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The International Platform for
the Used Equipment Market!
Benefit from the high competence of the
international trade visitors of the ReTEC
and the strong national market with a high
purchasing power as well as the high propensity to invest. Taking place at the same
time as the Hannover Fair, the ReTEC mobilizes decision makers and purchasing
agents from all over the world in a special
atmosphere conducive to the promotion of
trade and investment relationships.
Many Good Reasons for Your Participation in the Trade Fair
The increasingly individualistic requirements in
connection with production and application,
the search for bespoke solutions and the special challenges for production in developing
countries, as well as the frame conditions of
the market are the required driving force in this
very special market and its international trade
fair ReTEC.
The extensive advertising and PR
campaign for the ReTEC takes place online as well as offline and in all important
international trade media. The trade visitors receive personal invitations via our
data base and our representations abroad as well as via our competence network and media partners.
• ReTEC improves your marketing
• Customer contact – direct feedback
• Increased marketability and proximity
to customers
• Perfect environment for your offers
• Efficiency and sustainability in connection with the handling of business
contacts/customer data
• Considerable increase of the range of
your online communication
• open new client lines
Products Offered
Kurt Radermacher, Managing Director FDM, Bonn
The Fachverband des Maschinen und
Werkzeug-Großhandels FDM (Trade
Association of the Machinery and
Tool Wholesalers), as technical sponsor of the ReTEC, considers it very
beneficial that this important trade
fair platform for the industry has a future since it will
alternatingly take place at Augsburg and Essen effective
2017. Owing to the successful international trade fair for
grinding technology, GrindTec, the organizer AFAG has
already established close contacts to the trade on a technical basis. The supporting associations FDM and EAMTM
consider working together with an independent trade
fair organizer to be very positive.
Used Machinery and Systems
for All Industries
Ton Matena, President EAMTM,
For the European Association of
Machine Tool Merchants (EAMTM)
the ReTEC is a strong and unique
marketing tool and important marketplace offering European and international traders a location where they
can present their special offers to prospective buyers from
all over the world. The face-to-face-concept of a trade
fair remains indispensable in today’s world of internet and
social media. The EAMTM members will be one of the largest groups of exhibitors and will provide maximum support the fair organizers of AFAG and Hess GmbH in order
to make the ReTEC a full success.
• Hoisting devices and industrial trucks
Achim Frainer, Managing Director,
Achim Frainer Maschinenhandel
“I am a machine trader with my
heart and soul and have been exhibiting for the past 20 years. For me
“trade fair” means presenting and
operating machines.One hundred
percent customer contact brings business deals right to
the point completely without waste of efforts.”
Bridget Okonofua, Lead Unique
Collection Ventures Ltd.:
“I bring groups of visitors from Nigeria to the fair. Our clients want to
buy machines and see them beforehand. The personal contact to the
exhibitors creates trust and is very
important for us.”
• Metal working machines
• Robotics and automats
• Tooling systems
• Machine periphery
• Measurement and testing technology
• Process technology
• Energy technology, process temperature control systems
• Construction machines
• Agricultural machines
• Utility vehicles and municipal vehicles
• Waste management machinery and
recycling technology
• IT and telecommunication technology
• Printing machines and copying
• Woodworking machines
• Plastics processing machinery
• Packaging machines
• Food processing machinery
• Chemistry and process technology
• Textiles machinery
• Other machines and systems
• Tools, moulds
• Spare parts, accessories
• Services and retrofitting
• Trade media, publishing companies
• Trade associations and organisations
Technical sponsor:
Supported by:
Fachverband des Maschinen- und
Werkzeug-Großhandels e.V. Bonn
European Association of Machine
Tool Merchants, Brüssel, Belgien
HESS Consulting
Weingarten, Baden
Veranstalter/ Informationen:
AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH
Projektleitung: ReTEC
Messezentrum 1 · 90471 Nürnberg
P +49 (0)911-9 88 33 - 410
F +49 (0)911-9 88 33 - 419 · [email protected]
Internationlae Fachmesse für
Competency partners:
Bundesverband des deutschen Exporthandels e.V., Berlin
Dutch Used Machinery Association,
Nieuwegein, Niederlande
Germany Trade and Invest GmbH, Berlin
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale
Bundesverband e.V., Essen
Mitglied im Fachverband Messen
und Ausstellungen

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