Company Profile



Company Profile
Company Profile
Our philosophy
Florencetown was founded in 2006 by Luca Perfetto and Urbano
Brini, college mates and passionate about tourism, with the mission to
offer unique experiences in Florence and Tuscany, exclusive itineraries
based on innovative ideas and new ways to live Tuscany and the Italian
culture, with a quality-centered perspective.
The Company today
Nowadays, Florencetown is a leading company in the incoming tourism
market for Tuscany, providing scheduled and tailor made tours, special
excursions and itineraries, with direct expansions and investments in
transportation, food & beverage, accommodation, retail and information
The corporate structure has also changed, since Dr. Patrizio Montevecchi,
Luca’s tourism-passionate cousin, joined as a shareholder in 2013, taking
over the role of President in 2014. Urbano currently acts as Director of
Marketing and Sales, while Luca as CEO.
Florencetown produces its own tours, and this allows us to have a full
control on quality and overall organization of experiences. The company
is highly specialized on the Florentine and Tuscan area and has quickly
expanded on the territory among the years. It currently operates from
four locations among Florence city center and the Chianti countryside: a
head office, a Florence cooking school, a
transportation department, a boutique winery and a cooking school in
Chianti, and there are a few other projects under rapid development!
Florencetown employs more than 50 young professionals including
guides, tour leaders, drivers, chefs and F&B crew, booking, marketing,
administration each one with a deep focus for attention to details and on
our guests’ daily care and satisfaction.
Our approach will always be
focused on offering authentic
products and delivering
unforgettable experiences for
our selected consumer target.
We’ll only recommend
destinations we are really
familiar with, and only those
services that will deliver our
own standards.
A territory-based strategy,
a well-trained team of
professionals, many relations
in Florence and Tuscany
and a lot of hard work will
make the difference for the
demanding clientele and will
help us to become Leaders for
in 2006
Luca and Urbano,
Company Profile
Head Office,
Florence Downtown
The main office is the headquarter and
administrative base of Florencetown, as well as
the perfect starting point for all regular tours
provided by the company and a reliable reference
for visitors in Florence.
It’s the backstage where different “behind the
scenes” departments collaborate to design all
the “light and magic” that make a Florencetown
experience a memorable moment in life.
It’s also the operation center for our Booking
Department and for experiences we run in the
city, such as the Uffizi and Vasari Corridor tours,
the introductory Bike and Walking tours, the
exciting Inferno Tour and the enjoyable and
relaxing Boat Tour on the Arno River.
Transportation and
Chianti Department
Our transportation department takes specific
care of transfers and excursions in the Tuscan
countryside, providing different vehicles for our
Chianti experiences and an energetic group of
highly trained tour leaders and drivers.
Florencetown owns a complete fleet: 7
comfortable vans, 20 iconic Vespa scooters, 2
fascinating vintage Tuscany Tuk Tuks, 25 hybrid
bicycles, 25 city bikes are all the different means
of transportation we can provide to let travelers
discover our land in different and dynamic ways.
Thank to this department, our guests can be
captured by the beauty of Tuscany by visiting
vineyards and cellars, learning about art and wines
while exploring the amazing Chianti Region by
Bike, Vespa, Horse or the comfort of our vans.
Tourist Points
of Florence
Florencetown, together with a strategic local
partner, Ciao Florence tour operator, has
developed a system of 3 information points
in the city center, taking over old news stands
and turning them into easily accessible and
strategically placed locations, from where tourists
are able to get free information and book tours
and services. Tourist Points also offer assistance,
free city maps, give info about attractions and
events, up to providing numbers of medical
emergency or other information useful to the
tourists’ stay. They help the tourist and support
them with the presence of qualified, multilingual
employees, available 7/7 in case of any need .
The Florence Tourist Points Project should see 5
to 8 new openings in the next 2 years to cover the
majority of popular tourist sites in the city center
of Florence.
Company Profile
Food and Wine Academy:
The Cooking Schools, the
Restaurant and the Boutique Winery
Our cooking department, which began
with cooking classes, has now become
a company spin-off named Food &
Wine Academy of Florence which
provides cooking classes, in addition to
typical meals and tastings in Florence
and the Tuscan countryside, under the
expert guidance of a team of professional chefs.
This spin-off company was also made
possible by the partnership with
Filippo Gargani, founder of Italy’s
Finest agency, and Andrea Melani,
owner of the Borgo Antico restaurant
in Florence.
The Food & Wine Academy runs a
renowned cooking school in the city
center of Florence, where our guests
learn how to prepare traditional Italian
meals with our chefs, including basics
of Italian cuisine or pizza and gelato
It also manages a restaurant & boutique winery located in the cellars of
a historical Tuscan Villa in the Chianti
Area. Here typical Tuscan meals for our
guests are prepared and are accompanied by visits of the cellars as well as
wine and olive oil tastings. Also at the
Villa, the Food & Wine Academy runs a
second cooking school in a fascinating
kitchen, where private and small group
cooking lessons take place.
Company Profile
Florencetown Regular Tours
Florencetown’s constant attention to quality and authenticity can be seen
through our regularly run shared tours. Different from other companies’ tours for
their distinct originality and top quality standards, these tours always maintain
small groups of guests and are run only in English to preserve the quality we
strive for, and that can be constantly monitored since we self-produce these
experiences. We guarantee daily departures even if there is only one participant
for a tour and all experiences are skillfully overseen by the Booking Office, which
is open every day of the year and also works as the meeting point for all these
We provide a full range of products with a focus on special interest tours like
vespa and bike tours, visits to exclusive art collections and usually-unaccessible
sights, cooking classes, wine experiences and even introductory city tours.
Company Profile
Florencetown Fit and Special Events
Our high specialization on the territory also gives us the opportunity to create any
private event and special activity in Florence and Tuscany.
In this way, the FIT department “FLORENCETOWN PLUS” has successfully
become a point of reference for many agents worldwide when it turns to provide
beyond-expectation-services in Tuscany.
Florencetown Plus provides a wide variety of high-end, customizable services,
including private excursions to discover art and history, openings of famous
museums and un-accessible locations, fine wine and food programs including
private cooking classes, chef demonstrations and packages, catering for special
occasions, as well as sky, land and sea transportations and logistic, take-over of
exclusive properties, villa rentals, complete event planning and, most importantly,
24/7 concierge service.
Company Profile
Proud of
Our Staff
Company Profile
Highly passionate about tourism, I
love challenges and I am extremely
curious.I’ve always loved applying
my business & management skills
to my interests, and that is what
I do at Florencetown. Working
here means dealing with two of my
three greatest passions: travelling
and people. Everyday I make sure
that the high quality standards
are respected, in order to grant
our guests the most unforgettable
experiences. PS. If you are third passion is
basketball :-)
Traveling is my reason for
living. When I was a child,
the best gift I received was a
globe. On the beaches of my
island I was fascinated by the
different accents. While working
at Florencetown, I have the
opportunity to recommend
corners of Tuscany that will
excite travelers, because first
of all...they have excited me.
I do not trust the tour guides
or even the words of another.
I must experience what I
suggest. I am lucky. I was born
on an island full of charm and I
live in Tuscany, a region full of
I am the woman of numbers.
In charge of the accounting
department. But I have a liberal
arts education and have a
natural gift in seeing directly
into the human heart, so often
that my office turns into a
confessional. I have watched
Florencetown grow from a small
company into what it is now. I
am happy to make ends meet
in my job, but what I want more
than anything, is that we do not
forget about our roots: making
travelers and internal guests
happy must be always our belief
and we should not only look at
figures, but also at the quality of
life of people working.
(IR)Rational. Attracted by numbers
and in love with art. Studied
mechanical engineering but
thought to be Alberto Giacometti’s
descendant or a design wizard.
Quite wrong. Went back to
numbers. Lived in the USA. Came
back to find the perfect blend for
my bipolarity in Florencetown:
as Operations Manager I’ve
dealt with logistics and human
resources. As Marketing Manager,
I now deal with both numbers
and creativity. If I can wear a blue
watch, it’s because “he’s strange,
he’s into marketing”.
In love with my job, I manage
our Restaurant and Boutique
Winery in Chianti, taking care of
food and service quality.
di rigo
Hello, I am Ilaria, Booking Office
Manager. I met Florencetown for the
first time as an intern while studying
foreign languages at University. I
joined the company after my degree.
I take care of the booking office and
the city guides depts. I love my job
for its dynamism: every day there
is something new to deal with.
Sometimes it’s like putting the pieces
of a puzzle together. I love travelling
and all of its aspects: art, history,
nature, food, close to home or far
away. I will never forget my night
bushwalking in Australia!
I am Maurizio, in charge of the
Transportation department.
I love my work and I love to
make sure all the Florencetown
Shuttles are in time every day.
I am like a father for most guys
in the company. They share
everything with me. Week ends?
Most of them working and some
other i cultivate my passion:
Hello everybody , my Name
is Alain. I’m Florencetown’s
My Life is all about cooking,
travelling and playing basket ball.
I’m always searching for the best
spices and beautiful places to
My Job here is to take care of
you all, being sure to teach you
fundamentals of Italian cooking
and having fun all together.
Come and enjoy Italian cooking
I enjoy talking with our guests
and making sure they are always
My great passions are good
music, wine and food...but only
if I have the opportunity to
share them with my friends and
Company Profile
Florence for kids is enchanting. One may chose
from many ways on how to enjoy the city:
From above, Piazzale Michelangelo, arriving aboard
of a tuk tuk , a type of a rickshaw, passing by and
having fun guessing the monuments , its piazzas,
the bridges and its towers;
From a piazza riding a horse or on a horse-carriage,
on the historic carrousel of Piazza della Repubblica,
to start the day with a jolt of happiness!
from an craftsman workshop, where one may create
with its own hands its own souvenir of the town.
And how? By beating the gold leaf and minting the
golden Florin!
From a gelato shop , playing the game of the ten
spoons , such pleasure for the palate. Besides just
tasting , the gelato maker will also reveal the secret
that lays behind the magic of gelato!
From a tower, one may admire a spectacular
panoramic view of the city centre. Which tower is
more exciting to climb, Giotto’s Bell Tower of the
Town Hall’s Tower?
Company Profile
From a kitchen, with a
creating the most flavorful pizza in the world;
from the soccer stadium, where one can imitate
their dream idols of this National sport;
from sitting on a bike , one may scurry down the
streets reaching the piazzas and the bridges of the
historic centre;
from the rooms of the Antique Florentine Davanzati
House, where one can imagine going back in time
and reviving how Renaissance kids used to live;
from the meadows of the Boboli Gardens, among
statues and fountains in the open air museum; from
a farmhouse, just a stone’s throw from the city , in
contact with its nature, its wildlife surrounded by
olive trees, bridges and fairytale-like castles;
from the rooms of Leonardo’s museum, a place
to discover the creations of kids most beloved
genius; from the Stibbert museum, which surprises
kids with its range of warriors on horsebacks, in a
battleground come alive;
From on top of a carriage pulled by horses, going
back in time when no cars existed in Florence!
Company Profile
Villas and
Luxury villa or home rentals are becoming an increasingly
popular alternative to luxury hotel vacations. Here are some
luxury travel tips.
We offer a wide selection of villas in which you can enjoy
your privacy, as if at home, while still guaranteeing top quality
The most distinctive feature of the company is that it is
specifically dedicated to providing rental property with all the
facilities and services you can find in a hotel while preserving
the absolute intimacy of your private villa or apartment.
From the rolling hills of Chianti and the vineyards of Val d’Orcia
to the glitz and glamour of Forte dei Marmi, we offer villas in
Tuscany which are perfectly placed for creating the ultimate
holiday experience.
Our luxury villas include large family villas with pools in the
countryside and smaller ones in charming villages of the region
encircled by fields of olive groves, sunflowers and cypresses,
mostly picture-postcard perfect, with panoramic views across
the Chianti area.
On the coast lies the prestigious Versilia, home to style and
glamour. Celebrities have been lured to its beaches since
Shelley and Byron, the first to don bathing suits and dip their
toes in Tuscan waters. Locals move by bike around and about
down the coast which is tempered by generous doses of
culture, history and hospitality.
Our portfolio of luxury villas includes both contemporary
designer pads, the sort of contemporary gleam you see in
design magazines - and traditional and authentic properties.
All of our luxury villas are inspected on a regular basis by our
local authority, prior to and during the holiday season, to ensure
you enjoy the best villa holiday experience possible.
Every villa has been hand-picked for its individuality. Our goal
is to help you plan a holiday that you will carry in your heart
forever - and that starts by finding you the perfect property.
Company Profile
In person or by telephone, we will assist you either prior to your arrival at the villa or
during your stay.
Please allow us to send you all tour activities and tours we offer.
Pre-arrival grocery provisioning
We can provide you with our standard grocery pack which we deliver to your villa’s
pantry or alternatively you can send us your own grocery list, including drinks and
selected wines, which we will delivery to your villa before your arrival.
Professional chef and sommelier
Either you wish to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy lovely meals without
worrying about shopping, cooking and cleaning up, we will arrange a professional
chef and sommelier to orchestrate a delicious Lunch/dinner at your villa.
Transportation and tours
We can arrange all transports you may need during your stay at the villa. We can
help you to hire a car for those wishing to enjoy self-driving or arrange professional
driver services. Minivans are available for larger groups wishing to travel in comfort.
To admire breathtaking landscapes, we can help you organize private vespa and bike
tours around the whole Tuscan region.
Service guaranteed with the most reliable, trustworthy personnel for your pets.
We only work with English speaking babysitters of great experience, fully trained to
work with children and babies of all ages.
Italian class and other activities
If you wish to explore and enjoy the Italian language, indulge yourself in private lessons with your Italian teacher!
Or learn how to prepare delicious meals prepared with seasonal products during a
cooking class.
Company Profile
gala night may take place in various
locations. What we offer you, besides
an exquisite menu, is a location full of
magic: noble Tuscan palazzos will open
their doors to “passionates” of elegance
and sophistication once-upon-a-time.
Forget the crowded museums and imagine the doors opening after
closing hours, explicitly for you. A guide’s expertise will lead you
through galleries enchanted with exclusivity.
Reincarnate the Dolce Vita. Thanks to locations that still exist in
Florence, you can breathe the breeze of lightness of that time
period. Admire the green grassy river terrace of the Rowers Club,
while laying back in a hand chair along the Arno riverbank.
Tuscany has shown the whole world the 5 senses and now it is
time to rediscover them:
Sight: numerous panoramic views lay at your feet from the
Chianti hilltops. Not to mention, art in front of your eyes behind closed doors, in museums reserved. Or your eyes gazing
at the rolling hills while riding your bike together in a small
Touch: discover the mysterious clay forms in a terracotta laboratory, in the midst of the Chianti countryside. Hold in your
hands delicate pieces of art by maestro goldsmiths or learn to
maneuver a paintbrush during a fresco course;
Sound: theatre of silence will lift you up with the music of Bocelli, and lighten your heart in a timeless atmosphere;
Taste: family-run restaurants will open their doors to food lovers where families cherish life cooking in barns. Don’t forget
that wine is first sensed by the nose; expert sommeliers will
tell you stories and secrets of wines famous worldwide;
Smell: besides breathing in unique fragrances in small perfume
factories, a talented Florentine “nose doctor” will surprise you
by creating together your own personal perfume, the fragrance that you could never find in your local perfume shop.
There are so many emotions the “Tuscan” experience can gift to
you. And we are for sure the pioneers of forgotten spots, less
known or to be yet discovered.
Company Profile
Florencetown highly specializes in
creating exclusive events, ceremonies , gala
dinners, recreational activities and team
building in Florence and Tuscany.
For years now, we have been busy creating extraordinary events for
companies as for individuals thanks to our knowhow in the region
of Tuscany, and thanks to our creative and dynamic team we are
able to accomplish great success. A numerous amount of House
incentives, hotels as for professionals in the sector chose us for our
expertise as for our dedication.
We organized dinners and unique events in exclusive locations as
historic villas, private gardens and terraces with the most incredible
Not once did we have the main Florentine museums open their
doors for exclusive night visits; cocktail parties organized for more
than two-hundred-and-eighty invites, private dinners with Michelin
star chefs and great opera singers as for international pop star
We organized special wine tours opening their exclusive wineries,
which are closed to the public. While for our classic visits to
traditional wineries we always had the owner greet especially our
guests, or we had the wine maker himself lead our guests through
their visit, and at the end have their wine bottles autographed just
for our guests.
Company Profile
We had bike tours for small and larger groups , usually divided up
according to their biking skills including several stops for tastings as
for informative commentaries.
Thanks to our specialization in regular tours as for our Bike and Vespa
tours we are now able to organize activities for smaller and bigger
groups with departures from any spot of Tuscany. We also have access
to Vintage Cars, Sports cars and Ferraris. We managed to deal with a
group of 24 brand-new Ferraris; An extraordinary tour in the Chianti
which was topped off with a superb lunch in a Medieval castle location.
We have organized Medieval and Renaissance treasure hunts
as for Italian cultural hunts, where corporate employees were
scattered around the city of Florence and Siena divided up into
different groups , in search for the next hint having fun questioning
a historic figure, entering a café to learn quickly how to make an
espresso, substituting a pizzaiolo sticking a pizza into the over or
stopping people on the streets to translate into Italian phrases
that made up a mosaic of words to move on to the next step.
We managed to please a group of 40 young corporate workers with an
outdoor Fresco lesson, including colors, pallets and subjects to depict
… we were able to animate groups with our bike tours in the city
centre where we combined together exploring the city and enjoying
a bike ride.
For even more energetic companies we divided the group into smaller
groups whom through the day they visited the city, enjoyed a cooking
class in a historic Florentine restaurant, had a ceramics making class,
and met up for lunch to then switch activities in the afternoon.
Some companies requested a sail boat race on the Tuscan sea, we
even organized private events on a historic sailboat with refreshments
and a Dj set. In many occasions we had pic-nics set up outdoors in
front of castles and in medieval boroughs.
We assisted events of historic cars, special services such as Cigar
Bar, Crupiers Casino style, medieval artists, jugglers, flag throwers,
musicians ranging from classic music to camera orchestra, Florentine
folklore, Italian, pop and gospel music.
A meticulous selection of suppliers such as florists, caterers for small
and large groups, audio sound and video technicians and delivery
service make our organization efficient, creative and impeccable.
Florencetown had great success in organizing events for Jaguar,
BnP Parisbas, Damiani, Hermes , Le Figaro, Findus, Meiolanum, Axa,
Toyota, Bombay Sapphire… just to mention a few. And even more with
our individual clients demanding the most incredible requests, worthy
of the greatness of Florence.
Company Profile
Travel Industry about
Jason Miller
Roberta Caucino
Caroline Courteau David E. Lowy
Director of Sales Lungarno
CTC, President - Renshaw Travel
We look forward to entrusting our
clients and friends into the hands of
our Florencetown partners.
When working with Florencetown,
it’s just like working with our Italian
Whether it’s the personal touch
of a specifically chosen guide or
amenity, or something as grand as
a dinner under the statue of David,
the Florencetown team delivers
every time.
Florencetown, a great group of
“Tuscan ragazzacci”! They are
Ambassadors of Tuscan culture and
heritage, always very professional,
passionate and true to their Tuscan
origins…and with them you will
discover this magic region of Italy.
It has been a pleasure working
with Urbano and his team at
FlorenceTown. They are a valuable
partner and know the hidden
secrets of our city. They are able
to open doors to some of the most
private places of the city.
Nobody knows Florence and
Tuscany better than our partners
at Florencetown. They open
closed doors and make magic
happen which thrills our clients.
Florencetown is extremely
important to our business.
Founder and CEO - The Accomplished Traveler, New York
Director of Sales - Castiglion del
Bosco, Tuscany
Fabio Datteroni
Jack S. Ezon
President - Ovation Vacations
Senior Sales Manager Savoy Hotel
Francesca Pretin
Simone Giorgi
I met Urbano and Luca at the very
beginning of their enthusiastic
Florencetown project and now, few
years later, I am very pleased to see
how well this has been developed
with their entrepreneurial spirit,
passion, vision, attention to details,
never stopping in delivering high
service & quality, reliability (you can
count on them to make you shining
in your clients eyes), all of this
keeping spreading worldwide their
Tuscan Smile and same enthusiasm
Our friends at Florencetown are
incredible partners of ours and the
go-to resource for anything Tuscany
related. Not only are they prompt and
professional, but they are extremely
creative and more-so, probably the
most connected team on the ground
there is in Florence. Whether it is
inside access to the Vasarian Corridor
on a moment’s notice or visits to
private gardens, unique venues or
interactive, fun activities for a multigenerational family, Florencetown
can make it happen with great flair,
always making us look like heroes to
our clients.
How better way to see and discover
the beauties of Florence but from a
“local eye” ? that is exactly what I look
for when I travel on vacation…to see
and live the city the way the local do!
That’s the real essence of the team of
Florencetown, they get you and your
clients discover the way we “live” and
the way we enjoy this magnificient
city which goes a way beyond the big
famous sights and museums such as
the Old Bridge, the Accademia or the
Vasarian Corridor, by offering a real
inside local experience! So go for it and
be sure that you will come back being
a bit “Fiorentino”
“The best way sell a city/destination
is by having someone passionate
about their job and that has fun
doing it.. ..and Florencetown does it
General Manager - Castello del
Nero, Tuscany
General Manager - VILLA CORA,
Company Profile
Shelby Donley
Owner - Camelback Odyssey
“Urbano and team are wonderful
partners of Camelback Odyssey
Travel. With consistently positive
feedback from our clients we feel
very confident partnering with
Florencetown when creating unique
and memorable experiences for our
clients traveling through Florence
and Tuscany.”
Bell O. de Souza
Vice President & C.O.O. - Mansour
Travel Company
“Luca Perfetto and Urbano Brini
have assembled a unique and
unbeatable team at Florencetown
who have created some
extraordinary, bespoke experiences
for our clients in Tuscany. We know
that our best clients are in good
and capable hands with them.”
Aaron Kaupp
General Manager - Villa San
Michele, Firenze
“Urbano and his team at Florencetown
provide that essential, yet hidden
Florence experience that no one else
can find or create, a absolute delight
to collaborate with them “
Stacy Small
President Elite Travel
Whenever we have clients heading
to Tuscany, my first call is to
Florencetown as no one knows
more about this region of Italy than
founder Urbano Brini. Whether it’s
sourcing a private venue otherwise
unavailable for public access for a
client looking to host a blow-out
birthday party or to offer insights on
local properties we are unfamiliar
with or setting up authentic cooking
classes and experiences, I know I can
always count on Florencetown to
execute in a way that makes us look
like a hero to our clients.
Arlene C.
CTA - Vice President at Rudi Steele
Travel, Inc.
“I encourage those who visit
Florence and tour Tuscany to engage
Florencetown to gain access to unique
venues, enrich their experiences
with an insightful and knowlegable
guide and share the passion that
the Florencetown staff has for Italy.
Florencetown provides professional
service with the philosophy to provide
their guests with a cultural education
combined with fun, off-the-beatentrail ideas, once in a lifetime memories
and a true engagement in the
Kate Corey
Mickey Weill
Giampaolo Ugolini
“Florencetown is our go-to for all
things Tuscany and beyond. We’ve
formed an invaluable partnership
and trust their team with our
clients - no matter the size or scope
of the request. We look forward
to many years of continued Italy
collaboration to come!”
“I love the young, dynamic energy
that Urbano and his team have
created at Florencetown! They
have exceeded expectations over
and over again with their expert
knowledge of Italy, and I am
confident that Florencetown will
continue to deliver unique and
memorable experiences for our
valued Protravel clients!”
Cooperating with Florencetown
has been and is stimulating, funny,
pleasant, smooth, and not only!
The entire staff is very professional,
and flexible. So able to capture the
“changing needs of the modern
traveler”. The perfect partner for
The St.Regis Florence Hotel and
The Westin Excelsior Florence
Founder Nomadic Souls
Vice President Sales Development
- Protravel International LLC
Director of Sales St. Regis,
Excelsior - Firenze
Company Profile
Our offices are open all year-round, everyday from 7.30 am to 8.30 pm from
March to October and from 9.00am to 6.00 pm from November to February.
Our headquarters are located in the
very heart of Florence, between the
Duomo and the Signoria Square. Our
Booking Staff is at your complete
disposal for any info or enquiries.
During these years Florencetown
further excelled in its Customer Care,
developing programs specifically
directed for staff improvement .
Delivery of service is anticipated and
with the use of diverse techniques
our clients’ satisfaction levels are
constantly monitored , from the
moment we greet them to the
moment of their good-bye.
All our private tours in Florence
have included as amenity a gift upon
arrival for our guests and delivered
directly to their hotel rooms.
Delicious Tuscan specialties as a
warm welcoming gift together with a
letter reconfirming our services.
Florencetown’s Website is the
platform where you can find out
more about all our tours and where
you can also book an activity. A login
and password will be issued for direct
access to the reserved areas.
Meet Florencetown team at the
major International fairs, we are
present every year at the most
important Tourist exhibitions. We
often visit the States to participate
at the workshops and meetings
in sector. Contact us for an
Florencetown is going Social. Contact
us on Facebook and Twitter for the
latest news , to follow us backstage
and to see our hundreds of clients
enjoying their experiences in Tuscany
Via de’ Lamberti, 1 - 50123
Firenze (FI) ITALY
P.IVA 01811660503
Sign up on the Florencetown mailing
list for more news, ideas of the city
and all that revolves around our
Tel. (+39) 055 28.11.03
Fax. (+39) 055 53.70.730
You can book directly through our
website or contact us by email for
a customized itinerary or for any
special requests. Our team is at your
full disposal.
General Enquire:
[email protected]
Regular Tours Booking Office:
[email protected]
Private Tours Booking Office:
[email protected]
Sales and Marketing:
[email protected]
Accounting Department:
[email protected]
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