Windows XP Configuration


Windows XP Configuration
Tropimed 1
Windows XP Configuration
Tropimed does not work with Windows XP after a standard
This can happen if you do a standard install and you use Tropimed with a "non admin" session.
Contrary to expectations, Windows XP does not let the application write data in the installation
Solution 1 :
Assign "Full Control" permissions on the folder :
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\tropimed
Figure 1
Log into Windows with an administrator account
Open the explorer and find the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents
Right click on the folder Tropimed and select Properties [Figure 1]
Click on the tab Security and then on the username Everyone
Tropimed 2
Windows XP Configuration
Remark :
If you don’t have Everyone as an option in the users list, you will
have to add it. :
 Click on Add, Input Everyone and click on Check Names. The
name Everyone needs to be undescored.
 Then click on OK. [Figure 2]
Figure 2
5. Select Allow on Full Control and click on Apply [Figure 3]
6. Click on OK
Figure 3
You can now use the application with a non administrator user account.
Tropimed 3
Windows XP Configuration
Solution 2 : Run the application as administrator
This solution is only temporary and requires you to repeat it each time you run the application.
1. Right click on Tropimed’s Icon on your Desktop and select "Run as"
2. Provide the credentials for an administrator account