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For full information click here for a brochure
Our coaches have an immense understanding of what it takes
to be successful at the highest levels of
competitive golf. Their experience includes
teaching with nationally recognized instructors
and organizations including Jim McClean, Stan
Utley, Kostis/McCord, Mike McGetrick,
Rick Smith, Junior Players Academy, ESPN Golf Schools and
coaching for NCAA Division I Universities
and local high schools. Accolades include the
2009 Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year and
the 2009 Colorado HS Coach of the Year.
Mile High Junior Champions is designed to help
juniors reach their full potential by combining elite level
individual instruction with competitive group development opportunities. Champions gives each athlete
both the individual attention they deserve and require,
while also gathering elite juniors to practice, compete,
challenge, grow, and learn from one another in a
competitive group environment. Junior Champions is
not just about improving a juniors swing, but focuses on
developing thriving competitors who know what to do,
when to do it, and how to successfully repeat and
maximize performance through mental, physical, and
technical growth.
As accomplished players with different areas of
expertise, our coaches can offer
insight into the necessary
mental, physical, and technical
skills to elevate your game. Our
instructors have competed in high
school, college, and in professional tournaments
and have been victorious at every level.
As coaches, they've coached multiple NCAA AllAmericans and teams to top 25 NCAA Division I
National Championship finishes. In their professional
careers, former players have twice won on the
Canadian Tour and one is a former PGA
Tour member. At the high school level, our
coaches have coached players to 20 team or
individual state titles in just the past 4 years
and coached 3 of the 4 members of Colorado’s 2012 Boy’s Jr. America Cup team. Not only do we
know what it takes to be successful at the
highest level, but more important, we knows
how to help our athletes succeed once they get
Contact Information
2101 W. Oxford Ave.
Englewood, CO 80110
[email protected]
College Golf and Beyond
Junior Champions ultimate goal is to prepare every
participant to be a successful collegiate golfer and beyond.
Our goal is that 50% of all graduating seniors receive
collegiate scholarships, 75% are members of collegiate
teams, and 100% have an opportunity to play golf in
college if they so choose.
While many teachers have great knowledge of swing
mechanics... it is the rare one who can both teach golf and
help grow the child into an adult. We are forever grateful
for … guidance in both with our son.
-Jay F.
Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you did with
Matt this year. He really improved his game … and definitely accomplished his main goals of getting off the tee
and lowering his score by 5-10 strokes.
-Jim D.
Reese just shot 79 at Murphy Creek, his first time in the
70’s. The work you’re doing with him is paying off.
- Gary H.
Colorado’s Finest Community of
Competitive Junior Golfers!
Be part of the team taking junior
golf performance to the next level
and become a Champion today!
One-on-One Coaching
Group Instruction Coaching
Elite athletes need a coach’s undivided attention and
these programs allow for personal evaluation and
growth opportunities as players spend individual time
This program is designed for juniors who either prefer a
group environment for learning or are seeking increased total instruction time in a more economical
fashion. This is a great program for those who are not
quite at the elite level in their age divisions.
with our coaches.
Silver Program
 Two individual instruction hours per month
 Can be used for golf instruction or mental
game coaching
 Weekly group sessions
 10 Total hours
 350/ month
Gold Program
 Three individual instruction hours per month
 Can be used for golf instruction or mental
game coaching
 Weekly group sessions
 11 Total hours
 425/ month
Platinum Program
 Four individual instruction hours per month
 Can be used for golf instruction or mental
game coaching
 Weekly group sessions
 12 Total hours
 500/ month
Player Development Program
 1 1/2 Hours of group instruction each week
 Maximum 4:1 student/ coach ratio
 Weekly group sessions
 14 total hours
 350/ month
Additional Options
One-on-One individual golf instruction - 100/ hr
One-on-One mental game instruction - 100/ hr
Monthly golf specific fitness evaluation and personal
workout - 150/ Month
Trackman club fitting/ golf club analysis - $100/ hr
Trackman combine testing - 75
Off site tournament observations - 50/ hr plus travel
What’s Included for every
Two-Hour Weekly Group Session - Sessions may
focus on technical review, situational skill and shot
development, competitive practice environments,
mental game discussions, course management discussions, and on course games, competitions, and practice
in a skill appropriate group.
Free indoor/ outdoor practice at MetaGolf Broken
Tee location
MetaGolf video iPhone app with swing upload
capabilities (spring/ summer 2013)
Counseling and advice on tournament scheduling
College resume, coach communication, and decision
making guidance
Nike Mile High Junior Champions team bag
Discounts on all Nike equipment, apparel, and
Elite junior golf community
Complete golf instruction in one location

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