GoFiler Corporate Product Sheet



GoFiler Corporate Product Sheet
Integrate your SEC compliance.
Standing between your firm and SEC compliance is a last mile of challenges. Taking highly stylized content
from a typesetter or a publishing system and translating it into a form that is acceptable by EDGAR can be
time-consuming, particularly when your data potentially originates from a variety of management systems and
authors. Gathering the data and handing it to a third party who claims to specialize in EDGAR filing may seem
like the easiest answer. But is it worth the added stress to your review cycles, the mounting costs and backand-forth? Is it worth the loss of control over documents you represent are accurate, current and true to the
United States Securities and Exchange Commission?
In short, it isn‘t. With GoFiler, you can eliminate the need for a third party EDGAR filing service and take back
full control over the production, style, and content of your documents. GoFiler‘s fast and flexible conversion
features bring highly stylized documents into EDGAR formats and produce compliant filings with unparalleled
fidelity to the original source.
Stylized Data In. Stylized Data Out.
Cutting out the middle man.
You’ve been there, waiting for a so-called EDGAR specialist to finish and file your submission, wondering if it
will be submitted on time with the last round of changes you sent to them an hour before the deadline. You’ve
waited for confirmation, knowing that your company’s continued success relies on the timely and accurate
submission of that 8-K and being powerless over its submission to the SEC.
You’ve been here, putting hours
in assembling the documents,
getting approvals from the rest of
your team, keeping the sensitive
information secure. And then you
hand your files off to an agent, who
then gives it to someone you don’t
even know - someone who could
be halfway around the world so
they can “EDGARize” it.
You’re a passenger in this model.
The success of your hard work
depends on the ethics and skill of
an unknown person behind the
Wouldn’t you rather be the driver?
www.novaworkssoftware.com | (585) 424-1700 | [email protected]
EDGAR® is a federally registered trademark of the U.S. SEC. GoFiler is a trademark of Novaworks, LLC. GoFiler is not affiliated with or approved by the U.S. SEC.
Integrate your SEC compliance.
“With the rising costs of
outsourcing, it makes sense now
more than ever to eliminate the
middle man and retake control
of your SEC filings.”
— Scott Theis
President and CEO
Novaworks, LLC
GoFiler’s Innovative Features
Import documents directly to EDGAR HTML, ASCII and to XBRL in one, easy step that maintains style and
content fidelity
Import highly stylized data from any source at any time and get the same, great results
Collaborate with other users, set up role-based access controls, and lock files to minimize risk
Assemble filings from multiple source types and authors
Edit documents and reports generated by other systems while maintaining control over document styles
Manage review cycles from start to finish with proofing, error-checking, and task management tools
File all pertinent form types, including Section 16 forms and Form D
Control content and style. Conversion tools and
the style control window help you edit documents
in compliant formats without the need of an EDGAR
specialist. GoFiler always generates EDGARacceptable documents that match your original
documents to a tee.
Know your costs upfront. There are no hidden costs,
no rush fees, and no surprises on your bill when
you use GoFiler. You pay for your software, receive
premier support included with your purchase, and
know exactly how much you pay in compliance costs
from the start.
Manage review cycles. Keep control of your review
cycles in-house with proofing tools and role-based
access to tools and functions. An in-house solution
caters to your own schedule, helps control the time
spent on various processes in your workflow, and
maintains the integrity of your documents.
Experience unparalleled support. Regular updates
to the software add improvements and immediately
answer any regulatory changes made by the SEC. And
our suppot team is ready when you call to answer any
questions or help you with any problems you have.
Reduce the risk of error. When you prepare your own
documents for filing, you gain confidence that they
are accurate and complete. You know who handles
your data and can control portions of your documents
so you know that changes won't be made after your
final review.
Visit www.novaworkssoftware.com/corporate to
learn more or call us today!
www.novaworkssoftware.com | (585) 424-1700 | [email protected]

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