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 Math Success Net Success net is a format to be used with the Scott-­‐Foresman EnVision math series. By creating a “class” you are registering your students, so they have on-­‐line access to the student edition of the math book both at school and outside of school. • You can assign tests and homework to students on-­‐line if they were absent or missed class. • Students can use the computer as a center or math station for enrichment or intervention • You can manage students test scores and homework performance. • You can create custom tests or use pre-­‐made tests. • Tests can be printed out or taken on the computer. • The program will let you know what skills the student has not mastered and recommend assignments for further skill building. • The performance tracker allows you to progress monitor math skills for individuals and your class as a whole. • Letters can be printed in Spanish or English. When entering student information be sure to choose Spanish as the Successnet language if you want the book to be in Spanish. How to Register 1. Go to •
To add other codes or products to your account:
1. Login to
2. Click on the ‘My Account’ link in top right corner
3. Click ‘Manage Products’ at bottom of screen
This is where you click 4. Click ‘Add New Products’ (on right hand side of screen)
Click here 5. Enter the new access code on this screen.
6. Click ‘Check Code’
7. Click ‘Save’
8. Log out and log back into your account to see the changes.
EnVision English Premium Access Codes
The above are the premium codes to use, each code starts with SF for Scott Foresman
the letter or number in front corresponds to the grade level. If you use the premium
access codes you can change things to Spanish language by clicking on the box in the
upper right hand corner.
How to Create a Class 1. Go to 2. Move your mouse over the Classes tab at the top of the page 3. Click on Build a New Class 4. Create a class or group name, then click on both products at the bottom (i.e., Math Success Tracker and Math Online Student Edition) 5. Click Save Adding a Student Individually 1. Move your mouse over the Classes Tab, then click on Manage Class 2. Under Roster column on far right, click on View 3. Click on Add a Student 4. Enter in the student details required with a red asterisks only 5. Click Save • If you receive a message stating that the student ID is “already in use,” this may be because the student is in the data base with capital letters and you are using lowercase. The user names and passwords must each be at least 6 digits. • password should be 123456. Adding Students from a School Roster • This may be easier because you can select students from your building without typing them in one by one, but If you choose to add students using the school roster, the student user name and ID is their district ID number. Most teachers prefer to change the user names and passwords to be the same as the managed client user names and passwords. • For grades 3-­‐5, we suggest the user name be the student’s last name followed by their first name initial (e.g. Jane Smith would be smithj). Please note that the password must be at least 6 digits long (can use their Managed Client password, see LMC Specialist). •
For grades K-­‐2, user name should be the student’s last name and then use 123456 as the password for all students. All user names and passwords have to be 6 digits. Each user name in the district has to be unique, so you may get a message stating that user name is already in use, just add another lettter (Jane Smith may be smithja). Click on Classes tab Click on Manage Class and select your class Under Roster column on far right, click on View Click on Select from School Roster Choose your grade level, then click Search Click on the box next to the names of all the students enrolled in your class Click Save 1.
Changing Students user name and password 1. From the Manage Class screen click on view roster (right hand side of page) and once your entire class shows up, click the edit button on the top of the list (closer to the left-­‐hand side of page). 2. Click on the old user name and rewrite the new user name then click on the old password and type in the new password. 3. You can change each student in your class on the same screen page. 4. To help track students by demographics and AYP groupings, it is helpful to enter the student’s meal status (free and reduced lunch), IEP status, ELL status, and gender. You can edit this information by clicking on the student name and you will be directed to a student profile screen. 5. You will edit student profile by clicking on the appropriate pull down menus at the bottom of the screen. Click Save when completed. 6. When you are finished with all the changes, you can print out a list of your entire class. It will show user names, but passwords will show as dotted lines. 7. In order to print out the student password, you can click on the student and print a parent letter. User name and password shows up on the parent letter. Printing a Parent Letter 1. Go to your Class/Group Roster 2. Click the box next to the student’s name 3. Click Print Parent Letter (letters can be translated into Spanish by selecting that option at the top of the screen) 4. Note: Multiple individual parent letters can be printed by selecting multiple students Adding Student Products: 1.Click on “Classes” 2. Choose “Manage Classes”
3. Open Class Group 4. Choose products you want to assign to the class To find the Intervention Materials Online:
Log In
Open Teacher Edition
Open Book
(When the Teacher Edition opens – the Content tab will be open that lists the Topics.)
Click the Printable Resources Tab (to the right of the Contents Tab)
Scroll down to find – Math Diagnosis and Intervention System (Here you will find all of
the materials in the Intervention System including Teachers Guides for both Part 1 and
Part 2.
To find Games Online:
Log In
On Home Page - At top select - Content – then Search
Here you can browse by Media type – (Games are listed as Activities)
Or type in Games
You can also type in a specific game title from the Games CD Rom.
If you click on the title of the Game, you can assign it to a specific student or entire
From Student Page:
Student Log In
Students have three Choices: To Do, Explore and My Book
To Do – Here Students will find the Games, Assignments or Tests that teacher’s have
Explore – Here Students can explore and view topics; they can also find the games.
Games – Click Explore, then Search, then type in Games (If you want them to play
specific Game such as Hamster Hotel – they can type in Hamster Hotel instead of

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