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Newsletter JPIC - Loreto Institute Mauritius
July 2015
Newsletter JPIC
JPIC : Justice Paix et Intégrité de la Création
Prendre soin des biens de la Création qui sont destinés à tous, y travailler en veillant à leur
juste répartition, à une plus grande justice sociale, à une solidarité avec les pauvres.
JPIC Values to influence our lives and work
A Rights-Based Approach
Recognizing that such rights must be actively nurtured, respected, defended and
developed and not taken for granted
A Commitment to Right Relationships
That are the basis of justice …. and are characterized by sincerity and truth
A belief in Equality
We know that at birth, all are equal – in theory - but everywhere discrimination and
inequality undermine this fundamental truth
From want, from fear and to live in dignity
We know that true peace is not just the absence of war, and that it must be built on
truth, freedom, justice and love
Taking Responsibility
We accept that responsibilities are an intrinsic and necessary part of rights and that
these responsibilities are a duty for everyone, not an option
The Fundamental Importance of Creation
We believe that Earth is sacred and we seek to promote respect, understanding,
harmony and the sustainability of our planet.
JPIC Handbook for Reflection and Planning
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Loreto College Bambous Virieux
Le jeudi 2 avril, dans la cour du collège Lorette
Bambous Virieux, les élèves étaient en effervescence.
La raison est qu’une soixantaine d’élèves nécessiteux ont
reçu chacun une paire de chaussures, dons de Loreto
College Ballarat situé à Melbourne.
Chausse, Chaussons, Chaussez !
Et les enfants sont heureux !
Le lancement officiel du Thème de L’Année « Justice » a eu lieu au cours d’une assemblée spéciale. Chaque classe a eu l’occasion d’informer leurs amis sur ce que La Justice représente
pour eux, après avoir réfléchi et travaillé sur le thème en classe en concertation avec leur
prof. Cela s’est fait par le biais d’un chant, d’une danse et d’un slam Un très beau tableau
peint sur toile par le prof de dessin démontre la déesse grecque tenant d’une main une
balance et de l’autre, une rose afin de représenter le thème.
Be lovers of truth and doers of justice
Mary Ward
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Loreto College Bambous Virieux
Quête pour le Népal
Les élèves et le personnel du LCBV ont apporté leur contribution à ceux qui ont été touchés par les
tremblements de terre au Népal. Merci à tous pour ce geste de générosité
“C’est vrai que ce nous réalisons n’est qu’une goutte d’eau par rapport à l’océan.
Mais, sans cette petite goutte, il manquerait quelques chose à l’océan”
(Mère Teresa)
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Loreto College Quatre Bornes
The LCQB Bio Garden Club began its activities in the first term of 2015. The Club
involves students from Forms 4, 5 and 6 and the Biology teachers. The students have
been teamed so that each day there is a group of students working in the garden during
the recess, under the supervision of the teachers. They need to water the plants and to
remove the weeds.
We are happy to help our students getting
involved in gardening as an extracurricular
In the garden, there are plants such as
balsam, geranium, citronella, pineapples,
maize, ‘sensitive’, aloé vera, ginger, saffron,
‘la queue l’ail’ and potatoes. The students
thus become aware of some types of plants
that exist, especially those available in
Mauritius, and can grow in a small plot of
Some of these plants are actually used in the laboratory for simple experiments.
For example, geranium is used to demonstrate photosynthesis, balsam to investigate
transpiration and potatoes to show asexual reproduction (vegetative propagation) in
The students are interested to ‘follow’ the growth of plants that they eat or that they
might have only heard of, but that they have never seen before. These plants are:
pineapple, maize, sensitive and balsam.
We hope that our Bio Garden
Club will bear much fruit,
though small but ‘big’ because it
comes out of passion and care!
Julia, Stephanie and Bernard
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Loreto College Rose Hill
Justice Campaign at Loreto College Rose Hill
The theme for year 2015 in Loreto College Rose Hill is “LOVE and JUSTICE begin
with me”. The campaign was launched during the first term. The purpose is to
consciously focus on LOVE and what it means to practice love in all areas of our life,
and at the same time what it means to be JUST. These two values are closely linked and
we cannot have one without the other.
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Loreto College Rose Hill
Justice Campaign
Loreto College
Rose Hill
During the year, through different activities, we are invited to dig deeper into these values and
explore self-acceptance, forgiveness, respect, embracing diversity, care and compassion and
thus expand our individual and collective consciousness. Together we can make a difference
through love.
“There is another side to love called justice. And justice is really love in calculation.
Justice is love correcting that which revolts against love”
(Martin Luther King)
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Loreto College Rose Hill
Another activity was THANK
YOU WEEK. Gratitude can
turn something negative into
something positive. Sometimes we do not see the many
things that we need to be
thankful for in our lives.
During that week students
and teachers were invited to
share these by posting their
thoughts on a big panel in the
Gratitude helps us realize
what we have, acknowledge it
and appreciating it. Practicing
gratitude can change our life
and strengthen our relationship with others.
The Care and Concern Club of LCRH
he Care and Concern Club of LCRH helps 28 poor families living mainly in
the suburbs of Rose Hill. A the end of each month (on Saturday), these
families come to collect rice, oil, canned food among other foodstuff which
are provided. The club also caters for needy students, who receive each day their
lunch at school. This year, we have decided to celebrate Mother’s Day with the 28
mothers that come monthly for help. Thus, the students of Upper 6 together with
other students, have decided to give each mother a shawl which will be useful during
winter. The mothers will receive their gift on Saturday 30th of May.
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Loreto College Curepipe
Education For Sustainability (EFS) program in the curriculum
Our challenge in 2015 at Loreto College Curepipe (LCC) is to implement the Education For
Sustainability (EFS) program in the curriculum without adding extra workload to our dear teachers and
students so for the first term , we decided to work together on the theme water.
Our aim was to help students understand the importance of water, its uses, its beauty through the nice
pictures and music, its economic aspects as an emerging sustainable blue economy, pollution, and
climate change related to the drastic climatic conditions such as flashfloods and torrential rains.
I must say that the LCC family has revealed so many talents through this program: we have so many
gifted students who expressed themselves through various art works , poems, songs, video masking,
powerpoint posters , embroidery and maquette making.
I would also like to share that the form 3 social studies students were initiated to the system thinking
tools – the casual loop diagrams (simpler one) to understand the effect of torrential rain and flash floods
in Mauritius. Students with the help of Mrs Florelle Babet (H.O.D social studies dept) draw a nund –
mapping where drastic climate change was linked to property destruction , loss of flood, trees, moral
desolation , missed classes , lack of time to cover the syllabus, diseases such as gastro enteris,
conjunctivis and mosquito related diseases.
Finally, my warmest Thank You to each and everyone from all departments for their time, devotion,
commitment and contribution in making this first theme water a real success across all fields. My
deepest gratitude to Mr Jerry Lee Hon Chong and Mrs Lucy Leve Hang for their continuous support.
Mrs Zaahirah Koheeallee Hosenbocus LCC EFS MENTOR
The LCC Go Green members surrounded by Mr Lee, Mrs Leve Hang and EFS mentor Mrs Hosenbocus
Loreto College Curepipe
Page 9
Water is health. Clean hands can save a life.
Water is nature. Ecosystems lie at the heart of the global
water cycle.
Water is Urbanization. Every week one million people
move into cities.
Water is industry. More water is needed to manufacture a car than a swimming pool.
Water is energy. Water and Energy are inseparable friends.
Water if food. To produce a steak you need 15000 litres of water.
Water is equality. Everyday women spend million of hours carrying water.
World Water day is celebrated every year on the 22 of March all across the world. The day was established
to be celebrated as an annual event in the year 1993 by the decision of the United Nations General
This Campaign was declared as a World Day for Water to be celebrated on this date to increase the
awareness of people about the importance, need, conservation of water. People are encouraged to listen
and understand the water issues.
Since the beginning of this event celebration, the UN-Water has been responsible for the selection of the
World Water Day theme and distribution of global messages. The theme for the World Water day 2014
was “Water and Energy " and the theme for the World Water day 2015 was " Water and sustainable
Water is the core of sustainable development and critical for socio-economic development, healthy ecosystems and for human survival itself. It is vital for reducing the global burden of the disease and improving
the health, welfare and productivity lf populations. It is central to the production and preservation of a host
of benefits and services for people. Water is also at the heart of adaptation to climate change, serving as the
crucial link between the climate system, human society and the environment.
Water is a finite and irreplaceable resource that is fundamental to human well-being. It is only renewable if
well managed. Today, more than 1.7 billion people live in river basins where depletion through use
exceeds natural recharge, a trend that will see two-thirds of the world's population living in water- stressed
countries by 2025. Water can pose a serious challenge to sustainable development but managed efficiently
and equitably, water can play a key enabling role in strengthening the resilience of social, economic and
environmental systems in the light of rapid and unpredictable changes.
World water day, is a day to celebrate, a day to change and a day to prepare. It is celebrated by organizing
variety of events and activities such as visual art, theatrical and musical celebrations of water, excursions,
distributing messaged through TV and radio channels or internet, educational events based on the
importance of clean water and conservative measure, competitions and so many activities.
Today, the Loreto College of Curepipe is proud to say that for the past years we have not missed to
celebrate this special day. A short video, was prepared by the Form 5 members of the LCC GO GREEN
CLUB and presented to the whole school. In this Video, the importance of water was shown and it emphasized on how lucky we are, to have water at our reach. Living in a Multicultural country, the Upper six
students prepared a sketch to show the importance of water in their respective religions: Christians, the
Baptism, Muslims, the ablutions and Hindus, the sacred water dance. Furthermore, stickers with the
symbol representing water was distributed to commemorate the World Water Day 2015.
LCC GO GREEN CLUB, Vice-President - Zainab Khodabux.
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Comme nous le dit Saint Paul, le carême est un temps favorable. Un temps pour se rapprocher
de Dieu, un temps pour se mettre au service de ceux qui souffrent. Le carême est toujours
l'occasion de transmettre à nos élèves les valeurs de l'Évangile. Après l'opération en faveur des
habitants d'Anoska en 2014, cette année les élèves ont été mobilisés pour venir en aide aux
victimes des inondations, qui ont frappé Bel Ombre.
Les mots « entraide », « solidarité »,
« générosité », « partage » et solidarité »,
font partie de notre quotidien dans nos
assemblées comme dans nos classes de
catéchèse. Pour le
carême 2015 : les
élèves ne sont pas restés insensibles au
drame des victimes des inondations. Avec
le support de l'ONG Caritas Maurice qui
pauvreté, l'élan de
solidarité s'est organisé.
C'est avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme que
les élèves
du CPE encadrés par leurs
professeurs se sont mis au travail. Une
préparation réglée comme du papier à
musique. « C'était un grand moment
d'émotion. Les élèves se sont répartis les
Réception des dons, dispositions et
décoration des boîtes, confection des cartes de
souhaits, rédaction du discours lors de la
distribution aux familles...rien n'a été laissé au
hasard », s'émerveille une catéchète.
Page 11
Le geste s'est joint à la Parole. Et cette vague de générosité a gagné non seulement les enfants, mais
aussi les parents qui nous ont aidés à rassembler les dons. A Bel Ombre, le jour de la distribution
des vivres et du matériel scolaire, le bonheur se lisait sur les visages. C'était une belle rencontre
avec des chants, prise de parole et témoignages des enfants qui ont rappelé que le Christ est aux
côtés des sinistrés. La présence des enfants est une preuve que le Seigneur est avec ceux qui
souffrent. Une expérience inoubliable qui restera gravée dans la mémoire et le cœur des élèves de la
junior school. En effet, ils ont noué des liens d'amitié avec les familles en difficulté.
A la suite du Christ, à la suite de Mary Ward notre fondatrice, les enfants ont fait l'expérience
de Jésus présent dans nos frères et sœurs en détresse. Comme le disait si bien Mère Térésa, il
y a plus de joie à donner qu'à recevoir. Cela les enfants l'ont bien compris. Un geste d'amour,
une semence pour l'avènement du Royaume. Aujourd'hui, Dieu a besoin de nous pour soulager
la misère de son peuple.
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Loreto College Saint Pierre
Du lundi 24 novembre au vendredi 28 novembre 2014, le département de français du COLLEGE
LORETTE DE SAINT PIERRE a organisé pour les élèves de Form 4, 5 et 6 un atelier de slam et
simultanément un atelier de formation pour les enseignants. Ce projet longuement mûri par le
département susmentionné a pu être rendu concret grâce au soutien de la direction du collège et surtout avec l’apport et l’expertise de « Makadam Phylozophy ». Ainsi, le duo composé de M. Jamel
Colin et de Stéphanie Lo-Hun a mis sur pied un concept visant à promouvoir le slam à travers le
team-building, la revalorisation de l’estime de soi et le développement personnel. L’atelier a vu la participation de six élèves et d’un enseignant de français : M. Kevin MACKAY ainsi que le chef de
département de la matière concernée : Mme Annick VICTOR. Au programme : Jeux, présentation
de « Makadam Phylozophy », l’historique du slam, visionnage de film, étude de texte et écriture,
partage, restitution d’un concours de slam.
Au terme de ces cinq jours de travail, chaque
participant s’est vu remettre des livres en guise de
souvenir. M. Kevin MACKAY pour sa part a eu
pour mission de lancer au premier trimestre 2015, un
club de slam au Collège Lorette de Saint Pierre. Il
devient par conséquent un ‘slammaster’ qui animera
des rencontres de slam au collège.
Visionage du film ‘Freedom Writers’
La précieuse collaboration que le Collège Lorette de Saint Pierre a pu avoir avec « Makadam
Phylozophy » lors de cet atelier a été des plus enrichissantes. Cela a pu nous conduire à la conclusion
suivante : chaque caillou ou fardeau porté par l’adolescent peut être transformé pour devenir par la
suite une victoire sur les maux de la vie …
Chef de Département
Remise des prix lors de la journée de formation
de français
Page 13
It all started at the beginning of this year. We were asked if we were interested to have an environment club. At first there were very few members. We had as project to plant and clean the garden.
We decided to be more serious about the club. We were motivated but then Mr. Brian, our teacher, came with a paper about a competition organized by the ministry of environment. We really
wanted to participate. In fact we were motivated than ever. Therefore we started searching for ideas,
different ideas. We didn’t want to do what others do. Then Mr. Brian, in charge of the club, talked
about the ‘plastic bottles greenhouse’. We saw the video and it was so interesting that we started
working on the project immediately. We had to find a way to collect the maximum bottles that we
could. Then came the idea of the competition of collecting bottles among the different classes at
school. We were amazed of how most students at school were interested and were bringing lots of
bottles. We were even more motivated. After collecting a great amount of bottles, we started cutting them. At first, only the members of the E-Club were helping but later more students started
to help during the recess.
We had to be 100% ecological;
therefore we had to think of what to
do with the bottom of the bottles, the
caps and the labels. We then decided
to make a dustbin with the caps, a
curtain with the bottoms and with the
labels, we made flowers.
Today we are threading the bottles and
the structure is almost set up. We are
very much sure we will succeed and we
are making our best. We know that we
Page 14
In the meantime, we didn’t abandon our garden. We planted and cleaned the garden several times.
We even harvested and got money in selling them to the teachers. It was great satisfaction. We had
a problem though with the greenhouse. We needed fund to buy the materials for its structure.
Care for the environment represents a challenge for all of humanity
Pope John Paul II
Page 15
Loreto College Saint Pierre
LCSP Participation to United Nations : My World 2015 Survey
A MESSAGE to the World : A Global Collaboration through the Arts
The theme chosen for the mural is “Freedom from discrimination and persecution”.
The group of students has chosen this theme because it is a problem which is faced by
millions of people around the world. This can be seen throughout the generations that is
the past, present and most probably the future.
This is a topic that can be discussed even in class to sensitise young people about
discrimination and inequality. It is a problem that affects all mankind, people of different
skin colour, of different beliefs and cultures. Somehow, somewhere everybody has been
or could have been a victim of discrimination in a way or another.
Page 16
Loreto College Saint Pierre
A MESSAGE to the World : A Global Collaboration through the Arts (ctd)
The mural represents the humiliation and bullying that some girls undergo at school and
also the discrimination for people having different physical appearances or handicapped.
We hope that people will live in harmony and peace. This is why we included the white
dove symbolising peace. The four colours of our national flag represent our country
which is a multicultural nation. The people wearing the school uniform are holding hands
to symbolise love and respect.
We have also worked on a caption “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”, this is our hope for the
future generation.
This project was an enriching experience enabling us to develop our creative skills, and
working in group has helped us to promote self-esteem and a spirit of camaraderie.
Thank you for this opportunity.
Lower 6 students 2014
Loreto College Saint Pierre (girls)
(November 2014)