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Lionel Collins Montessori - Judge Lionel R Collins Montessori School
March 2014
Lionel Collins Montessori
Judge Lionel R. Collins Montessori School community believes that all students will learn and reach their Academic potential through engaged learning.
W hy i s i t c a l l e d e q u i n o x ?
On the equinox, night and day are nearly
exactly the same length – 12 hours – all over
the world. This is the reason it's called an
"equinox", derived from Latin, meaning "equal
night". The March equinox occurs the
moment the sun crosses the celestial equator
– the imaginary line in the sky above the
Earth’s equator – from south to north. This
will happen on March 20, 2014. There are two
equinoxes every year – in March and
September – when the sun shines directly on
the equator and the length of day and night is
nearly equal. Seasons are opposite on either
side of the equator, so the equinox in March
Mardi Gras parade fun! is also known as the SPRING EQUINOX in
the northern hemisphere. March 20, 2014 is
the Spring Equinox and the first day of SPRING!
March 12 & 13 ANET
March 14—Fun Friday
March 18—Phase 1
March 21—Bee Store
(1st & 2nd grade)
(3rd, 4th & 5th grade) &
Last Day to add
personalization to your
order to be considered
for promotion. Once the
testing process has
begun, tardy students will
not be allowed to go to
the class until all classes
have completed testing.
Studies have proven that
students that get a full
March 24—Report
4th grade LEAP
Standardized Testing
begins March 18th for
Phase I (Writing). LEAP
Phase II as well as
iLEAP for 3rd & 5th grade
will be APRIL 7th – 11th.
The 4th grade students
are required to pass the
LEAP test in order to be
promoted to the 5th
grade. Students who do
not pass the LEAP will
be allowed to attend the
summer remediation
program and must pass
the summer retest in
March 28—Bee Store
night of rest and eat a
good breakfast perform
better academically in
school. Please give your
child a boost with a
nourishing breakfast and
have them in bed early.
Please do not make
doctor or dentist
appointments, or plan
vacations during the
week of testing.
Students MUST be in
attendance all 5 days.
April 7—LEAP Week
April 16—Fun Friday
April 17—22 Spring
April 25—Bee Store
(1st—5th grade)
Staff Birthdays:
Classroom Updates
3/19 Marie Boudoin
Art 2nd—5th graders are working on Jazz Fest
Banners based on New Orleans and Brazilian
themes. They will be on display in the children’s
area of Jazz Fest.
3/23 Gladys Tigler
3/29 Toni Adams
Zaqhiir May
Elmondo Jones
Taetym Brown
Ranisha Tross
Tejay Jackson
Ava Cooper
Tye Jacob
Sabrina Shano
Kimora Ausbrooks
Savannah McKnight
Brianna Parks
Terrence Walters
Shihahn Paul
Samuel Barze
Dasia Adams
Karmalyn Simmons
Emily Planche
Analise Gabler
Janylah Alexander
Karon Antoine
Ernesia Leonard
Jayla Homles
Laniya Vance
William Jacob
Marcus Miller
Ta’Myra Reese
Joshua Washington
Tyianna Girod
Rayon Williams
Keishon Coleman
Allen Joseph
Diamond Johnson
Sophie Bui
Joseph Cochran
Davon James
Brielle Allemand
Davian Shellmire
Saniya Grant
Christian Tetzlaff
Shaun Nicholas
Angel Houston
Tyrese Grogen
Nicole Tate
Joshua Alexander
Katie Matherne
If you have any extra BOX TOPS or OLD INK
CARTRIDGES, then please send them to the
school. Collins can use them to raise money!
PE—Congratulations Ballroom Dancers! These
students will be competing for Collins: Tyrese,
Collin, Micah, Tyler, Darrian, Damian, Donte,
Daymine Zoe, Madelyn, Darby, Darranique, Olivia,
Ta’Myra, Kaci & Phallon.
Pre-K and Kindergartners had fun marching in
the Judge Lionel R. Collins Mardi Gras parade.
They were too cute!
Black History Month Poets, Artists & Dancers!

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