Ind ian Teacher Educat::i on Project
Advisory Board l' Tcet i ng ~UNUTES
TI1e January 21, 1972 I:teeting l·!as ca11ed t o order by Chairrnan of the Board.
Pat RenicJ~ at 7:35 JJ.r1 c
Advisorv Boan1 ]'·!embers Present:
Frena. l\1r i ght (Officio) Alternate
Harina Oliver (Offic io) Alte·mate
\..;,..___j - oF-t-::.:;
_.. __,_ r l. o)
Pau l Ne:: c~ (T'x
Herb W:r i-:ht (Officio)
Wilbur .!\•J;mstine
Off icio)
Viol et T-cipp (Off icio)
Pat Renick (Off ic io)
J a ck Nonor. (Off icio)
l gTO\e (Ci·~f f"
. )
hl J.. 1~1.8
... lClO
Tom Ce:unpbe ll (Officio)
Lena l'lcC: ovey ('Jfficio)
Colleen Johnson (Officio)
· . ..;.
___ ___________ f,bsent:
Advisor,.. Board
Eunice Bormne lyn (Off icio)
Nortmn Whipple Officio)
-. . ,
Roxanne ,J'torco:t
· (O.f..::i:JClOJ
Dennison Knight: (Offic io)
Connie Reitman (Officio)
Harold 5:>1elgrove (Ex - officio)
John ~1a r~ucci (Ex- offido)
Hous ton 1(obison (Ex-officio)
Patrick :·kC 1)'1m (Ex-officio)
Pam r·I alloy (Officio)
The gues ts at this meeting were: }.1r. Joe Wdght, HTs. Lynn 1Vright , l'1iss
Tracy Wright, Mr . Lmv-rence Leggett , Br . Walt Johnson, HT. Jon Cros s, Mr.
Sam Jones, ~'L~ 3 Wanda Hansen , m1el },Iiss ShirL2y CrCJYteT. Student guests
were Chet AdJ.:j son, Ernie i"1errifield, }like Pina, Eddie Vedolla, Allen
Lmvry, Pat Augustine , and Vivian Pina.
The correc tions to the minutes are: Hr. Nellis Aeur ' s name \vas left off
of the guest list. Hrs. Oliver rais ed a qvestion on the meaning of LTI.
PJ1Slver- .. Leader Training Institute. M:.·. Campbe ll asked why the matter of
the Indian Education Fmmdation report vms dropped since there was not a
motion passed to that effect . Mrs. }1cCovey stated that she Has not notified that she was to make a report on the subject. The secretary '\\'as
directed to contact ead1 person who is put on the agenda by mail . rlr.
August i ne asked if the fw1ds in the i'1ajhil1 Foui'1dation are available to
the ITEP sttldents. TI1is \''as mu-..n~cl to items for the floor. l'lrs. Oliver
asked -l'vhy the meeting was set ahead fran J anuc:JTY 28th to January 21st.
Mr . Renick said t hat he had contacted Dr. Ness and asked tl12t the meeting
be set up to the 21st because a mm1beT of the advisory board membe:cs
\vould be a t a state 'h'idr; Rural Indian Health BoaTel meeting. Hr. Aur,ustine
asked i f this could set a precedent on future r1eetings) should the students
want to set up a meeting other then the date set for a nee ting. The answer to this is ves.. r!rs . Trinn made a Plot:ion, s econded bvHrs . \'h ight,
that the minutes' he approved
COlTCCted. 6 voted for ani 4 ahstain~d .
The budget report H<:ts handed to the P1eJ'lbcTs present. ]dr. Augustine ::-:.sked
if there 'i\'d.S a possibility of these f1mds being shifted around to brj11g
in 18 more students. Answer: The budget is already cut as fa r as possi ble. firs. Johnson made a motion, seconded by Hrs. Tripp that the ln<d.c-et
be approved as stated on paper. 7 voted for <rml 3 abstained .
'D1e proj ec t. report I·Jas ;;iven by Dr . t~e ss . l le gave a report as to t he nunher of units completed by each class l ast Qr., 1vi thout using nanes or com paring one group to another . He stTessed tl1e ai!lOlJilt of prowess tl1at some
of the students hcn'e made, after being i n the pTograr'1 for a while . 111is in cludes both the ilO. of hrs . cuid the units conpletecl. The pattern for the
ne,.,J group is a little cl~.fferent fror:t previous groups. Dr. Ness ha s assigned
}1arina Oli YCT and Andy /m:irco li to \\'ork Hi th the nel-.' group . 'l11ese t11'0 students have cor:Ipleted their student teaching and will get their 8 hrs . per
week in 11'01'king 1vi th the fTeslmen class on various things such as schedules ,
tutoring, and trc:mspoTta tion . Dr. Hess rrtade up a form for the new gToup t o
fill out inclicatLng \·.'hat their prohlei'ls are. The report on students in the
field . is gener"' good but there have been two oT three persons who did
not shou m1ch lYOgrss in going out to the schoo l and Dr. t-:ess had to find
another school ·':or them. It is ge tting pretty hard to find a place foT
these students i.ue in p art to the oveTloading of the schoo l s Hith students
in observation -r;articipation progTams. Also the Education Dept . does not
wm1t an ITEP si:n..lent in the same room as a student teacher. Dr . Nes s a l s o
stated that :'5 s1~udents had not r eported to their schools this cp..lar teT as of
last week so he has sent thePl. a le tter telling them to p:et out t o theiT
schools m1d that they should co;1.side1· th eiTse ~ves on program probation .
Two of these StlJzl.ents }l ave reported and we ha-v ~ received favorab l e repoTts
on their '''ork . One is still not r eport ing to the school but there i s a
possibiJ.i ty tho.·,: this peTson is ill . 111is i·..rj J l be checked out befoTe anything further i~; done . At t his time DT. Ness Teported on a new State College Tequir en2n'~. Each nembeT had a copy in their fo l der. The State Col lege system \liL require that a student must c:nerage a grade of "C" of all
1.m its attempted.. If this is not done, the Cl~J lege will put t hem on probation at the end of that :J,r . If they don't co it the 2nd qT. they \·Jill be
subject to diS(t':alification from that college. They must eaTn tlvice as
nany progres s points as all 1.mits attempted during that qr . TI1is wi ll pr ob ; bly be enfoTced i n Sept. of 1972.
Dr. Ness sugges ted that the advisory board give some thought on the e {a l uation of t he project. Dr. Ness also suggested that the Advisor y BoaTel
select a coi'llYli ttee to set up the c1·i teria for the evaluation. He t hen
Tead some correspondance about COP confeTences. DT . Ness and ~ 'frs . Norton
plan, along with two of the students to go the conference i n HonteTrey on
Feb. 19 - 20-21. DT. Ness and }1rs. NoTton plan to go to the conference on
Feb. 9th in Sacrai·nento, also.
The coordinating teacher report 1vas coveTed in the pToj ect report.
'l11e student TepTesentative Teport was moved to "Old Business ".
Old Business:
Renick read a letter to the Board from Hr. Ko zad concerni ng the Advis ory Board's reques ts for assistance. In his letteT, }!r. Kozad s tat ed that
he 1·ms not foTinally Tequestcd to help in these matte rs and theTefore had
very little tiPle to ,,roTk on these requests . In: the fiTst matter TcgaTding
the original philosophy of ITEP , he stated that the Advisory Boc::rd 1vas in a
much better pos ition to stat e this phi losophy then he 1vas . Tn the second
Tequcst regarding out of st8te tuition, he 1·1ill need claTification on
\vhether t he Boar d 1vants him to rese<:uch on out of State tuition in general
or re search into t..-..:.: question of 1vhether this part ic:-c1l ar student has any
oblig?.tion to repav t,'le pro _icct for out of State tuition already paid.
Mr. Kozad s tated , quote , 11 l n suJT1, then, I would be happy to assi s t in the
technicaJ i ties of "I\Ti ting a r eso lution assLUning t he Board can provide me
with the content and pm:-pose of such a r esolution:, unCl_uote. 111e secre tary is reo,ues t ed to :fon.1ard all future ·reques ts and infon1ation by mail
to the persons conceTned.
Dr. f.:ess read the resolution on quartel'ly r1ee tings to the Board. i'·1r ..Au gustine made a motion, seconded· by Hr. r:ampbell that there be a :five minute recess to get the consensus of the students. This was not voted on
but everyone took a five minute recess. Af c~r r ecess , l'lr. Augustine
stated that th.:= students feel that they are not ready for quarterly meetings . ~1r. Au~u.stine nade a motion , second.,:;;!. by Hrs. Oliver, that this
matter be tah l E~ d tmtil the nex.t mee ting . 9 ,-oted :for and 1 abstained .
Mrs. Oliver mc:de t he first r eport on the pr,.,'ers of the Revi ew BaRrel. She
read the student 's recornmenda tions to the Br,c..l r d. AfteT discuss i on , Hrs .
Oliver made a rot ion , seconded by Mr. Augu~~ ·.:j_ne, to ackl no. 6 t o section
3 to read, Th·o members from the Advisory i)o<,rd , non students, should serve
on the Rcvie\\· JC,oard . 7 voted for and 3 abstained . f1r. Augustine made a
motion, secane eel by ~!r . Campbell, that no. 2, in section 3 be changed to acU
the 1vord ITEP, before student . 7 voted :f01: <md 3 abstained. ~1rs. Oliver
made a motion, seconded hy )\lr. Augustine, t'1 :~t no. 3 in section 2 be changed
to include brc t her and sister. 7 voted for and 3 absta ined . ~1r. CarnpbelJ
made a T'lotion seconded by }1rs, Oliver, to change no. 5 in section 3 to
read ALL membE. rs instead of eight members o,: the Review Board 1·1il1 select
rhe C11ainnan. 7 voted fm· a11d 3 abs tained .
Dr . Ness ther~. Tead his recor:Uilendations foT the Revie1v· Board. Thi s Has d~ s cus sed and t hEn ~!r. Norton r ead the ori gina~. criteria that the Revie1v Boanl
had r.1 ade up. .\ question was raised by Jllr. Norton that since tlr. Renick ap -pointed the Revimv Board, could he now it? It was decided to retain
the presPnt Revie\\' Board for the present. p[r. Colegrove made a motion, se-conded by i'lr. Augustine , to accept the students recommendations with the ad·ditions , deletions , and 2.T'1end.ments previous ly passed. 'I11is motion was ammended , s econded by ~lr . Augt1stine, to accept the fir st section, to be implemented :irm:lediate ly 1vith t he second and thiTd sections t o be i mp ler1ented
at a l ateT date. At this point }!r. Colegrove lvitl1Ch'e\\' his fon'ler motions
to r.1ake a nc\v Plotion 5 s econded by Hr . Augus tine to accept the reco1:rmendati ons
of the s tudents Hith .the additions, del etions, and amendments to inm1ediately
implement the first section with the present Revie1v Board. 8 voted for and
2 1vere absent from the Toom . Hrs. Oliver made a motion, seconded by r!r.
Augus tine, to strike the 1vord HJST in section 1 no. 3. 8 voted for and 2
1vere absent from t he rooin .
Dr. Ness gave a short report on the no .of uni ts in relation to r ating . He
handed the Board a form that he had made up to show the studen t s where they
stand i n re l at ion to their no. of 1.mits .
TI1at state tuition r eport was coveTed earlier in the letter read by Hr. Reni ck,
written by ~1r. Ko zad.
At this time ~ 1r. Renick read a l etter to the Board from ~1rs. Norton, formally
resi grt i nr, from the Doard. rliss Tye has not, as yet, sent in a ,..,- ritten letter
of resignation .
Hr. P1na pa ssed out t he <1J'1JT\enc3ments on equal representation on the Board . This
ter ,,;as t ib l ecl until t h (
ext mee ting .
New Business :
Dr. ]';ess gave a rep ort on the revised budget . lle stated that he was notified that
our budget f or nex t yE.:ar had been cut to approximately $tl, 800 less then our pres ent
budge t , h'hicb ~1e ans t i1a t we would not be able to bring in a fourth class. Dr. Ness
read to the Board , those i terns in 1-.- hich he cut dmm or de 1et ed in the revised budget.
a ma jor change Kas the cut in the academic fees. As it is nmv, 1ve have only about
1/~-l as much a s is needed .
This l\ould ;r1.can that the students ~~-oulcl haYe to pay part
o:f the ir academi c fee s wtlich would t ake a lc-Tr ge part of their S200 stipend . Dr . Ness
has IG'itten t o t he Kennedy J' !emorial Fmmdation to try to· ge t some help in refundin g
our pr oj ect. He a1so tal'kecl to Dr . Faustmen cmd <.. ;ked if h'e could get help at the
State level . She i r,f or1'1ed hir1 tha t their flmds h~~d been cut about 509s. He talked
to i'lrs. Griffin t o if 1ve could g f;t funds fr oJTt :>orne other type of program ru1d
she told him t ha t a ~.J of t he ftmds had been pu.t in one pot and they i1'ere taken e>Jt for
all of the pro ~arns. Dr . Ne ss then asked the Boa"·d if they could recor.Ullend some
places v:here t here u:i.ght be a possibility of g,''!.:tJ ng fwlds. TI1ere were various recom::lendations, i nclu :: ing HPD , Bltl.., and johnson () 1: blley funds. Mr. Colegrove said that
Bill Sr.1i th had made r committment t0 continue thr:: prognrr.1 for 7 yrs. ~fr . Colegrove
will be sent an or ip)nal project proposal for thL. year before the cut. He said that
he will Hork on t h i ~ problem. This report •vas accE }'ted Hith the understanding tlnt we
Hould look elsewnere for funds.
For Chahman, l\1r. AL g:ustine nominated Tom Camp1x·1. ) seconded by Hrs. 01iver <md 11frs.
HcCovey nominated Colleen Johnson, seconded by Hr~·. Tripp. flrs l'1cCovey moved ti1at
the nominations be c-J :;s ed, seconded by ~ 1rs. Wrigl1t. Passed unanimously. For Vice Chai~-r-, an ) l'1rs. J ohnS'JT1 nomi nated r1rs. Re itman, s ec.: nded by Hrs. HcCovey and Hr. iugu.:,tin.e nominated }1L Norton 1·.:ho declined . rh~. Aup :s tine nominated Non11an 1\hippl..;,
seconded hy }1rs. Ol i •: '~r and l'1rs. Johnson moved tha t the nomina tions be cJosed
f1rs . ~ lcCov ey s econdr::! d it. Passed lmanimously.
MT. Renick chose the 4 stuctent representatives, \vi t h }1rs. Tripp m1d Hrs . .Johrtson
to S""rve on the co1rn1ittee to set up criteria for evaluation.
with them.
Dr. Ness will work
MT. Sam Jones asked if it \·Jas 1)0Ssible for an ITEP s tudent to work at the 1\'eitchpec School. He wi ll discuss this Hi th the Director.
t1rs. ;~rcC ovey, at this time r e signed from the RevieH Board.
4 mernbcTs presently on the Review Board.
'l11ey will work with the
Hr. Renick said i f any person 1vants to l.11ow about ~1ajhill to contact: Pat Renick,
Chairman, ~·!ajhi11 Indian Educ ation Assoc. 220 Obse-rvatory Ave . Ukiah, Ca. 95482.
Mr . Renick reconunended, that if we get more money, that the secretary r eceive a
Meeting adjoun1ed a t 11:10 p.m .
Respectfully submi t t ed by:
The next meet ing will be held on February 2S , 1972 .
}Irs. Betty Ann Smoker, Secretary
Indim1 Teacher Education Project