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Text/PDF - Living Word Missions
LWM Family Update #12 for 2012
I want to encourage you to keep your expectation high. In God’s realm there is no shortage. He has not
changed. His original intention for mankind is recorded in Genesis. “So God created man in His own
image…Then God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue
it…’” (Gen.1:27, 28)
The Message version says…
God blessed them:
“Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge!”
God’s first words to mankind were blessing words. He has not changed and there is no shortage in His
realm. He expects to provide for you and for the work He’s called you to do. He needs your agreement.
Six weeks remain in this year which was declared as “The Year of Fulfillment.” In the past week I’ve
received testimonies of the Lord working in miraculous ways! One family reported a debt reduction from
$10,000 to $1500. Ann Offong received the report that she is cancer free!
I’m standing in faith for more manifestations. I hope you are, too!
With love and blessings,
It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US. The office will be closed from Nov. 21-23 for the holiday. One
of the things we’re most thankful for is the privilege of serving you. Thank you for all you do to help
build the Kingdom of God!
1 Video of Vickie Jamison Peterson
Do you remember Vickie Jamison Peterson? Vickie is in heaven now, but she operated in a strong
anointing for healing when she was on earth. If you need healing, take time to watch and receive:
We extend our love and condolences to Gehez and Clia Encinas on the recent home going of Clia’s
Dr. Radtke Leadership Training
Hallelujah! Charis Bible College recorded and archived Dr. Dean Radtke’s recent leadership training
conference! This is a gold mine for our missionaries and others around the world who have not been able
to attend in person. Please avail yourself of this training! You can watch it in hour-long segments at your
convenience. I feel these principles are the practical side of Bro. Russ’ discipleship teaching. A perfect
complement to launch your discipleship to new levels! You’ll find the archive here :
and here:
Family News
Gail Cooper received an award last week from the US State
Department for her work in the Foreign Service. Congratulations,
Gail! We’re really proud of you!
Dennis McIntee has launched a new website where you’ll find some good resources:
http://leadershipprocess.com/. Good job, Dennis!
Ann Offong was in the US for the past couple of weeks for medical check-ups. After blood work and
bone scans she was declared cancer free! Glory to God!
Photo Contest
In preparing end-of-the year publications for LWM, we realized we have received very few ministry
photos from missionaries this year. So, we’re offering a prize of $100 to the missionary who sends us the
BEST photo by Dec. 31st! Judging will be based on the quality of the photo and how well your photo tells
the story of your ministry work. You may submit an unlimited number of photos to
[email protected] Of those received by Dec. 31st, we’ll choose a winner to be announced on
Jan. 2nd. If warranted, we’ll give $50 prizes for runner up photos. So send us your best shots and you
could earn some prize money!
2 Prophecy given by Reverend Mary Frances Varallo on Friday, November 2,
Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, a dream, a dream, a dream, a dream, a dream, a dream, a
dream, I have, a dream, a dream, a dream, not long from now, not long from now. Touching heaven,
touching heaven, touching heaven. Whether in your body or out of your body, touching heaven, touching
heaven. Glory, Glory, touching, touching, heaven. Glory, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy.
And so therefore the next three years so it seems to me financially will be very difficult except for the
supernatural intervention of the Lord, it will be difficult. And so the righteous ones they hear and know
the way in which to go, which is with Word and Spirit. And the fight that they do for the things that they
must have, in the spirit they go for they are seated in heavenly places, high places, where everything is
under their feet because it's under the Lord's feet and they implement the victory that was won. And so
never ever will the righteous ones see themselves trying to obtain. But they have a knowing inside of
them that they have already obtained. And so easier it is for the Lord God Almighty to supernaturally
intervene on behalf of the righteous ones. You mustn't look at what you can see in the natural don't you
know, for that which is greater is in the unseen and is making its way toward you. Do not oppose God or
yourselves and that which seeks you out from the heavenlies, that is the goodness's of God, the
manifestations of God. So don't oppose yourselves with words and deeds, actions that oppose the very
words and spirit of the Lord. And from this place of victory you obtain. Never ever see yourselves trying
to get the victory -- the victory you already are. And so say so and implement so. "This is who I am. I am
not as I appear. Let me tell you who I really am."
Say only what God would say and prepare for bitter days. Bitter and then but better. But you must prepare
in the natural do what you need to do with your eyes always set on the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not prepare
for harder times for you and your four and no more. For you are the righteous ones in the earth and so you
prepare for more. Others will seek you out and have need for your water or your food. Be prepared to
share. Do not, no matter what you hear, no matter what you see on Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday,
or Friday of next week, this election that this nation would have. Your eyes are set on Jesus, they must be.
For no man will solve this for you and for no nation can it be. But only through the Lord Jesus Christ and
your knowledge of Him, your time spent with Him and Word will you succeed and will you overcome by
the blood, Word and Spirit.
And the Glory will only get greater. Only get greater upon you and through you. Only get greater upon
you and through you. Be quick to pray, be quick to pray for you and yours and others too. Declare, decree
what God has said. Declare to your day don't let it declare to you. Tell your day how it shall be for you.
Don't let your day construct it for you. Worship, worship, glory, glory. Please take time to worship the
Lord God Almighty.
Things moving very fast now. Days will seem shorter but still 24hours. Change, change, a tremendous
change has come. Nations align. Nations like on a great chess board moving into position. Church,
church, church. Righteous, righteous ones all is well for the righteous ones. Believe and receive and you'll
see it. Cannot look at how it appears. Cannot look at what you see. Must look into the spirit and the Word
don't you know. Or you'll be deceived and confounded and confused and make wrong decisions right and
left. And the end is glorious for you. Righteous ones. And the end is glorious for you. I can see from a
place so high in the sky. I can see and your end is glorious. Thank you Father.