September 2014 - AmCap Mortgage, LTD.



September 2014 - AmCap Mortgage, LTD.
Social Media Tips for the Mortgage
Lending Industry
Facebook is currently adding 100 million
users every five months*. With social media’s
growth comes new obstacles for mortgage lending
professionals. Learning to navigate the regulatory
agency social media rules is key in our industry.
Strategies to Implement
Create social media pages
and actively update.
Keep records.
According to a Cone LLC
study, 93 percent of Americans want
companies to have a presence on
social media sites. Not only should you
create social media pages, it is important
you continuously update the sites with
new content. Staying engaged with your
customers helps build
stronger relationships.
The Community Reinvestment
Act requires mortgage lending
professionals to keep three years of
public comments made on a site run
by or on behalf of the company that
specifically relate to the company’s
performance in helping meet
community credit needs. This includes
social media sites.
Closely monitor
information posted
on social media pages.
It is important to watch for consumer
comments and postings on your social
media pages. If a customer reports his
or her credit scores or other sensitive
information, you could be liable for
the disclosure of private information.
Issues to Avoid
Never disclose an individual’s
debt in a public forum.
Sensitive information, such
as debt, past-due payments and loan
approval status, should never be
mentioned on social media sites.
It’s good practice to keep all private
information off of social media.
Don’t incentivize reviews.
It’s illegal to offer incentives for
customer feedback on social
review sites like Yelp or Facebook.
This action directly violates FTC policy,
and you could face serious legal action
if caught.
Never use unlicensed or
fictitious names.
If you’re using a name for your practice
that isn’t registered or licensed, you can
face legal actions and fines. Always use
the formal, registered name for your
practice on social media sites.
A Letter From Our CEO
Since purchasing AmCap in 2007, our
company has experienced tremendous
growth in not only loans funded, but in employee count
as well. Seven years ago, I recall being listed as the 13th
employee on the roster. Today, we’re closing in on 700
employees nationwide!
Prior to this incredible growth trend, I would pride myself in
getting to know each one of you personally and attempting
to disseminate information one on one or, at the very least,
with a conference call. Based on the sheer number of us now,
it has become increasingly more difficult to meet all of you
personally, and getting timely information out to the field has
become nearly impossible.
In an effort to alleviate some of these issues, we’ve partnered
with a very progressive, national marketing firm by the name
of Design At Work (DAW). DAW will help me communicate
much more effectively about what is happening with AmCap
on a macro level. They will also provide a forum for us to
all get to know one another a little better by highlighting
individual employees in their personal lives as well as their
contributions to the AmCap team.
Initially our key marketing initiatives will include:
(1) Publishing a monthly newsletter (2) The development of
an online company store with access to approved marketing
materials as well as AmCap branded paraphernalia and
clothing (3) Implementing a national marketing strategy to
get our brand in front of our customer base (4) Assist AmCap
in protecting its desired corporate culture and (5) Creation
of a President’s Club wherein top performers are recognized
and invited to annual retreats.
As you are most likely aware, 2014 has been a tough year
for many of our competitors. I truly believe our continued
success in this difficult lending environment is because of
each and every one of you, your hard work, professionalism
and can-do attitudes.
Thank you all in advance for a strong finish to a great year.
Talk with you soon.
What do you get when you match AmCap’s tradition of
excellence with a fresh new look? A striking combination.
Changes are rumbling in the distance, and we can’t wait
for our AmCap family to come together to experience the
electricity of our new brand. We hope you can make it!
AmCap New Brand Launch Party
5:30 P.M. − 8:00 P.M.
AmCap Corporate
9999 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite 700
Houston, Texas 77036
Kindly respond by October 10.
Knowledge Coop keeps you connected
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day-to-day work life.
MIKE JOHNSON President – Corporate Office
Since starting with AmCap as Chief
Operating Officer in 2011, Mike has served
an integral part in the company’s rapid
expansion and evolution as a sophisticated,
efficient mortgage banking firm. This month,
Mike will continue to contribute to the firm’s success in his
newly appointed role as AmCap’s President. Get to know
your trusted leader, formerly known as “Sea Bass,” as he
opens up in this candid Q & A.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
With as much travel as I’ve been doing lately, I really enjoy
being at home with my family. However, with both my
teenage boys playing baseball, my wife and I are at the
ballpark quite a bit. I also enjoy reading as much as possible
and playing golf whenever I get the chance.
To what do you attribute AmCap’s success?
Our mantra. At AmCap we always say, “we have two sets of
customers: our borrowers and our loan originators. In order
to be successful, we must take very good care of both.”
How are you involved in your community?
I’m an appointed official in our local government, and I also
serve on the board of a couple of nonprofit organizations in
town. I’ve always loved coaching kids, so I still take time to
coach when I can.
What do you want to accomplish in your new role
as President?
My primary goal will always be to continue to bring our
employees all the benefits of a large company without losing
the family feel of our corporate culture.
AmCap has been selected as one of
the top places to work in Houston
for the last four years. Thank you to
all our employees who help make our
company one of the very best, not
only in Houston, but across the U.S.
At AmCap Mortgage, our mission is to provide accountable,
motivated, compassionate, appreciative and professional
service to all who encounter our organization.
What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
My nickname in high school was “Sea Bass.”
Favorite quote:
“God will never give you more than you can handle.”
What is one perfect pairing you cannot live without?
Golf & Scotch. The “why” is self-evident.
Houston Corporate Office
Designing a creative, inviting work space was a top priority
at our corporate office. With the help of GONZO247 at
Aerosol Warfare, we added graffiti elements to different areas
of the office. Our diverse art collection ranges from football
memorabilia, to canvases of Superman and The Beatles.
The corporate office is truly a modern, eclectic workspace,
perfect for all AmCap employees. Drop by if you’re in Houston.
Our home is your home!
To accomplish our mission, we believe AmCap must be:
A: Accountable to our shareholders, clients and employees
M: M
otivated to constantly improve our services
C: Compassionate to continually improve our community
A: Appreciative of our customers’ loyalty and our
employees’ dedication
P: P
rofessionally motivated to encourage creativity, ingenuity
and ultimately, success
Combining these fundamental values, AmCap will remain
a leader in
the mortgage
industry and continue
hief Executive
(CEO) and
to foster relationships with clients. When you work with
AmCap, you can trust you’ve found your true partner.
The Houston AmCap family took to the driving range this
summer for the company’s first-ever Top Golf Happy Hour.
The event brought employees, their families and AmCap
clients together to take a few swings and socialize.
Good neighbors get involved
in the community they call
home. That’s why AmCap
has partnered with Houston
Habitat for Humanity to make the American dream a
reality for one worthy family. The AmCap team successfully
raised $70,000 and dedicated six days of sweat equity
served under the hot August sun to help build a home in
the Houston area. A big thank you to all of our AmCap
donors for your contributions to this worthy cause. We
hope the entire AmCap family will come out and celebrate
at the home dedication to be held this coming holiday
season. Stay tuned for more details.
9999 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite 700 | Houston, Texas 77036 |