to Veiw Javier Buelna Vision Statement and Bio


to Veiw Javier Buelna Vision Statement and Bio
 Vision Statement My name is Javier Buelna and I am married to Cynthia Buelna and we have three children and one grandson. In 2003, The Lord spoke me to quit my job and follow him and so we started Centro Cristiano Restauracion Total (Spanish Ministry) with one family in 2004 in the City of Los Angeles (south central) to be exact. Our beginnings were very traditional in a sense that I had no idea what Kingdom meant. So for the first five years of our ministry I became the replica of the same traditional church that I accepted the Lord. In 2008, The Lord began to tugged at my heart and begin to revealed the state of the Hispanic church and realized that we have been operating with a man-­‐‑made design as far the structure of the church, government and ministry, the legalism and the religious spirit that is heavily infiltrated in the Hispanic churches and that a change needed to take place. So he began to instruct me and lead me in breaking a lot of the molds, structures and local church government in which the end results was an exodus of all the people that felt that I was out of order and saw our church go from 600 to around 50 but we kept trusting God and after five years of receiving, learning, processing, a new church has arise and I can see the freedom that this shift has cause and the church steadily growing to a present number of 400. In this last five years we have dedicated ourselves in restructuring our local church by: •
Equipping and training the leadership •
Creating a platforms to set the new structure •
Working in the shifting of the mindset of the believers from “Church Goers” to “Being The Church” My vision is to become the ministry that models the government and the culture of the Kingdom by transitioning into an Apostolic Center. Create a shift in the Hispanic community of South Central Los Angeles and the nation that break the molds, the traditions and bad designs in which they have operated in the last 40 years, to provide alignment, training and relationship. We understand this is an uphill battle considering that within five square miles of our church location there’s 454 churches (90 % Latinos) but God has giving us the grace to be of an influence in our city and start imparting the Kingdom into the hearts of pastors. We will focus on Shifting atmospheres and transforming cities, influencing their government, business, education and church. We will create an evangelism and discipleship program; start up our own private education school and leadership institute, train center for apostles and prophets for the market place We have also created our local network KCN (Kingdom Culture Network) to contribute to the growth of churches in their identity, position, and function. Providing a system of teachings to pastors, leaders, and anyone in the body of Christ who whishes to be train and obtain a clear vision of their identity as son’s of God and be efficient in the body of Christ. •
Provide ministry training and alignment •
Develop ministry identity •
Activate the gifts and their callings •
Provoke a prophetic awaking •
Train leaders to work as a team and the importance of relationship and how they align us to our destiny Community Outreach We are heavily involved in our community year-­‐‑around providing resources, outreach, and a variety of activities such as back to school, toy drives, community prayers, etc. But we have understood that these are not just good-­‐‑deeds but an intentional act of establishing the Kingdom in our city. JAVIER BUELNA 5606 S. BROADWAY LOS ANGELES, CA 90037 (562) 843-­‐‑3716 [email protected] 

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