CareerScope, GCIS, and GACollege411


CareerScope, GCIS, and GACollege411
Undecided on a career choice? Having
second thoughts about your major?
Want information about other career
fields? If you answered yes to any of
those questions, then come to our
Student Success Center and let us help
you explore your career options to
make the best decision for you!
Offers a broad range of career assessment measures. The assessment
includes a twelve-scale interest inventory and a seven-part aptitude
battery that yields measures of General Learning Ability, Verbal Aptitude,
Numerical Aptitude, Spatial Aptitude, Form Perception and Clerical
Perception. Motor ability scores estimates (motor coordination, finer
dexterity, and manual dexterity) can also be accessed.
The Georgia Career Information Center, through its Georgia
Career Information System (GCIS), provides current and accurate
occupational and educational information to schools and
agencies throughout Georgia in order to help young people and
adults make informed career choices.
GACOLLEGE411 or is the one-stop-shop for
Georgians thinking about college. This powerful, free, online resource has the
tools you need to explore careers, select a college, prepare for the SAT and ACT,
and learn about financial aid. Start planning today!
The Student Success Center not only has information available to assist you in choosing a career, but
we have resources to assist you in your studies here at Southeastern Technical College. Please stop
by and visit.
Room 166 Vidalia Campus
Room 2105 Swainsboro Campus
Monday through Thursday

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