Q4 Quarterly Partnership Report


Q4 Quarterly Partnership Report
Q4  October 1 – December 31, 2014
“AFE and SPS will collaborate in identifying private educational investors and in securing
corporate and foundation support consistent with district goals and priorities.”
- Memorandum of Understanding, Alliance for Education & Seattle Public Schools
The following itemizes the investments and activities undertaken by the Alliance for Education
in partnership with Seattle Public Schools during the 4th quarter of 2014 (October - December).
Investments & Support: At a Glance
directed to SPS in Q4
directed to SPS in 2014
Over $152 million
raised since 1995
Seattle Teacher Residency
 Secured $130,000 in new funding, bringing to $2.5 million the total raised
for STR since 2011.
 Prepared $400,000 AmeriCorps proposal. Proposal has since advanced to
fourth and final stage of consideration; decision in May, 2015.
 Submitted comprehensive implementation reports for current funders The
Boeing Company and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.
 Received over 450 inquiries from prospective Cohort 3 applicants; began
preliminary review of over 100 completed applications (40 spots available).
 Prepared Mentor and Resident pair for presentation before U.S.
Congressional staff on October 7.
 Hosted Minneapolis Residency launch team for 3-day learning visit.
 Hosted Race to the Top program officer site visit (largest current funder).
STR Mentor Teacher Rachelle
Moore (Madrona P-8) gives
testimony in Washington, D.C.
Human Resources Redesign
Tracked SPS’ Year 2 progress implementing Urban Schools Human Capital Academy curriculum.
Intensive School Partnership Project (ISP)1
Facilitated grant extension from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for SPS, preventing the loss of
approximately $20,000 in subgranted funds and extending the project through June 30,, 2015.
Ongoing relationship-building with the philanthropic community
 Convened Philanthropic Partners in Public Education (PPPE) – the Bezos Family Foundation, Bill &
Melinda Gates Foundation, Biller Family Foundation, Boeing Company, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft,
Nesholm Family Foundation, Paul G. Allen Foundation, Raikes Foundation and Seattle Foundation to
provide a forum for SPS to directly request foundation support for strategic needs.
“We are writing…to make this
contribution to your organization. We
wish you well in your efforts to enrich
the lives of citizens of your community.
We truly appreciate all that you do.”
- AFE donor, 12/28/14
1 The ISP project is a collaboration between AFE
and SPS that developed and piloted a framework
for improving the coordination and evaluation of
school-based support services delivered to
students by qualified CBOs.
Q4 Fiscal Services: At a Glance
$2.46 million
held in secure accounts
for 200+ school groups
in school donations
processed via 1,750
Personal consultations
provided to PTA and other
Additional Service Work and Subgrants
 Received pledge for up to $539,550 in new funding for Aki Kurose, Asa Mercer & Denny middle
schools’ Kids in the Middle Literacy Initiative (funded by the Nesholm Family Foundation through the
Alliance for fourteen years). 2
 $56,839 in support of the current Kids in the Middle Literacy Initiative.
 $36,253 for the Confucius Institute at Denny Middle School.
 Revived Naramore Arts Fund to support visual arts; prepared for two student scholarships to be
awarded in 2015.
“[We all] share the responsibility” for Seattle
children’s academic performance. – Mayor Ed
Murray, 2014 State of the District
October 18: Maximum capacity crowd at Black & Orange Gala.
November 17: Hosted annual State of the District (thank you Group
Health Cooperative for the venue).
December 2: Hosted reception for STR team and visiting Minneapolis
Residency launch team.
Mayor Murray and Superintendent Nyland
at the annual State of the District, hosted
by the Alliance for Education
…Next Up in Q1 2015: Movin’ On Up, Foster Award Prize Patrol, 20th Anniversary Community Breakfast
* Denotes Ex
Bradley Hoff, Foster Pepper
Pamela Banks, Urban League
Jon Bridge, Ben Bridge Jewelers
Dr. Larry Nyland,
Jane Broom, Microsoft Corp.
Fay Chapman, Community Volunteer
Lisa Chick, City Year
Erle Cohen, Seed IP
Matthew Dailey, LPL Financial
Maud Daudon, Seattle Chamber*
Dan Dixon, Swedish Medical Center
Roger Erskine, SEA (retired)
Pam Eshelman, Roosevelt Foundation
Lynnette Frank, Deloitte
Brett Gerry, The Boeing Co.
George Griffin, G3 Associates
Ken Hamm, First Choice Health
Brad Hoff, Foster Pepper LLC
Sheila Edwards Lange, UW
Bruce Leader, Microsoft Corp.
Nate Miles, Eli Lilly
Chase Morgan, Bridge Partners
Sara Morris, Alliance for Education*
Estela Ortega, El Centro de la Raza
Matthew Paddock, Metzler
Sharon Peaslee, Seattle School Board
Bob Peters, Community Volunteer
Dan Sudit, BMO Harris
Jena Thornton, Eagle Rock Ventures
Sally Yates, Group Health
David Zapolsky, Amazon.com
Artie Buerk ∙ Ken Alhadeff ∙ Patty Bedient ∙ Herb Bridge ∙ Phyllis Campbell ∙ Don Covey ∙ Kirby Cramer ∙ Anne Farrell ∙ Victor Fung ∙ Gary Gannaway ∙ Bob Gerth ∙
Josef Gray ∙ Nick Hanauer ∙ Pam MacEwan ∙ John Mangels ∙ Tomio Moriguchi ∙ Jim Morris ∙ Shan Mullin ∙ Don Nielsen ∙ Donovan Olson ∙ Patrick Patrick ∙ Louis
Pepper ∙ Roger Percy ∙ Peggy Phillips ∙ Shane Philpot ∙ Bill Rex ∙ Judy Runstad ∙ Cheryl Scott ∙ Gary Severson ∙ Pete Shimer ∙ John Warner ∙ Bob Watt ∙
RY Woodhouse
Maggie Allen ∙ Marisa Bier, PhD ∙ Sara Circelli ∙ Cathey Fraser ∙ Christy Giles ∙ Jami Herring ∙ Gina La Porta Roller ∙ Cynthia McKinney ∙ Jim
Molloy ∙ Sara Morris ∙ Alma Romero ∙ Alicia Sands ∙ Mark Taylor ∙ Amy Ward ∙ Mike Woodman
Reimbursements to SPS are conditional upon specific approval by the Nesholm Foundation.
For previous Partnership Reports, please visit www.alliance4ed.org/who-we-are/quarterly-reports

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