Chickasha 2012 - Horseless Carriage Replicas


Chickasha 2012 - Horseless Carriage Replicas
“Special Issue”
Published by Lee Thevenet
March 19, 2012
A Publication dedicated to the reporting of news, events, articles, photos, items for sale,
etc, having to do with replica horseless carriages.
Newsletter published six times a year and special issues when needed.
Chickasha 2012
Pictures by “Lee” Thevenet , Dave Hughes, Robert & Judy Smith
The trip to Chickasha, Oklahoma this year for Elaine & I started on a
sour note with rain following us most of the way there. We finally got to see
clear skies as we crossed over the Texas line just West of Shreveport,
Louisiana. Arriving two days before the official beginning of the Meet, allowed
us to do a bit of sight seeing and still be there on Wednesday morning, as the
vendors were arriving and lining up to enter the Meet area at four pm.
Having been there four years before, I knew I would have a better
chance at being successful in getting the pictures I needed for this HCR Issue
& still have time to do a little early shopping & I was right. Joined by Dave
Hughes & later, by Robert Smith & his wife Judy, we were able to do both.
The Swap Meet started on Thursday morning with the usual
excitement of buyers quickly eyeing the many parts on display. Unless one
has attended one of these Meets, one can not understand the adrenalin flow
when your eyes meet with that badly needed part. It really seems like we turn
into young children looking through the window of a candy store for the first
time. It really takes a good while to adjust & admit to yourself “Hey, I’m really
Dave & I, Robert & Judy were successful in finding all we needed at
fantastic prices. I know Dave was excited with the goodies he purchased & so
was I & can not wait for next years Pre War Swap Meet in Chickasha, OK.
I hope you guys enjoy the pictures we took of the event…
Seeing all these vendors lined up waiting for the OK to begin entering the
grounds is truly something to behold…
Humm!, looks like there is something going on over there, Lee checks it out,
while Dave has the camera…
Looks like Lee has bought a couple of Klaxton horns…
Many complete & incomplete cars for sale or just show…
Let’s see, if I move these fenders, I might have room for the tires…
Richard Emery had a “T” Speedster there, like the one I’m building…Lee
Chatting with Dave Dunlavy
(seated) of the Early Ford Registry
Bragging a bit to Dave, about one of
the treasures I purchased…
After sharing a great buying
spree in Chickasha with friends,
we are already looking forward
to next year. We hope you
enjoyed your visit through these
Lee & Elaine, Dave & Carol, 10
Robert & Judy
Now, don’t you really wish you had been there? Well
here is one more picture to make you want to attend next
years Pre War Swap Meet in Chickasha, OK
Check out the price on this beauty!
Increase the magnification & you will see $7000

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