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Credit Cards - General Electric Credit Union
Making Credit Card Payments Online
1.Login to Online Banking and click the “Credit Card” tab.
2.The first time you access this area, you’ll have to enroll
your credit card. If you have multiple GECU cards, you
will need to do this for each card.
3.Mouse over “Payments” at the top of the page and
then click “Make a Payment.” You can also click “Make
a Payment” under the “Quick Links.”
4.If you have multiple cards, select the card to pay.
5.Select the amount to pay from the drop-down list:
Minimum Amount Due, Statement Balance, or Other.
6.Enter your payment date by clicking on the calendar
and selecting a date.
7.Verify your payment source. The first time you
access, you’ll need to provide your checking account
information by clicking “Edit Account Info.” If you wish
to make future payments from a different account, you
can edit/update at anytime. Once completed, you can
make a payment immediately.
8.Read the Terms and Conditions, click “Submit,” verify
your payment, and click “Confirm.”
General Electric Credit Union
Main Office Location
10485 Reading Rd. in Evendale
Monday – Thursday......... 9:00 - 5:00
Friday............................... 9:00 - 6:00
Saturday........................... 9:00 - 2:00
513.243.4328 • 800.542.7093
For additional office locations and hours,
please contact us or visit our website.
Phone Loan Center
513.243.5626 • 888.670.5626
513.243.3333 • 800.589.2875
[email protected]
You can also make payments through GECU’s Web BillPay.
How Payments are Applied
• P
ayments made prior to 6:00 p.m. EST on a business
day, will be posted to the credit card on that business day.
• P
ayments made after 6:00 p.m. EST on a business day,
will be posted to the credit card on the next business day.
• P
ayments made over a weekend or on a holiday, will be
posted to the credit card on the second business day
­following the ­payment request.
This credit union is federally insured by
the National Credit Union Administration.
General Electric Credit Union is
an Equal Opportunity Lender.
GECU NMLS #449875
Credit Cards
Low Rates • No Annual Fees*
Great Rewards
GECU Visa Dividend Gold & Dividend Classic
Reward: Cash Back on all net purchases from first $1
It Makes Your Wallet Look Good
A General Electric Credit Union (GECU) credit card is the
perfect card for your wallet. Experience the benefits of our
cards with: low rates and no unnecessary expenses; great
rewards starting with your first purchase; and convenient
online features.
• Lower than industry-average rates while getting the
same rate for: purchases, balance transfers, and cash
• No annual fee1 no matter which card you choose
• No application, processing, balance transfer, or cash
advance fees1
• Great rewards (see details under each card)
• Online features for ultimate card management (see right)
GECU Visa® Platinum
Reward: Merchandise, Gift Cards, Digital Services, and
Travel through CURewards®
Accrue reward points immediately, from the first net dollar
charged or transferred. Points can also be earned by
shopping with your card through the CURewards Mall
or from their in-store participating merchants. For more
details about redeeming CURewards points and using the
CURewards mobile app, please see details under “Card
Details through Online Banking.“
Receive 1% cash back on net purchases and, if you carry
a balance, we’ll pay you 10% back on any paid finance
charges. The dividends you earn are posted to your Share
account at the end of each quarter. Plus, if you transfer a
balance(s) from another credit card, you’ll receive a one-time
cash deposit of $25 when you transfer a balance(s) between
$750 - $1,999, or $50 when you transfer a balance(s) of
$2,000 or more.
Card Details through Online Banking
Through the “Credit Card” tab in Online Banking, you can
view: transactions and history, pending transactions, account
balance, available credit, next payment date, amount due,
and more. The first time you access this section, you’ll need
to complete the quick and easy card enrollment process.
∙ Sign-up and View Free Credit Card
e-Statements (Under the “Quick Links” menu, click “Go Paperless”
to sign-up and “View Statements” to access your e-Statement.)
Credit card e-Statements are a faster, more secure way
to receive your monthly statement. You’ll have all the
same information as your mailed, paper statement. Once
enrolled, you’ll accrue 24 months of statement history to
view, print, or save.
∙ Make Your Payments Online (Under the “Quick Links”
menu, click “Make a Payment”.)
Conveniently make payments from any checking
account. You have the option to choose: Minimum
Amount Due, Statement Balance, or Other. You’ll also
have access to your payment history. More details,
including set-up instructions, on the back panel of this
∙ Platinum Card: Point Details and CURewards
Access (Mouse over “Services” and click “Rewards.”)
By clicking the “CURewards” button on the
“Account Summary” page, you’ll find your point
activity, including the number of points earned and
redeemed, and the points that are going to expire.
You’ll also find a direct link to the CURewards
website to easily redeem your points. You can also
register your credit card directly on the CURewards
website at: to view and redeem
your points.
Download the CURewards mobile app to redeem
reward points or find special CURewards Mall offers
close to your location, when you’re on-the-go. Visit
your app store and search for “CURewards.” Once
you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to register your
card through the mobile app or the CURewards
website as this operates independently from our
Online Banking.
Apply for Our Card!
• Visit our website and click “Apply” or login to Online
Banking and click the “Consumer Loan App” tab.
• Contact our Phone Loan Center during normal
business hours.
• Meet with a loan officer at our Reading Road,
Mason, Loveland, or Fairfield offices; Eastgate office
by appointment only.
• Contact us to request an application be mailed to you.
GECU membership is required to utilize these products and services; contact us for
membership details. 1GECU Credit Card Program: Upon approved credit. Regular
purchase Annual Percentage Rate (APR) applies. Foreign transaction fee is 1% of
each transaction in U.S. dollars. There is no fee to transfer balances from other credit
cards to your new GECU credit card; however, the current APR will be applied to the
transferred balance.
With your membership comes value and we value you.

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