Students Demonstrate their Knowledge in Elementary School


Students Demonstrate their Knowledge in Elementary School
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Students Demonstrate their Knowledge in
Elementary School Science Fair
Photo Above, Dr. Raquel Castrodad,
Radians School Academic Director, enjoys
speaking with the teams as they explain their research.
As a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) school, we expose our students to
genuine scientific research from the earliest ages. All students from 4th grade up are required
to begin investigations in their preferred field of Science. Fourth grade students practice
research skills in a Non-Traditional classroom environment, using direct, hands-on
experience as a group.
As they go through the grade levels, they work individual and paired projects with the
express goal of acquiring the sills necessary to engage in this type of work. This is an
intentional pre-planned learning program that yields outstanding results in student
acquisition of cognitive knowledge and skills. Science and Math teachers meet weekly to
discuss student progress and work on higher level student activities and projects.
Of Academic Excellence
Once again, Radians School leads the way
in quality STEM education!
Science Fair Memories
The importance of motivating young
students in the field of STEM cannot be
emphasized enough. Everywhere there is a
push towards increasing STEM education. In
Radians School, we take great pride in
knowing that we have worked to promote
STEM long before it was in vogue to do so.
We understood the importance of genuine
scientific research, and all students from the
fourth grade up are required to carry out
scientific investigation (in accordance with
their grade level and capacities) every year.
Students are fascinated with science and, as
educators and parents, it is important that we
provide students with the environment and
opportunities to work in this field.
Radians School
The Difference
Students Participate
in Science Bowl
Competition in
Radians School participated in its first ever Science Bowl
Competition on Saturday, February 27th and Sunday, February 28th
on both the high school and middle school level. It was the first time
ever to compete against schools who have participated many years.
Our teams did a very good job, one middle school team taking 5th
place against 14 teams. This year was just practice and next year we
will be a force to reckon with! Gooo Radians!
High-flyin’, happy students!
Parents, teachers and
Teams awaiting instructions.
Happy middle school team after
defeating Baldwin.
Students Visit Parque de las Ciencias
Primary school students, along with students
from the 7th and 8th grades, visited the
newly-opened Parque de las Ciencias in
Bayamon. Students were able to partake of
the different activities available there.
Although many areas had long lines, as was
to be expected since the park has recently
opened after a lengthy remodeling, the
students had a wonderful time.
Elementary School Visits Jardín Botánico in Caguas
Students from grades 4th-6th participated in
an academic field trip to the Botanical
Garden in Caguas. Each grade had an
individual guide who took them around the
entire facilities and explained the various
flora and fauna they saw. Students paid close
attention since they were preparing projects
based on this visit.
The facilitators accompanied their groups as
did Prof. Sánchez. A great time was had by
(top and left photo) Third grade student
(Fabiana Ortega) from Prof. Ruiz visited
both groups of second grade students. The
student talked about her experience
during her visit to Russia. She brought and
presented a book about El Ermitage
Museum and also the Russian doll.
The first and STILL THE ONLY school in Puerto
Rico nationally recognized as a

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