Public and Private Cloud Interoperability


Public and Private Cloud Interoperability
Public and Private Cloud Interoperability
Robert Groat
Smartronix Chief Technology Officer
[email protected]
Digital Government Institute, March 20, 2013
© 2010 Smartronix, Inc.
Smartronix Cloud Services - Background
Smartronix was a pioneer in developing Public Cloud solutions in the
Federal Government including deploying the first accredited public
cloud solution with followed closely by
Smartronix is currently operating and maintaining over 30 web
properties on AWS, Verizon Terremark, Microsoft Azure, and Equinix
On November 26th, Smartronix was announced as 1 of the 15 partners
chosen as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner globally.
© 2010 Smartronix, Inc.
Lessons Learned
Workloads are easier to migrate to the Cloud when a distinct
boundary can be defined.
− This is why email, public web presence, dev/test are the logical
choices for initial cloud service migrations
− Its why SaaS has been adopted faster than PaaS / IaaS
In general, distinctly defining a boundary is difficult and prone to
− Interoperability and shared services are inevitable such as:
Identity management federation or integration
Boundary management (TIC Integration etc.)
License management
Security controls and requirements (Continuous monitoring)
− Boundaries are also fluid (Software Defined Networking)
© 2010 Smartronix, Inc.
What if…
What if you could make Cloud consumption purely a networking
What if extending your datacenter to the nearly infinite capacity of
Cloud providers could be over a private / dedicated connections?
What if all traffic into and out of the Cloud flowed through your
trusted boundary if you wanted it to?
Holy Grail:
• What if you could make 1 logical Datacenter across geographically
dispersed locations and Cloud providers?
− …while still maintaining control, governance and policy over virtual
− …while enhancing your service capabilities AND improving your
security posture AND reducing your cost
© 2010 Smartronix, Inc.
Intelligent Cloud Hub – Reference Architecture for Federal Government
© 2010 Smartronix, Inc.

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