GYSTC Summer STEM Institute


GYSTC Summer STEM Institute
GYSTC 2016 Summer STEM Institute
Analyzing the Energy of Sound Waves &
Audio Engineering:
In this session participants will learn an engaging
strategy for teaching sound energy as it relates to
audio engineering in Georgia’s booming film and
television industry.
Circuits I:
K-2 Explore the world of electricity through play
dough. While building different play dough circuits,
students can easily determine the differences in
conductors and insulators.
Do you want to be able to understand and integrate science,
technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) throughout
lessons that reflect knowledge of STEM content in your classroom?
Do you want to understand STEM content as it relates to individual
subjects and current standards? Do you want to obtain engineering
activities and resources for creating STEM-based lessons?
Circuits II:
To make this important transition, GYSTC is offering teachers of
grades 3-5 the opportunity to participate in professional learning
to understand the changes and shift of implementing the Georgia
Standards of Excellence.
Splassh! Water Conservation & the Environment:
Join us for two-days during the GYSTC Summer STEM Institute
at the College of Coastal Georgia in Brunswick, GA to be engaged
in a series of sessions on engineering design practices, disciplinary
core ideas and crosscutting concepts.
In this session, 3rd-5th graders will take the old
idea of a lemon battery and incorporate STEM and
our new Georgia Standards of Excellence to build a
Photon Flower that lights up when we water it with
lemon juice.
In conjunction with the Splassh social network,
the purpose of this session is to inspire water
conservation and the sustainable use of water
through the awareness and hopes of tackling one
of the biggest global challenges that we face as a
Linking Literature:
Member Systems - $99 and Non-Member Systems - $199
Deadline May 9th
Aquaponics in the Classroom:
Seats are limited, so register online today at
and mail payment to:
Georgia Youth Science and Technology Centers, Inc.
3201 Campus Loop Road NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144
E: [email protected] P: 470.578.7592
Participants will learn how to develop engineering
design challenges that are based on the literature
that is currently being used in the classroom.
What is Aquaponics? Aquaponics is a system of
aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed
fish or other aquatic animals supplies nutrients for
plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify
the water. Setting up a small aquaponics system in
a classroom can provide the basis for many
standards-based discussions. This session will
discuss how to set up a simple aquaponics system in
a classroom and some of the lessons that can be
taught using such a system.
Pollution Solution:
This session focuses on the three R's: Recycling,
Reusing and Reducing of biodegradable products.
Robots are everywhere:
They open our garage doors, vacuum our floors and
if you are lucky they even park your car. Until
recently there weren’t many robots in the classroom
and now we can't imagine approaching STEM
without them. Using the Sphero robots in the
classroom will open your eyes to both what can be
taught using simple robots and how to do it. In this
session we want to share with you some tools and
tips for teaching with robots.
Registration Deadline: May 9th
Hotel Group Rates Starting at $129
Embassy Suites By Hilton Brunswick
500 Mall Boulevard
Brunswick, Georgia 31525
Telephone: 1.912.264.6100
Mention Group Code: YST
Georgia Youth Science & Technology Centers

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