Highlights of the 2013 FICG in LA November 1 — 3, 2013



Highlights of the 2013 FICG in LA November 1 — 3, 2013
Highlights of the
2013 FICG in LA
1 — 3, 2013
Guadalajara Festival Unspools
Best of Latin America Cinema at
Hollywood Showcase.
FICG in LA kicks off today with a
selection of some the most outstanding
Mexican and Latin American films
of the last edition of the Guadalajara
Film Festival.
The FICG crosses borders and opens today
in Los Angeles at the very Mecca of cinema.
· 3 Days
· 2 Theatres
· 12 Film Screenings
· 5 US Premieres and 4 Los Angeles Premieres
· Red Carpets
· Opening and Closing Galas
· Festival proceeds benefited victims of floods in Mexico
· 5 Tributes to renowned members of the US and Ibero American film industry
· 25 Film Guests (Filmmakers, cast and crew)
· 50 members of the press from 35 media outlets in USA, Mexico and Latin America
· 2000 attendees
· Event coverage by Telemundo, Mundo Fox, Azteca America and Canal 31.2
“These events are amazing, it is not so easy to
show Latin American cinema in the United
States due to the pressure from Hollywood. It is
very important that this little light shines now
for Latin America cinema. “
— CARLOS CUARÓN at the L.A. premiere
of his film Sugar Kisses.
This new edition of FICG in LA consol
creating not only a launching platform
America films, but also builds a bridg
International Film Festival (FICG) – th
America - and the film lovers and indus
lidates the project of
m for Mexican and Latin
ge between the Guadalajara
he lead film festival in Latin
stry professionals in the US.
For the third time FICG in LA brought
Mexican and Latin American talent and
cinema to Los Angeles.
If the third time is the charm as the
saying goes, then the Guadalajara
International Film Festival in Los Angeles
(FICG in LA) - is on the right track.
The US Premiere of Last Call
(Tercera Llamada) was received
with applause at the Opening Night
of the extension of the Guadalajara
International Film Festival (FICG)
in Los Angeles.
Hollywood received enthusiastically
the best of Guadalajara.
“While it is still difficult to premiere films in Spanish
in Los Angeles, the current number of Latinos in the
industry in Hollywood improves this situation, and it
seems that Hollywood finally realized that the great
creative minds are not only there, but already crossed
the border.”
anchorman, CNN en Español.
Filmmakers and celebrities took part in the
celebration of Mexican and Latin American
cinema. Over two thousand people enjoyed the
event in the heart of Hollywood.
· Last Call - (Tercera Llamada) – Director Francisco Franco; Cast: Irene
Azuela and Martín Altomaro
· Sadurni’s Butterflies – (Las mariposas de Sadurní) –Director Darío Nardi
· Disrupt – (Quebranto) – Director Roberto Fiesco
· Death Strokes – (Levantamuertos) – Director Miguel Núñez; Producer :
Yolanda Osuna; Cast: Sofía Félix, Roberto Medina, Rubí Molina; Director
of Photography: Evan Phan; Editor: Lorraine Kirsten; Sound Designer: Ed
· El Santos vs. the Busty Mendoza (El Santos vs. La Tetona Mendoza),
Presented by comic book creators Jis and Trino.
· Workers - Cast: Jesus “Chuy” Padilla and Susana Salazar.
· I’m Better Than You – (Soy mucho mejor que vos) - Director Che
· Purgatorio: A Journey into the Heart of the Border - Director Rodrigo
Reyes; Director of Photography: Justin Chin
· Port Father –(Puerto Padre)- Cast: Adriana Álvarez.
· Sugar Kisses (Besos de azúcar) – Director Carlos Cuarón; Cast: Paloma
Arredondo and Verónica Falcón.
El Árbol de l a Vida
The third edition of FICG in LA presented for the first time the Tree of Life Awards (a sculptural piece created
by native artisans from Metepec, State of Mexico) – to five artists and organizations in recognition to their
artistic contribution and their promotion of the Latin American culture. They were:
— Emilio Kauderer, Argentine music composer (The Secret in Their Eyes, Miss Bala)
— Juan Carlos Arciniega , Colombian anchorman, CNN en Español.
— Fernando Luján, the Mexican actor of Last Call (Cinco días sin Nora, En el país de no pasa nada) - Francisco
Franco, director of Last Call, received the award in his name.
— Gabriel Beristain, Mexican cinematographer (The Ring Two, Blade: Trinity )
— Ambulante, the traveling documentary festival. Eva Parenteau, Director of Operations of Ambulante and Eva
Monsour, Programmer, received the award.
“FICG in LA is a gateway to Latin
American cinema in Hollywood and
also for Latino filmmakers to forge a
relationship with the Guadalajara
International Film Festival and claim
it as their home,” said Iván Trujillo,
Festival Director of FICG.
— LatinoBuzz, indieWIRE.
“I just had the most phenomenal
weekend at the festival. It
absolutely blew my mind and
exceeded all of my expectations.
Every film that I saw was amazing
and the entire event was absolutely
magical. I will move heaven and
earth to be here next year.”
— Heather Santora – Lead
Programmer – Slamdance Film
Festival (USA).
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