ZILUKS IN POLAND Dear Diary, Last week I was in Poland. It is an



ZILUKS IN POLAND Dear Diary, Last week I was in Poland. It is an
Dear Diary,
Last week I was in Poland. It is an amazing country with lots of magnificent
landscapes. I would like to share my memories with you.
Poland is a country in Central Europe bordered by Germany to the west,
the Czech Republic andSlovakia to the south, Ukraine and Belarus to the east,
and the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad Oblast (a Russian exclave) andLithuania to the
north. The total area of Poland is 312,679 square kilometres.
On Monday I visited Poznań and went to the Wielkopolski National Park.
I saw endangered kinds of flowers and animals like: deer, foxes and badgers.
Then I went to Jan HenrykDąbrowski’s Park.
The Old Brewery is near this park, so I went there. It’s a shopping centre and
an art gallery.
Next step of my trip was ,,Nierozpoznani’’ sculptures.
At 12 o’clock I went to the Old Town and I saw goats which were hitting each
other’s heads.
In the evening I went to INEA Stadium to see Lech Poznań match.
I bought souvenirs – small goats.
I had a great time in Poznań.
On Tuesday I went to Toruń.
Toruń is one of the biggest cities in Poland. I saw a statue of Nicolaus
Copernicus there. Some people were admiring it. They told me that he was a
famous astronomer. He discovered that not the Earth but the sun is the
centre of our solar system.
After that, I went to the local bakery. The shopkeeper offered me their most
famous cookies – gingerbread. They were really delicious. Gingerbread is the
mostrecognizable thing in Toruń.
Another interesting thing in Toruń are the medieval defence walls. They
weren’t damaged by the World War II like most of the monuments in Poland.
They are huge and impressive.
Before heading back home I bought souvenirs – delicious gingerbread cookies.
On Wednesday I visited the capital city of Poland- Warsaw. Warsaw is a very
interesting and modern city.
First I went to The Palace of Culture and Science. I took a photo in front of it.
Next I went to Gold Terraces. It is ashopping mall in the city centre.
After that I went to the Old Town.I saw Castle Square, Sigismund’s Column
and Royal Castlethere.
When I finished my journey I got hungry so I went to Magda Gessler’s
restaurant ,,POLKA”. Magda Gessler is a famous cook in Poland. I ate
traditional meal of this country. It was a porkchop with potatoes and a salad.
Next I travelled to Copernicus Science Centre – it is a science museum which
is on the bank of the Vistula River. That place is fantastic.
Then I went to National Stadium. At night it looked wonderful.
At the end of my trip I went on a musical to the theatre ,,Buffo”. I saw an
amazing show.From this trip I brought a souvenir- Warsaw mermaid pendent.
On Thursday I was in Zakopane.
First I went climbing on Rysy. It is the highest peak in the mountains.
Next I was in a restaurant with regional meals like :
OSCYPEK (cheese)
After dinner I went on a carriage ride to KRUPÓWKI – the main street in Old
Town.I bought souvenirs there to my family and I ate big ice cream.
In the evening I was in a club where I listened to regional music and I watched
a regional dance.
Next I saw the biggest waterfall in Tatra mountains.
Then I went to Chochołowksa Valley and I went into a cave .
After dinner I went on a cable car on Gubałówka.
I went to The Valley of Five Lakes. There werebeautiful views.
After the trip I was very tired.I bought an alpenstock. It was an amazing trip.
On Friday I went to Olsztyn.
Olsztyn is on the east of Poland. Olsztyn is in Warmińsko-Mazurskie province.
In thisprovincethereare a lot of lakes.
First I went to the castle. A guide told me something about the history of this
Near this castle there is Nicolaus Copernicus house so I decided to go there I
saw his workplace and his works.
After that I went to the Old Town. I ate dinner in one of the oldest
restaurants in Olsztyn. The food was really good. Then I sat on the bench near
a popular fountain.
Next I went to see High Gate. I visited St. Jacob’s Gothic cathedral. This
cathedral made a huge impression on me.
Around Olsztyn there are a lot of lakes. I saw a couple of them. When I was on
the beach I saw the sunset.
In Olsztyn I bought a postcard with beautiful views and a small model of the
I spent a great time there and I think this was a really interesting city.
On Saturday I went to Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.
I went to the aquarium and I saw a lot of fish there. The biggest fish
was 9 meters long.
Next I went for dinner. I ate delicious fish. After dinnerI went on a
beach, because I wanted to see the Baltic Sea there.
I collected some beautiful shells there. When I finished it, there was the
sunset. It looked great, because the sun reflected in the water.Then I went to
my room in the hotel, which had an amazing view.
On Sunday I was in Cracow. Cracow is a city in the south of Poland. It is one
of the biggest cities in Poland. First I arrivedin Cracow airport. Then I
travelled to a hotel placed in Old Town. After a short break I went to Wawel.
On Wawel I saw Mariacki Church and a big castle. Under the castle I found a
dragon’s cave. I also saw a tomb of most important Poles. Then I went to a
restaurant to eat a pretzel. I went to Sukiennice. It is a big trade centre. It
was worth visiting Cracow.
That was a wonderful week in Poland.:)

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