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First Friends Church
Life Changes
"Changes That Heal has
affected my life more than
any other book I've read."
Single Adult Ministry
"In this ground-breaking
book Dr Cloud takes
the reader step-by-step
throught the four basic
tasks of becoming mature
image bearers of God:
• Bonding to others
• Separating from others
• Sorting out good and bad in ourselves
and others
• Becoming an adult
Dr Cloud not only explains and describes
each task, he also identifies the problems
that results when we fail to accomplish that
task, and he shows us what changes to make
in our lives in order to bring about healing.
Of all the professionals I know, Henry
Cloud understands and explains best why
people develop emotional and relational
problems and how they can solve them."
Minirth-Meier Clinicc
First Friends Church
5455 Market Avenue North
Canton, Ohio 44714
Fridays, 7:00pm
January 14 - March 18, 2011
5455 Market Avenue North
Canton, Ohio 44714
Changes That Heal:
How to Understand Your Past to
Ensure a Healthier Future
Dr. Henrey Cloud is a clinical
psychologist and codirector of
the Minirth Meier New Life
Clinics West. He leads seminars
and hosts a daily radio program
on issues relating to psychological and
emotional growth.
Dr. Cloud is a clinical psychologist and
leadership consultant with a unique ability
to connect with audiences. Drawing upon
his broad range of experiences in private
practice, leadership consulting, and media,
he simplifies life’s issues and gives easy-tounderstand, practical advice. Its Dr. Cloud’s
humor, compassion, and “in the moment”
confrontation that make his approach to
psychology, business and spirituality such a
Dr. Cloud has written or co-written over
20 books, including the two million-seller
Boundaries, Integrity: The Courage To
Meet The Demands of Reality, 9 Things
You Simply Must Do To Succeed in Love
and Life, and most recently, The One-Life
Solution. His books have earned three Gold
Medallion awards and the distinguished
Retailers Choice award for a book and
television partnership with Time-Life and
Integrity Publishers.
Changes That Heal:
In Changes That Heal Dr.
Cloud combines expertise,
well-developed faith, and keen
understanding of human nature
in a four-step program of healing
and growth. Dr. Cloud’s downto-earth plan shows you how to:
bond with others to form truly
intimate relationships; separate
from others and develop a sense
of self; understanding the good
and bad in yourself and others;
and grow emotionally and
spiritually toward adulthood.
Filled with fascinating case
studies and helpful, easy-to-adopt
techniques, this book offers sound
advice that helps you get the most
out of life.
How to Understand Your Past to
Ensure a Healthier Future
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The cost for this program is $20 for
workbook and materials. Checks should be
made payable to and sent to:
First Friends Church
5545 Market Ave., N
Canton, Ohio 44714
or register on line at
For additional information please call
First Friends at 330.966.2800