W-12 view


W-12 view
W-12 Laboratory
1, 1-1/2, or 2 HP explosion-proof
motors. Single phase explosionproof motors (115/230 volts) come
equipped with starting switch and
thermal overload device. 3-phase
explosion-proof motors will
require a starter (see price list
Lift cylinder
Air actuated, 2-1/2" O.D. X 14"
Variable speed, wide belt
303 stainless steel, tapered
Genuine Morehouse-COWLES
Hi-shear impeller
Intrinsically safe digital
Utilities required
Electrical and clean, dry 80 psig
Capacity: This machine will easily disperse a wide range of appropriate products in up to 5 gallon batches
depending upon their viscosities and mixing properties.
In lowered position height is 35". Entire assembly may be raised by a pneumatic push button valve to a
maximum lift stroke of 14" (overall height is a maximum of 49").
A mechanical variable speed drive provides a speed range from 1000 to 6000 rpm. Speed is adjusted
during operation.
Morehouse-COWLES Laboratory Dissolvers include
all the outstanding features of full size MorehouseCOWLES equipment and quickly pay their way in
added efficiency and improved productivity. Their
ever-increasing popularity, proved in worldwide use
and hundreds of applications, affirms the performance
records achieved by countless research and manufacturing organizations. Laboratory models require
very little material for tests and experiments. They
are especially valuable in establishing the formula-
tions of new products to be produced by standard
sized equipment. Production experimentation time
can be greatly reduced and overall plant output substantially improved with the effective use of
Morehouse-COWLES laboratory equipment.
Morehouse-COWLES also manufacturers laboratory
models of stone mills and sandmills with operating
features and equipment capabilities to meet a wide
range of application requirements.
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