Overview of Products and Services



Overview of Products and Services
Overview of Products and Services
Human Primary Cells
Specialized Cell Culture Medium
Contract Assay Services
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Primary Human Hematopoietic Cells
ReachBio’s primary hematopoietic cell products are collected and isolated with informed consent under
IRB-approved protocols from screened healthy donors within the USA. Where applicable, cell enrichment is
performed via positive or negative selection using industry standard immunomagnetic bead technologies.
Guaranteed high purities and post-thaw recoveries.
Mononuclear Cells
Purified Cell Subsets
• Bone Marrow
Peripheral Blood:
• Cord Blood
• CD3+ Pan T cells
• Peripheral Blood
• CD4+ Helper T Cells
Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells
• CD4+/CD25+ Regulatory T Cells
• CD8+ Cytotoxic T Cells
Bone Marrow | Cord Blood | Mobilized Peripheral Blood
• CD14+ Monocytes
• CD34+ Cells
• CD19+ B Cells
• CD133+ cells
• CD56+ NK Cells
REACHBIO QUALIFIED™ Progenitor Cell Products
Take the guess-work out of your colony-forming cell assays and achieve greater standardization using these
REACHBIO QUALIFIED™ products. Each batch of these specially pre-qualified cell products have been tested
in CFC assays and have known myeloid (CFU-GM) and erythroid (CFU-E/BFU-E) progenitor content. Detailed
batch-specific protocols and recommended plating concentrations are provided.
• Bone Marrow MNCs
• Cord Blood MNCs
• Mobilized Peripheral Blood MNCs
REACHBIO QUALIFIED™ Stem and Progenitor Cells
Bone Marrow | Cord Blood | Mobilized Peripheral Blood
• CD34+ Cells
• CD133+ Cells
Customized pre-qualification
services also available for a
variety of cell types. Please let us
know your special needs.
Primary Human Mesenchymal Cells
ReachBio’s primary mesenchymal cells (aka stromal cells) are derived from normal human bone marrow
by minimal culture expansion in ReachBio’s own Mesenchymal Cell Culture Medium. Each batch is
characterized by cell surface phenotype and tested for functional in vitro differentiation capacity.
• Minimally culture-expanded – significant expansion capability
remaining (over 3000 fold)
• Known plating efficiency and expansion rates when grown in
ReachBio’s Mesenchymal Cell Culture Medium
• In vitro differentiation potential tested and confirmed
• Batch-specific protocols provided
ColonyGEL™ Methylcellulose-Based Media for CFC Assays
ColonyGEL™ sets a new standard for performance AND value for methylcellulose-based media for
colony-forming cell assays.
Complete media for identifying and enumerating:
Mouse Pre-B cell formulation also available
Optimized formulations available for multiple species:
Human | Mouse | Rat | Canine |Non-Human Primate
Used and trusted by ReachBio in our own contract assay lab for high-value drug development applications
Value-priced while meeting or beating the performance of other commercially-available CFC assay media
Each batch tested and QC’d
with progenitor cells of the
appropriate species
Mesenchymal Cell Culture Medium
Specialized liquid medium and supplements for the adherent culture, expansion and in vitro
differentiation of human mesenchymal (stromal) cells.
All components carefully selected and performance certified using normal human bone marrow cells
Human Adipogenic and Osteogenic Differentiation Supplements available
Media for mouse, rat and canine CFU-F assays also available
Applications Include:
• Culture expansion of ReachBio’s pre-qualified cryopreserved human mesenchymal cells (cat. # 02100)
• Derivation of human mesenchymal cell cultures de novo from human bone marrow cells
• In vitro expansion of human mesenchymal stem cells that retain differentiation potential
• In vitro differentiation of mesenchymal stem cell cultures to adipogenic or osteogenic lineages
• Quantification of human mesenchymal stem cells using the CFU-F assay
• Standardization of mesenchymal cultures for testing potential toxic or radioprotective agents
Stem Cell and Progenitor Cell Assay Services
Colony-Forming Cell (CFC) assays are robust, validated assays of hematopoietic progenitors that have
proven valuable in a number of stages in the drug development process. ReachBio has deep expertise in the
clinical and industrial applications of CFC assays and provides contract assay services for a wide variety of
clients, from virtual biotech to large pharma.
Available Assays
Available Species
• CFU-GM (myeloid)
• Human
• BFU-E/CFU-E (erythroid)
• Mouse
• CFU-Mk (megakaryocytic/platelet)
• Rat
• Pre-B (lymphoid – mouse only)
• Canine
• CFU-F (mesenchymal)
• Non-human primate
• Cancer stem cell CFC assays (AML, CML, MM, MDS, PV, etc.)
Typical Applications
Pre-Clinical and Investigative Toxicology
R&D of Hemomodulatory and Other Agents
• Prediction of drug-induced myelosuppression
• Assessment of hemostimulatory effects of compounds
• Prediction of drug-induced severe anemia
• Evaluation of cytokine or chemokine mimetics
• Prediction of drug-induced thrombocytopenia
• Functional assessment of stem cell expansion protocols
• Prediction of drug-induced stromal toxicity
• Potency assessment of new cellular therapeutics
• Ranking of hemotoxic potential of kinase
• Assessment of normal and diseased hematopoietic
inhibitors and other drug classes (HemoRANK™)
• Multi-species assessment of hemotoxicity
progenitors in clinical samples
• Evaluation of efficacy of hematopoietic cancer stem cell
• Evaluation of stem cell mobilizing agents
In Vivo Assay Services
• Evaluation of radioprotective agents
Combining in vivo and in vitro assays can determine both direct and indirect effects of compounds. ReachBio can
assess various hematopoietic effects of your compounds in suitable animal models, including mouse, rat, canine
and non-human primate. We can help coordinate the treatment of the animals ourselves or accept marrow,
blood and other tissues from animals treated at your own facility or by another CRO.
Available Assays
• NOD/SCID mouse transplantation
• 5-FU assay
• Evaluation of hematopoietic effects of compound administration
Quantification of hematopoietic cells and progenitors in blood, marrow and spleen in response to treatment
CFC (progenitor) assessment of marrow of treated animals
Kinetic and dosage effects of compounds on hematopoietic cells in blood and other tissues
Evaluation of stem cell mobilizing agents
Customized Cell Biology Services
ReachBio has deep expertise in primary cell biology that goes far beyond our standard service offerings. This expertise
is routinely accessed by clients with unique projects requiring a knowledgeable and customized approach. Whether
your needs are preparation of replicate vials of in vitro manipulated or unmanipulated cell populations, evaluation
of compounds in unique in vitro models, or other projects requiring expert primary cell biology services, we would be
pleased to hear from you.

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