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Brochure - DeMontfort Fine Art
Collectable Editions
Timmy Mallett’s award winning Impressionist scenes are drawn from his travels around the UK
and across the world. Timmy is inspired by sunshine and shadow, the changing seasons and
the magic of the moment ! His paintings glow with warmth, light and colour.
Not surprising when the man known to millions is such a colourful and enthusiastic individual.
Timmy is a much loved TV personality, entertainer and artist.
He started out winning awards in radio and on Breakfast TV, Wacaday and Mallett’s Mallet
proved an enduring favourite. Timmy met Andrew Lloyd Webber (a big collector of
pre-Raphaelite art) and together they had a world wide hit with Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow
Polka Dot Bikini. He’s been seen on ITV’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and tours
regularly being thoroughly entertaining on stage. At Warwick University he studied History and
History of Art and a paint brush has never been far from his reach. Indeed Mallett’s Palette is
as much a part of him as Mallett’s Mallet.
Timmy is recognised as an artist world wide and his work is widely collected. Timmy’s
charitable street art includes a life size gorilla in Bristol, the Remembrance Day piano in
Preston and currently the Ring A Royal phone box at Windsor Castle. He has painted many
famous faces including Lorraine Kelly, Sir Clive Woodward, Jim Rosenthal and Wendy Craig.
These paintings are testament to Timmy’s discerning eye and delight in putting paint to
canvas. Carpe Diem – seize the day!
Log on to our website to view a short film of Timmy giving
an insight into the each of his collectable editions.
Embellished Canvas Edition of 195 | 30” x 24” | Framed £650
Monet’s 1871 painting of the Houses of
Parliament shows the foggy London which
was so typical at the time. Now those
famous fogs are a thing of the past, but on
the memorable day of the Queen’s Diamond
Jubilee, London was swathed in a beautiful
misty rain. As the Royal Barge carried on
regardless, accompanied by that amazing
flotilla, the weather combined with the
occasion to create an irresistible image.
Celebrating on
The Mall
Embellished Canvas Edition of 195 | 20” x 17” | Framed £450
London never fails to inspire. Every couple of weeks
it seems there is a reason to fly the flags, and
on this occasion they were out as a pre-emptive
celebration of the birth of Prince George. The Mall
looked not pink but purple in the shadows, and the
Victoria Memorial was glittering in the sunlight. The
taxi heading towards Buckingham Palace was not a
traditional London black cab, but this detail shows
that this is not a nostalgic image – rather it is of a
real and present moment when, as always in the
capital, something was about to happen.
at Rest
Embellished Canvas Edition of 195 | 28” x 18” | Framed £550
Venice has the best airport transfer in the world. That
water taxi across the lagoon - its as fast as you can
go! In this view, with St Mark’s behind you and San
Giorgio on the island ahead of you I’m reminded that
Venice is a year-round city, beautiful in all seasons,
and here the turquoise of the gondola covers
matches the colour of the sky which is also reflected
in the soft waters of the lagoon. See this same view
in November when the mists rolls in off the Adriatic
and it’s still perfect!
Embellished Canvas Edition of 195 | 28” x 18” | Framed £550
Year after year the bluebells of Britain put on a
spectacular show for three weeks in the spring. Half of
the World’s bluebell varieties are native to the British
isles. Our bluebell woods always surprise and here they
display this lovely never-ending carpet which you reach
by, what feels like, a secret path, and which seems
to stretch on forever. As the season moves on, their
setting and consequently their colour changes. At first
there is not much green above and the bluebells have a
really intense hue. Then as the canopy grows in above
them, they become shadowed and their colour changes
accordingly. Something different to enjoy - everyday!
The poppy field is a classic countryside
Embellished Canvas Edition of 195
32” x 12” | Framed £495
image and I wanted to paint it as soon
as possible as poppies are such fleeting
flowers. I loved the way the hill rising up
to the left and the trees in the distance
provided such a lush context for the
poppies and daisies on the ground.
When I’m painting there is nothing I love more
Embellished Canvas Edition of 195
32” x 12” | Framed £495
than a backlit view, and here the illumination of
the gold beech leaves and the purple of the road
make a magical world of colour. This draws you in
and makes you wonder what is around the corner
- but you’ve only got a short window of time to
investigate before the inevitable stormy weekend
arrives marking the transition into winter.
Post Box
Embellished Canvas Edition of 195 | 18” x 18” | Framed £425
There’s something magical about winter when the snow’s
on the ground and everything is feeling cold, clear
and crisp. Painting snow scenes is always a challenge
because the shadows define the landscape and those
blues and purples against the white have a dramatic
effect – challenging yes, but I love it.
I came across this lovely lonesome snowy pillar box at
the start of a winter walk. Sure enough, the deep drifts
of snow cast great shadows in the low winter sunshine
and the deep red of the post box partly covered in frozen
snow made for a perfect painting. You could almost hear
the crunch of footsteps in that thick deep snow.
Original Paintings
Please contact the gallery to discuss the
availability of original artwork by Timmy.
His fabulous portfolio of paintings features a wide
range of genres, with compositions that are as
diverse in colour as they are in subject matter.
Prices range from £1250 to £9950.