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The Essence of Solutions
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Orchidia's mission is to bring passion to life's
journey through inspired sensory creations.
Fragrance Forms and Types
Liquid Fragrances
Food Grade
Allergen Free
Powdered Fragrances
Food Grade
Allergen Free
Regulatory Compliance
Navigating the ever-changing sea of regulatory
compliance laws and regulations can be
challenging at best. This department is
responsible for keeping up with the increasing
scope and complexity of regulations both here
and abroad. Our ultimate goal is to provide our
clients with timely information to ensure successful
IFRA (International Fragrance Association)
EU Allergen Statements
EPA Design For the Environment Program (DfE)
• Available to customers upon request
• Currently 26 EU allergens (more pending)
• Statements show customers what allergens must
be listed on their packaging
EU Safety Data Sheets
• Available to customers upon request
• More specific than US SDS
• Requires information on Risk and Safety Phrases
• Available to customers upon request (states
maximum usage of fragrance in final product)
• Check formulas to make sure they are IFRA safe
• Currently on the 47th amendment
• List of raw materials with usage
• 11 product categories based on your fragrance’s
final end product
• Formulas submitted to the ‘Design for the
Environment’ Program
• Once DfE submission has been returned, we inform
perfumers of changes that need to be made
• Perfumer submits revised fragrance to customer
• If customer approves, revised fragrance formula is
resubmitted to the DfE Program
• Chemicals not allowed:
o PBTs (persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic
o Carcinogens
o Sensitizers
Botanical Extracts
At Orchidia, we offer a way to add perceived benefits into your products,
fitting well with the natural and healthy personal care trends.
About Orchidia’s Botanical Extracts:
• Starting materials are reliably sourced
• Multiple solvents and solvent blends
o PG
o Glycerin
o Water
o Natural PG
o Sweet Almond Oil
• Can be vitamin fortified
• Water soluble or oil soluble (WIP)
• Standardized extracts
• Custom extracts
Applications | Full in-House Services
Quality Commitment
Orchidia ensures product safety and quality tenets
are followed throughout the developmental
processes until a product reaches the market. This is
the result of our own quality enrichment program
which is now standard operating procedure.
Enhanced safeguards
Global reach
Time and cost efficiencies
Guidance documents and training programs
Raw material evaluation (traceability and recall)
Orchidia CARES program
Orchidia Corporate
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Marketing Services
As a partner of Orchidia, we provide you with
current and insightful market research from a
variety of marketing services. This data is presented
clearly to help you make informed decisions, and
we are always available in the event you need
additional research and/or consultation.
Trend Kits
Market Insight Reports
Copywriting/Fragrance Descriptions
Graphic Design (Literature, digital imagery, web)
Fragrance 101
Human Algorithm
Think Tank
Orchidia Cares
Customer Audit to Review Environmental Safety
(CARES) is a program that helps our partners
reduce the effect their fragrances have on the
environment, comply with regulatory laws and
guidelines, reduce costs, optimize fragrances for
their application, and convert current fragrances
to DfE-certified status and other recognized
Solvent reduction
Ingredient replacement
Cost reduction
IFRA compliance
Stability Improvement
To request more information regarding the CARES
program, click here.
Thank you, we look forward to working together! | [email protected]