Golf Etiquette



Golf Etiquette
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All rule references reproduced with kind permission
of R&A Rules Limited
GOLFING do’s and dont’s
Enjoy the game and consider the enjoyment of others.
Play without delay.
Be ready to play when it is your shot.
Allow others to play through if searching for a lost ball.
Rake a bunker after playing from it.
Repair divot holes and pitch marks.
Behave in an unsportsmanlike manner, throw
clubs or make unneccessary noise on the course.
Play a shot until the group in front are out of range.
Stand too close to a person playing a shot.
Leave your bag in front of the green or write down
scores while on the green.
Take more than one practice swing.
Slide, drag feet or lean on a putter or flagstick
on the green.
Golf is played, for the most part, without the
supervision of a referee or umpire. The game
relies on the integrity of the individual to show
consideration for other players and abide by the
rules. All players should conduct themselves in
a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy
and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of
how competitive they may be. This is the spirit
of golf
Rules of golf 2008 - 2011
Do not play until the
players in front are
out of range.
If your ball may hit
anyone, shout the
warning “fore!”
Alert any nearby
greenkeeping staff
when you are about
to play a shot.
Seek early shelter
from lighting.
Do not disturb other
players by making
unnecessary noise.
Ensure any
electronic devices
used do not distract
other players.
Only tee up your ball
when it is your turn
to play.
Do not stand
directly behind the
ball, or the hole,
when a player is
about to play.
Do not stand on,
or cast shadows, on
another player’s line
of putt.
Stay close to the
putting green until
all players have
holed out.
If you are marking a
scorecard, complete
the player’s score
after each hole,
once you have left
the putting green.
Pace of play
Golf Rules extracted from
The Rules of Golf as approved
by The R&A Rules Ltd and the
United States Golf Association.
Ensure no one
is standing near by or in
a position to be hit by the club, the ball or any
stones, pebbles, twigs or the like when you
make a stroke or practice swing.
This booklet provides guidelines on the
manner in which the game of golf should
be played. If they are followed, all players
will gain maximum enjoyment from the game.
The ‘Spirit of the game’
Consideration for other players
pocket reminder
Players should play
at good pace.
Be ready to play
when it is your turn.
Always keep up with
the game in front.
Leave your bag
where it allows
quickest movement
off the green and
towards the
next tee.
If allowing a player
or a group to play
through, ensure
they are out of
range before
recommencing play.
If you may have lost
your ball, outside a
water hazard, play
a provisional ball.
Care of the golf course
Always be courteous and show consideration
to others on the course and in the clubhouse
at all times, to help everyone enjoy their game.
You should always try to leave the golf course as you
found it, so that other players may also enjoy its
condition and presentation.
Smooth over holes or
footprints you make in
the bunker.
Avoid taking divots with
practice swings.
Replace any divots
taken when playing
your shot.
Repair your own
pitchmarks, and any
others you may see.
Do not damage the
green when laying
down the flagstick.
Place flagstick back in
the hole properly.
Do not lean on your
putter on the green,
especially when taking
the ball out of the hole.
Once your group has
completed the hole,
repair any marks on the
green made by your
golf shoes.
Follow instructions
regarding the use of
caddy carts and golf
Do not take caddy carts
or buggies on, too close
to, putting greens
or tees.
Care of the golf course
Always switch off your
mobile phone before
going out on the golf
Observe the Rules of
the club or golf course
at all times,
eg: Observe any dress
code requirements.
Observe any rules
regarding golf shoe
Check in at the
clubhouse or starter
before beginning
your round.