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Polish Flag
Polish Flag is made of two
equal, horizontal stripes:
white and red. It was
officially recognized in
1919, one year after
Poland regained her
Polish emblem is a white eagle
Polish Eagle (Polish Emblem) was
officially recognized in 1918.
Map of Poland
A map showing the sixteen provinces of Poland
Poland ˈpoʊlənd/ (Polish: Polska),
officially the Republic of Poland (Polish:
Rzeczpospolita Polska)
is a country in Central Europe, bordered by
to the west; the Czech Republic and Slovakia
to the south; Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania to
the east; and the Baltic Sea and Kaliningrad
Oblast, a Russian exclave, to the north.
Poland is part of the Schengen Area and the
EU single market, and it is among the
countries obliged to join the Eurozone
(green) (the Eurozone itself is blue).
The total area of Poland is 312,679 square
kilometres (120,726 sq mi), making it the 69th
largest country
in the world and the 9th largest in Europe. Poland
has a population of over 38.5 million people, which
makes it the 34th most populous country in the
world and the sixth most populous member of the
European Union. Poland joined the UE in 2004.
The establishment of a Polish state is often
identified with the adoption of Christianity
by its ruler Mieszko I in 966, over the
territory similar to that of present-day
Mieszko I
Millions of visitors descend upon
Poland every year. Most are there to
visit its popular cities,:
Warsaw (the capital), Krakow, Wroclaw,
Gdansk, Torun, and Poznan.
Poland also is where the historic
Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration
camp is located, a camp synonymous
with the worst of tragedies of the last
world war.
Old Town Warsaw
The Royal Castle in Warsaw
Palace of
Culture and
Palace of Culture and
Science is the highest
building in Poland (230
Warsaw - famous landmarks
Coat of arms
The city is about 120 km southwest of Warsaw. In and around the
city, there are some textile and
electronics industries.
Łódź has a university and a film
The first documents mentioning
the city date from 1332. Łódź was
awarded city rights (according to
the Magdeburg law) in 1432. The
Congress of Vienna decided in
1815 that the city should be part of
Russia. Only in 1918 did the city
fall back to Poland.
„Manufaktura” Shopping
Centre in post- industrial
The Freedom Square
Arch-Cathedral Basilica in Łódź,
Fountain on
Jan Henryk
Piotrkowska Street
Piotrkowska Street is the main artery and attraction stretching
north to south for a little over five kilometres, making it (one of) the
longest commercial streets in the world. A few of the building fronts
have been renovated and date back to the 19th century.
Poland experiences a continental climate
from the east and ocean induced weather
from the west. Most visitors come between
May and October.
Some of the most popular destinations
include The Baltic Sea, the Tatra Mountains,
the Great Masurian Lakes, the Bialowieza
Forest, and Slowinski National Park
only to name a few.
ZAKOPANE ( a city in the Tarta
The Tatra Mountains
The Baltic Sea
the Great Masurian Lakes
the Bialowieza Forest
Dunes in Słowiński Park Narodowy
Poland's main tourist offerings are thought
to be based around city-sightseeing and
extra-urban historical monuments, business
trips, qualified tourism, agrotourism,
mountain hiking and climbing among
Poland was the 17th most visited country by
foreign tourists in 2008.
Coat of arms
Koluszki [kɔˈluʂkʲi] is a town, and a major
railway junction, in Central Poland, in Łódź
Voivodeship, about 20 km east of Łódź.
Population: 13,331 (2004).
The junction in Koluszki serves trains that go
from Warsaw to Łódź, Wrocław, Częstochowa
and Katowice. Also, it is connected with Radom
and Lublin by an eastbound line.
Our town is divided by a railway
The church in Koluszki
Koluszki by night
High Junior
School no 2 in
Our school is located in the centre of Poland, near
a big city Łódź. It was established in 1999.
At the beginning it shared the building with a
primary school but in 2001 it was moved to a new
Nowadays there are about 200 students.
The first day of spring-KARAOKE
The teachers
The students during the break
The students who attend to this
school are very talented.....They
are good pupils...They are also
good at sport, dancing, singing....
Our singing students
These are only the most important
Gimnazjum nr 2 im. Prymasa Tysiąclecia Stefana
Kardynała Wyszyńskiego w Koluszkach
email- [email protected]
phone number: 44 7145863
Visit our school and enjoy our
beautiful country!!!!
Thank you

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