Bio Magdalena Owczarek Pologne / Lodz


Bio Magdalena Owczarek Pologne / Lodz
Magdalena Owczarek
Pologne / Lodz
Doctor of Fine Arts, musician, pedagogue, adjunct at the Faculty of Composition, Theory of Music,
Eurhythmics and Art Education at the Academy of Music in Łód . Graduate of the Academy of Music
in Łód , with a specialization in eurhythmics.
Her portfolio includes numerous piano improvisation and music movement interpretation concerts
performed within and outside Poland. Her works were presented in many European countries,
including Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, and Switzerland. Her creations were also widely
presented in Poland at Academies of Music (of Łód , Warsaw, Pozna , Katowice), and at various
Academies for Dramatic Arts, music schools and philharmonics.
Among her academic achievements are numerous publications, co-editing of academic publications
published by the Academy of Music in Łód and also conducting of national and international
eurhythmics workshops. She is also an author of many papers presented during international and
domestic seminars, scientific sessions, conferences, festivals and workshops. Since 2012 she has been
conducting a music therapy course at the Academy of Music in Łód .
Polymetry in motorial and vocal exercises
Creation and implementation of polymetry in creative motorial, vocal and vocal-motorial exercises.
Both theoretical (the analysis of examples from the musical literature) and practical aspects will be
measured. Exercises shall be conducted to the accompaniment of music composed and improvised on
the piano.
Bruxelles 2-5 octobre 2014
Journée Européenne de Rythmique.

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