2012MAR6 BGI-PPI Press Release Intl.



2012MAR6 BGI-PPI Press Release Intl.
Greenlist® Licensed to International Payments Network
BANCwire™ extends the scope of financial services far beyond International Money Transfers
Chicago, Illinois – March 6, 2012. Payment Pathways, Inc. (PPI) today announced the sale of licenses for
its Greenlist® registry of publicly discoverable epayment addresses to the BANCServices Group, Inc., the
providers of BANCwire™. BANCwire is a network service available to financial institutions that wish to
offer their customers value added financial services anchored by a safe “virtual address” within the Greenlist.
BANCwire is an Open Financial Institution Payments Platform for cross-border payments, allowing any
person or business to request and receive payments anywhere, any time and on any device through their
own financial institution. Incorporating Greenlist technology, BANCwire now makes epayments safe and
secure without having to disclose any actual account or bankcard information. All enjoy unequaled levels
of payments privacy, service profitability, and identity protection laying the foundation for additional
benefits and services provided by BANCwire participants.
“BANCwire and Greenlist foster increased transparency, which creates a more competitive and
receptive market for our Greenlisted VISA debit cards that have the added value of insurance,
healthcare and credit benefits. When efficient remittances combine with affordable human services,
living standards are tangibly raised, fulfilling the aspirational needs of entire families.” said Carlos
Noceda, CEO of Orbis Unum, a BANCwire and benefits distributer in Lima, Peru.
BANCwire is the first global clearing and settlement network to combine greenlisted Personal Account
Numbers (PANs) and Automatic Clearing House (ACH) identifiers to achieve the transparency envisioned
in the Dodd-Frank Act’s new remittance disclosure standards. By incorporating disclosures that list the
exchange rate used as well as the amount of currency that will be received abroad and other information
that can be sent over an electronic funds transfer network, BANCwire allows recipient financial institutions
to post ‘good funds’ the moment payment transactions arrived from the network – ahead of actual
settlement. PPI's patented approach protects institutions against risk in sending and receiving international
as well as domestic money transfers and banks are beginning to realize that the same information not only
helps compliance but helps savvy SME customers run their businesses better.
“This solution establishes our competitive position in the marketplace and has the potential to solve
the nagging interoperability issues confronting payment islands,” said Richard O’Brien, President
and CEO of Payment Pathways, Inc. “Furthermore, BANCwire’s use of Greenlist conforms to the
guiding principles of Data Minimization and Use Limitation to achieve Security as specified in the
National Strategy for Trusted Identity in Cyberspace (NSTIC).”
BANCwire and Greenlist present cloud-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) services
available to banks, credit unions and non-bank financial institutions that are accredited Greenlist registrars.
“Many banks reach out to serve immigrant population, driven by the desire to have positive
community relations and a good rating in the Community Reinvestment Act. Now they can
confidently pay recipients in far away lands without worrying about identity protections and AntiMoney-Laundering (AML) transfer risk. Greenlisting also mitigates problems some financial
institutions could have in meeting their funds transfer requirements under Reg. E.” said William
Drevant, former banker and CEO at WRD Consulting in Antioch, IL.
In addition to masking traditional debit card and bank account numbers, closed loop debit card numbers can
also be registered as trusted epayment addresses for relying parties such as financial institutions deploying
“Greenlist combines the critical dimensions of trusted identity and protected personal payment
information – two essential elements in making global payments.” said Elizabeth McQuerry, Senior
Vice President at Microfinance International Corporation and ARIAS, an international clearing and
settlement network.
PPI is extending its Greenlist technology for BANCwire in a program designed to further reduce payments
fraud with a patented Sender-Receiver Linkage feature that minimizes both money laundering risks as well
as fraud losses from unauthorized debits for risk bearing institutions.
About Payment Pathways, Inc.
Founded in 2003, Payment Pathways has developed the Greenlist registry, which elegantly makes
epayments safe and secure without requiring consumers to disclose any actual account or bankcard
information whatsoever. PPI helps all parties in the payments ecosystem with payments privacy, service
profitability, and identity authentication and protection. Visit paymentpathways.com or call +1 312.346.9400
for more information.
About The BANCServices Group, Inc.
Founded in 2000, The BANCServices Group has integrated numerous products and services that support
over 750 financial institutions without requiring significant CAPEX to implement any solutions or services.
BANCwire is a service offering of BANCServices International, a subsidiary of BGI. Visit
bancservicescorp.com or call +1 866.322.3200 U.S., +1 573.683.2223 International, for more information.
Greenlist® is a registered trademark of PPI. BANCwire™ is a trademark of BANCServices Group, Inc.