We`ll have you up and running in minutes... Parent



We`ll have you up and running in minutes... Parent
We’ll have you
up and running
in minutes...
Text and Email
Want a
FREE Trial?
The integrated solution
for parent payments
and communication:
or call us on 0844 445 7147
Embedded in SIMS
– find us on the Focus menu
First class support and training
– 97% of our existing customers rate our
overall service as great
Easy to use, safe and
– a proven and trusted solution
Available in school and online
– accessible from PC, laptop or mobile phone
To find out more or take a free trial please call us
on 0844 445 7147 or visit www.schoolcomms.com
Attendance and Behaviour
“No more rushing around on
a Monday morning for dinner
or trip money. Easy to use
anytime – brilliant!”
Saves time
Simple to use
It’s safe, easy and simple to
collect money from parents
online using Schoolcomms.
Parents benefit from:
uSimple log on process
uAccessible anytime
uPayment by debit/credit card,
cash or cheque
uTrip consent can be
completed online when
making payment
Collecting money online will
save hours of time in school:
uDinner money
uSchool trips
uAfter school activities
uMusic lessons
uSchool clubs
Built-in reports enable you to
track the money collected and
view overdue payments.
And it’s easy to send automated
receipts for completed
payments as well as reminders
for outstanding amounts.
Schoolcomms makes it easy to
notify parents when their child
is not in school. When parents
reply to absence messages,
you can automatically update
SIMS registers. You’ll save
hours of time dealing with
eCards are a unique and fun
way for you to celebrate a
child’s special achievement,
say thank you or well done.
They are personal, engaging
and very effective.
Easy to use
“We love eCards. It ‘s a brilliant idea and
incredibly user friendly! Our parents and
children have loved receiving them.”
“The Head Teacher is well
impressed with Schoolcomms and
the parents and school office team
love it! It saves time and is so easy
to use and it saves us money on
our printing and paper costs.”
St John’s Catholic Primary School,
Pencoed Primary School,
Tackle truancy
and Behaviour
Reinforce positive behaviour
Schoolcomms is easy to use and
saves hours of time:
uUse for Newsletters, parent
reminders, after school clubs,
school trips etc
uEmbedded in SIMS
uTwo-way communication using uAccessible from school or home
text or email messaging
– using a PC, laptop or mobile
Text and Email
uSave thousands of
First class
pounds every year

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