What Do I Love? - Sandi Krakowski


What Do I Love? - Sandi Krakowski
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The 7 Mountain
Saturday With Sandi
Live From Dallas, TX
Dear business owner, Moms & Dads, pastors, missionary and anyone who wants to
understand God’s way to wealth, wisdom and freedom in all areas of lifeGet ready for the time of your life! God is moving through business, families and social
media in a way that has NEVER before been recorded in history!
Could you use a raise on your job? Learn some basic ‘How Tos’ that can not
only increase your value but also make a job you hate become a career you love! Impact
people right where you are at and learn to love the place God has positioned you.
Want to know how to run your own business? Is there a dream and a vision
in your heart to become financially independent, build a small business or even a corporation that creates hundreds of jobs? Sandi will share strategies that have been learned
in the trenches through 16 years of company building that can help any business or entrepreneur.
Or maybe you just need some FRESH FIRE in your everyday ordinary
life! Have you lost your zest for life? Find yourself struggling with the mundane and
simply getting by? Sandi has a unique ability to release people into their God given gifts
and talents. This one day event could literally change your entire life!
Learn first hand how a homeschooling mother, a woman who was gang raped in her
twenties and was even told she would never amount to anything became the #1 trusted
voice among 200,000 people through social media for hope, encouragement, business wisdom and more! She has built a business that not only changes lives, the way
business is done and how people feel about their work, but she also is very active in
caring for orphans, rescuing people out of oppression and creating jobs. Multi-millionaire
Sandi Krakowski is a big influencer in the faith at work movement.
Sandi Krakowski is a HAPPY entrepreneur….. with 11 successful companies under
her belt. She is a “Back To Basics Step By Step Business” expert who currently serves
internationally and is looked to daily by those who want to not only start a business, but
start one correctly.
Her expertise is in all aspects of online marketing, leadership, team management and
The 7 Mountain Assignment
product development. All 11 of her companies have been built online with millions of
clients who have come to trust her sound wisdom on business and absolutely love her
sense of humor.
Sandi is a COMBUSTIBLE force and creates results and action everywhere she goes.
Combustible means to be capable of igniting and burning. Sandi’s PASSION and purpose is to ignite people and cause them to burn with the fire that God put in their hearts.
To cause them to live in freedom and to be capable of causing them to burn on their own
in their respective calling.
• Basic financial and wealth principles anyone can use instantly to change their
• Why God wants you to understand your gifts and talents and HOW to use them
in all areas of life.
• The ONE THING that can change anyone’s life that very few people ever think
about when they go to work.
How To Use
This Workbook
This workbook is intended as a tool to help you stay engaged throughout this training event. We have found that one of the best ways to stay engaged is being at a live
event with others around you learning at the same time. Because Saturday with Sandi
was a one time event in April 2013 in Dallas, TX, we realized this wasn’t entirely possible for everyone that we know to be at the event with us (and if you were, you know
how amazing it was!) so we decided to release the recordings of Saturday with Sandi
in this audio, video & workbook package!
Make sure you have a pen or pencil available throughout this training and use
this workbook to take notes! We invite to have a notepad available as well while you
follow along and learn from Sandi in this exciting experience!
As you go through this training, we invite you to use the hashtag #saturdaywithsandi
to connect with others who have also gone through this training as well! :) Make it a
social media party!
Module 1:
Gifts, Talents & Abilities
Part 1
GIFTS: Each one of us have gifts. We are given these gifts to manage and to use for
God’s purposes.
TALENTS & ABILITIES: These are an outworking of our gifts. When we steward or
use our gifts, they will grow. We’re told that God gives gifts and talents are given ‘each
according to our measure’.
We’re told in the Bible that God looks favorably on those who will manage and use their
HOWEVER, far too many people have no clue what their gifts are, and even worse, have
NO CLUE how to use them in daily life.
God wants us to be a BRIGHT LIGHT (not a tiny penlight) in a world that
needs HIM!
Today, I will get a cleared picture of “What is my
Read More About Sandi’s Story in Her Free Book “Read Their Mind” at
http://www.arealchange.com/blog/read-mind-book-tour or on Amazon.com
Gifts, Talents & Abilities, Part 1
1st Corinthians 12:6
There are different kinds of
But the same spirit distributes them.
There’s different kinds of service
But the same LORD.
There’s different kinds of working
But in all of them and in everyone....
it is the same
The one with the most hope has the most
One of the best things that you could offer your clients is
What Do I Love? Write Down Some Things That You Absolutely Love:
Gifts, Talents & Abilities, Part 1
What Do I Hate? Write Down Some Things That You Absolutely Hate:
What Am I Passionate About? What Is My Value System? Write Down
What You Are Passionate About Related To Your Value System:
God is the
of our gifts.
Matthew 25:14-15
So he entrusted his wealth to them, and he gave the 1st one 5 bags of gold.
To another he gave 2 bags of gold, and to another he gave 1 bag,
each according to his _________________
For further reading on this section, you can go to Matthew 25:14-30
Gifts, Talents & Abilities, Part 1
There is only
spirit, not
The original translation didn’t read “concerning gifts” but rather, it read:
“Concerning the
, I don’t want you ignorant.”
Prayer this prayer in your work each day:
I’m so grateful for my work!
I want to prosper, not just financially:
I want my mind to prosper,
I want to be revitalized in my work,
I want to enjoy what I’m doing!
Flow and move through me!
Do what I can’t do!
Show me things I can’t see!
Help me hear things I could never hear apart from you!
Help me do things I don’t know how to do
So that I can accomplish what you want
In Jesus Name,
This generation that is rising up today is hungry for
There are two kingdoms, the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of
Module 2:
Gifts, Talents & Abilities
Part 2
Friend Sandi on Facebook:
Follow Sandi on twitter
Fill in this website name:
Look at your fear and say “Shut up and
The greek word for
actually means ALL KINDS OF
ways in which the spirit is manifested.
The gift of faith is a gift of
The gift of
Be careful to not create
goes beyond just the physical body.
over the gifts.
Gifts, Talents & Abilities, Part 2
Pay Per Click for the Beginning, Struggling Marketer MADE EASY:
You can pray and
for any gift
is the ability to discern which
kingdom something is coming from.
Every good gift comes from
1 Corinthians 12: 12
Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form
, so it is with Christ.
For further reading on this section, you can go to 1 Corinthians 12:12-31
God created us for
Module 3:
Ask Sandi A Question
Find Sandi on Instagram:
Connect With Others Just Like Yourself By Searching For Hashtag:
(Write it down)
Focus on your
Pay attention to what you receive the most
Sometimes God will take you out of your
to use
you in your mastery zone.
Jesus suffered a horrific death on the cross for you, walk in his
You can find the FREE 30-day course, Wordpress 1 & 2, Social Media Cash
Conversion and more @
(Write it down)
those who tell you to “tone it down”. It’s not you, it’s
The bible says there is a
for everything and a time.
you. Other people don’t have to.
You’re giving God
of yourself as a canvas to work with when
you master your gifting
will come out of you when you are at the top of your
game, or at the bottom of a pit.
Visit Kolbe.com to take the Kolbe Test to discover what your natural instincts are.
Chazown.com is another great resource alongside Kolbe.com
God in the different seasons.
Module 4:
The Mountains Of Influence
In Our World
Books that Sandi Recommended at Lunch:
Read Their Mind by Sandi Krakowski
Flip The Switch by PJ McClure
EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey
Work As Worship by Mark L. Russell
Greater by Steven Furtick
Chazown by Craig Groeschel
The Mountains Of Influence In Our World: this is where all levels of influence in our
culture exist.
Now please remember that this is about GOD’s KINGDOM being released and positioned here on earth. God will do whatever He can to have HEAVEN invade earth. This
is not DOMINATION and TAKE OVER; this is SHIFTING time!
The 7 Mountains of Influence:
• Family
• Religion
• Government
• Business
• Media
• Arts & Entertainment ( CELEBRATION )
• Education
We do not have
to tell someone what gift they have or
try to control it.
We don’t have permission to
another person.
Leading with control is
The Mountains Of Influence In Our World
Money is
. It does not have any life until a human being
touches it.
for making a money.
God doesn’t need you to be sinless, but to be
: confessed
up to date.
1.The Mountain of
We need to
segregating the family.
2.The Mountain of
The spirit of religion looks like Christ, but I will keep you in a
A spirit of religion is a
3.The Mountain of
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were
of God in the fiery furnace!
with the Son
The Mountains Of Influence In Our World
Honor is where
comes from.
Check out the book “A Culture of Honor” by Danny Silk
4. The Mountain of
Check out the book “Thou Shall Prosper” by Rabbi Daniel Lapin
In business, think
Wealth is a
, not a goal
Take the Prince & Pauper Test at http://www.kvministries.com
5. The Mountain of
is where our culture is!
6. The Mountain of
Let’s make it
to Love God!
7. The Mountain of
The Mountains Of Influence In Our World
Check out Dr. Caroline Leaf ’s writings and teachings.
If 10,000 people impacted 10,000 people each day, that would be
influenced for good!
Module 5:
God Is Using You
The idea of
at work is not new.
To go where God is taking you, you must know
Write Down:
and the world needs.
If you fall down again and again, get back
Jack of All Trades will not lead to prosperity, but being
you are in
Module 6:
Rise Up
This is a time to just press in and listen to what the God is telling you.
Allow this section to move you. Below is a space for you to write down some
thoughts, notes, revelations. Use this space for however you see fit:
Rise Up
In this mighty name of Jesus, God use me, I give you my gifts, I give you my talents, and I give you my abilities. Use them for your glory, use them for your purposes. I’m so sorry for when I tried to manage it all on my own, and I receive your
forgiveness. Here I am God. Send me! Take my mess and make a message, and I
ask you to ignite my gifts God.
God I come to you, I bring my broken pieces to you, I bring parts of my shattered
life and I ask you God to forgive me all of my sins, I want what Jesus paid for, I
want my sins forgiven, I want my name written in the Lamb’s book of Life, you are
the great mess cleaner upper, I have a mess and I need it cleaned up! So God, right
now, I ask you to forgive me of my sins, and I receive the free gifts of grace, hope
and salvation, that’s only in Christ Jesus. I thank you that right now,
(fill in today’s date)
that all things have been made brand new. I’m so grateful that I am no longer your
enemy, you’ve never been my enemy.
For Christ So Loved The World (and his enemies) That He Died for Them, That
Whoever Would Receive Him would Have Eternal (forever, and ever and ever) Life!
We thank you God for new life in this place, and we bless you and praise you! ☺
©2013 A Real Change International, Inc. & Sandi Krakowski
All Rights Reserved!
PO Box 1316, Warsaw, IN 46581
Office: (888) 938-4703
Fax: 574-822-4813
For more information on A Real Change and Sandi Krakowski, please visit ARealChange.com.

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