climb the
ladder for the lower levels, they cultivate teamwork.”
Dr Alanoud Al Sharekh, Author and Academic, discussed leadership
saying, “I think there is a consensus on what the qualities of a
leader regardless of gender. At the end of the days, it is all about
wanting to be a leader and having these qualities.”
Mr Khaled Al Khudair, CEO and Founder of Glowork, talked
about his company saying, “Since our company targets women,
95% of our employees are women. However, locally I find that
interviewers don’t ask women the right questions, instead asking
them about their age, marital status, and children.”
Ms Lubna Qassim, Executive VP, Group Company Secretary and
General Counsel for Emirates NBD, noted, “200 years ago women
were allowed to participate in the workforce and today we are still
assessing what it means for them to participate. There have been
numerous studies that show the positive impact that women have
in the workforce, but yet still ask that same question.”
Ms Randi Zuckerberg giving her keynote speech
The second panel, from left: Mr Richard Moseley, Mr Khaled Al Khudair, Ms Eman Al Awadhi, Ms Lubna Qassim, Dr Alanoud Al Sharekh and Ms Najla Al Shirawi
KIPCO’s Corporate Communications team with Ms Randi Zuckerberg
Conference organizers and speakers
OSN subscribers can now tune
in to ARN’s radio stations
OSN launches new App for unmatched TV experience
From left: Mr David Butorac ;GM of ARN, Mr Mahmoud Al Rasheed; and the
COO of ARNA Mr Steve Smith
OSN has launched a new App that offers subscribers effortless
access to their OSN Plus HD box with new ways to discover
OSN’s vast library of content.
Subscribers of OSN in the UAE can now tune into all nine
popular radio brands under the Arabian Radio Network
(ARN) on their television. This follows the signing of a
milestone agreement between OSN and ARN. Following
the simulcast distribution agreement, access to the ARN
Network will be added to each OSN subscriber package
free of cost.
Mr David Butorac, CEO of OSN said, “Our simulcast
distribution agreement with ARN is an industry-first in the
Designed to enhance the OSN TV viewing experience, the OSN
App’s intuitive interface allows subscribers to easily search
OSN’s extensive library on OSN On Demand and OSN Store,
keep track of new channel listings, or search for previously
recorded shows, with ease. The App, designed and developed by Accedo, also allows
subscribers to control their OSN Plus HD box remotely using it
to activate downloads and schedule recordings of easy-to-find
content directly from their iPads.
region that provides a wider choice of entertainment for
our subscribers in the UAE at no extra cost. It marks a
compelling integration of content delivered via television,
adding value to our subscribers, and enhancing the reach
of ARN.”
Following the agreement, ARN’s prime-time, awardwinning programming will now be available via multi
broadcast media – radio, online, digital, smartphone and
now, via live satellite TV.
The app seamlessly integrates OSN Play and also doubles up
as a second remote control for your OSN Plus HD box.
Accessible in English and Arabic, convenience and flexibility
is at the heart of the App, allowing subscribers to discover
even more content, according to OSN’s Chief Technology
Officer, Mr Mark Billinge. He added, “OSN has a reputation
for innovating, engaging and delighting its subscribers. We
designed the OSN App with our viewer in mind to encourage
even more engagement with our content and offer a worldclass, immersive and dynamic TV viewing experience.”
OSN adds six new Filipino channels to its platform
OSN increased the breadth of content for OSN Pinoy
subscribers with the roll out of six new channels, taking the
overall number of OSN Pinoy channels to 15. The channels
offer the best shows, programs and movies directly from the
Philippines to the GCC’s large and vibrant Filipino community.
The additional channels make OSN the pay-TV platform
with the largest number of Filipino channels outside of the
Philippines, and the only platform in the region with the
biggest networks in the Philippines in one package.
The six new channels come from three of the biggest
names in entertainment in the Philippines, ABS-CBN, Viva
Entertainment and GMA Network.
up of TFC on OSN giving viewers the widest choice of Filipino
content in the region.”
Mr Emad Morcos, Chief Content Officer at OSN said, “The
addition of the six new channels further strengthens the choice
that we offer the Filipino community in the region, making
OSN the best network for premium and exclusive content.
This builds on the introduction of several new channels on OSN
this year, adding to the diversity of world-class programming
that we offer to our subscribers. We will endeavour to ensure
our offering remains as extensive as possible which means
pushing boundaries to deliver for all our customers.”
Mr Arnie Garcia, ABS-CBN Middle East Managing Director
said, “We are pleased to offer two new channels, Lifestyle
Network and CineMo, to cater to the varied TV entertainment
needs of Filipinos in the region. The addition of these two new
world-class channels strengthens the existing channel line-
OSN enters new long-term partnership with MGM Studios
Film lovers in the MENA region cannot have it any better
movies including its vast library of classic movies.
than on OSN, the leading pay-TV network, as they will now
have exclusive access to the expansive roster of movies
OSN also has first-access for over-the-top rights to MGM
and future television series from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
movies on OSN Play, the catch-up platform for anytime,
Studios (MGM). The renewed long-term deal between OSN
anywhere entertainment, and GO Online TV by OSN. All
and MGM, builds on the longstanding successful partnership
future first-run TV series and mini-series from MGM will
that has kept OSN’s loyal subscribers entertained with
reach MENA first and exclusively for OSN subscribers.
incredible access to new and classic movies from the MGM
MGM not only owns one of the world’s deepest libraries
of premium film and television content, but also every
Bond film ever made. This continued partnership, allows
subscribers to continue to enjoy the entire James Bond film
library from Albert R. Broccoli’s EON Productions and MGM,
from 1962’s Dr No to the 24th adventure, Spectre, making
OSN the number one choice for Bond fans in the region.
The alliance also gives viewers the opportunity to enjoy
over 175 Academy Award winning films including 14 Best
Pictures from the prestigious studio. All these and more,
will be available for OSN subscribers across all platforms,
including OSN’s the award-winning catch-up service OSN
Play, and Go online TV service.
Mr David Butorac, CEO of OSN said, “For over 90 years,
MGM has been representing the best in world-class
cinema and entertainment. OSN is proud to deliver MGM’s
compelling content – both through record breaking movies
and smash-hit TV series – exclusively to our subscribers
in the region.”
Oh his part, Mr Chris Ottinger, President of Worldwide
Television Distribution and Acquisitions at MGM said,
“We are thrilled to extend and expand our longstanding
partnership with OSN. We look forward to continue
providing OSN customers access to not only a selection
of our theatrical first-run titles, but our classic library and
future first-run TV series and mini-series.”
The new long-term deal marks the next level in the
partnership between the two industry leaders. OSN will
now have first and second pay window rights for MGM
OSN marks region’s first all-transaction window buyout deal with Gulf
Movie-lovers can now have the best of both worlds, as OSN
an incredible library of content through our ‘only-on-
and Gulf Film, a distributor of major studio productions
OSN’ partnerships with leading Hollywood studios, our
and independent movies, have signed a six-year exclusive
association with Gulf Film significantly enhances our brand-
partnership through 2021 for premium film content.
new film content to define OSN as the home of blockbuster
and the latest movies.”
Marking a regional first, the partnership is underlined
by OSN’s acquisition of the entire transaction window
OSN will also provide movie fans the added opportunity
building exclusivity for the first-time across all platforms
to watch some 56 trailers of the newest movies playing
including over-the-top (OTT) content access available on
at Novo Cinemas, owned by Gulf Film, daily on its various
the award-winning digital platform, OSN Play, that is free
channels. Further, Gulf Film will cross-promote OSN
to subscribers and GO, the fast-growing non-subscriber
content at all Novo Cinema screens across the Middle East.
based online TV service.
Mr Selim El Azar, CEO of Gulf Film said, “As the pioneering
film distribution house in the region, Gulf Film brings new
The deal will give OSN access to nearly 1,000 brand-new
theatrical releases every week. Through our partnership
films distributed by Gulf Film in Arabic and English over a
with OSN, we can further strengthen the visibility of our new
period of six years - exclusive to OSN. All the films will be
releases via movie trailers and other behind-the-scenes
available in glorious high-definition (HD) for an unbeatable
looks. OSN subscribers will also have the opportunity to
home-viewing experience, and most of these films will be
watch their favorite movies first on television on their
available for OSN viewers shortly after their theatrical
network, and in truly spectacular HD quality. OSN will be
the only platform to offer these movies to viewers in the
Mr David Butorac, CEO of OSN said, “The exclusive multiyear output deal with Gulf Film is industry-defining for
As part of the agreement, OSN also holds the rights to
the MENA region. It marks the first time that an exclusive
broadcasting the films on its digital platforms including
content sharing agreement has been signed with the
OSN Play and Go, assuring an anytime, anywhere film
region’s leading distributor of films. While OSN has built
experience for its subscribers.
Mr David Butorac (second from left) and Mr Selim Al Azar (third from left) seal the agreement
OSN extends MENA partnership with Discovery
OSN announced the extension of its partnership with Discovery
Mr Emad Morcos, OSN’s Chief Content Officer said, “The long-term
Communications across the MENA region with a new distribution
partnership with Discovery Communications further strengthens
deal that will see the launch of two new HD channels exclusively
the ‘nowhere else’ television experience that we offer to our
for OSN subscribers, even more hours of new content across
subscribers. The exclusive launch of two new channels and the
Discovery’s existing premium portfolio, as well as extended digital
introduction of new content, available across all our platforms,
rights for OSN’s VOD and catch-up services.
gives us a definitive edge as the go-to destination for thoughtfully
executed and intensely researched programmes that are a
Recently launched, Discovery Family HD and IDX HD are the
signature of Discovery.”
latest premium exclusive channels from Discovery, and will join
the flagship channels Discovery Channel HD, TLC HD and now
On his part, Mr James Gibbons, EVP & Country Manager, Emerging
Discovery Science HD, which are also exclusive for OSN across
Business, Discovery Networks CEEMEA said, “OSN has been our
the region. Animal Planet HD will also continue to be carried by
long-standing partner in the region for several years, and we
OSN, completing this unbeatable line up.
are excited to extend this relationship further and add two new
channels to their HD offering.”
The two new Discovery channels complement the five new
channels recently launched on OSN - these include BBC First HD,
OSN First HD Home of HBO, OSN Yahala Cinema HD, OSN Movies
Family HD and H2 – strengthening OSN’s diverse content offering
even further.
OSN scores big wins in fight against TV piracy
OSN has scored big wins in its fight against television piracy
which are to be upheld to sustain the growth of the
across the region, having conducted more than 316 raids
creative industry and the entertainment sector. Through
with the support of government authorities.
our concerted efforts to curb TV piracy highlighted by our
‘Do the Right Thing’ campaign, we have been taking the
Marking the World Intellectual Property Day (World IP Day)
lead in protecting IP rights with the cooperation of the
on April 26, OSN is upping the ante in its fight to curb the
governmental authorities.”
menace of TV piracy with concerted plans to swoop down
on both illegal Dish TV services as well as the unauthorized
distribution of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) services.
OSN joined hands with authorities in all GCC countries
OSN champions anti-TV piracy by spearheading the Anti-
including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar
Piracy Coalition with leading satellite service providers.
and Oman, as well as in Egypt and Jordan to conduct the
anti-piracy raids. This resulted in a significant reduction in
the illegal distribution of pirated TV services.
Organization, Mr Francis Gurry said, “The World Intellectual
Property Day is an opportunity to celebrate the creators
OSN also stepped up anti-piracy raids in Egypt, carrying
and innovators who so enrich our world, and who are at
out successful raids against illegal TV operators in Cairo
the base of our cultural and technological development.
and Alexandria.
This year our theme for World IP Day is ‘Digital Creativity:
Culture Reimagined’.
As we celebrate digital creativity
across the world, we should also think about how to find
the right balance - one which recognizes the importance
of creators and innovators to all the progress that we see,
culturally and technologically, as a consequence of digital
technology, while at the same time ensuring the social
benefit of widespread access to their works.”
Mr David Butorac, CEO of OSN said, “The World IP Day
underlines the importance of intellectual property rights
Confiscate goods in a raid in Alexandria, Egypt
OSN signs long-term exclusive deal with NBCUniversal International
OSN has signed a new and extended long-term deal with
He added, “Our partnership with NBCUniversal International not
NBCUniversal International (NBCUI), a subsidiary of Comcast
only consolidates our presence in the market but also reflects
Corporation, with a valuable portfolio of television series, films,
our commitment to delivering sought-after content first and
news and entertainment networks. exclusively to our viewers. We do not operate as just content
carriers; we also work with our partners to ensure that we can
The long-term deal takes OSN to the next level in home
customise their content for the local market. That is why we will
entertainment with first and exclusive access to compelling
be focusing on localisation and bringing amazing Arabic content
content from NBCUI and also consolidates OSN’s industry
– through E! and Syfy.”
position, adding to its growing portfolio of new channels and
unbeatable content partnerships. The deal secures first pay
The new agreement also extends OSN’s carriage agreement for
window rights for OSN, in addition to exclusive over-the-top
(OTT) content access on OSN Play, the award-winning digital
platform that is free to subscribers, and GO, the fast-growing
Ms Belinda Menendez, President, NBCUniversal International
non-subscriber based online TV service.
Distribution & Networks, commented, “We are delighted to
expand our presence in MENA via a long-term agreement with
OSN will now also have exclusive rights to the popular channel,
OSN that, for subscribers, boasts new programming localized
E! Entertainment Television, in Arabic, providing subscribers with
in Arabic, along with the launch of Syfy and also ensures that
unprecedented access to the sought-after world of pop culture.
OSN’s subscribers will continue to enjoy the programming on
E!’s focus on localised entertainment programming in Arabic will
CNBC and our critically acclaimed TV series and films.” bring news, views and all the celebrity buzz of regional stars
– only on E! News. Further, E! will have dedicated primetime
programming that is dubbed or subtitled in Arabic. Additionally, subscribers will have access to a world of imaginationbased entertainment as OSN secures exclusive rights to Syfy
in Arabic, from mid-2016. The launch of the channel will bring
Syfy’s year-round roster of acclaimed original series, original
movies, classic science fiction and fantasy programming to OSN
subscriber, with almost 80 percent of the content in Arabic –
either with subtitles or dubbed. Mr David Butorac, CEO of OSN said, “The pay-TV industry will
be led by those who own the most compelling content, and OSN
is dominating the space of original and exclusive programming
through our long-term channel and content partnerships such as
with NBCUniversal International, which truly opens a universe
of unmatched content available now only for OSN subscribers.
‘Find Your Funny’ as OSN and Viacom launch Comedy Central HD
exclusively on OSN
Trevor pushes the button
The worlds of Arabic and Western comedy came together in Dubai
to mark the official launch of Comedy Central HD, the world’s
foremost comedy channel from Viacom International Media
Networks, on OSN, the region’s leading pay-TV network.
Available exclusively on OSN (Channel 207) for viewers in the
Middle East, Comedy Central HD was launched by Trevor Noah,
the host of ‘The Daily Show’ and one of Saudi Arabia’s leading
stand-up comedians, Fahad Albutairi.
Comedy Central HD is the latest in a slew of new channels being
added to the OSN roster this year, underlining its commitment to
International Media Networks, a leading global media company.
Comedy Central HD is the third brand for VIMN in the region
adding to the popular MTV, Nickelodeon and NickJr offerings.
Mr David Butorac, CEO of OSN said, “More than ever before, the
region is witnessing an unprecedented growth in comedy content
both online and through the flourishing comedy clubs. With the
launch of Comedy Central HD, available exclusively on OSN, we
are raising the bar of comedy by bringing the world’s most popular
shows to the Middle East.
He added, “The fact that every single show on Comedy Central
delivering compelling ‘nowhere else’ content for its subscribers.
HD will have Arabic subtitles, is hugely important to us, it widens
The new launch follows an agreement by OSN with Viacom
quality programming we provide. Having Trevor Noah and Fahad
Trevor Noah
Fahad Albutairi
our reach and ensures that our subscribers can fully engage in the
Albutairi come to Dubai to launch Comedy Central HD marks our
d TV
Comedian an
host Trevor
and Saudi co
Fahad Albut
unveil OSN
Viacom’s ne
commitment to bringing the best talents
ongoing success in the months ahead.’’
Amy Schumer’ has the famous, edgy
closer to our viewers.”
All programs on Comedy Central HD
comedian performing a variety of hilarious
(OSN Channel No. 207) will be subtitled
sketches, stand up, interviews and musical
Mr Raffaele Annecchino, EVP and MD of
in Arabic. OSN subscribers can now access
VIMN South Europe, Middle East and Africa
a deep library of international content
Comedy Central HD will also feature a
said, “Comedy Central HD will mark a shift
including ‘The Daily Show with Trevor
dedicated block of ‘Spike’ content. Spike
in how comedy is viewed and enjoyed in
Noah’, ‘Comedy Central Presents…’, ‘Lip
is a general entertainment brand offering
the region, giving fans access to our great
Sync Battle’ and the animated hit, ‘South
original productions created to inform,
content exclusively on OSN and expanding
engage, inspire and above all push the
the distribution of the brand even further.
Emmy Award winner, ‘The Daily Show with
boundaries of the unexpected. Shows from
Trevor Noah’, features a star-studded line-
Spike will include the global smash-hit and
now shows the best content for all age
up of celebrity guests including actors,
YouTube viral sensation ‘Lip Sync Battle’,
demographics, from kids to adults, thanks
authors, singers and presidential hopefuls
as well as the popular ‘Catch a Contractor’,
to the new Comedy Central HD channel.
under the sharp comic wit and smart
an original non-scripted series that sees
Furthermore, this launch is representative
observations of Trevor Noah.
host Adam Carolla on a mission to track
of Viacom’s continued investment in the
Comedy Central favorites ‘Tosh.0’ and
down shady, evasive contractors.
region, where we continue to expand the
‘Inside Amy Schumer’ will also be featured
number and reach of our channels, as
on OSN. The weekly Tosh.0 delves into
All the shows premiering on Comedy
well as grow our other lines of business
all aspects of the social media landscape,
Central HD will be available on OSN’s
like recreation and consumer products.
featuring razor-sharp humor and biting
award-winning catch-up service, OSN Play
VIMN has an exciting future planned in
and via OSN on Demand.
the Middle East and we look forward to
Comedian, Ali Al Sayed (left) and a friend
Trevor takes questions
Trevor with a fan
Eid Mubarak
‫أسرة كيبكــــو‬
‫المواليد الجدد‬
New Babies
‫ من قسم األغذية‬،‫تهانينا الي رونا كوتونر‬
‫والمشروبات لدى سفير فندق وريزيدنس الكويت‬
‫ محاسب إيرادات لدى شركة‬،‫وزوجها مارك أومايام‬
‫ بمناسبة‬،‫سفير الدولية إلدارة الفنادق والمنتجعات‬
‫قدوم مولودهما الجديد مارك‬
Congratulations to the couple Ronna O. Cotoner
and Mark Umayam, of Safir Hotel & Residences
and Safir International Hotel & Resorts
Management company who have been blessed
with baby boy Mark
‫ ضابط في إدارة‬،‫تهانينا إلى أسامة حداد‬
‫ | الشرق‬gig ‫تعويضات السيارات في شركة‬
‫ بمناسبة قدوم مولودته‬،‫العربي للتأمين‬
‫الجديدة ورد‬
‫ ضابط في‬،‫تهانينا إلى عمر ابو جلبوش‬
| gig ‫إدارة تعويضات السيارات في شركة‬
‫ بمناسبة قدوم‬،‫الشرق العربي للتأمين‬
‫مولوده الجديد ياسين‬
‫ ضابط في‬،‫تهانينا إلى رومل البربراوي‬
| gig ‫إدارة تعويضات السيارات في شركة‬
‫ بمناسبة قدوم‬،‫الشرق العربي للتأمين‬
‫مولوده الجديد محمود‬
Congratulations to Osama Haddad,
Officer in Public Relations Department
at gig | Arab Orient Insurance Company,
who have been blessed with Ward a
new baby girl
Congratulations to Omar Abu Jalbosh,
Officer in Public Relations Department
at gig | Arab Orient Insurance Company,
who have been blessed with Yassin a
new baby boy
Congratulations to Romal Albarbarawi,
Officer in Motor Claims Department at
gig | Arab Orient Insurance Company,
who have been blessed with Mahmoud a
new baby boy
‫ ضابط في‬،‫تهانينا إلى محمد المومني‬
‫ | الشرق‬gig ‫الموارد البشرية في شركة‬
‫ بمناسبة قدوم مولودته‬،‫العربي للتأمين‬
‫الجديدة مايا‬
Congratulations to Mohammad
Almomani, Officer in HR Department
at gig | Arab Orient Insurance Company,
who have been blessed with Maya a
new baby girl
‫المتزوجون الجدد‬
New Marriages
‫ المستشار في‬،‫تهانينا إلى رافي جائين‬
‫مجموعة األعمال اإلستشارية في مركز‬
ً ‫معرفة بلسر بمناسبة زواجه مؤخرا‬
‫ المديرة‬،‫تهانينا إلى كريتيكا خارى‬
‫التنفيذية للتنمية التجارية في مجموعة‬
‫األعمال اإلستشارية في مركز معرفة‬
ً ‫بلسر بمناسبة زواجها مؤخرا‬
Congratulations to Ravi Jain,
Consultant in Business Advisory Group
at Pulsar Knowledge Centre, who was
married recently
Congratulations to Kritika Khare,
Executive Business Development in
Business Advisory Group at Pulsar
Knowledge Centre, who was married
‫ مدير تنفيذي في‬،‫تهانينا إلى رامي دبابنة‬
‫دائرة كبار العمالء والتامينات العامة‬
‫ | الشرق العربي‬gig ‫والسيارات في شركة‬
ً ‫للتأمين بمناسبة زواجه مؤخرا‬
‫ ضابط في الدائرة‬،‫تهانينا إلى عالء حسين‬
‫ | الشرق العربي‬gig ‫القانونية في شركة‬
ً ‫للتأمين بمناسبة زواجه مؤخرا‬
Congratulations to Rami Dababneh,
Director Key Accounts in Motor Claims
and General Claims Department at gig
| Arab Orient Insurance Company, who
was married recently
Congratulations to Ala’a Hussein,
officer Lawyer in Legal Department at
gig | Arab Orient Insurance Company,
who was married recently
Promotions & New Qualifications
‫الترقيات و المؤهالت المهنية الجديدة‬
‫ من شركة‬،‫تهانينا إلى فهد الحمادي‬
‫ الذي‬،‫إيكاروس المتحدة للخدمات البحرية‬
‫تمت ترقيته إلى الرئيس التنفيذي ونائب‬
‫رئيس مجلس االدارة‬
‫ من‬،‫تهانينا إلى ليونيلو كاالنغاسان‬
‫ الذي‬،‫الجامعة األمريكية في الكويت‬
‫تمت ترقيته إلى مسؤول مشتريات في‬
‫االدارة المالية‬
Congratulations to Fahad Al
Hammadi, of Ikarus United Marine
Services, who has been promoted
to Chief Executive Officer and Vice
Congratulations to Leonilo
Calingasan, of AUK, who has been
promoted to Purchasing Officer in
the Finance Department
‫ من مركز معرفة‬،‫تهانينا إلى سامير نافع‬
‫ من مركز‬،‫تهانينا إلى ساكشي بنسال‬
‫ الذي تمت ترقيته إلى منصب‬،‫بلسر‬
‫ التي تمت ترقيتها إلى‬،‫معرفة بلسر‬
‫المشارك الرئيسي في خدمات تحسين‬
‫منصب المحلل الرئيسي لألبحاث في‬
‫األعمال التجارية‬
Congratulations to Sameer Nafey, of
Pulsar Knowledge Centre, who has
been promoted to Senior Associate
in the Business Enhancement
‫ من مركز معرفة‬،‫تهانينا إلى اميت جائين‬
‫ من مركز‬،‫تهانينا إلى زارفان طافتي‬
‫ الذي تمت ترقيته إلى منصب‬،‫بلسر‬
‫ الذي تمت ترقيته إلى‬،‫معرفة بلسر‬
‫نائب الرئيس في مجموعة األعمال‬
‫منصب نائب الرئيس في مجموعة‬
‫األعمال اإلستشارية‬
Congratulations to Amit Jain, of
Congratulations to Zarvan Tafti, of
Pulsar Knowledge Centre, who has
Pulsar Knowledge Centre, who has
been promoted to Vice President in
been promoted to Vice President in
the Business Advisory Group
the Business Advisory Group
‫مجموعة األعمال اإلستشارية‬
‫ من شركة‬،‫تهانينا إلى ابراهيم مراد‬
‫ الذي حصل‬،‫تقاعد لالدخار والتقاعد‬
‫على شهادة محاسب قانوني معتمد‬
‫من جمعية المحاسبين القانونين‬
‫المعتمدين في بريطانية‬
‫ من‬،‫تهانينا إلى عبد الرحمن الشيخ‬
‫ الذي‬،‫ | الشرق العربي للتأمين‬gig ‫شركة‬
‫تمت ترقيته إلى ضابط أول في دائرة‬
‫التأمين البحري‬
Congratulations to Sakshi Bansal, of
Pulsar Knowledge Centre, who has
been promoted to Senior Research
Analyst in the Business Advisory
Congratulations to Ebrahim Murad,
of Takaud Savings & Pensions,
who has achieved Association of
Chartered Certified Accountants
(ACCA) certification
Congratulations to Abdelrahman
Elsheikh, of gig | Arab Orient
Insurance, who has been promoted
to Senior Officer in the Marine,
Aviation & Energy Department
‫ من شركة‬،‫تهانينا إلى خلود الشنطي‬
‫ التي تمت‬،‫ | الشرق العربي للتأمين‬gig
‫ترقيتها إلى مدير في دائرة الموارد‬
‫البشرية و اإلدارية‬
‫ من شركة‬،‫تهانينا إلى فراس احمد‬
‫ الذي تمت‬،‫ | الشرق العربي للتأمين‬gig
‫ترقيته إلى نائب مدير في دائرة خدمة‬
‫البيع عبر الهاتف‬
‫ من شركة‬،‫تهانينا إلى سامر عبد الغني‬
‫ الذي تمت‬،‫ | الشرق العربي للتأمين‬gig
‫ترقيته إلى مدير في دائرة خدمة ورعاية‬
Congratulations to Kholood Shanti,
of gig | Arab Orient Insurance, who
has been promoted to Manager in
the Human Resources Department
Congratulations to Feras Ahmed, of
gig | Arab Orient Insurance, who has
been promoted to Deputy Manager
in the Telesales Department
Congratulations to Samer
Abdelghani, of gig | Arab Orient
Insurance, who has been promoted
to a Manager in the Customer Care
‫أسرة كيبكــــو‬
‫الموظفون الجدد ‪Newly Hired‬‬
‫ندى بدير‬
‫‪Nada Bedir‬‬
‫‪Meena Ayoub‬‬
‫‪Huda Al Jouda‬‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى الجامعة‬
‫األمريكية في الكويت بوظيفة‬
‫أخصائي أكاديمي في مركز‬
‫االرشاد االكاديمي‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى الجامعة‬
‫األمريكية في الكويت بوظيفة‬
‫مساعد مسؤول مشتريات في‬
‫االدارة المالية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى الجامعة‬
‫األمريكية في الكويت بوظيفة‬
‫منسق التسجيل في مكتب‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة إيكاروس‬
‫المتحدة للخدمات البحرية بوظيفة‬
‫نائب الرئيس التنفيذي‬
‫‪has joined AUK as an‬‬
‫‪Academic Support Specialist‬‬
‫‪in the Academic Advising‬‬
‫‪has joined AUK as an‬‬
‫‪Assistant Purchasing Officer in‬‬
‫‪the Finance Department‬‬
‫‪has joined AUK as a‬‬
‫‪Registration Coordinator in‬‬
‫‪the Office of the Registrar‬‬
‫‪has joined Ikarus United‬‬
‫‪Marine Services as a Deputy‬‬
‫أيمن عبداهلل‬
‫غزالن الجدع‬
‫جاين شاكو‬
‫كيمبرلي روزاريو‬
‫‪Ayman Abdalla‬‬
‫‪Ghezlan Al Jadaa‬‬
‫‪Jane Chacko‬‬
‫‪Kimberly Rozario‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى مجموعة‬
‫الخليج للتأمين بوظيفة مدير‬
‫في إدارة تعويضات الطبي‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى مجموعة‬
‫الخليج للتأمين بوظيفة‬
‫مسؤل شبكات في إدارة‬
‫الشبكات الطبية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى الجامعة‬
‫األمريكية في الكويت بوظيفة‬
‫مدير في مكتب الحياة‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى الجامعة‬
‫األمريكية في الكويت بوظيفة‬
‫مساعد تدريب في مركز التعليم‬
‫‪has joined GIG as a Manager‬‬
‫‪in the Medical Claims‬‬
‫‪has joined GIG as a Network‬‬
‫‪Officer in the Medical‬‬
‫‪Network Department‬‬
‫‪has joined AUK as a Director‬‬
‫‪in the Office of Student Life‬‬
‫‪has joined AUK as a Training‬‬
‫‪Assistant in the Center for‬‬
‫‪Continuing Education‬‬
‫نور الشريف‬
‫مينا أيوب‬
‫هدى الجودة‬
‫حسن ال هيد‬
‫‪Hassan Al Heid‬‬
‫كريستوفر جيمينز‬
‫وائل المهدي‬
‫الياس ابو شقره‬
‫‪Nour Sharif‬‬
‫‪Christopher Jimenez‬‬
‫‪Wael El Mahdy‬‬
‫‪Elias Abou Chacra‬‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة ممثل خدمة عمالء‬
‫الهاتفية متدرب في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫سدافكو الكويت للمواد‬
‫الغذائية بوظيفة مسوق‬
‫مبيعات في إدارة المبيعات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫سدافكو الكويت للمواد‬
‫الغذائية بوظيفة مشرف‬
‫مبيعات أول في إدارة المبيعات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى مجموعة الخليج‬
‫للتأمين بوظيفة مدير مبيعات في‬
‫إدارة مبيعات الجماعي‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank as a‬‬
‫‪Trainee Call Center Agent in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Sadafco Foodstuff‬‬
‫‪Company as a Merchandiser‬‬
‫‪in the Sales Department‬‬
‫‪has joined Sadafco Foodstuff‬‬
‫‪Company as a Senior Sales‬‬
‫‪Supervisor in the Sales‬‬
‫‪has joined GIG as a Sales‬‬
‫‪Manager in the Corporate‬‬
‫‪Sales Department‬‬
‫الموظفون الجدد ‪Newly Hired‬‬
‫شيماء حسن‬
‫دانه العنزى‬
‫فهد الشهاب‬
‫عبدالعزيز الخرسان‬
‫‪Shaymaa Hasan‬‬
‫‪Danah Al Anzi‬‬
‫‪Fahed Al Shehab‬‬
‫‪Abdulaziz Al Kharsan‬‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة مسئول التحويالت‬
‫المالية المركزية في العمليات‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة ممثل خدمة‬
‫عمالء الهاتفية في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة مدير وحدة العقارات‬
‫في المصرفية‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as an Officer Centralized‬‬
‫‪Funds Transfer in‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Call Center Agent in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank as‬‬
‫‪a Real Estate Manager in‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة ممثل خدمة‬
‫عمالء الهاتفية متدرب في‬
‫مجموعة المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Call Center‬‬
‫‪Agent in Retail Banking‬‬
‫محمد الظفيري‬
‫فهد الحامد‬
‫ناصر المطيري‬
‫فاطمه الزنكوي‬
‫‪Mohammed Al Dhafeeri‬‬
‫‪Fahad Al Hamed‬‬
‫‪Nasser Al Mutairi‬‬
‫‪Fatma Al Zankawi‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة مسئول خدمة‬
‫عمالء متدرب في المصرفية‬
‫للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة اداري متدرب في‬
‫الموارد البشرية والتطوير‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة مسئول خدمة‬
‫عمالء متدرب في المصرفية‬
‫للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة مسئول‬
‫مكافحة غسيل األموال في‬
‫مكتب رئيس مجلس اإلدارة‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Customer Service‬‬
‫‪Officer Trainee in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank as‬‬
‫‪a Management Trainee in‬‬
‫‪Human Resources‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Customer Service‬‬
‫‪Officer Trainee in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan‬‬
‫‪Bank as an Officer Anti‬‬
‫‪Money Laundering in the‬‬
‫‪Chairman's Office‬‬
‫جمانه شاه‬
‫فجر عوض‬
‫نور الكندري‬
‫هاني السمره‬
‫‪Jumanah Shah‬‬
‫‪Fajer Awadh‬‬
‫‪Nour Al Kandari‬‬
‫‪Hany ElSamra‬‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة صراف متدرب في‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة صراف متدرب في‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة صراف متدرب‬
‫في المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة رئيس الموارد‬
‫البشرية والتطوير في الموارد‬
‫البشرية والتطوير‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Head Of Human‬‬
‫‪Resources & Development‬‬
‫‪in Human Resources‬‬
‫أسرة كيبكــــو‬
‫الموظفون الجدد ‪Newly Hired‬‬
‫ضاري الهاجري‬
‫‪Dhari Al Hajri‬‬
‫‪Ali Nassar‬‬
‫‪Nouf Al Hajri‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة صراف متدرب في‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة صراف متدرب في‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة صراف متدرب‬
‫في المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة صراف متدرب‬
‫في المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫ساره الوهيب‬
‫نور المحمد‬
‫ناصر الصراف‬
‫موسى خاجه‬
‫‪Sarah Al Wuhaib‬‬
‫‪Nour Al Mohammad‬‬
‫‪Naser Al Sarraf‬‬
‫‪Mousa Khajah‬‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة صراف متدرب في‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة صراف متدرب في‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة صراف متدرب‬
‫في المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة صراف متدرب‬
‫في المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫بدر الكوت‬
‫علي نصار‬
‫نوف الهاجري‬
‫عبدالعزيز المسعود‬
‫‪Abdalaziz Al Masoud‬‬
‫حصه البلوشي‬
‫يوسف دهراب‬
‫ساره دهراب‬
‫‪Bader Al Kout‬‬
‫‪Hissah Al Bloushi‬‬
‫‪Yousif Dehrab‬‬
‫‪Sarah Dehrab‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة صراف متدرب في‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة صراف متدرب في‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة صراف متدرب‬
‫في المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة صراف متدرب‬
‫في المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫الموظفون الجدد ‪Newly Hired‬‬
‫انكيت الهوتي‬
‫صقر الرومي‬
‫عباس عباس‬
‫عهد القالف‬
‫زهرة القالف‬
‫‪Ankit Lahoti‬‬
‫‪Abbas Abbas‬‬
‫‪Saqr Al Roomy‬‬
‫‪Zahrah Al Qallaf‬‬
‫‪Ahad Al Qallaf‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة مساعد مدير التقارير‬
‫المالية في التخطيط المالي‬
‫االستراتيجي والمحاسبة‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة ممثل خدمة عمالء‬
‫الهاتفية متدرب في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة صراف متدرب‬
‫في المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة صراف متدرب‬
‫في المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة صراف متدرب‬
‫في المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank as an‬‬
‫‪Assistant Manager Financial‬‬
‫‪Reporting in Strategic‬‬
‫‪Financial Planning & Financial‬‬
‫‪Accounting Control‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Call Center‬‬
‫‪Agent in Retail Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Teller in Retail‬‬
‫‪Zaid Buabbas‬‬
‫‪Hend Al Farhan‬‬
‫في عيسى‬
‫‪Fay Eisa‬‬
‫‪Anwar Alqallaf‬‬
‫انور القالف‬
‫‪Al Hanouf AlHalban‬‬
‫هند الفرحان‬
‫زيد بوعباس‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة ممثل خدمة‬
‫عمالء الهاتفية في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة صراف في المصرفية‬
‫للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Call Center Agent in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Call Center Agent in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة ممثل خدمة‬
‫عمالء الهاتفية متدرب في‬
‫مجموعة المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Call Center‬‬
‫‪Agent in Retail Banking‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة ممثل خدمة‬
‫عمالء الهاتفية متدرب في‬
‫مجموعة المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Call Center‬‬
‫‪Agent in Retail Banking‬‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة صراف‬
‫في المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫سعد الصباح‬
‫هديل العون‬
‫عبداهلل القالف‬
‫الهنوف الهلبان‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Call Center Agent in‬‬
‫‪Retail Banking‬‬
‫بدر صالح‬
‫‪Saad Al Sabah‬‬
‫‪Hadeel Al Own‬‬
‫‪Abdullah Al Qallaf‬‬
‫‪Bader Saleh‬‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة اداري متدرب في‬
‫الموارد البشرية والتطوير‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة مسئول عالقات‬
‫عمالء في المصرفية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة خبير شئون عمالء‬
‫في المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة ممثل خدمة عمالء‬
‫الهاتفية متدرب في مجموعة‬
‫المصرفية للخدمات الشخصية‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank as‬‬
‫‪a Management Trainee in‬‬
‫‪Human Resources‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank as‬‬
‫‪a Relationship Officer in‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank as‬‬
‫‪a CEM Specialist in Retail‬‬
‫‪has joined Burgan Bank‬‬
‫‪as a Trainee Call Center‬‬
‫‪Agent in Retail Banking‬‬
‫أسرة كيبكــــو‬
Newly Hired ‫الموظفون الجدد‬
‫خالد الحليبي‬
‫محمد سيد قاسم‬
‫فواز حسن‬
‫معصومه اشكناني‬
‫علي المال‬
Khaled Al Hulaibi
Mohammed Sayed Qasem
Fawaz Hasan
Masouma Ashkanani
Ali Al Mulla
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة مسئول المنتجات‬
‫في المصرفية للخدمات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة مسئول شكاوى‬
‫العمالء في مكتب رئيس‬
‫المدارء التنفيذيين‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة مسئول تحويالت‬
‫مالية في العمليات‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة مهندس أمن نظم‬
‫المعلومات في إدارة المخاطر‬
has joined Burgan Bank
as an Officer Products in
Retail Banking
has joined Burgan Bank
as an Officer Client
Complaints in CEO's
has joined Burgan Bank
as an Officer Swift in
has joined Burgan
Bank as an Information
Security Engineer in Risk
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بنك برقان‬
‫بوظيفة محاسب متدرب في‬
‫التخطيط المالي االستراتيجي‬
‫والمحاسبة المالية‬
has joined Burgan Bank as
an Accountant Trainee in
Strategic Financial Planning
& Financial Accounting
Nour Al Nemah
‫نور النعمه‬
Aayush Jaiswal
‫آيوش جايسوال‬
Avineet Sadani
‫أفنيت ساداني‬
‫سوفرات جائين‬
Suvrat Jain
Ayush Singhal
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى بنك‬
‫برقان بوظيفة مهندس نظم‬
‫في نظم المعلومات‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بمركز‬
‫معرفة بلسر كمحلل‬
‫تجاري في مجموعة األعمال‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بمركز‬
‫معرفة بلسر كمحلل‬
‫تجاري في مجموعة األعمال‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بمركز‬
‫معرفة بلسر كمحلل‬
‫تجاري في مجموعة األعمال‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بمركز‬
‫معرفة بلسر كمحلل‬
‫تجاري في مجموعة األعمال‬
has joined Burgan Bank
as a System Engineer in
Information Technology
has joined Pulsar
Knowledge Centre as a
Business Analyst in the
Business Advisory Group
has joined Pulsar
Knowledge Centre as a
Business Analyst in the
Business Advisory Group
has joined Pulsar
Knowledge Centre as a
Business Analyst in the
Business Advisory Group
has joined Pulsar
Knowledge Centre as a
Business Analyst in the
Business Advisory Group
‫روهيت غيهلوت‬
‫سارة قاسم‬
‫محمد أحمد‬
‫آيوش سينكال‬
‫ناهيد عبد اهلل‬
Rohit Gehlot
Sarah Qasim
Mohamed Ahmed
Naheed Abdulla
‫التحق بالعمل لدى بمركز‬
‫معرفة بلسر كمحلل‬
‫تجاري في مجموعة األعمال‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫تقاعد لالدخار والتقاعد بوظيفة‬
‫مسؤول عالقة العمالء في‬
‫االستشارات المالية‬
has joined Takaud Savings
& Pensions Company as a
Relationship Officer in the
Commercial Department
Financial Consultancy
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫تقاعد لالدخار والتقاعد بوظيفة‬
‫مسؤول عالقة العمالء في‬
‫االستشارات المالية‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫تقاعد لالدخار والتقاعد بوظيفة‬
‫مسؤوول دعم االعمال‬
‫التجارية في دعم االعمال‬
has joined Pulsar
Knowledge Centre as a
Business Analyst in the
Business Advisory Group
has joined Takaud Savings
& Pensions Company as a
Relationship Officer in the
Commercial Department
Financial Consultancy
has joined Takaud Savings
& Pensions Company as a
Commercial Support Officer
in Commercial Support
Newly Hired ‫الموظفون الجدد‬
‫لبنى حجاب‬
‫منذر فضة‬
‫هيثم البحش‬
Stephen Griffin
Munther Feddah
Haitham Al Bahsh
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫تقاعد لالدخار والتقاعد بوظيفة‬
‫مدير قانوني في الدائرة‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫تقاعد لالدخار والتقاعد بوظيفة‬
‫اختصاصي توظيف في الموارد‬
| gig ‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫الشرق العربي للتأمين بوظيفة‬
‫مسؤول حسابات في كبار‬
| gig ‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫الشرق العربي للتأمين بوظيفة‬
‫ضابط في الموارد البشرية‬
has joined Takaud Savings
& Pensions Company as
a Legal Manager in Legal
has joined Takaud Savings
& Pensions Company as a
HR Recruitment Specialist
in HR
has joined gig | Arab
Orient Insurance Company
as an Account Executive in
Key accounts
has joined gig | Arab
Orient Insurance Company
as an Officer in Human
Resources Department
‫مؤيد االحمر‬
‫خالد عويضه‬
‫يامن نيسى‬
‫صالح حكيم‬
Moayad Al Ahmar
Khalid Owaida
Yamen Nissi
Saleh Hakim
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫ | الشرق العربي للتأمين‬gig
‫بوظيفة مسؤول حسابات‬
‫في تطوير األعمال‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫كامكو بوظيفة نائب رئيس‬
‫أول في إدارة نظم المعلومات‬
‫والشئون اإلدارية‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫كامكو بوظيفة نائب رئيس في‬
‫إدارة التوزيع‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫كامكو بوظيفة مسؤول‬
‫تنفيذي أول في إدارة التوزيع‬
has joined gig | Arab
Orient Insurance Company
as an Account Executive in
Business Development
has joined KAMCO as a
Senior Vice President in
the IT & Administration
has joined KAMCO as
a Vice President in the
Distribution Department
has joined KAMCO as a
Senior Executive in the
Distribution Department
‫أميره مفتاح‬
‫ستيفن جريفن‬
Lubna Hijab
‫احمد خشيش‬
‫احمد الوزان‬
‫فرح الشهاب‬
Amira Moftah
Ahmad Khochaich
Ahmad Al Wazzan
Farah Al Shehab
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫كامكو بوظيفة مسؤول‬
‫تنفيذي أول في إدارة التوزيع‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫كامكو بوظيفة ضابط ا في‬
‫إدارة دعم المحافظ والصناديق‬
‫التحق بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫كامكو بوظيفة ضابط متدرب‬
‫في إدارة التسويات‬
‫التحقت بالعمل لدى شركة‬
‫كيبكو بوظيفة ضابط متدرب‬
‫في إدارة اتصاالت الشركات‬
has joined KAMCO as a
Senior Executive in the
Distribution Department
has joined KAMCO as an
Officer I in the Portfolios
& Funds Management
Support Department
has joined KAMCO
as a Trainee Officer in
has joined KIPCO as a
Trainee Officer in the
Corporate Communication