Article - Fragrance Du Bois


Article - Fragrance Du Bois
Joanne Chim - 14th Oct 2014
A good fragrance has the power to evoke certain emotions and even bring back memories that we have forgotten. What easier way to leave an
impression than by having a signature scent? However, with a finite number of fragrances in the world, it can be a challenge when it comes to
customising your signature fragrance.
That said, we’ve found some of the world’s most respected perfumeries that not only create exquisite scents, but also specialise in crafting a
perfume specially for you. The best part? They are available in Singapore.
Frederic Malle partnered The Hour Glass to introduce his eponymous label in
2002. The purveyor’s philosophy is entrenched in the principles of concocting
exclusive and creative fragrances before selling them under the creator’s
We were amazed to find out who were some of the select few who had
perfumes named after them. High-end purveyors such as Jean Claude Ellena
(creator of Hermès Un Jardin) Edmond Roudnitska (creator of Christian Dior
Diorella) and Maurice Roucel (creator of Gucci Envy) were some names that
were labelled behind the brand’s most prized perfumes. If you’re a perfume
aficionado yourself, you may just be one of those people chosen by Frederic
Malle to create and name your very own fragrance.
Frederic Malle, Malmaison by The Hour [email protected], 270 Orchard
Road, Singapore 238857, +65 6884 8484
If you’re looking for something highly exclusive, Fragrance Du Bois is the
brand for you. The magic of Fragrance Du Bois was birthed originally in the
Bastide Du Bois, situated somewhere in Grasse, France. It’s exact location
is only revealed to a select number of exceptionally gifted individuals in the
A trip to the Bastide Du Bois is by invitation only and individuals will have
the attention of one of the world’s finest Noses. Their mission? To create an
original, bespoke, fine fragrance that reflects each individual’s personality and
The secret ingredient within every Fragrance Du Bois concoction is Oud oil,
extracted in its purest form from the wood of an Aquilaria Tree. Every scent is
collected in an exquisitely hand made Murano glass bottle by luxury perfume
atomiser maker Marcel Franck. Endorsed by the Prince Albert II of Monaco
Foundation, Fragrance Du Bois is undoubtedly the epitome of exclusive.
Fragrance Du Bois, 1 Fullerton Square, The Fullerton, Singapore 049178, +65
6536 5771,
This family-owned and operated company was founded in Grasse, France, in
1966. Proving to be more than a burgeoning business, M Micallef has nearly
900 businesses around 54 countries with some of its exceptional pieces
crafted originally for Middle Eastern royal families.
Known for specially hand crafting their bespoke pieces with crystals, precious
stones and 24-karat gold details, M Micallef is also renowned for their
perfume bars. Inspired by individualism, the perfume bars provides you with a
personalised olfactory product unique to your character — especially if you’re
someone who appreciates the bling in things.
If you’ve already fallen for their timeless pieces such as Ananda or night aoud,
but still wish to add your own twist to the fragrance, M Micallef also provides
you with the service of recomposing the fragrance based on your desired